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ConvertXtoDVD - ( released 22nd of Feb 2008 )

Add support for 2 new video format: VP7 and VC1 Advanced profile

- 0001051: [Unsupported file/stream format] TrueMotion VP70 Unsupported video stream on ConvertXToDVD (wesson)
- 0001662: [Unsupported file/stream format] Add support for Windows Movie Maker video (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

Fix a complex out-of-sync audio, complex cause of crash during conversion and a few cosmetic problems.
Fix a bug on Thriller Template causing an error on preview initialisation

- 0001659: [Bug] Continuable exception on previewing .nsv files (wesson)
- 0001578: [Bug] Audio Out of sync when playing movies converted with mp2 audio streams (wesson)
- 0001657: [Bug] A specific .MP4 file crashes ConvertXtoDVD (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -
Fixes some subtitles regressions coming from precedent versions
cosmetic fixes in the interface

- 0001591: [Feature Request] Implement 16:9 menu to avoid aspect ratio switch problem in some players
- 0001585: [Bug] Multiple duplication of same frame
- 0000753: [Bug] stutter with ntsc video to ntsc
- 0001639: [Bug] Problem with accentuation in subtitle
- 0001656: [Unsupported file/stream format] A specific file converts with v2.2.3.258 but will not even open with v3.0 ßeta
- 0001654: [Bug] A specific subtitle file (.idx-.sub) will make ConvertXtoDVD stop responding !
- 0001650: [Bug] Title text background image/audio unchangeable in title menu parameters

ConvertXtoDVD -

Many subtitles issues fixed
- 0001640: [Bug] Subtitles distorted
- 0001641: [Bug] Add a manual chapter / Arrows up - down don't work
- 0001643: [Bug] Minimal , the most simple menu will display ---> Title #%c%
- 0001648: [Bug] Values not saved within a project
- 0001645: [Bug] Assertion failure (C:\Workplace\FFmpeg\U_av_convert_50.pas, line 2814
- new translations added or updated ( Japanese, etc... )
- new glossy template / Clear updated
- installation script compliant with some resellers ( nexway,01net)

ConvertXtoDVD - ( RC5 )

- 0001586: [Crash] Exception raised in conversion, when Convertxtodvd is in arabic
- 0001074: [Bug] Conversion problem when sources are PAL/NTSC mixed
- 0001618: [Bug] Overflow issues with large AC3 and DTS Streams [RAW COPY]
- 0001554: [Bug] After a manual input file reorder, convertion started to encode the wrong file
- 0001628: [Bug] Save Project / Load Project / Change File Orders / Save Project
- 0001548: [Bug] Editing a text field also change another text field
- 0001624: [Bug] Shaking Subtites
- 0001329: [Information] v2.99.0.380 unclear information for what is title
- 0001295: [Bug] v2.99.0.373: Main Menu DVD Title
- 0001610: [Suggestion] "Default, Simple Menu" template, <Reduce> function seems to reduce it too much
- 0001622: [Bug] Chapter Creation Issues when merging files WITH the use of subtitles
- 0001616: [Bug] Subtitle in settings values lowered by -1
- 0001630: [Bug] Holding the Arrow Keys in the main panel will hang the application
- 0001629: [Bug] [ ] Play videos one after the other / ImageWall Template
- 0001617: [Bug] wrong warning for "too large texte"
- 0001619: [Feature Request] do not ask again ( text overflow dialog )
- 0000940: [Bug] Incorrect Blank DVD media size, during countdown before burning process.

ConvertXtoDVD -

Burning layer fixes, a few interface fixes

- 0001614: [Bug] Exception Assertion failure ...
- 0001340: [Bug] v2.99.1.405: Major menu issues with my DVD Player: LG DV7732NSC & Sony 5 x DVD Changer
- 0001611: [Bug] In title menu, the mini video always starts at 00:00 even when in the root menu, we selected 01:00 for example

Burning SDK -

Solve some DAO writing mode issues, Improved compatibility with AnyDVD and SPTD

- 0001615: [Bug] Finalization issues for DVD-R
- 0000995: [Bug] Conflict with AnyDVD v6.1.x.x And SPDT v1.5x (Daemon Tools)
- 0001590: [Bug] Folder containing international characters are not supported
- 0001589: [Bug] DVD-R DAO fails on some drives
- 0001579: [Bug] DVD-R disks failing with SAO Code 05 2C 00, then attempts TAO automatically and fails too


