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Professional photo scanning software

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Wow, very impressive service and done faster than expected. All done professionally and at a fair price. Can't ask for more than that!

Lynda B.
Bakersfield, CA

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Premium Quality Archival Print Scanning

Photo Scanning

Give your photos the treatment they deserve with DigMyPics Archival Print Scanning. ivA skilled technician will review each photo before scanning to assess the photograph and the selected resolution and then determine the best equipment to use that ensures a high quality scanned image.  They then scan each photo by hand, one by one.  We'll often rescan a photo until we can achieve the best possible image for you.

Save Up To An Additional 20%...

With our unique , we let you delete and not pay for up to 20% of the scans you don't want.  No other photo scanning service offers so much for so little.  We're so sure you'll be thrilled with the quality of your newly digitized photos that .


See what makes digmypics different

No batch feeders, no document scanners. Those devices scratch and dog ear your original photos and leave digital lines and streaks on the scans they produce.  See on a used by other services.

We never ship your photos overseas.  All work is performed right here in the USA by professional photographers and videographers.

Each DigMyPics Archival Scan Includes:   1 Hand Scanned, one photo at a time. Watch online as we scan with .   2 Rotating of each image to the proper orientation   3 Image-By-Image correction of exposure problems   4 Image-By-Image correction of color problems   5 Three sets of trained eyes review each and every photo   6 Online reviewing. Send your favorites right to your facebook page!   7 Delete the scans you don't want with our service.   8 Download your files instantly       All this for a great low and unbeatable value.  We Guarantee it!      

Please note:  When comparing prices many services only offer scanning on the type scanner. Other companies also charge extra for rotating, odd sizes, color correction or other services that we include.   Check out our page to learn more about .

photo album scanningScanning Photo Albums

We can also scan your prints in photo albums. We charge a handling fee of 25 cents per photo to remove them from the photo albums.  See our for more details.

Affordable Prices, Uncompromising Value

We make it fast, easy, fun, and inexpensive to convert your old photos to digital pictures. 


With DigMyPics You Get Low Prices Without Making Tough Compromises Feature     The Latest Technology included Always!     USA Production included ALL work done in the USA     Delete Scans You Don't Want included Up to 20%! See     The Best Technicians included We got 'em!     Fast Turn Around included You Know It!     Satisfaction Guarantee included You'll Smile :-)     Custom Naming included Have it Your Way!     Free Downloading with our (Mac and PC) included Right to your Hard drive, DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc               We don't outsource the photo scanning overseas and we don't automate the digital photo corrections. Despite all of the technology in our state-of-the-art facility, we still do image corrections by hand and customer service the old fashioned way.   arrow

Go beyond just archiving your family's history with the unique add-on services that DigMyPics offers. Do you envision your own library of digital images that is easy to reference for a specific photo when you need it? Are you mostly interested in watching them on your TV? Would you like to create a photo gallery of enlargements? All of these things are possible when you go digital with DigMyPics!

Printed Thumbnail Album

Deluxe Slideshow Movie

Archival Storage

Get a printed set of all your images in a that shows you all of the images on your discs along with the folder names and disc number.

Create a from your digitized slides! Includes 1st DVD, 1 opening title page, our royalty free music, fade in/out image transitions at 6 seconds per image.

When you add any product to your order, we will place your slides, prints, and negatives in the storage for you at no additional charge!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or You Don't Pay!

ensures that you will receive a product that is up to your standards or you don’t pay! We think you’ll agree that going digital has never been more hassle-free!

Quick Turn-Around

Fast Turn-Around Times

With our we usually deliver orders of 400 photos or less in 5 business days or less.  And, we average just 10-12 business days to complete orders of less than 1000 photos. You can even view your images online as they are being scanned with our revolutionary ! You can check your order online, anytime, day or night.

Quality Customer Service

The Best Technicians in the Business

DigMyPics has been digitizing photos and film for over 10 years! During that time, we've assembled the industry's most skilled and talented group of university-educated digital photo experts. Our staff loves photography as much as you do and we value your photos like they were our own. We do all the scanning right here in the USA so you can feel good about supporting the American photographers and artists that work at DigMyPics!

Our experience is that when you have the opportunity to talk directly with the company's employees who are working on your project you get a much more efficient and gratifying experience and a superior final product! Want to that are handling your order? You can at DigMyPics! And don't be surprised if you receive a friendly call or email from us during the process. All of our employees strive to get things done right the first time. Sometimes that means picking up the phone or sending a quick email if they need to clarify your preferences or have recommendations.

Custom Folder Naming

Custom Named Folders

Do you envision your own library of digital images that is easy to reference for a specific photo when you need it? A computer reads files numerically, then alphabetically. At DigMyPics, we not only name your folders according to your instructions, we also prefix the images with the same name for easy reference.

DigMyPics Scans to TIFF.  Should I care?

TIFF vs JPEGWe scan your photos and do all the work on them in uncompressed TIFF format then convert to JPEG just before delivery. Working in TIFF produces larger files, which means they take longer to process and use but result in higher-quality images.  To save time and disk space, our competitors will compromise on this and work with JPEG compressed files. It's not a compromise we're willing to make. It's that unique attention to the fine details that differentiates the pros from the amateurs and you'll find that kind of attention to detail in all of the work we do. Because we already work in TIFF, we will never charge you more to save your images in TIFF, so you can get TIFF, JPEG, or both formats and you only pay for the extra discs that may be required.

You don't have to get just a CD or DVD for your newly scanned photos, however. We offer a wide variety of to suit your needs from a for your digital picture frames to an external hard drive. See our for more information!

Nationally Acclaimed...

digmypics reviews And Locally Loved.

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Picture This!
Imagine your images compiled and indexed for easy searching

All of your photos - slides, prints, and negatives- in a single, easy to use digital format, then printed and indexed in our professionally ! 

See how our process works

Order Now Questions About Scanning Your Photos?
Call us at 1-866-364-5952 or email


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