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Fredrick Brown Recalls: I was racing sedans at Liverpool at the time it was announced that the track was going to go through a transition from dirt to tar, This was a great disappointment for myself and nearly all the other competitors, spectators alike.  

With a mate of mine we took around the attached petition whilst a couple of our wives tackled the spectators coming up with six hundred signatures with the same result, remain dirt.

Canberra had already gone tar and not many were impressed, On the petition you will see Bob Bink a modified driver who was ACT number one at the time and at his home track he was still in favour of the good old dirt.

I accepted at the time that the promoter owned the track and he do do what he liked with it, that's for sure. But I thought it was a bad move when sedans were there prime attraction, It was pretty expensive in those days to have a car suitable for both surfaces and just about stopped competitors from other tracks coming over.

The press of the day and the promoters pumped up the transition as how everyone was looking forward to the new tar surface, But the petition clearly shows a different story.

Many of my mates stayed on and later enjoyed the racing their as did the spectators, But by eventually going back to dirt the result speaks for itself and I've come out with a very good autograph collection. 

Dirt to Tar (Photo's unknown)

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