ConvertXtoDVD -


- 0001592: [Feature Request] Addition of a new template: Glossy Clear
- 0001595: [Bug] video is still looping for no menu template
- 0001593: [Bug] Changing the opacity / <F2> to view the value subtract 1% on every open
- 0001530: [Bug] H264 avi gives Division by zero
- 0001541: [Bug] PhotoDVD v2.6.4.0 Output with subs / Subtitles will turn out 2 tints of blue after passed into ConvertXtoDVD
- 0001563: [Crash] Exception raised in conversion Thread on encoding some mpeg files.
- 0001596: [Bug] some invalid commands are generated in RC3
- 0001599: [Bug] Background video in menu pages / Use Sequence Of Conversion always starts at 00:00
- 0001609: [Bug] .SRT subtitles, hard to read in SIF resolution
- 0001564: [Unsupported file/stream format] add support for .TOD Files
- 0001600: [Bug] Regression: [X] Skip Root Menu / On Video Selection, I see the root menu
- 0001357: [Crash] v2.99.0.387 : Access violation while encoding some rmvb
- 0001601: [Bug] A specific file made v2.99.11.700 (RC3) Crash on NTDLL.DLL
- 0001597: [Bug] Can't convert more than 9 files / "Assertion failure"
- 0001606: [Feature Request] goldmember should not work

ConvertXtoDVD -


- 0001573: [Bug] Adding 1 subtitle (.SRT) / Change language / Load a 2nd subtitle (.SRT), loose your language selection
- 0001488: [Suggestion] last used folder for projects / videos / output
- 0001581: [Feature Request] first file open on a new installation
- 0001240: [Bug] Blu-ray conversion stops at 11% with exceptions
- 0001583: [Bug] video is looping when even when 'loop playback' is not checked (no menu template)
- 0001580: [Bug] No Menu template / more than 1 file / ConvertX is building the current title message never goes away
- 0001570: [Bug] Subtitle Default Language Not Kept In Settings (Greek)
- 0001569: [Crash] Regression: Seems there is a lot of crashes with .MKV Files.
- 0001556: [Bug] Unable to burn
- 0001469: [Bug] GUI resize Lower Right Corner Drag
- 0001449: [Bug] : Bugs with template 'minimal'
- 0001582: [Bug] Translation problem in tree view when choosing spanish language.
- 0001577: [Bug] Exception raised in conversion Thread when converting some AVI's including mpeg4aac audiostream
- 0001562: [Feature Request] presentation changes to video/ tv format settings in settings
- 0001555: [Bug] Problem in the main window (tree view) about video size method
- 0001558: [Suggestion] Change Settings Text, to match Main Menu text (Menus Items)
- 0001560: [Bug] Audio Boost value in the log is different from the value selected in the settings
- 0001549: [Suggestion] Prompt to Save current project (if not saved) when selecting a new project
- 0001567: [Bug] File Path with characters like " ä " in it makes the conversion fail
- 0001565: [Crash] ConvertXToDVD hangs up when generating title menu (glossy blue template - 3 videos)
- 0001568: [Bug] Incomplete DVD File Structure generated : VTS_XX_0.VOB Missing on Minimal Template

ConvertXtoDVD -

Release Candidate 2:
solve issues with Burning SDK,
solve issues with subtitles embedded in Mkv,
solve issues with menu backgrounds
solve other minor issues
add more command line switches for best batch support

- 0001442: [Feature Request] final log sentence
- 0001448: [Feature Request] Disable burning by switch
- 0001550: [Suggestion] hide 16:9 display in menu text style editor
- 0001534: [Bug] Adding a jpg to title menu background, prompts that it also contains audio
- 0001553: [Bug] Background Menu / Custom Video Starting Times always starts at 00:00
- 0001546: [Suggestion] modify watermark in video
- 0001532: [Bug] v2.99.9.416: Access violation trying to convert a specific .MKV file
- 0001539: [Bug] can't burn because filename ( unicode pb ? )
- 0001545: [Bug] old link not updated for "_func/upgradeProduct/"

ConvertXtoDVD -

Public Beta build for VSO Forums (Release Candidate)

- 0001532: [Bug] v2.99.9.416: Access violation trying to convert a specific .MKV file
- 0001451: [Bug] No VIDEO_TS.VOB file created when "No Menu" selected
- 0001525: [Bug] Tests des compatibilités des platines avec la version X.413
- 0001527: [Feature Request] v2.99.x.413: Use segment of the conversion / Background Menus
- 0001450: [Information] Inconsistancy in menu background video
- 0001479: [Bug] Use Custom Video / Root Menu Background Video (Plays Wrong Audio)
- 0001530: [Bug] H264 avi gives Division by zero

ConvertXtoDVD -

User interface fixes and suggestions.

