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Last Updated April 12, 2018

A great way to get inspired is to look at what others are doing with photography. To have your web site linked consider becoming a featured photographer. I will consider link requests to other photography sites if I feel they are valuable to my visitors.

Want to know if someone has stolen or using your images on their web site?

Fellow Nature Photographers & Friends Web sites

Web sites featuring other Canadian Photographers

Some Famous Photographers

Photography Galleries in Calgary, Banff & Canmore

Macrophotography and Photomicrography

Canadian Microscopy sites

World Microscopy Sites & Clubs

Some Photomicrographers


Photomicrography Contests

Macrophotography Sites

Commercial companies that sell microscopes or microscope supplies

Software, E-books & Magazines


Arthropod Photography

Compares Helicon Focus, Zerene and Photoshop by Robert Berdan

Astro-photography Sites

Canadian Photography Magazines

Photography Information sites

Photoshop tutorials and utilities

Videography and Canadian Videographers

Panoramic Photography - Expanded links

Equipment and Software Links


Iphone Photography


Photo Supplies and Stores in Calgary

Photography Club Links


Other Photography Links of Interest


Photography Grants

Photography Competitions


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