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Q&A with Alexx Wranosky

Which of your recent looks are you most proud of doing?

Tell us about this...

I am most proud of this recent look. I absolutely love what I do because I have the opportunity every day to do something of meaning. To do something that will uplift my community and allow everyone I have the pleasure of serving to feel beautiful and confident. I believe extensions are the perfect way of giving a guest hair the hair they have always dreamed of! I am most proud of this look because I saw the joy and new found self-love and confidence my guest had after a new color and some beautiful extensions! I know that something as simple and external as a color and extensions can seem insignificant. Although to me, the internal shift when you feel confident & truly beautiful radiants from within your soul. It’s so much more than hair, it’s your whole being.

What’s your absolute favorite hair trend right now?

Why do you love this trend so much?

My current favorite hair trend is Natural Beaded Row extensions! I am actually attending a convention come November 2018 to get certified in this new method. This is my current favorite trend in the hair industry because it’s changing the industry as a whole for the better. When it comes to extensions every day this is the best method currently on the market & I am all about offering the absolute best to my lovely guest.

What's been inspiring you as a hair artist lately?

The most inspiring thing to me currently as a hair artist is truly my guest. Seeing their happiness, adding joy, curating self-love and having a part in building their confidence is the biggest inspiration for me!


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