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This archive is a selection of SOLD WORKS that appeared on monthly ‘Lists’ since 2012.

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32. Smith-Carlton-93850 32. Carlton Alfred Smith R.I. R.O.I. (1853-1946) ‘Study of a Head’. Watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated, 1888. Inscribed on the original label. 11.5x8.5 inches. Framed: 22.5x19 inches. sabatier-89194 SABATIER Leon Jean (d.1887) ‘Le Port, Marseilles’. Pen, brush and ink. Signed and inscribed. Exhibited: Colnaghi. salisbury SALISBURY Frank O (1874-1962) ‘Middle Temple Hall, Inns of Court’. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated ‘1924’. 25x30 inches. Framed: 31x36 inches.
salisbury-86162 SALISBURY Frank O R.I. R.P (1874-1962) The lying-in-state of King George V in Westminster Hall, 23rd-28th January 1936. Pencil, watercolour and gold paint. Signed. 21x31. Framed: 28x37. sallberg SALLBERG Harald (1895-1963) ‘Stockholm harbour’. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated, 1927. 20x24 inches. Framed: Salmond-91859 SALMOND Gwen (Mrs Matthew Smith) (1877-1958) ‘The Seaweed Bay’. Oil on card. Circa 1930. Inscribed verso. 13x16 inches. Framed: 21.5x24.5 inches.
Sandby-92877 SANDBY Paul R.A. (1731-1809) (Attributed to) Recto: Head of a ?Saint. Verso: Partial study of a draped figure. Pencil. Provenance: Sandby Sale, Christies, March 1959. 5.5x4.5 inches.
sartorilis-88243 SARTORIUS Malte (b.1933) ‘Still life on a large table cloth’. Etching. Signed and editioned 2/95. Exhibited: Francis Kyle Gallery 1986. 19.5x27 inches. Framed: 32x38.5 inches. scarlett-davis-88139 SCARLETT DAVIS John (1804-1844) ‘Sainte Dennis’ (sic). Pencil. Signed, inscribed and dated 1831. Exhibited: Agnews. 9x5 inches. Framed 15x12 inches.
schick-78091 SCHICK Heidi (1870-1946) ‘Russia – Fair’. Watercolour and gouache stage set design. Signed, inscribed and dated 1943. 13x16.5 inches. schnell-88267 SCHNELL Gabriel van (fl.1920s) 'Chelsea roof tops.’ Etching. Pencil signed, numbered ‘12’, dated ‘1927 and inscribed ‘Printed by R Ray Jones / Jubilee Place’. schnell-88269 SCHNELL Gabriel van (Exh: 1917-1934) ‘South Kensington Night’. Etching. Proof. Circa 1920. 9x6 inches.
schnell-88273 SCHNELL Gabriel van (Twentieth-Century) ‘El-Bourrah-Sid’; capriccio. Etching. Signed. Inscribed verso. 177x153 mm. Schtanz-S587 SCHRANZ Giovanni (1794-1882) Malta. Watercolour. c.1865. Ex. Coll: Admiral Sir Robert Smart KCB KH (1796-1874) Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet 1863-66. 6x8.5 inches. Framed: 13x16 inches. Schtanz-S588 SCHRANZ Giovanni (1794-1882) Gozo. Watercolour. c.1865. Ex. Coll: Admiral Sir Robert Smart KCB KH (1796-1874) Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet 1863-66. 7.5x10.5 inches. Framed: 15.5x18.5 inches.
Schwartz- SCHWARZ Hans N.E.A.C. R.W.S. (1922-2003) Scott-95167 SCOTT Caroline Lucy (Lady) (nee Douglas 1784-1857) ‘Ham Lane’, (?Old Windsor) Watercolour. Signed on the mount. Inscribed. 7x10 inches. Framed: 17x19.5 inches.
Seabrooke-B SEABROOKE Elliot (1886-1950) ‘Storm Clouds from Godstone Hill’, Surrey. Pen, brush and ink. Signed and dated, 1914. 13x19.75 inches. Segonzac- SEGONZAC Andre Dunoyer de (1884-1974) ‘Paysage, St Tropez’ Oil on canvas. Circa 1939. Signed. 14x31.75 inches. Framed: 18x35.5 inches.
Segonzac-92972 SEGONZAC Andre Dunoyer de (1884-1974) A Montparnasse. Pen and ink. Circa 1925. Signed. 11x8.5 inches. Self-93307-F13 SELF Colin (b.1941) ‘Margaret’. Pencil. Signed, inscribed and dated, January 1972, verso. 10.75x19.5 inches. Framed: 18x27 inches. sells-43364 SELLS Rev. Alfred (1822-1908) Liguria. ‘Peglie, the Castello’. Ink and watercolour. Inscribed on original backing and dated, 1897. 9x7 inches.
sells-web-43371 SELLS Rev. Alfred (1822-1898) Italy. ‘Genoa’. Watercolour. Circa 1895. Prov: album of watercolours by the artist. 8x5 inches. senior-89164_0 SENIOR Mark (1864-1927) ‘At the Bar’. Pastel. Signed and dated, 1903. 13.5x9.75 inches. Framed: 22x17 inches. Seppings-Wright-91441 SEPPINGS-WRIGHT Henry Charles (1850-1937) ‘The Prince of Wales at the Royal Military Tournament’. Ink and gouache for the Illustrated London News, June 3rd 1889. 7.5x11.5 inches.
sergeant-87800 SERGEANT John (b.1937) ‘Broken Cup II’. Charcoal. Exhibited: John Sergeant Drawings, Hazlitt, Gooden and Fox, no. 6, 1996. 8x11 inches. Frames 13x16 inches. sergeant-87801 SERGEANT John (1937-2010) ‘Enamelled Cup’. Etching. Signed, dated 1995 and editioned 2/30. Exhibited: ‘John Sergeant Drawings’, Hazlitt, Gooden and Fox. 5.25x5 inches. Framed: 12x11 inches. Sergeant-94868-008 60. SERGEANT John (1937-2010) ‘Sunset’. Pastels. Signed. 6.5x10 inches. Framed: 15x18 inches.
Sergeant-94868-009 SERGEANT John (1937-2010) ‘Canopy over the High Altar’, Brompton Oratory. Watercolour and ink. Signed and dated, 1991. Exhibited: No.50,’John Sergeant’, Maas Gallery, 1992. 8.5x11.5 inches. Framed: 16.25x18.75 inches. sergeant-cropped SERGEANT Carolyn (1937- c.2012) ‘…the leaf, the bud, the flower…’. Oil on gesso. Signed and dated 1997. Exh: Hazlitt Gooden and Fox, no.29. 1999. serjeant-87802 SERGEANT John (1937- 2010) Broken pot; still-life. Pen, ink and pencil. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1994. 9.75x7 inches. Framed: 14.5x11.75 inches.
Satorsky- SATORSKI Cyril (b.1925) Portrait of the Artist’s Father. Oil on board. Inscribed and dated, 1946, label verso. Provenance: Christies 17.11.1988 (as Naviasky) 15.5x10.75 inches. Serres-95592 SERRES John Thomas (1759-1825) ‘Toscana’ – fishermen on the Tuscan coast. Pen, brush and ink drawn on his 1790/1792 Italian Tour. Inscribed by the artist verso. Exhibited: An Italian Journey 1790-1792 – ‘Studi di figure Italiani’ by John Thomas Serres, Abbott and Holder, Feb.2002. 11x6.5 inches. Framed: 19x14 inches. Selby-Bigge-96433 SELBY-BIGGE Rachel Ruth (nee Humphries) (b. circa 1892) (Exh: 1914) 
 Apple still-life.
 Oil on panel. Signed.
 5x7 inches. Framed: 9.25x11.25 inches.

severn-arthur-91116 SEVERN Arthur R.I. R.O.I. (1842-1931) ‘A Day of Hope’. Watercolour. Signed. 8.5x15 inches. Smith-96314 SMITH John Thomas (1766-1833) 
‘Sir Isaac Newton’
Watercolour on paper watermarked 1828. Inscribed on the reverse by Smith ‘Sir Isaac Newton / from an ivory carving’. Ex. Collection: J. T. Smith. Alexander Hallam Murray (1854-1934) Leonard G Duke (1890-1971) (D.2738). 6x4.5 inches.
 severn-walter-90746 SEVERN Walter (1830-1894) Road building, possibly the Bosphorus. Watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated, January 1862. 14x20 inches.
Smith-96315SMITH John Thomas (1766-1833) 
‘Sir John Hawkins’ (1719-1798) Author and friend of Samuel Johnson.
Watercolour on the reverse of a printed ‘Present Acknowledgement Form’ from the British Museum. Inscribed on reverse ‘Sir John Hawkins / from a medallion / by Manning / a pupil of Bacon’ Inscribed on recto of backing ‘Drawn by J. T. Smith, from a medallion the same size’.
Charles (1776-1812) and Samuel (1786-1842) were partners of the sculptor John Bacon (1777-1839). 
Ex. Coll: J. T. Smith’s Coll of Johnsoniana. Alexander Henry Hallam Murray (1854-1934). Leonard G Duke (1890-1971) (D.2737). 
6.25x4.5 inches.
 severn-walter-90747 SEVERN Walter (1830-1894) Serrania di Ronda and ‘the lines’ (La Linea) from Gibraltar. Watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, September 1858. 13.5x19.5 inches. Smythe-96400 SMYTHE Lionel Percy R.A. R.W.S. (1839-1918) 
The Spring. 
Watercolour. Signed.
 10x6.75 inches.

seymour-88727 SEYMOUR James (c.1702-1752) A gallop. Graphite. 5.5x7 inches. Soper-96419 SOPER Eileen (1905-1990) 
 George Soper, the artist’s father, etching in his studio, Harmer Green, Hertfordshire.
 Oil on canvas. Circa 1920. Signed.
 24x20 inches.
 Seymour-93599 SEYMOUR Robert (1789-1836) (Attributed to) Neck and Neck. Pen and ink. Ex. Collection: Ronald Searle, by whom attributed. 6x7 inches.
Smith-91423 SMITH Percy Delf (1882-1948) ‘The Diggers’. Etching from the series ‘Twelve Drypoints of the War 1916-1918’ published by Colnaghi in 1825. Signed and inscribed. 6x8.5 inches. £775. Seymour-95629 SEYMOUR James (1702-1752) Stag and Doe. Pencil. Exhibited: William Drummond. 3.25x8.25 inches. Framed: 8.25x12.75 inches. shackleton-89159 SHACKLETON Keith R.S.M.A S.W.L.A (b.1923) The Evening Flight. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1948. 20x24 inches. Framed: 24x28 inches.
shannon-89331 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) Figure study. Red chalk with some gouache. 11x7 inches. shannon-89457_0 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. N.P.S. (1863-1937) Figure study. Red and black chalks. Signed and dated, 1911. 11x16 inches. Framed: 18.5x22.5 inches. shannon-89735 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘Lucien Pissarro’ (R.32) 1895. One of 30 proofs.
