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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, I'm often considered, rightly or wrongly, one of the world's foremost Dolly Parton "experts," and receive on average one or two questions a day about Dolly, her life, her career, etc. So I've decided to offer a few questions I've been asked over the years and the appropriate answers. The categories below include general questions, family, her body, her beliefs, the artist, the songwriter, the singer, the actress and music awards and honors. The final section contains questions about the website.

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I. Most Common Questions

II. Family

III. Her Body

IV. The Businesswoman

V. Her Beliefs

VI. The Artist

VII. The Songwriter

VIII. The Singer

IX. The Actress

X. Music Awards And Honors

Are those certifications accurate?

XI. Dollymania: The Net's Source For All Things Dolly


, was released in February 2008 on her very own Dolly Records and has produced two charted singles. She recently released her second children's book, , in May 2009. She was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Score for the lyrics and music she wrote for Broadway's , which opened in New York in April 2009 after a test run in Los Angeles in September 2008. She is also writing a Broadway musical based on her life, although it does not have an opening date scheduled, and she is working on a film of her life that she expects to be out in 2011.

), your best bet is a local collectors' record shop that sells vinyl or an auction site like eBay or the auctions at (The only exception being Precious Memories, which is available via Dollywood. Call 1-865-428-9445 to order.)

. The Disney comedy , which featured her first theatrical role in a decade, opened to dismal audiences in a test release in Florida, so it was released direct-to-DVD in late 2002. Plans fell through in 2003 to film a television biopic on Mae West for ABC because the network decided to reduce the number of made-for-television movies it produces, and Disney stopped production on an animated feature film it had expected to release in 2005 for which Dolly would have voiced one of the main characters. Disney apparently decided the film, titled A Few Good Ghosts, would not appeal to a large number of people because of its mountain music soundtrack. Other projects which fell through in recent years included playing the lead in a TNT re-make of the film Solid Gold Cadillac, starring with Shirley MacLaine in a film based on the book Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind and co-starring with Michael Clarke Duncan in a holiday film titled A Christmas Rap. Several years back, Dolly purchased film rights for the books The Jew Store and The Wedding Dress, both of which she hopes to eventually produce and play supporting roles.

, isn’t slated to open until sometime later in 2009, a little exclusive content is available now at her official music website, , which went live in September 2007. It serves essentially as the official site for her personal record label, Dolly Records, rather than for her personally. Her other official sites include her official theme park website, ; her official charitable foundation website, ; her official dinner theatre website, ; her official water park website, ; her official cookbook website, ; and her official Broadway musical page for . She also has authorized MySpace pages and . There are also several dozen unofficial fan-operated sites similar to Dollymania which promote her work and inform fans about news involving her life and career (the ones I know about are on the links page ). Of these, Dollymania is the only regularly updated one available and one of the most popular, averaging between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors per month. Some mistakenly list Dolly as her official site, but it is a fan site.

, has an "online fan community" which is called a fan club. Launched in October 2007, it gives members exclusive online access to a members-only message board and some contests. She had a traditional fan club for many years until she disbanded it in 1997.





is the 24th most popular amusement or theme park in the United States (and in the top 50 for the entire world) with nearly 3 million annual visitors, ranking it first among all man-made attractions in Tennessee (only nature's Great Smoky Mountains National Park next door beats it with 10 million annual visitors).


and , and her favorite albums are the two Cat Stevens releases which contain his songs she has covered: (with its original version of "Peace Train") and (featuring the original "Where Do The Children Play").






," the second single from , stalled at No. 56 on the country charts in early 2008, following the CD's first single, "," from her upcoming CD Backwoods Barbie, which made it only to No. 48 country in the U.S. in fall 2007. Her country No. 1 with Brad Paisley, "When I Get Where I'm Going," went to No. 39 pop in 2006, making it her most recent entry on that U.S. chart. Her cover of Bread's "If" spent one week at No. 73 on the British pop singles chart in October 2002, making it her most recent U.K. single.


. In addition, she has appeared on dozens of other artists' records as a harmony or duet singer and contributed songs to several special projects such as tribute albums. She is also the No. 1 female country performer of all time based on albums chart performance and holds the record for the most top 10 albums of any country artist (male or female) with 41 of them (Loretta Lynn is second with 40).

, was released as a re-mixed single called Dance With Dolly backed with another disco tune, "I Wanna Fall In Love" (both written by Dolly), in 1978. She also has been working for a year or so on a complete album of dance music, which is expected to be out in the next year or so.



