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What is the best printer for photos

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Your printer can now be as connected as your other electronics equipment, communicating with devices across the room or anywhere in the world. Some printers allow you to print online content directly; you may also be able to send documents to your home printer from a remote computer.

Share Without Cables
Most home printers allow for wireless printing through WiFi, and some printers have Bluetooth and/or infrared wireless connectivity as well. That allows you to print from a laptop or phone without even getting on your WiFi network.

Print Without a Computer
A printer with PictBridge can connect directly from a digital camera, and some models can print and download photos right from your camera’s memory card.

Print From Anywhere
This new technology allows you to connect your printer directly to the web. You can give permission to anyone you choose to make prints on your home or office printer. Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint work from your phone, tablet, notebook, and any other web-connected device.


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