Spencer-93647 SPENCER G ( ?S ) W. (U.S.A. fl.1940s) ‘House Cats’. Lithograph. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1948. 7x6.25 inches. shannon-89735-001 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘White Nights’ (R.16) Lithograph. One of 50 proofs. 1893. Signed. Inscribed verso by the artist ‘Drawn upon transfer paper’. 13.5x9 inches. Steggles-96183 STEGGLES Harold (1911-1971) ‘Near Great Sampford, Essex’. Oil on board. Signed. Signed and inscribed verso. 8x12 inches. Framed: 12x16 inches.
shannon-89735-002 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘White Nights’. Lithograph. Signed. Inscribed by the artist verso ‘Drawn upon transfer paper’. 1893. One of 50 proofs. 340x225 mm. £575 Strang-47311 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘The Preservation of St Pauls. Etching 192x. Printed from the original plate by the Artichoke Press for Abbott and Holder. 13.25x10.75 inches. shannon-89736 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘Thomas Sturge-Moore’ (R.41). Lithograph. Signed and inscribed ‘C H Shannon del et imp’. 1896. 1 of 30 proofs. Ex. Collection: Laurence Hodson and by descent. 243x170 mm.
Shannon-93174 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘The Pursuit’. Lithograog printed in green. Signed and dated 1918. 9.75x10 inches. Shannon-94303 SHANNON Charles Hazelwood R.A. (1863-1937) ‘Autumn’. Chalk study. Signed and inscribed. 10.75x11 inches. Shannon-94867-005 SHANNON Sir James Jebusa (1862-1923) The Dreamer; A study of John Manner at Haddon Hall, possibly in the Earl's bedroom. Ink and watercolour. Circa 1895. Provenance: Artist’s Estate and by descent. 10.75x9.75 inches.
Shannon-94867-011 SHANNON Sir James Jebusa (1862-1923) Tree and river bank. Pencil and watercolour. Provenance : Artist’s Estate and by descent. 15x11 inches. Shannon-B94867-012 SHANNON Sir James Jebusa (1862-1923) Misty Estuary. Watercolour. Provenance: Artist’s Estate and by descent. 9.5x10.75 inches. Shannon-B94867-013 SHANNON Sir James Jebusa (1862-1923) Estuary at low tide. Pencil and watercolour. Provenance: Artist’s Estate and by descent. 7x14 inches.
Smith-92674 SMITH Peter R.E. S.W.E. (b.1945) ‘Fallen Tree’, Richmond Park. Wood engraving. Signed, inscribed and editioned 209/250. From the series of wood engravings ‘The Great Storm of October 1987 and its aftermath’, the Society of Wood Engravers. 7x5 inches. Sheard-92699 SHEARD Professor Thomas Frederick Mason (1866-1921) ‘Capri’ from the main land. Oil on card. 1906. Inscribed verso. 7x10 inches. Framed: 9.75x13 inches. Stone-(2)-80586-013 STONE Reynolds S.W.E. (1909-1979) The Old Rectory garden, Litton Cheney. Wood engraving. Signed and editioned 50/150. No.3, ‘The Old Rectory, seventeen wood engravings by Reynolds Stone’, Warren Editions, 1976. 2.5x3.5 inches.
Scott-K07211 SCOTT Gordon (1914-2016) 
The Betrayal of Christ.
 Oil on board. Circa 1932. Signed.
 10x17 inches. 
 Sheffield-89699 SHEFFIELD George (1839-1892) River landscape. Charcoal. Signed and dated, 1892. 13.5x20 inches. Stone-(3)-80586-012 STONE Reynolds S.W.E. (1909-1979) The Old Rectory, Litton Cheney. Wood engraving. Signed and editioned 50/150. No.7, ‘The Old Rectory, seventeen wood engravings by Reynolds Stone’, Warren Editions, 1976. 3.25x4.5 inches.
Sergeant-B95195-008 SERGEANT Carolyn (1937-2018) Herefordshire landscape. Oil on card. Signed and dated, 1989. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 8x9.75 inches. Serres-K07162 SERRES John Thomas (1759-1825) ‘Studio dal vero / Livorno’. Pen, brush and ink. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1790. Painted on the artist’s ‘Grand Tour’. 3.5x8 inches. Stone-(5)-80586-001 STONE Reynolds S.W.E. (1909-1979) The Old Rectory garden, Litton Cheney. Wood engraving. Signed and editioned 50/150. No.10, ‘The Old Rectory, seventeen wood engravings by Reynolds Stone’, Warren Editions, 1976. 2.75x4.25 inches.
shell-001 SHELL ARCHIVE Various artists including A. Lamont, James Smith, Dick Hart, Margaret Webb, David Collins, E. Saunders and Hugh Walker. Approx. 50 pen and ink drawings for the 19503 ‘Place Name Series’. Stone-(6)-80586-009 STONE Reynolds S.W.E. (1909-1979) The Old Rectory garden, Litton Cheney. Wood engraving. Signed and editioned 50/150. No.13 ‘The Old Rectory, seventeen wood engravings by Reynolds Stone’, Warren Editions, 1976. 3x4 inches. Somm-96495 SOMM Henri (Francois-Clement Sommier 1844-1907) A winged hat. Ink and watercolour. Signed. Exhibited: Hazlitt, Gooden and Fox. 4.5x2.25 inches. Framed: 9x6.25 inches.
Shelley-91299 SHELLEY Samuel O.W.S. (1750-1808) ‘The Lady from ‘Comus’ lost, thus exposing herself’ (to the seducer Comus), Milton. Watercolour. Circa 1805. Inscribed verso and partial ?signature. 8x6 inches. Framed: 16.5x14 inches. Schwartz- SCHWARZ Peri (b.1951) ‘Still life with shell III’. Etching. Signed, editioned 6/10 and inscribed. 6x9.25 inches. shelton-86795 SHELTON Harold (1913-1994) The Sorting Office. Pen, brush, ink and gouache. 14x16 inches. Signed and dated, 1947.
Simcock-unframed SIMCOCK Jack (1929-2012) ‘Figures in a Dark Lane’. Oil/card. Signed and dated, 1965. Exhibited: Piccadilly Gallery. 13x20 inches. Shepard- SHEPARD Ernest Howard M.C. (1879-1976) Study of trees. Verso: Moorland study. Pencil. Provenance: Mary Knox, the artist’s daughter. 10x14 inches. Soper-94948 SOPER Eileen (1905-1990) ‘Garden Gate’. Circa 1925. Signed. 5x7 inches.
Shepard-92177 SHEPARD Ernest Howard O.B.E. M.C. (1879-1976) ‘Paris, City of Contrasts’. Pen and ink. Signed. For Punch; initialled beneath the mount by the editor Kenneth Bird (‘Fougasse’). 12x18 inches. Framed: 20x25 inches. Stanfield-96483 STANFIELD Frederick (aka William) Clarkson R.A. (1793-1867) ‘Franz Wallenstadt / Trieste, Gulf of Venice’. Pencil, watercolour and gouache on blue paper. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1830. 9.75x8 inches. Framed: 16.75x14.75 inches. Shepard-93438 SHEPARD Ernest Howard M.C. (1879-1976) Vespers: Christopher Robin saying his prayers. Will soften the hardest heart. Pencil study on transparent paper for ‘Vespers’, A. A. Milne When we were very young, Methuen, 1924, pp.99-100. Exhibited: The British Art of Illustration 1780-1980, Chris Beetles Gallery, No.216. 5x4.25 inches.
Stokes-96392 STOKES Adrian (1854-1935) ‘Birch trees in the Tyrol’. Oil on panel. Circa 1903. Signed. Inscribed verso as ex.coll the artist’s sister-in-law, Lady Stokes (nee Irene Ionides 1875-1972). 15x11.5 inches. Framed: 20x16.5 inches. Related to (Tate, 1903). Shepard-94510 SHEPARD Ernest Howard O.B.E. M.C. (1879-1976) Ratty ‘Executing a jig in the snow’. Pencil study for The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1931 edition. Signed. Exhibited: ‘E. H. Shepard, The Wind in the Willows’, Sally Hunter Fine Art, 1992, No.47. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 3.75x2.75 inches. Framed: 12.5x11 inches. Stothard-jnr-96564 ‘STOTHARD Jnr.’ ‘The Head of a Jesuit taken from Life / by Stothard Jnr’. Oil on ivory. Damage and old repairs. Inscribed on reverse of original frame. Possibly by the Antiquarian draughtsman Charles Alfred Stothard (1786-1821) 5x5 inches. Framed:5.75x5.75 inches.
Shepard-94511 SHEPARD Ernest Howard D.S.O. (1879-1976) ‘They enquired of the Rabbit’. Pencil study for ‘The Wind in the Willows’, Kenneth Grahame, 1931 edition. Exhibited: No.215 ‘E. H. Shepard: The Wind in the Willows’, Sally Hunter Fine Art, 1992. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 3.5x2.75 inches. Framed: 13x11 inches. Strang-96378 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) Agnes Strang, the artist’s wife. Pencil. Circa 1895. Signed. Provenance: Laurence W. Hodson, Compton Hall, Wolverhampton and by descent. 11x8 inches. Shepard-94513 SHEPARD Ernest Howard O.B.E. M.C. (1879-1976) ‘The Goaler’s daughter’ visiting Toad. Pencil study for The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1931 edition. Signed. Exhibited: ‘E. H. Shepard, The Wind in the Willows’, Sally Hunter Fine Art, 1992, No.16. 6.25x4.5 inches. Framed: 13.5x12 inches.