, was one of the year's top films earning 3 million (2 million in today's dollars). Her next-biggest success was 1989's , at million (0 million in today's dollars). Next was in 1982, bringing in million (which would be 6 million in today's dollars) to become sixth-biggest musical hit of all time. She had a cameo in the 1993 film , which took in million (about million today). Her other theatrical releases, 1984's and 1992's , each grossed million (about million and million, respectively, today). (Her starring roles in made-for-television films are 1999's on Lifetime, 1996's on CBS, 1991's Wild Texas Wind on NBC and 1986's ratings smash on ABC.)

came out in 1980, she was loved by critics. While she only earned a Best Song nomination at the Oscars, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Song and Best New Film Star at the Golden Globe Awards and won Favorite Movie Song at the Peoples' Choice Awards. gave her a Best Actress nomination at the Golden Globes as well, and the film itself was nominated for Best Comedy/Musical, although that honor doesn't go to the actors. She also won Peoples' Choice Awards for Favorite Female Performer In A New Television Series and Favorite All-Around Female Performer for her ABC variety series in 1988, after it had been cancelled, and won Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture, which likewise doesn't go to the actors. "The Day I Fall In Love" from Beethoven's 2nd was nominated for Best Song both at the Oscars and Golden Globes, but those awards are for the songwriters, not performers. Likewise, her production company, Sandollar, won an Oscar for Best Documentary for its first project, Common Threads: The Stories Of The AIDS Quilt. Her song 'Travelin' Thru" from the 2005 film Transamerica was nominated in 2006 for both the Golden Globes and Oscars. A full list of awards and honors is .



, which sold more than 2 million copies as of 1989 (it's been in constant release since then, so it's probably closer to 4 or 5 million now). Chart-wise, on the country chart it was , which was No. 1 for 10 weeks, and on the pop chart, where it reached No. 6.

; five reach gold and platinum levels: , , , and ; and eight gold only: , , , , , Great Balls Of Fire, and .

Dollymania: The Net's Source For All Things Dolly

  • Secondly, I only present information on the site as fact if it meets one of three criteria:
    1. It has come from a source I know to be reliable and knowledgeable about the story;
    2. It has been confirmed either by Dolly or one of her publicity people; or
    3. It has been reported elsewhere by a mainstream news media source, such as a daily newspaper, national magazine or responsible Web site such as
  • In any of these cases, the source of the story will always clearly be identified, such as "a spokesman for Dolly," "officials at her record label," or the name of the publication which first reported it. Using this method, you can be assured that the information presented on Dollymania is trustworthy and correct. On the rare occasion something inaccurate is reported, it is usually the fault of a newspaper or magazine making a mistake which was repeated here and credited to that publication. Whatever the reason, a correction will be prominently noted. Occasionally there will be a piece of information reported which I was not able to independently verify on my own or find documented in a reliable publication. If I feel the information is important to pass along to readers, it will be noted (just as newspapers and television news broadcasts do) as "unconfirmed," indicating that it may or may not be true. If additional reports come along proving its accuracy or inaccuracy, those will also be published. However, if the information is sensitive in nature or very major news, it will not be reported unless it is confirmed. That final part was added after a source in mid-2003 claiming to be close to a member of Dolly's band provided an unconfirmed track listing for an upcoming album, apparently as a hoax. Even though the report noted that the information was "unconfirmed" and therefore may not be correct, it was so badly inaccurate that I decided not to publish any such major announcements in the future without first officially confirming the information.

she's released or the page, are updated only when something new comes along, such as a new recording being released or a new award presented. The most frequently updated part is the page. I do my "Dolly search" every day unless I'm out of town, and during the week I usually update it that same day if I come across a newsworthy piece of information. So it is usually updated daily. If someone sends in a or a posting for the or section, I usually hold it until the next news update to do them all at the same time. The only real exception is that I usually don't update the site over the weekend until I do Monday's update on Sunday evening (partially to take a break, but more so to increase the chance that I'll have a new news item to post when I update the This Week In Dolly History section on the news page).

section, which either I have taken of Dolly or readers have taken and submitted to the site exclusively. However, there are several other sections of the site which, while compiled from information which is publicly available to anyone who wants to take time to research it thoroughly, have appeared on Dollymania either in their only form or in the most complete form ever published. Examples of these areas include the list of every song she has ever recorded and released (available both and ) and her original and discographies with chart data. The site also offers the only This Week In Dolly History report and the only Dolly Year In Review, which briefly covers all of the important developments in her career over the previous year. Also, occasionally, there are exclusive news reports on the page. (Contrary to what some people believe, "exclusive" when referring to news reports doesn't mean simply that you reported something first. In its strictest sense, it means that a source -- who is the only person with access to a certain piece of information -- gives it to you and agrees not to share it with anyone else. Alternately, it can be a person who agrees to give an interview to you alone about a particular subject matter and to not talk to anyone else about it. In its most liberal sense, it is a piece of information that a source provides to you with the understanding that it will not be released or confirmed to anyone else until a certain length of time -- usually a day or two -- has passed. ) And if you have any suggestions or comments, e-mail me at !

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