- 0001486: [Bug] own text style for text subtitle
- 0001526: [Bug] Problems on Template Videowall
- 0001522: [Bug] v2.99.x.413: Title Menu Text always stay in red status (Default, Simple Menu) Template
- 0001445: [Bug] v2.99.1.403: Title Menu Text always stay in red status (ImageWall Template)
- 0001524: [Bug] v2.99.x.413: Using an .idx-.sub Subtitle Pair file, unselecting 1 language = Access Violation
- 0001483: [Bug] adding / removing subtitles isn't reflected in the interface
- 0001523: [Bug] v2.99.x.413: Add subtitle file / then remove a subtile, does not delete it in the fileset.
- 0001518: [Bug] Preview Window, extra Chapter Ballon when using File Merging
- 0001501: [Information] Only first part of titleset show in preview window
- 0001441: [Suggestion] alpha channel %

ConvertXtoDVD -

- 0001493: [Suggestion] single file no menu or menu
- 0001515: [Bug] VTS_01_0.IFO/BUP reallocated to keep DVD VIDEO structure compatibility
- 0001512: [Bug] Wrong text if "no menu" selected
- 0001520: [Bug] Translation of the menu item "Audio" under menu item "Settings" impossible
- 0001438: [Bug] No menu will be created
- 0001508: [Bug] No subtitle encoded from some MKV files (UTF-8 Text subtitle - ASS/SSA)
- 0001486: [Bug] own text style for text subtitle
- 0001504: [Bug] Chapter Count doesn't reflect file join removal

ConvertXtoDVD -

Compiler updated
small bugfixes

- 0001494: [Bug] Title length calculated on subtitle length
- 0001489: [Suggestion] field selection behaviour
- 0001478: [Bug] Access violation in the logs using specific Subtitle Files
- 0001474: [Suggestion] v2.99.3.408: Input Stream 1 becomes Output Stream 0 in the logs
- 0001487: [Information] Grayed out fields in panels ?
- 0001498: [Information] Expand tree

ConvertXtoDVD -

Internal build, with interface bugfixes

- 0001476: [Bug] TRANSLATION ISSUE: order of strings in composite string need sometime to be changed for some language
- 0001495: [Bug] Translation issues
- 0001471: [Bug] flip preview option

ConvertXtoDVD -
- 0001467: [Bug] v2.99.3.408: Access Violation Error
- 0001468: [Bug] v2.99.3.408: Reactivatre Preview (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
- 0001474: [Suggestion] v2.99.3.408: Input Stream 1 becomes Output Stream 0 in the logs
- 0001472: [Information] v2.99.3.408: Real Hard Time Converting 1 specific file
- 0001473: [Bug] "au moins un text dépasse" .. dépasse...
- 0001475: [Bug] Viewing menus in English under French configuration

ConvertXtoDVD -

Add support for decoding Windows Media 9 Speech
minor bugfixes

- 0001421: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.392: Chapter #%d
- 0001445: [Bug] v2.99.1.403: Title Menu Text always stay in red status (ImageWall Template)
- 0001453: [Bug] v2.99.1.403: No Audio In Background Of Root Menu / Specific Video Files
- 0001454: [Bug] : Problem with subtitles included in .TS Video files
- 0001434: [Bug] .401 Subtitle Issue
- 0001456: [Bug] : Movie file with Wmav 9 audio stream produces no audio, once converted

ConvertXtoDVD -

various bugfixes: Audio engine, time estimation

- 0001444: [Bug] Seek throwed an exception
- 0001457: [Bug] : List Out Of Bounds when removing a video file
- 0001459: [Bug] : Problem on Total Duration Estimation on the Titleset Content Editor

ConvertXToDVD -
- build has been completely reviewed for translation.
a lot of english text has been updated and translation needs to be redone from scratch with new prefix

ConvertXToDVD -
Bug fixed in the dvd menu parameters, regarding audio background properties
Bug fixed in the finalization of the dvd+r
Bug fixed in the navigation for the template "Imagewall"