Shepard-94514 SHEPARD Ernest Howard O.B.E. M.C. (1879-1976) ‘Haloo, Washerwoman!’: Toad escaping. Pencil study for The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1931 edition. Signed. Exhibited: ‘E. H. Shepard, The Wind in the Willows’, Sally Hunter Fine Art, 1992, No.153. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 4x6.5 inches. Framed: 12x13.5 inches. IMG_97407 SAUTER Rudolf Helmut (1895-1977) ‘The Rose Viaduct’. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated, 1926. 12x17.25 inches. Framed: 17x22.5 inches. Shepard-95349 SHEPARD Ernest Howard M.C. (1879-1976) ‘Rough idea for Winter Scene’. Pencil, brush and ink. Signed and inscribed beneath the mount. 9x7 inches.
shepard-EH SHEPARD Ernest Howard (1879-1976) Stalin and ‘The New Lure’. Pencil study for a ‘Punch’ cartoon. Circa 1945. Inscribed by the artist. 11x8 inches. shepard-EH SHEPARD Ernest Howard (1879-1976) ‘Barn near Longdown, Guildford. 1930s. Rough’. Pencil. Signed and inscribed. 14.5x10 inches. Shepard-EH-90265 SHEPARD Ernest Howard (1879-1976) ‘The Air Force Pageant – the couple who were determined to miss nothing / Aerobatic thrills during the lunch break’ Pen and ink for Punch Circa 1925. Signed. Inscribed bebeath the mount. Exhibited: No.170, ‘E.H.Shepard’, The Fine Art Society, 2006. 7x10 inches. Framed: 15x17.5 inches.
shepard-florence SHEPARD Florence Eleanor (nee Chaplin) (c.1876-1927) Head of an art school model. Charcoal. Circa 1900. Prov: Estate of Ernest Howard Shepard via his daughter Mary. 13x13 inches. Saltwood-96274 SALTWOOD CASTLE (Subject) Kent. Circa 1820. Saltwood Castle. Brush and sepia wash. Formerly attributed to Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding P.O.W.S. (1787-1855) 3.5x5 inches. Framed: 9.5x10.75 inches. Shepherd-93566 SHEPHERD Thomas Hosmer (1792-1864) Covent Garden: The Opera House after the 1856 fire. Watercolour. Signed. Exhibited: Agnew’s (no.32990) 6.5x9.5 inches.
Segeant-95195-006 SERGEANT Carolyn (b.1937) The White House. Oil on card. Provenance: Artist's Estate. 4.75x8.5 inches. Shepherd-95506 SHEPHERD Thomas Hosmer (1792-1864) The British Museum, (1823-1847) designed by Sir Robert Smirke. Pen, brush and sepia ink. Circa 1850. Signed. 6x9 inches. Shepherd-95507 SHEPHERD Thomas Hosmer (1792-1864) The Bank of England, (1828) designed by Sir John Soane Pen, brush and sepia ink. Circa 1850. Signed. 6.25x9 inches.
Shepherd-George-87241 SHEPHERD George Sidney (1782-1862) London ‘The house in Cock Lane…’. Pen and sepia ink. Signed. 5.25x3 inches. Shepherd-George-91694 SHEPHERD George Sidney (1784-1862) Sunset. Ink and watercolour. Signed. 3.5x6 inches. Stark-96113 STARK Arthur James (1831-1902) 'Broadstairs'. Watercolour. Inscribed and dated, 1894. Ex. Collection: P. Stark. Exhibited Aldeburgh Fine Arts. 5x7 inches.
shepherd-george-k06538 SHEPHERD George (1784-1862) Hampshire. Titchfield Abbey. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1806. 7.5x11 inches. Framed: 13x16 inches. Skelton-K07275 SKELTON Jonathan (1735-1759) 
Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour. 
Exhibited: Leger Galleries, June 1995. 
5.5x8.5 inches. Framed: 15.5x18 inches. Stevenson-95359 STEVENSON Hugh (1910-1956) 'Peasant', costume design for Peggy van Praagh for the Sadlers Wells Ballet, 1943. Pencil and watercolour, with fabric sample attached. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1943. Ex. Coll: John Carr Doughty. 21.5x14.75 inches.
Shepherd-george-K06761 SHEPHERD George (1784-1862) ‘Rochester Castle from the bridge’. Watercolour. Inscribed. 5x7.25 inches. Framed: 11x13 inches. Smith-93374 SMITH John Raphael (1751-1812) 
‘Portrait of Mr Dagley, Artist, painted at Doncaster in 1809 by Mr Smith of Newman Street, London’. Richard Dagley (1765-1841) was a painter and engraver was also a drawing master at (a) Doncaster girls school. 
Pastels. Inscribed on the back of the original framed. 
10.5x8.75 inches Framed: 16.25x14.5 inches. Sutherland- SUTHERLAND Graham O.M. (1903-1980) 'Cottage in Dorset: Wood End'. Etching. 1929.Signed, editioned 8/60 and inscribed 'Wood End' beneath the mount.. 5.5x7 inches.
shepherd-Thomas-49065 SHEPHERD Thomas Hosmer (1793-1864) Quay on the Medway. Watercolour. Signed. 4x7 inches. Spence-95481 SPENCE Robert (1871-1964) 
‘Les Grans (sic) Lunettes de Villon’. 
Drypoint. Signed and inscribed. 
6.75x9.75 inches. Sheppard-92767 SHEPPARD Maurice P.P.R.W.S. N.E.A.C. (b.1947) Landscape study. Watercolour. Signed. 8x11.25 inches. Framed: 15.5x18.5 inches.
Stark- STARK Arthur James (1831-1902) 
Sky Study.
 Oil on card. Signed verso. Exhibited: Aldeburgh Fine Arts.
 6.5x10 inches. Framed: 9.75x13.5 inches.
 Schnebbelie-95715 SCHNEBBELIE Robert Blemmel (fl.1803-1849) 
‘The Statue of Queen Elizabeth / formerly stood on the West Side of Ludgate…’. 
Brush and sepia wash. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1832. Provenance: Walter Brandt. 
8.5x6 inches. Sheppard-maurice-92766 SHEPPARD Maurice P.P.R.W.S. N.E.A.C. (b.1947) Wintry woodland. Watercolour. Signed. 8x11 inches. Framed: 15.5x18.25 inches.
Steggles-95053 STEGGLES Harold (1911-1971) 
Cookham, Berkshire. Oil on canvas. Signed.
 8x10 inches. Framed: 11.5x13.75 inches.
 Seargeant-B94868-004 SEARGEANT John (1937-2010) 
The Studio doll. 
Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1965. 
14x9.5 inches. Framed: 21.25x16.25 inches. Sheppard-maurice-92768 SHEPPARD Maurice P.P.R.W.S. (b.1947) Normandy. ‘Sainte Adresse’. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1974. Inscribed verso. 7.5x11 inches.
Strang-94366 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘That night the ploughman.’ Etching. 1894. Signed. 8x7 inches. Shepperson-93541 SHEPPERSON Claude Allin A.R.A. (1867-1921) ‘Lady to Caller “You won’t mind my going on with my work while you are here will you? Then I shan’t feel I’m wasting my time”’. Pen and ink for Punch. Circa 1910. Inscribed on the original backing. Signed. 9x11.75 inches. Strutt-95060 STRUTT Jacob George (1790-1864) 
‘Poussin’s Castle in the Campagna’.
 Oil on card. Signed and dated, 1840. Inscribed verso.
 6x8.5 inches. Framed: 8.75x11 inches.

Sherborn-93154 SHERBORN Charles William (1831-1912) ‘Apollo’. Engraving. Circa 1875. Signed. Ex. Collection: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). 4x2.5 inches. Suddaby-81103-39 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) Coming storm. Ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1925. 11x15 inches. sheringham SHERINGHAM George P.S. (1884-1937) Dahlias. Gouache. Signed. 21x14 inches. £250.
Shannon-95778 SHANNON Charles Hazlewood R.A. (1863-1937) 
Figure studies. 
Red chalk. Signed and dated, 1894. Exhibited: Fine Art Society 1987. 
12x7 inches. Framed: 20.5x14.75 inches. 
£975. sheringham-k06448 SHERINGHAM George (1884-1937) ‘Ward, 1833 / Backdrop for the Building Centre’. Ink and watercolour. Signed and inscribed beneath the mount. 11x13 inches. Shepard-95350 SHEPARD Ernest Howard M.C. (1879-1976) 
‘I started this with a London Square background, but I think a sea view better’. 
Pencil, brush and ink. Signed and inscribed beneath the mount. 
8.75x6.5 inches. 

sherlock-77679 SHERLOCK William Pengree (fl.1800-1820) ‘River Thames from near Greenwich’. Watercolour. Inscribed verso. 4.5x9.5 inches. Sherriffs-W40 SHERRIFFS Robert S. (1906-1960) ‘The Belles of St Trinian’s / Frankenstein / Mr Ronald Searle’. Pen, brush and ink. Signed and inscribed. Published to accompany the film’s review in Punch, 13th October 1954, p.486. 8x9.5 inches. Framed: 16x17.25 inches. Stevenson-95358 STEVENSON Hugh (1910-1956) 
‘Pas de Trois’: costume design for Alexis Rassine in the ballet ‘Promenade’, Sadler’s Wells Ballet, King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, 1943. Choreographer: Ninette de Valois. Ex. Coll: John Carr Doughty. 
20.5x14.5 inches. 

shields-k06566 SHIELDS Frederick James (1833-1911) ‘The Harvest Offering’. Watercolour. Signed and dated 1873. 13.25x7.5 inches. Framed: 21.5x15 inches. short-89906 SHORT Sir Frank R.A. P.R.E. (1857-1945) Sussex. ‘Seaford’. Pastel on blue paper. Signed, inscribed and dated December 1923. 8x10 inches. Framed: 16.75x18.5 inches. Stothard-94706 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) 
Two pages of plant studies (pen and ink), a design for or record of a mantlepiece (pencil) and the sketch for a picture hang (pen and ink). 
Four pages mounted together. Exhibited: Spink. 
Framed: 24.5x16.25 inches. 

Short-93194 SHORT Sir Frank R.A. P.R.E. (1857-1945) ‘Stonehenge at day break’ Mezzotint after a sepia drawing by J M W Turner (mezzotinted but not publishes). 1897. Signed by Short. 8.5x11 inches. Ex. Collection: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). Strang-95385 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) 
‘Posada de la Hermadad’. 
Etching. Signed, inscribed No.70 10/50 and dated, 1920. 
8x5 inches. short-93201- SHORT Sir Frank R.A. P.R.E. (1857-1954) ‘Canterbury from the Meadows’. Etching. 1930. Signed. Ex. Coll: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956) 10x14 inches.
Short-9461 SHORT Sir Frank R.A. R.E. (1857-1945) ‘Nithsdale’ Mezzotint. Signed. 8x12.25 inches. Strang-95390 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) 
Spanish Church. 
Etching. Signed and dated, 1913. 
9,75x7.25 inches. 
 Short-94617 SHORT Sir Frank P.R.E. R.A. (1857-1945) ‘The Thames at Twickenham’. Aquatint. Signed. 8.25x11.25 inches.
shotter-boys-77592 SHOTTER BOYS Thomas (1803-1874) River landscape. Pencil, brush and grey washes. Exh: The Folio Society. Christopher Powney. Shotter-boys-web-60022 SHOTTER BOYS Thomas (1803-1874) ‘Barking’ Creek. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed verso. 4.25x6.5 inches. shunsen-90995 SHUNSEN Natori (1886-1960) Portrait of Wilhelm Solf (1862-1936) Governor of German Samoa (1900-c.1912) Ambassador to Japan (1924-1928). Woodcut printed in colours. Signed with the artist’s seal and signed and dated 1930 by the sitter. Ex. Coll: Professor P. H. Plesch. 14.75x10 inches.
Sickert-(circle)-94754 SICKERT Bernard (1862-1932) (Circle of) Snow – St James’s Palace. Pastels. Circa 1920. 14x17 inches. Framed: 18x21 inches. sickert-88705 SICKERT Walter Richard R.A. N.E.A.C. (1860-1942) Drawings
Signac-W65 SIGNAC Paul (1863-1935) ‘St Paul’, Provence. Pencil and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1931. Ex. Collection: Mr and Mrs George Walker. 6.5x9.75 inches. Framed: 16.5x18.25 inches. Sillence-90760 SILLINCE William (1906-1974) ‘So I’m giving you this ticket for ‘Cinderella’, but don’t be late home’. Pencil for Punch, 11th January, 1939. 7.5x10.5 inches. Framed: 16x17.5 inches. Sillince-93243 SILLINCE William R.W.S. (1906-1974) Royal Hospital, Chelsea gardens. Ink and watercolour. Circa 1935. Signed. Provenance: Sir John Stirling Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). 6.5x10 inches.
Sillince-K07092 SILLINCE William Augustus (1906-1974) At the Gallery. Ink and watercolour. Signed. Circa 1935. 11x16 inches. Framed: 19x23.75 inches. Sillince-W41 SILLINCE William (1906-1974) ‘That? I fancy it’s by Pinocchio or somebody’. Pencil on linen paper for ‘Punch’, 8th May, 1940. Signed. Exhibited: For the Love of Drawing: Drawings from an Oxfordshire Collection., June-August 2002, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Ex. Collection: Mr and Mrs George Walker. 6.25x7.5 inches. Framed: 12x13 inches. silvestre-89321 SILVESTRE Israel (1621-1691) After View of Avignon. Ink and watercolour. 4.5x8.5 inches.
Sandby-92211.jpg SANDBY Paul R.A. (1731-1809) (Circle of) A coming storm. Pencil, ink, watercolour and gouache. Circa 1780. 8x10.75 inches. simcock-89896_0 SIMCOCK Jack (1929-2012) ‘Two figures’. Oil on board. Signed and dated 1957. Ex.Collection: Balliol College JCR. 15.5x17.5 inches. Framed: 17x18.75 inches simcock-cropped SIMCOCK Jack (1929-2012) ‘From Wood Street, Mow Cop’. Oil on board. Signed and dated, 1972. 8x14 inches.
simmonds-88925 Simmonds S Noel (1909-1938) Dieppe: the Quai Henri IV. Ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1912. 11x15 inches. Sergeant-94868-005 SERGEANT John (1937-2010) ‘The Lion / Westminster Bridge’. Watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1974. 8.25x11 inches. Framed: 16.5x19 inches. simmons-12808 SIMMONS B.J. & Co, of Covent Garden. 1939. ‘Kathie’ in Tyrolean walking outfit. Gouache costume design for the Metro Goldwyn Meyer film Goodbye Mr Chips (1939). Provenance: Simmons Archive Sale, Sothebys. 19x14 inches.
Simon- SIMON Jacques (1875-1965) On the banks of the Seine. Oil on canvas laid on card. Signed and dated, 1917. 5.5x8.5 inches. Framed: 9x12 inches. Simon-92114.jpg SIMON Jacques (1875-1965) The banks of a French river. Oil on board. Indistinctly inscribed. Signed verso. 5.5x8.75 inches. Framed: 7x10 inches. Simpson-90923 SIMPSON Joseph (1879-1939) Portrait of D H Lawrence (1885-1930). Charcoal and gouache. Signed. Illustrated: The Sunday Dispatch, 17.02.1929. 9.25x8.25 inches. Framed: 21x18.75 inches.
Stevenson-95357 STEVENSON Hugh (1910-1956) 
‘Peasant’, costume design for Franklin White for the Sadlers Wells Ballet, 1943.
 Pencil and watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1943. Ex. Coll: John Carr Doughty.
 21.5x14.75 inches.
 simpson-charles SIMPSON Charles R.I. (1885-1971) ‘Well over a nasty place’. Gouache. Signed. Inscribed verso. 14.5x21 inches. Strang-95479 STRANG William R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Sancho whipping himself’. Etching. Impression printed and signed by David Strang. 6x7 inches.
simpson-william-89867 SIMPSON William (1823-1899) ‘Jung Bahadur’ (H.H. Commanding-General Sir Jung Bahadur Kunwar Rana, Maharaja of Lamjung and Kaski, Prime Minister and ruler of Nepal) (1817-1877) Pencil and watercolour. Signed, dated 19th February 1876 and inscribed by the artist ‘Sketched as Sir Jung was waiting to Receive H.R.H. Prince of Wales / on the north bank of the Sarda, at Bunbassa’. 4.75x4 inches. simpson-william-90200 SIMPSON William (1823-1899) ‘The Siege of Metz’; an engagement between the French Navy / Gardes Mobiles and Bavarian troops. August - October 1870. Chalk, ink and gouache 0n three pieces of joined paper. 31x18 inches. Suddaby-81103-23 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) 
Landscape near Connard, Suffolk.
 Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1951. Inscribed verso. 
11.75x15.75 inches.

Simpson-william-92140 SIMPSON William (1823-1899) ‘Mount Ida, Island of Crete, Greece’. Pencil, brush, watercolour and gouache on two sketchbook pages. Signed, inscribed and dated, January 1869. 11x17 inches. Suddaby-81109-26 SUDDABY Roland Vivian R.A. (1895-1982) The Yorkshire coast. Ink and watercolour. Signed and indistinctly dated. 13x22 inches. singleton-90563 SINGLETON Henry (1766-1839) The Morning Walk. Pencil and watercolour. Exhibited: Maas Gallery. 5x4 inches.
sinott SINOTT Kevin (b.1947) ‘Turandot’. Oil on board. 1986. Signed. 12x10 inches. Framed: 15.5x13.5 inches. sleigh-web-k06626 SLEIGH John (Exhibited: 1841-1872) ‘The little gleaners’. Ink, watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated ‘1855’. Exh: Maas Gallery. 5x7 inches. Framed: 13.5x15 inches, Small-85759 SMALL William R.I. (1843-1929) Royal Scottish Academy Schools life study. Pen and ink. Circa 1860. Provenance: One of a group, some of which were signed. 19x12 inches.
Smirke-95663 SMIRKE Robert R.A. (1752-1845) ‘The Death of Leonard da Vinci’. Pen and ink. Engraved for ‘The Spectator’, c.1784. 4x3 oval. Framed: 11.5x10 inches. smirke-mary-k06507 SMIRKE Mary (1779-1853) Richmond from the Thames. Watercolour. Provenance: Judy Egerton. 4.5x7.75 inches. Framed: 10x12.5 inches. smirke-mary-web-k06508 SMIRKE Mary (1779-1852) Kent. ‘Herne Bay’. Watercolour. Signed with initials, inscribed and dated ‘Sept.1814’ on the original mount. 6x9.25 inches. Framed 11.5x14.25 inches.
smirke-robert-k06694 SMIRKE Robert R.A. (1752-1845) Child and dog. Pencil, pen and ink. Signed and dated 1824. 6x7.5 inches. Framed: 13x14.25 inches. Smith-1 SMITH Sir Matthew (1879-1959) Study for the London Group Members 1955 Exhibition Poster. Brush, ink and watercolour. 30x22 inches. smith-90163 SMITH Edward B (Royal Engineers) (fl.1820s) India. ‘Siege of Bhurtpore’. Ink and watercolour. ?signed verso. 10x16 inches.
Smith-94287 SMITH Arthur Reginald A.R.A. R.W.S (1871-1934) ‘Sunset Glow, Pont-Audemar’, Normandy. Watercolour. Signed. Inscribed verso. 15x10.75 inches. Smith-94855 100. SMITH A Thomas (fl.1930s) Motor Bike Racers. Linocut. Signed and dated, 1932. 6x7.25 inches. Smith-95608 SMITH John Raphael (1752-1812) A fancy portrait. Red and black chalks. Signed. 9x6 inches. Framed: 16.5x13 inches.
smith-carlton-90457 SMITH Carlton Alfred R.I. (1853-1946) The letter; lamplight. Ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1885. 15.75x11.5 inches. Original framed available/included: 26x22 inches. smith-david-65090b SMITH David Henry (b.1947) ‘Ein Advat’. Etching. 34/250. Signed. Issued as a Christmas Card by Fisher Fine Art in 1979. 151x130 mm smith-erik-89757 SMITH Erik (1914-1973) Sous les toits: Paris from the studio window. Etching. Proof. Circa 1938. 7x11 inches.
smith-matthew SMITH Sir Matthew L.G. (1879-1959) The Little Lake. Pencil and pastel. 7x10 inches. Signed. Smith-percy-Crop SMITH Percy Delf (1882-1948) ‘The 15 inch Howitzer’. Etching. 1916. Signed. Inscribed by the artist ‘Etching of 15 inch Howitzer, 30 proofs of which this is No.14’. 8x9.75 inches. Smith-ronald-90750 SMITH Ronald R.S.W. R.G.I. (b.1946) ‘Mediterranean Harbour’. Oil on canvas. Signed. 32x40 inches. Framed: 39x47 inches. £2500.
Smith-thomas SMITH Thomas (fl.1780-1822) ‘Front view of the Convent of Vallombrosa, 18 miles east of Florence…’. Pencil and watercolour. 9x13.5 inches. Framed: 17.5x20.75 inches. smith-thomas-k06539 SMITH Thomas (fl.1780-1822) ‘Temple of the Sybil at Tivoli, with Horace’s Villa behind’. Ink and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1796, inscribed verso. Ex. Collection: Judy Egerton. 5x7.5 inches. Smith-W66 SMITH Sir Matthew (1879-1959) ‘Late Autumn’. Watercolour. Circa 193. Signed. Ex. Collection: Mrs and Mrs George Walker. 10x13 inches. Framed: 19.5x17 inches.