ConvertXToDVD -

Add "ImageWall" template

ConvertXtoDVD -

Pre-release of ConvertX 3, Beta grade
More formats supported
Merge of audio / video files supported
Internal subtitles supported in Mkv
Advanced menus generation added
Optimization for multi-core CPU added
Visual image resizing edition (crop/pad/stretch) added
Visual chapter edition added
many bug fixed

- 0001428: [Bug] v2.99.0.400 - Assertion failure (C:\Workplace\IFO\U_IFO.pas, line 4357)
- 0001424: [Bug] v2.99.0.400: Assertion failure (C:\Workplace\IFO\U_IFO.pas)
- 0001425: [Bug] VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP reallocated to keep DVD VIDEO structure compatibility
- 0001427: [Bug] v2.99.0.400 Options->Encoding Tab
- 0001423: [Bug] v2.99.0.400: Chapter #%d text box, present is all settings window
- 0001405: [Information] .390 Translation problems
- 0001420: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.392: Fly Over Text, [CANCEL] Button
- 0001404: [Bug] v2.99.0.390: Weird Frame Rate display, in a Title Set
- 0001403: [Bug] v2.99.0.390: If you highlight the DVD: line on top, Delete Button is enabled
- 0001402: [Bug] v2.99.0.390: Add Custom Item for Background Menu / Missing some .ext in the Pulldown List
- 0001369: [Bug] v2.99.0.388 default tv format setting PAL, not respected when NTSC added in main interface
- 0001377: [Bug] v2.99.0.388 no audio even if selected manually in title page
- 0001370: [Bug] v default subtitle language not respected in main interface
- 0001366: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.388: Move Menu Fit info in the log in the Menu Settings Section
- 0001365: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.388: Out Stream#1 / Log File Needs spacing !
- 0001308: [Bug] v2.99.0.378: Film Template (5 per page)
- 0001343: [Feature Request] click on menu text with powerdvd or PC dvd player,
- 0001362: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.38x: [X] Automaticly Ajust Volume / Change installation defaults
- 0001345: [Bug] v2.99.0.384: Selector is a full square, not just a selector around the mini video
- 0001371: [Feature Request] v2.99.0.388 fushia templete behavior from 'enter' from title menu preselects 'settings' on root menu instead of 'play'
- 0001296: [Bug] v2.99.0.373: [X] Sequential Play
- 0001364: [Bug] v2.99.0.392: [X] Skip root menu is not logged
- 0001341: [Bug] v2.99.0.384: Glossy Fushia 6 per page / Title Menu Selection
- 0001361: [Bug] v2.99.0.388: [X] Play Titles Directly / Default Value In Settings
- 0001407: [Information] v2.99.0.390 change presentation of background selection for menus
- 0001414: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.390 show hide different settings in both text style editors
- 0000969: [Bug] DVD, without menu, created & burnt with CxD crashes VLC player
- 0000641: [Bug] (P&A) Working folder path issue (
- 0000534: [Suggestion] Possibility to add video and audio streams separately
- 0000548: [Bug] Problem converting RM file (poor quality output and audio sync issues)
- 0001408: [Information] v2.99.0.390 in text syle editor menu 'safe view' can be poorly interpreted
- 0001409: [Feature Request] v2.99.0.390 would like 'enter' to have same behavior in 'Text Style Editor' window
- 0001356: [Bug] icones in top menu / settings
- 0001372: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.388 Menu parameters change text for "subtitle reset"
- 0000961: [Feature Request] image processing editor
- 0000445: [Bug] v 2.1.5 audio video sync issues with .rm file
- 0000598: [Unsupported file/stream format] Unsupported audio in file
- 0000597: [Bug] Small translation issues in settings (Audio tab)
- 0000978: [Feature Request] Option to move WS picture
- 0000257: [Feature Request] menu on old TV
- 0001351: [Feature Request] 384 - naming chapter points
- 0001350: [Bug] 384 - merge problem
- 0001354: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.386: Disable Delete Button / Up & Down Arrows On File Sets
- 0001220: [Suggestion] when update is available close application when opening webpage for update
- 0001339: [Feature Request] v2.99.0.384: Keep our Title text if we change templates
- 0001338: [Bug] text cropped in text style dialog
- 0001336: [Bug] V2.99.0.383 and below: Target size overflow
- 0001279: [Bug] v2.99.365: Default Language Not applied
- 0001299: [Bug] v2.99.0.374 Install Script (fonzzie31)
- 0001335: [Bug] v2.99.0.381: SAO Settings: (Log File)
- 0000084: [Feature Request] Background music while playing the menus
- 0000348: [Feature Request] Half D1 resolution output supported
- 0001225: [Feature Request] add to list of supported file formats .m4v
- 0001260: [Bug] swap buy and try in dialog before the conversion
- 0001270: [Bug] Problem in preview window display in CxD
- 0001324: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.378: Suggesting to change the "Rendering Menu(s)" text on the main interface.
- 0001333: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.381: Set a maximum numbers of chapters and/or Warning message
- 0000554: [Feature Request] New Batch Command /Preview=True /Preview=False
- 0001334: [Feature Request] v3.00 Feature Request: Support new batch /commands
- 0001261: [Feature Request] version check file for V3
- 0001263: [Bug] sounds events dialog
- 0001272: [Bug] v2.99.365: Conversion Priority Levels