Smith-warwick-91880 SMITH John ‘Warwick’ (1741-1839) ‘Coast of Salerno’. Watercolour. Inscribed verso. 12x17.5 inches. Framed: 20.5x25 inches. smith-wiliam-80982 SMITH William Harding (1848-1922) The coast at Lyme Regis, Dorset. Watercolour. Signed. 7x14 inches. Smithard-94414 SMITHARD George Reginald (1873-1919) Market scene. Watercolour and gouache. Circa 1905. Signed. 12x18 inches.
Smythe-92075 SMYTHE Reg (1917-1998) Andy Capp: at the bar. Ink and watercolour for the Daily Mirror. Signed. Circa 1960. 8x10 inches. Smythe-92194 SMYTHE Reg (1917-1998) Andy Capp: closing time. Ink and watercolour for the ‘Daily Mirror’. Signed. Circa 1960. 6x10.5 inches. Smythe-92469 SMYTHE Reg (1917-1998) Andy Capp: the Gentleman. Ink and watercolour. Signed and inscribed. 8x9.5 inches.
Soer-91109 SOER Chris (1882-1962) View from Wetstraat towards Eglise St Marie, Brussels. Oil on canvas. Signed. 9.75x7 inches. Framed: 14x11 inches. Solomon-91983 SOLOMON Simeon (1840-1905) Putti. Pastels. Signed and dated 1885. 12x9.75 inches. Solomon-92189 SOLOMON Simeon (1840-1905) The Final Crossing. Watercolour. Signed and dated 1887. 13.5x20 inches.
Somervell-92174-001 HOWARD SOMERVELL William M.P. (1860-1934) In the Alps. Chalk and watercolour. Circa 1930. Provenance: Peter Mallalieu. 10x9.5 inches. Somerville-92912 SOMERVILLE Edith (1858-1949) Sketchbook page studies, possibly Etaples. Pencil. Circa 1898. Ex. Collection: Lionel Lambourne. Lit: Clifford Lewes, Somerville and Ross, 1985, p.187. 7.25x6 inches. Framed: 13x11.5 inches. somm-87279 SOMM Henri (1844-1907) 0n patrol. Ink and watercolour. Signed.Circa 1895. 12x9 inches. Framed: 20x16 inches.
somm-89868 SOMM Henri (1844-1907) Rabbit for lunch. Ink and watercolour. Signed. 11x7.25 inches. Somm-93311 SOMM Henri (1844-1907) ‘Dame en tenue 1900’. Ink and watercolour. Signed. Exhibited: Robert Noortman Gallery. 8.25x6 inches. Framed: 15x12.5 inches. Soper-94947 SOPER Eileen (1905-1990) ‘Spring Tide’. Etching. 1929. Signed.
Soper-94949 SOPER Eileen (1905-1990) ‘The Sailor’. Etching. 1929. Signed. 5x7.25 inches. Sorrell-94195 SORRELL Alan (1904-1974) ‘Londinium, 1st Century A.D’. Pen, brush and ink. Signed and dated, 1954. Commissioned by the Illustrated London News, 1954. 14x22 inches. Framed: 21x29 inches. soukop SOUKOP Willi (1907-1995) ‘The Dancer’: Dail Ailian (1916-2006) Resin. Circa 1939. 13x11x8 inches approx.
Souster- SOUSTER Ernest George William (1882-1953) Designs for the interior of the ‘Oxford and Poland Street Cinematograph Theatre’: Auditorium ceiling and back wall (25x34.5 inches) Auditorium Screen wall (15x25 inches) Auditorium side Wall (15x28 inches) Pencil. Circa 1910. The set of three, unmounted. SouthAmerica-90209-022 SOUTH AMERICA (subject) Anon. Circa 1850. ‘Le Soir / souvenir du rio Parana’; which flows through Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed on the original backing. Signed with monogram and dated, 1854. 8x11.5 inches. Souza-90873 SOUZA Francis Newton (1924-2002) Standing Nude. Pen and ink. Signed and dated, 1962. 13x8 inches. Framed: 19x13.5 inches.
Sozonov-91870 SOZONOV Valerie (mid-20th Century) The beach at Scheveningen. Pencil, watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated, 1932. Ex. Collection: Wyndham T. Vint, Bradford. 16x21.5 inches. Framed: 23x28 inches. Sozonov-92818 SOZONOV Valerie (fl.1920-1940) ‘Henley Regatta’. Watercolour and gouache. Circa 1935. Signed. 15x21.5 inches. Sozonov-93378 SOZONOV Vsevolod (1899-1966) Santa Margherita, Liguria. Gouache. Signed. Circa 1930. 14x20 inches. Framed: 20x25.5 inches.
Spare-91613 SPARE Austin Osman (1886-1956) ‘The Apache’. Pencil. Signed and inscribed. 6x4.5 inches. Spare-K06779.jpg SPARE Austin Osman (1886-1956) Snakes and Spirits. Pencil. 10x7.5 inches. Framed: 18.75x16 inches. Spencelayh-83134a SPENCELAYH Charles (1865-1968) ‘Lost’. Etching. 3x4 inches.
Spencer--K06812 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. RA (1891-1959) ‘Hilda’. Pencil. Circa 1925. Inscribed and numbered ‘15’ by the artist. Ex. Collection: Shirin Spencer. 8x9 inches. Framed: 17x17 inches. spencer-88596 SPENCER Sir Stanley K.C.B. C.B.E. R.A. (1891-1859) Slade Model. Pencil. Circa 1908-1912.
Provenance: Pamela Spenser, the artist’s niece. 12x10.5cms (irregular). Framed: 32x29cms. Spencer-92536.jpg SPENCER Noel (1900-1986) ‘Thames Craft’. Etching. Signed and inscribed. 9.75x12.75 inches.
Spencer-92537.jpg SPENCER Noel (1900-1986) ‘Downey’s Wharf, Battersea’. Etching. Signed, inscribed and ‘Unfinished state’, and dated, 1925. 7.75x9.75 inches. Spencer-94036-F13 SPENCER Sir Stanley C.B.E. R.A. (1891-1959) At table. Pen, brush and wash. Provenance: Spencer Studio Sale Christies 5.11.98. 3x4.75 inches. Framed: 9x12 inches. spencer-gilbert-68037 SPENCER Gilbert R.A. (1892-1979) ‘The man who picked up sticks on the Sabbath’. Pencil, pen and ink. Prov: Robert Harding. 21x13.5 inches.
spencer-gilbert-k06513 SPENCER Gilbert R.A (1892-1979) ‘Corner of the Garden’. Pencil and watercolour. Signed and dated, 1958. Exhibited: R.W.S. Autumn Exhibition 1958. 14x18 inches. Framed: 21x24.5 inches. spencer-pamela SPENCER Pamela (1924-2012) ‘Midsummer’. Oil on canvas. Circa 1950. Signed. 17x21 inches. Framed: 21x25 inches. spencer-pamela-88592 SPENCER Pamela (1924-2012) Kitchen Interior. Oil on canvas. Signed. 24x18 inches. Framed: 27.5x24 inches.
spencer-pamela-88593 SPENCER Pamela (1924-2012) The Outhouse. Oil /canvas.Circa 1950. Signed. 18x14 inches. Framed: 22x18 inches. spencer-pamela-88595 SPENCER Pamela (1924-2012) Students at St Martins (the artist was there 1945-1951). Oil on panel. Provenance: Estate of the Artist. 12x16 inches. Framed: 16x20 inches. spencer-spencer SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. (1891-1959) ‘Drawing of T. Sturge Moore’ (Thomas Sturge Moore, 1870-1944). Pencil. Signed and dated, 1921. Inscribed and price ‘5 gns’ verso by the artist. 10x7 inches.
spencer-stanley SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. (1891-1959) Head of a Slade Girl. Chalk. Inscribed verso: ‘Drawn by Stanley Spencer/when at the art School of Slade/ University (sic) in the year 1909’ and in his sister Florence Image’s hand ‘above is in Stanley’s or Sydney’s/ handwriting – I believe Sydney’s/ Florence Image, 1940’. Provenance: Florence Image (nee Spencer); her niece Pamela Spencer (1924-2012). 5x4.75. Framed: 13x12. Spencer-stanley--92057 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. (1891-1959) Composition study. Pencil, brush and sepia ink. Exh: Bernard Jacobson Gallery. 5.25x5 inches. spencer-stanley-88596 SPENCER Sir Stanley K.C.B. C.B.E. R.A.
Slade Model. Pencil. Circa 1908-1912. Provenance: Pamela Spenser, the artist’s niece. 12x10.5cms (irregular). Framed: 32x29cms.
spencer-stanley-90878 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. (1891-1959) ‘Hilda’. Pencil. Circa 1925.Inscribed and numbered ‘21’ by the artist. 13.5x9.5 inches. Spencer-stanley-90880 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. N.E.A.C. (1891-1959) Self - portrait study. Pencil. Inscribed by the artist ‘Shirin wants to keep this, Self-portrait’. Verso: pencil studies of caped men and a mule. 10x14.25 inches. Framed: 19x21 inches. spencer-stanley-90882 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. (1891-1959) ‘Hilda’. Pencil. Circa 1925. Inscribed, and numbered by the artist ‘23’ ‘Hilda Shirin wants to keep this’. 14x10 inches.
Spencer-stanley-90962 SPENCER Sir Stanley R.A. N.E.A.C. (1891-1959) Figures at the piano, used for ‘At the Piano’, oil, 1957. Pencil and watercolour. Circa 1936. Christies 'Stanley Spencer Studio Sale' stamp verso. 5.5x4 inches. Framed: 13x11 inches. Spender-92656 SPENDER Humphrey (1910-2005) Aboriginal Motifs: design for the P&O liner ‘Canberra’. Mixed media. Circa 1952. Signed. Exhibited: Art on the Liners, Southampton Art Gallery, 1986 12x18 inches. Spiers-71076 SPIERS Charlotte (Exh: 1880-1914) Norfolk. Blakeney: the Priory Gate, and village roofs. Watercolour. Signed. 7.5x13.5 inches. Framed: 15.75x21 inches.
Spilsbury- SPILSBURY Maria (1776-1820) A Fancy Subject. Pencil. Exhibited: Sabin Gallery. 7.5x6 inches. Spilsbury-92850 SPILSBURY Maria (1776-1820) A garden gate. Pen and ink. 17.5x9.5 inches. Exhibited: Sabin Gallery Springs-91255 SPRINGS John (b.1962) ‘Sir Wilfred Thesiger C.B.E. D.S.O. F.R.G.S. (1910-2003) Pen and ink. Signed. 13x8.5 inches.
Squirrell-78408 SQUIRRELL Leonard Russell R.W.S. (1893-1979) Norfolk; an ancient lime kiln and sheds 0n the cliffs at East Runton. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1945. 9x15.5 inches. Framed: 17x22.5 inches. Squirrell-80238 SQUIRRELL Leonard R.E. R.W.S. (1893-1979) Claydon: ‘June, in a Suffolk Dell’ Chalk and watercolour washes. Signed, dated 1922 and inscribed. Inscribed verso. 7.5x11.5 inches. squirrell-86849 SQUIRRELL Leonard Russell R.W.S. (1893-1979) The Ipswich boat builders. Watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated, 1913. Provenance: Paul family. 9x13 inches. Framed: 17x21 inches.
Squirrell-92745 SQUIRRELL Leonard R.W.S. R.E. (1893-1979) ‘Durham’. Aquatint. Signed. 9.5x13 inches. £475. Squirrell-93136 SQUIRRELL Leonard R.W.S. R.E. (1893-1979) ‘Bamborough Castle’. Etching. Signed. Ex. Collection: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). 7.5x13 inches. stanley-95018 STANLEY Dorothy (1855-1926) La Source. Oil on canvas. Circa 1890. Signed. 9x12 inches.
stannard-62332 STANNARD Henry John Sylvester (1870-1951) Highland valley. Watercolour. Circa 1900. Prov: ‘Estate sale 1.10.2001, Phillips of William Stannard (1934-2000), the artist’s son. 14x10 inches. Stannard-62353 STANNARD Henry John Sylvester (1870-1951) Harvest field. Watercolour sketch. Circa 1910. Provenance: the artist’s son William Stannard (1934-2000). Phillips Son and Neale, 1.10.01. 10x14 inches. Stannard-62390 STANNARD Henry John Sylvester (1870-1951) Autumn woodland. Watercolour and gouache. Circa 1900. Provenance: The artist’s son William Stannard (1934-2000) sale Phillips.1.10.2001. 10x14 inches.
Stannard-62399 STANNARD Henry John Sylvester (1870-1951) A bluebell wood. Watercolour sketch. Circa 1910. Provenance: the artist’s son William Stannard (1934-2000). Phillips Son and Neale, 1.10.01. 10.25x14 inches. Staples-94537 STAPLES Sir Robert Ponsonby (1853-1943) ‘Cromer Church’, Norfolk. Pencil. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1899. 12.25x9.5 inches. stark-90756 STARK James (1794-1859) Norwich. ‘Postwick Grove’. Watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1830. 9.5x13.5 inches.
Stark-92802 STARK James (1794-1859) Fishing nets, probably on the upper Thames. Pencil and watercolour. Circa 1840. 6.5x10.75 inches. steadman-87255 STEADMAN Ralph (b.1936) Tied together: Harold Wilson and George Brown. Pen, brush and ink. 20x26 inches. Circa 1967. Signed. Steel-93127 STEEL Kenneth (1906-1970) Durham Cathedral from the river. Engraving and drypoint. Signed. Ex. Collection: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). 13.5x10 inches.
steer-84191 STEER Philip Wilson N.E.A.C. (1860-1942) Near Ironbridge, Shropshire. Pencil, watercolour and gouache. Signed and dated 1910. Inscribed to Charles Aitken (Director of the Tate). steer-89609_0 STEER Philip Wilson N.E.A.C. (1860-1942) Woods near Bridgnorth. Watercolour. 1925. Signed. Ex. Collection: Sir Eric Maclagan (1879-1951) (Director of the V & A 1924-1945) 7x10 inches. Framed: 13x15 inches. Steer-91865 STEER Philip Wilson O.M. N.E.A.C. (1860-1942) Thames barges. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1932. Ex. Collection: Wyndham T Vint, Bradford. 9x12 inches. Framed: 21x24.25 inches.
Steer-92641.jpg STEER Philip Wilson O.M. (1860-1942) ‘Shoreham’, a misty morning along the beach. Watercolour. Signed and dated, 1926. 9x13 inches. steggles STEGGLES Harold (1911-1971) ‘Brightlingsea’. Oil on canvas. Signed. Exhibited: Alex, Reid & Lefevre Ltd. 8.5x10.5 inches. Artist’s original frame: 14.5x16.5 inches. Steggles- STEGGLES Harold (1911-1971) Sheds at Walberswick. 112x18 inches.
Steggles-92934 STEGGLES Walter J (1908-1997) ‘Yorkshire landscape’. Oil on panel. Signed. Signed and inscribed verso. 6.5x8.25 inches. Framed: 7.75x9.75 inches. steinlen-88299 STEINLEN Theophile (1859-1923) The market stall. Pencil. Verso: figure studies. 6x9 inches. Stevenson-80827 STEVENSON James (Late 18th/early 19th Century) Peebleshire: ‘Habbies How, Peggy’s Pool and Carlops Hill’. Ink and watercolour. From a series by the artist that were engraved for an 1808 edition of Allan Ramsay’s Gentle Shepherd. Possible provenance: New Hall House, Carlops. We are grateful to Dr Joe Rock for this information. 13x19 inches. Framed: 21x26 inches.
stocks-29752 STOCKS Arthur (1846-1889) Study of a girl. Red, white and black chalk on blue paper. Circa 1870. Prov: Stocks Sale, Christies, 15.9.1993. lot 141. 6.5x7.5 inches. Stokes-91172 STOKES Adrian (1902-1972) ‘Still Life’. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1965 on reverse. Exh: ‘Adrian Stokes’, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1982. Ex. Coll: Sir Norman Reid. 20x24 inches. Framed: 20.5x24.5 inches. stone-87275 STONE Reynolds (1909-1979) ‘Autumn trees at the Old Rectory from the Water Board Field’. Ink and watercolour on blue paper. 13x20 inches. Signed. Inscribed verso. Exhibited: New Grafton Gallery, 1972.
stone-89643_0 STONE Reynolds (1909-1979) ‘Old Rectory, Winter’, Litton Cheney. Ink and watercolour on blue/grey paper. Signed. 14x21 inches. Framed: 21x27.5 inches. Stone-92815 STONE Reynolds C.B.E. R.D.I. (1909-1979) Dorset. ‘Hedge row and bank’. Ink and watercolour on blue/grey paper. Inscribed on original backing. 12.5x14 inches. Stone-93250 STONE Frank (1800-1859) Portrait study of Caroline Norton (1808-1877) Legal Reformer and Celebrity Figure. Brush and ink. Signed and dated, ‘Dr. (December) 1860’. Or, Inscribed ‘Frank Stone, Bt (Bought) 1860’. Provenance: By decent from her second husband Sir William Stirling Maxwell (1818-1878) to Sir John Stirling Maxwell (1866-1956) and his descendant. 11x8 inches. (Cf. Nos. 68, 73, 74, 75, and 89)
Stone-93666 STONE Reynolds C.B.E. R.D.I. (1909-1979) ‘Holly and Alder / In the Dell at The Old Rectory’, Litton Cheney, Somerset. Ink and watercolour. Signed. Inscribed 0n the original backing. 21x14.25 inches. Framed: 22x30 inches. stonehenge STONEHENGE subject. Anon. Pencil. Sketchbook page dated ‘Sept.3, 1826’ verso. 5x14 inches. stonehouse STONEHOUSE Brian (1918-1998) ‘Dachau’. Charcoal. Signed and inscribed ‘Dachau – 4t’(sic). Although saved from Dachau 29/4/45 Stonehouse returned to the camp two days later to draw a record for the American liberators. 12x15. Framed: 17x19.5.
Stonehouse- STONEHOUSE Brian (1918-1989) An Evening Dress. Pencil, watercolour and gouache. Signed. Fashion illustration for an American magazine, probably (as signed) American Vogue. Circa 1960. Provenance: The artist’s estate. Stamped ‘Stonehouse Estate / A and H’ verso. 28x19 inches. Framed: 34x25 inches. stonehouse-89050-66 STONEHOUSE Brian M.B.E. (1918-1998) ?New York. Clapboard town houses. Ink and watercolour. Signed and dated 1952. stonehouse-90576 STONEHOUSE Brian M.B.E. (1918-1998) Watercolour and gouache. Studio Sale / Abbott and Holder Stamp verso. Provenance: the artist’s estate. 68x50cms. Framed: 79x60.5cms.
Stonehouse-93650 STONEHOUSE Brian M.B.E. (1918-1998) Fashion illustration, probably for American Vogue. Gouache 0n card. Circa 1958. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. Stamped verso ‘Stonehouse Estate / A and H’. 26x19 inches. Framed: 33x25 inches. Storer-91367 STORER James Sargant (1771-1853) ‘High Street, Bristol’. Pencil, pen and sepia wash. Exh: Spink. 4x6.25 inches. Framed: 12.5x14 inches. Storey-B60506 STOREY George Adolphus R.A. (1834-1919) ‘Miss Brome(?)’ washing her hair . Pencil, pen and ink. Signed and inscribed. 12.75x9.75 inches.
Storey-K06332 STOREY Paul (b.1957) ‘St Catherine’. Etching. Etching. 1989. Signed and editioned 9/25. stothard-88257 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) Herms and feet. Pen and ink. 2x8 inches. stothard-88258 STOTHARD Thomas (1755-1834) Composition studies. Pen and ink. 8x11 inches.
stothard-88282 STOTHARD Thomas (1755-1834) Frieze design, possibly for the unrealized decorations at Buckingham Palace. Pen, brush and ink. 4x14 inches. stothard-90562 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) ‘Venus and Cupid’. Pencil, pen, brush and ink. Ex. Coll: L.G. Duke (D651). 3.5x3.25 inches. Stothard-91208 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) As You Like It; ‘In the Forest of Arden’. Oil on panel. Circa 1825. 15x12 inches. Framed: 20x17 inches.
Stothard-92594 STOTHARD Thomas (1755-1834) Composition study inspired by the Elgin Marbles. Pen and ink. Signed. Circa 1810. 5x6.5 inches. Framed: 12x13 inches. Stothard-92642.jpg STOTHARD Thomas (1755-1834) ‘Venus and Adonis’. Ink and watercolour. Inscribed verso. 3.25x2.75 inches. Stothard-92650 STOTHARD Thomas (1755-1834) Child listening to the grown-ups at dinner. Grey washes. 3.5x2.75 inches.