- 0001284: [Bug] v 2.99.373 refresh problem in "set video parameters" window
- 0001275: [Suggestion] v2.99.365: Log File Bug / Always display File #1 even if more than 1 file converted
- 0001277: [Bug] v2.99.365: Log File Cosmetic / Tuning Performances
- 0001276: [Bug] v2.99.365: Log File Cosmetic Issues / Spacing Needed
- 0001302: [Crash] : Access violation while generating dvd menu
- 0001265: [Feature Request] button to open a template .ini in the treeview
- 0000823: [Suggestion] subtitle style editor, if a backround picture is selected . . . for it to be saved/remembered
- 0000895: [Feature Request] Feature Request: Add External Audio Stream
- 0001262: [Feature Request] Exception raised in conversion Thread with message "Invalid class typecast"
- 0001288: [Bug] v2.99.0.373 chapter menu not working
- 0001297: [Bug] v2.99.0.373: [X] Auto-start Playback
- 0000970: [Bug] Licence key entry problem during conversion
- 0001330: [Bug] v2.99.0.380 : Invalid floating point when editing the text of each chapter of a movie
- 0001332: [Bug] v2.99.0.380 : Refresh message in quality adviser....
- 0001311: [Bug] v2.99.0.378: Main Menu always display File Name, not selected title
- 0001285: [Bug] v 2.99.373 load new project 'conversion advisor' doesnt disappear
- 0001317: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.378: Suggest to log which template is used
- 0001313: [Bug] v2.99.0.378: Minor Issues When Using Batch Commands
- 0001310: [Crash] v2.99.0.378: Assertion failure (C:\Workplace\menu_framework\U_Scene_storage.pas, line 3076)
- 0001309: [Crash] v2.99.0.378 : Access violation when converting
- 0001307: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.378: Suggestion to changing the DEMO Watermark message
- 0001316: [Bug] v2.99.378v2 : Weird preview when we modify the video resize method
- 0001314: [Crash] v2.99.0.378: "Resolution code cannot be set to automatic in Tmux_titleset (C:\Workplace\IFO\U_Adv_Dvd_Muxer.pas, line 3146)"
- 0001250: [Bug] drag and drop to resort files then menu click = access violation
- 0001280: [Bug] v2.99.365: List Index Out Of Bound (0) / DVD Title Edit
- 0000012: [Feature Request] Extend number of possible titles to 99
- 0001300: [Bug] v2.99.0.374: Load Project always selects the same Menu Template
- 0001305: [Suggestion] v2.99.0.374: Change the language setting on an audio stream / Set auto title
- 0001124: [Feature Request] add interline parameters on subtitle rendering editor
- 0000129: [Bug] Audio is missing with some DVR-MS files
- 0001155: [Bug] problem of sync with audio on ntsc mkv files
- 0000421: [Unsupported file/stream format] MP4 not supported on
- 0000114: [Feature Request] Would like voice prompts to be integrated into ConvertXtoDVD (like in CopyToDVD)
- 0000990: [Feature Request] v3.00 Request: Allow more than 4 concurrent instances
- 0001191: [Bug] Chapter Creation Issues
- 0001012: [Bug] .TS Video files with Pid x11 not recognized by ConvertXToDVD
- 0001076: [Bug] Problem on creating a new project after loading a video.
- 0001075: [Bug] No preview on 'mpeg1video' video files
- 0001116: [Feature Request] Add Patin-Couffin status in the log
- 0001119: [Bug] LIST OUT OF BOUNDS Error Message on ConvertXToDVD when a setting registry key is corrupted.
- 0001138: [Feature Request] change update link
- 0001036: [Bug] Aspect ratio not correctly detected on MKV and RMVB files
- 0001177: [Bug] Incomplete details in log file when the application shutdowns the computer after a conversion
- 0001199: [Information] Log Display Bug or a configuration bug ?
- 0001201: [Feature Request] add button to remove the background image on the subtitle style editor
- 0001175: [Feature Request] Add check for invalid characters in the names of files
- 0001112: [Unsupported file/stream format] Issue with Audio: libgsm_ms
- 0001106: [Bug] Problem on mpeg4aac audio input stream... Produce no audio after conversion
- 0000942: [Bug] Bad Output movie timer when audio source is AC3 stream on MPEG movie.
- 0001196: [Bug] Audio Slightly out of sync on the second movie, when 2 rmvb movies are converted.
- 0001156: [Bug] Application crashes when previewing or converting some rmvb files
- 0000999: [Feature Request] Support video file with variable display resolutions
- 0001169: [Bug] Change Audio Automatic Gain Value after a file has been loaded
- 0000894: [Feature Request] control the subtitles through a ConvertXVD made menu
- 0001131: [Bug] File with unicode filename doesn't load
- 0000772: [Unsupported file/stream format] Cook 5.1 audio not supported in RM file
- 0001071: [Bug] ADPCM_ima_wav audio stream not fully supported - Conversion makes strange audio.
- 0001006: [Unsupported file/stream format] Issues with .MKV Video: h264 / Audio: mpeg4aac, 48000 Hz, mono
- 0000986: [Bug] Conversion does not start on some AVI movie files
- 0000979: [Unsupported file/stream format] ConvertXToDVD can't open .NSV files
- 0000953: [Feature Request] Undetected subtitles on OGM movie files.
- 0000627: [Unsupported file/stream format] no sound converting this SWF file
- 0000461: [Bug] Unsupported audio in .MOV file (
- 0000409: [Bug] Stream #1 - Audio: vorbis, 48000 Hz, stereo, 0 kb/s / Conversion Fails
- 0000976: [Bug] MKV with realvideo streams support is broken in
- 0000021: [Suggestion] Ability to merge several video files to one segment
- 0000191: [Feature Request] merge/join files