Stothard-94791 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) ‘Pansy’. Pencil, brush and ink for the John Langthorne’s ‘Fable of Flora’, publ. 1794. Signed. Prov: Christopher Powney 28.5.1986. 3x3.5 inches. Stothard-94792 STOTHARD Thomas R.A (1755-1834) Owl and sleeping fairy. Pencil brush and ink. Possibly ‘The Garden Rose and the Wild Rose’ for ‘Fable IV’ in John Langthorne’s ‘Fables of Flora’, publ.1794. Prov: Christopher Powney 28.5.1986. 3x4 inches. Stothard-94793 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) Fame crowning a harpist. Pencil, brush and ink. Signed. Possibly ‘The Violet and the Pansy’ for ‘Fable V’ in John Langthorne’s ‘Fables of Flora’, publ.1794. Prov: Christopher Powney 28.5.1986. 3x3.25 inches.
Stothard-95610 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) Statesman attended by the Graces. Pen, brush and ink. 8x7 inches. Stothard-95672 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) The Fates crowning a Victor. Pen, brush and sepia ink. 4x4 inches. Stothard-K05059 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) Standing Girl. Pen, brush ink and watercolour. Provenance: (By repute: Windus Collection). 3.5x1.5 inches. Framed: 10x7.5 inches.
Stothard-Picture-K06047 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) ‘Music’ Oil on canvas. Exhibited: Colnaghi, as Ex. coll. J. A. Tulk. 11x8.5 oval. Frame available: 16x18.25 inches. Stothard-S378 STOTHARD Charles Alfred (1786-1821) The 'Gros Horloge', Rouen. Pencil and sepia wash. Made on the artist's 1818 trip to Normandy and Britanny. He had been gone to France to study and record the Bayeux Tapestry for the Society of Antiquaries. Exh: Covent Garden Gallery. 8x5 inches. Framed: 15x12 inches. Stothard-S437 STOTHARD Thomas R.A. (1755-1834) Brush and sepia wash. Stamped with a collectors mark. 4x6 inches. Framed: 13x15 inches.
Stott-94765 STOTT Edward A.R.A. (1859-1918) ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds’ Pastel. 14x13 inches. Framed: 24x23 inches. stott-web-89379 STOTT Edward A.R.A (1859-1918) Study for ‘The Entombment’ (Williamson Art Gallery). Pencil. Exh: Fine Art Society, 1968. 11x9 inches. Framed: 19.5x15.75 inches. Stowers-93765 STOWERS Thomas (fl.1778-1813) London: ‘View of (from) Hampstead’. Gouache. Signed. Inscribed verso. Provenance: Estate of Henry Rogers Broughton, 2nd Lord Fairhaven (1900-1973) 9x11.5 inches oval.
strang STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Christian is troubled’; Pilgrim’s Progress. Etching. Printed, signed and inscribed by David Strang (1887-1967). 7x5 inches. strang STRANG William R.E. R.A. (1859-1921) Pilgrim in the Slough of Despond. Etching. Printed and inscribed by David Strang (1887-1967). 173x125 mm. Strang-1 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) St Anne’s, Soho. Etching. Signed and dated, 1912. 14x10 inches. Framed: 23x18 inches.
strang-79070 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921) Head of a child. Pencil, pen and ink with some gouache. Circa 1895. Prov: Laurence Hodson and by descent. 7x5 inches. £575. strang-86001 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) Buckinghamshire landscape. Etching. Signed, inscribed ‘No.168, 100 proofs’. 177x290 mm. strang-86002 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) A Buckinghamshire Village. Etching. Signed, inscribed ‘No.154, 75 proofs’. 177x238mm.
strang-87283 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921) A conspiracy. Pen, brush and ink. Circa 1905. Signed. strang-88214 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Colonade’. Etching. Signed. 20x26 inches. strang-88215unmounted STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Church in Palermo’. Etching. Signed. 11.5x9.5 inches.
strang-88216 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Castel Nuovo’. Etching. Signed. 10x14 inches. strang-89738 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921) ‘Will Hodson’. Red, white and black chalks. Signed and dated, 1904. 14x9.75 inches. strang-90033 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921)
Arthur Clifton (1863-1932)
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated, 1912.
strang-90949 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘London from Hampstead Heath’. Oil on panel. Inscribed and dated by the artist on verso ‘Hampstead Heath / October 10, 11, 1921’. Artist’s label signed and inscribed ‘Study for larger oil painting’. 12.5x16 inches. Framed: 18x22 inches. Strang-92040.jpg STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) Head of a Peasant (B.4. S.15). Mezzotint. Signed. 10x8.5 inches. Strang-92546.jpg STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘A Sale of Prints’. Etching. 1889. Printed by David Strang. 11.75x15.25 inches.
Strang-93134 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘War’ (LB.212). Engraving. 1893. One of 85 impressions. Signed. Ex. Collection: Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok (1866-1956). 9.75x12 inches. Strang-94219 STRANG William R.E. R.A. (1859-1921) ‘Old Bridge, Toledo’. Etching. Edition of 100. 1913. Signed. 9.75x11.25 inches. Strang-94222 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) The Doorway of Santa Cruz, Toledo’. Etching. Edition of 100. 1913. 11.5x6.5 inches.
Strang-94223 STRANG William R.E. R.A. (1859-1921) ‘Segovia’. Etching. Edition of 100. 1913. Signed. 10x12.75 inches. Strang-94365 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘The Socialists’ – self-portrait in centre. Etching. 1892. Signed. 9.75x12 inches. Strang-94367 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Death and the Ploughman’s Wife’. Etching. 1892 Proof. Signed. 9.25x6 inches.
Strang-94862 98. STRANG Ian E.E. (1886-1952) ‘Street in Montmartre’: rue de Mont Cernis. Etching. One of 75 proofs. Signed. 8x10.75 inches. Strang-95382 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Via Serapide, Naples’. Etching. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1910. 9x5 inches. Strang-95383 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Via della Pace, Naples’. Etching. Signed, inscribed No.21 5/13, and dated, 1911. 8x6 inches.
strang-98721 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Portrait of R B Cunninghame Graham’. Etching. 1st state. Signed by artist and sitter. 11.75x7.75 inches. Strang-Chelsea STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Waste Ground Chelsea’. Copper plate. 1910. 7x10 inches Strang-Devonshire-house STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘The site of Devonshire House’. ‘Copper plate. 1925 11x14.5 inches.
strang-k06572 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921) Head of a girl. Pencil. Circa 1885. 14.5x11 inches. Framed: 30.5x28 inches. strang-k06706 STRANG William R.A. (1859-1921) ‘Eve’. Silverpoint study for ‘The Temptation’, oil on canvas, Tate Britain. 1899. Signed. Prov: Laurence Hodson, Compton Hall, and by descent. 14.5x9 inches. Strang-Maple-st STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Maple Street/Fitzroy Street’. Copper plate. 1929. 10.25x12.75 inches.
Strang-OldBond STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Bond Street and Stafford Street’. Copper plate. Circa 1929. 10.5x11.5 inches Strang-Pentonville-Gaol STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Pentonville Goal’. Copper plate. Circa 1925. 10x8.5 inches. Strang-Savoy STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) ‘Savoy Chapel and the Strand’. Copper plate. 1927. 11x15 inches.
Strang-Venice-95384 STRANG Ian R.E. (1886-1952) Venetian Arch. Etching. Signed and dated, 1910. 6.75x5.25 inches. Streatfield-S445 STREATFIELD Robert (1786-1852) Belgium, 'Above Spa'. Pencil and watercolour. Exh: Covent Garden Gallery. 5.5x9 inches. Framed: 12.5x15 inches. Stroudley-54211 STROUDLEY James (1906-1985) Head of a girl. Charcoal. Signed and dated, 1929. 17.5x13.25 inches.
stroudley-88222unmounted STROUDLEY James (1906-1988) Study from the Male Nude. Red chalk. Circa 1935. Provenance: Artist’s Estate. 24x15 inches. strube-91142 STRUBE Sidney (1891-1956) The ‘Little Man’ encumbered by post-WWI debt. Ink and crayon. Signed and inscribed. 12x19.5 inches. strutt-88870 STRUTT Jacob George (1790-1864) On the ?Amalfi coast. Oil on card. Circa 1845. Signed. 6x8 inches.
strutt-88871 STRUTT Jacob George (1790-1864) The Bay of Naples. Oil on card. Circa 1845. Signed. 6x8 inches. Strutt-arthur-K06724 STRUTT Arthur (1819-1888) ‘Lake of Trasymene’ (sic) Pencil and watercolour. Signed, inscribed and dated 1850. 3.5x6.25 inches. Framed: 11x13.5 inches. Strutt-K06725 STRUTT Arthur John (1819-1888) Italian Contadino on his mule. Pencil and watercolour. 5x4.5 inches. Framed: 11.75x10.75 inches.
Strutt-K07159 STRUTT Arthur John (1819-1888) ‘Fara’ (Probably Fara in Sabina, near Rieti, Lazio) Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed, signed and dated 31st August 1844. 5x8 inches. Studd-92615.jpg STUDD Arthur (1863-1919) A Breton Market. Oil on panel. Exhibited: No.21, ‘Arthur Studd’, Magdalene Street Gallery, Cambridge, Feb-March 1867, to M J Steward. 8.75x6.25 inches. Framed: 13x10.5 inches. Studd-93700 STUDD Arthur (1863-1919) Coastal landscape. Oil on panel. Circa 1900. Exhibited: Exhibition of works by Arthur Studd, Magdalene Street Gallery, Cambridge, 1967. 5.25x9 inches.
Styles-93641 STILES Sybella S.W.E. (1912-2003) ‘Paka’. Linocut. 1970-72. Artist’s Proof. Signed. Ex. Coll: Marianne C Gourary (1920-2014) 12x9 inches. Suddaby-36606 SUDDABY William D. (Exhibited 1932) Figure composition. Gouache. From a large group of the artist’s works. 14x11 inches. Suddaby-81103-10 63. SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1978) Still-life. Pen, brush, ink and watercolour. Signed. 15x18 inches.
Suddaby-81103-34 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) Suffolk; winter landscape. Ink and watercolour. Prov: Artist’s Estate. Suddaby-81103-35 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) Berkshire. ‘The Downs at Newbury’ Ink and watercolour. Signed. 11.75x19 inches. Suddaby-81103-36 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) Suffolk; trees and barn. Pencil, ink, watercolour and gouache. Prov: Artist’s Estate.
Suddaby-81103-41 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1978) Yorkshire landscape. Pen, brush, ink, watercolour and gouache. Circa 1949. Signed. 15x22 inches. Suddaby-81103-42 SUDDABY Rowland (1912-1972) Yorkshire landscape. Ink, watercolour, gouache and pastel. Circa 1950. Signed. 15x28 inches. Sullivan-94849 SULLIVAN Edmund R.W.S. R.E. (1869-1933) ‘George Bernard Shaw’. Etching. 1929. Signed. 10.25x7.75 inches. Framed: 23x16.75 inches.
sunderland-64712 SUNDERLAND Thomas (1744-1828) Traditionally ascribed to, but possibly by a member of his family. Italy. ‘On the Albano road, 12 miles from Rome’. Ink and watercolour probably after another’s sketch. 7x10.5 inches. Sunderland-64883 SUNDERLAND Thomas (1743-1823) Lancashire landscape. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed ‘nr (?)Darsbrough’. Dated verso ‘9 June 1813’. 7x10.5 inches. sunderland-88949 SUNDERLAND Thomas (1744-1823) Lancashire: view to the sea from parkland. Pencil and watercolour. 7.25x10.75 inches.
Sunderland-92025 SUNDERLAND Thomas (1744-1823) Ullswater; Rev. Askew's (the artist's son-in-law) House. Pencil and wash. 9.5x14.5 inches. Sunderland-96060 SUNDERLAND Thomas (1744-1823) ‘On Uls-water’ (sic): the upper end of Ullswater with Place Fell. Pen, ink and watercolour. On original backing. 9x13.5 inches. Framed: 17.75x21 inches. sunderland-b34801 SUNDERLAND Thomas (Family of) Cumberland/Westmoreland. A Lake District view. Pencil and watercolour. Circa 1810. 10x13.5 inches.
Sutherland-W67 SUTHERLAND Graham (1903-1980) Flaming ladle with figures. Ink, pastel and watercolour. Signed (possibly later) and dated, 1943. Exhibited: Piccadilly Gallery, 1982. For the Love of Drawing: Drawings from an Oxfordshire Private Collection, Ashmolean Museum, June-August 2002. Ex. Collection: Mr and Mrs George Walker. In September 1941 Sutherland was sent to make drawings of the blast furnaces at the Guest, Keen and Baldwin Steel Works in Cardiff. 11.25x8.25inches. Framed: 20x15 inches. Sutherland-W68 SUTHERLAND Graham (1903-1980) Entrance to a lane. Ink and gouache. Signed and dated, 1976. Exhibited: Crane Kalman Gallery, 1985. For the Love of Drawing: Drawings from an Oxfordshire Private Collection, Ashmolean Museum, June-August 2002. 6.5x12.25 inches. Framed: 16x22 inches. sutton-88027 SUTTON Philip R.A. (b.1928) ‘Still life on painting table’. Oil on canvas. Signed, inscribed and dated, 1971 verso. Exhibited: Roland, Browse and Delbanco. 8x8 inches.
Shannon-3 SHANNON James Jebusa (1862-1923) Dawn at Sea. Watercolour. Circa 1895. Provenance: Artist’s Estate and by descent. 9.75x14 inches. sutton-89600 SUTTON Philip R.A. (b.1928) ‘Village with tall trees against the sea’. Oil on canvas. Exh: Roland, Browse and Delbanco. 8x8 inches. Framed: 9.75x9.75 inches. sutton-89600 SUTTON Philip R.A. (b.1928) ‘Flushing, Cornwall’. Oil on canvas. Exhibited: Roland, Browse and Delbanco. 8x8 inches. Framed: 10x9.75 inches.
Sutton-93003 SUTTON Philip R.A. (b.1928) Still-life. Watercolour. Signed, inscribed ‘Sydney, Australia’ and dated, ‘8.9.1980’. 17x13.75 inches. Framed: 25.75x22 inches. Sutton-K06650 SUTTON Philip RA (b.1928) Figure study. Pencil. Signed and dated, 1968. 9x11 inches Sharland-95453 SHARLAND Edward W (1884-1967) 
Bristol: The Wills Memorial Tower, completed. 
Etching. Signed. 
The Tower was built between 1915 and 1925. 
18x12 inches.
Swaine-91794 SWAINE Francis (1725-1782) (Circle of) Men of War. Pen, brush and ink. 7.5x11.75 inches. Sharland-95454 SHARLAND Edward W (1884-1967) 
Bristol: The interior of the Wills Memorial Tower under construction. 
Etching. Signed. 
The Tower was built between 1915 and 1925. 
18x12 inches. 
 swan-81406 SWAN John Macallan R.A. R.W.S. (1847-1910) Polar Bears. Charcoal. Authenticated with an inscription by the artist’s daughter, Mary Swan. 6x12 inches.
Sharland-95455 SHARLAND Edward W (1884-1967) 
Bristol: The Wills Memorial Tower under construction. 
Etching. Signed. 
The Tower was built between 1915 and 1925. 
19x12.75 inches. 
 Swan-91027 SWAN Alice Macallan R.W.S (1864-1939) The Winter fold. Tempera on card. Signed and dated, 1932. 11x16.5 inches. Framed: 19.5x24.5 inches. swann-89629 SWANN James (1905-1985) ‘Night in Chicago’. Etching. 1940. Pencil signed and inscribed. 7x10.75 inches.
swann-89632 SWANN James (1905-1985) ‘Snowstorm, Chicago’. Etching. Proof. Circa 1940 9.25x7.5 inches. Swanwick-64896 SWANWICK Betty R.A. R.W.S. 1915-1989) ‘The Fields of Ennor’. Pencil study for a watercolour exhibited at the R.A. in 1989. Provenance: Artist’s Estate Sale. 17x27 inches. Framed: 35x34 inches. swanwick-89807_0 SWANWICK Betty R.A. (1915-1989) ‘The Fancy Hat’. Gouache and stencil. Signed. 10.75x12.25 inches. Framed: 18x18.5 inches.
Swanwick-89827 SWANWICK Harold (1866-1929) A hay cart beneath the Sussex Downs. Watercolour. Provenance: the artist’s estate. 9.75x14.5 inches. Swanwick-93718 SWANWICK Betty R.A. R.W.S. (1915-1989) ‘Rodney Village Flower Show’. Pencil, watercolour and gouache. Inscribed by the artist. Inscribed by the artist 0n the original backing 'No.10 Fete at Rodney Village / To MArgaret with love from Betty & Rodney too'. 20x27 inches. Framed: 27x34 inches. Swanwick-93720 SWANWICK Betty R.A. (1915-1989) ‘Tea Time’. Pen and ink. Inscribed by the artist ‘Chapter 3. Tea Time’ and ‘The Two Friends’ beneath the mount. 8.5x10.75 inches.
swarbreck-89040 SWARBRECK Samuel Dunkinfeld (1799-1863) Three vies"http://www.abbottandholder-thelist.co.uk/swarbreck/">CLICK HERE to view the works. swarbreck-89042 SWARBRECK Samuel Dunkinfeld (see last) Scotland. ‘Near Forres’. Watercolour and gouache. Signed, inscribed on original backing. 7x11 inches. swete SWETE Rev John (1752-1821) Cornwall: ‘Budshead Barn’. Ink and watercolour. Inscribed. 6.5x9.5 inches.
swete-85197 SWETE Rev. John (1752-1821) Devon: tourists exploring the cliffs at Lydford. Pencil and watercolour. 10.5x8.5 inches. Swete-86701 SWETE Rev. John (1752-1821) House on West Country Cove. Watercolour. Dated, 1793. Verso: Pencil study of a large house. Exhibited: Appleby Gallery. 6.5x9.5 inches. swete-90157 SWETE Rev John (ex. John Tripe) (1752-1821) Devon. Chudleigh Rocks in Lord Clifford’s Park at Ugbrook’. Watercolour. Exh: Appelby Gallery. 7x10 inches.
swimburne-web-89117 SWINBURNE Henry (1743-1803) Capriccio : on the Italian Coast. Watercolour. Exhibited: Covent Garden Gallery. 13x19 inches. Swinburne-93616 SWINBURNE Edward (1765- 1847) Rome: the gardens of the Villa Borghese. Pencil, pen, brush and ink. Exhibited: Anthony Reed. 7x9.75 inches. Framed: 13.5x15.75 inches. Swinburne-94447 SWINBURNE Edward (1765-1847) Eruption of Vesuvius, 1794. Pencil and watercolour. Inscribed ‘Torre del Greco – from Gatta (indecipherable) taken from the Sea at 5 morning of 16’ ( ? 5 in the morning of the 16th ) ‘Old Lava’. ‘’Torre del Greco burns’. ‘Mass of dk’. Exhibited: Covent Garden Gallery. 9.25x12.75 inches.
swinstead-web-86094 SWINSTEAD George Hillyard R.I. (1860-1926) Norway. ‘Munkholmen / Trondheim, Norway’. Watercolour. Signed and inscribed. 7x13.75 inches. Switzerland-b10 SWITZERLAND (subject) Anon. Circa 1880. A village Calvary and water trough. Watercolour. 9.75x14 inches. swynnerton SWYNNERTON A.R.A. Annie (1844-1933) Head of a girl. Possibly a study for ‘The Soul’s Journey: the Soul’s Awakening’ (Glasgow Museums) Oil on canvas laid on board. Provenance: Annie Swynnerton Studio Sale Christies, 9th Feb. 1934. 11x10 inches. Framed: 17x16.25 inches.
Synge-92905 SYNGE Edward Millington (1860-1913) Fishing smacks moored at a Dutch quay. Watercolour. Circa 1910. Signed. 7.5x10 inches Synge-92906 SYNGE Edward Millington (1860-1913) Fishing smacks moored at a Dutch quay. Watercolour. Circa 1910. Signed. 7.5x10 inches. szasz-87117_0 SZASZ Paul (1912-1969) Seated boy. Charcoal. Signed and dated, 1952. 29x20 inches. Framed: 34.5x25 inches.
Spare-92858 SPARE Austin Osman (1886-1956) ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Pastels. Signed and dated, 1955. Inscribed verso ‘Mountains of the Moon’ No.183 / By Austin Osman Spare 1888-1956 / Owned by Ernest Chapman / Owner of the Four O’Donnell Pearls’. 23.5x19 inches. Framed: 30x27 inches. Strang-94221 STRANG William R.A. R.E. (1859-1921) ‘Segovia’. Etching. Edition of 100. 1913. Signed. 10x12.75 inches. Syer-92512 SYER John (1815-1885) ‘Whitby’, Yorkshire. Watercolour. Circa 1870. Signed. 19x28 inches.


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