File merge added
new image processor added
faster conversion
advanced menu support added


ConvertXtoDVD - Released the 18th of October 2007
- fix a problem of installation package corrupted by unstable dlls.

ConvertXtoDVD -
- updated translation
- new installation script to handle custom build for affiliation

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released 22nd of June 2007
minor bugfixes
- 0000907: [Feature Request] Improve tags support in SSA/ASS files
- 0000955: [Bug] message appears ramdomly after a right click on the image processing details in the main window
- 0000932: [Bug] Text Substitles Rendering settings Bugs : values below 0
- 0000934: [Bug] Possibility to create a new projet during conversion.
- 0000935: [Bug] ConvertXToDVD Action Menu : Move Up/Move Down Functions Problem
- 0000936: [Crash] ConvertXToDvd : Access violation when creating new project
- 0000938: [Bug] ConvertXToDVD : Bugs on "My DVD" menu parameters (Background -Title font & Items font Color)
- 0000940: [Bug] Incorrect Blank DVD media size, during countdown before burning process.
- 0000951: [Suggestion] New Subtitles render editor settings by default.
- 0000952: [Bug] Subtitles rendering editor : text lines not centered separately by default.

ConvertXtoDVD - 2.2.2 - Released 6th of June 2007

Complete rewrite of the AVI demuxer, for improvement such as:
accurate determination of audio start time, working with CBR/VBR audio (fixes most audio out of sync issues)
fault tolerance improved - very damaged AVI files (truncated, incomplete parts missing, wrong indexes) should be better handled now, and no longer produces out of sync audio.
lightning fast preview scroller, will give 99% of the time a perfect image
files with 'rec ' chunks are handled
accurate duration determination (fixes bogus or truncated AVI that used to need a parsing to obtain their accurate duration)

some regression bugfixes also implemented
- 0000914: [Crash] Click On Audio or Video Stream (Twice) will generates an Access Violation ! (wesson)
- 0000819: [Information] Adobe Premiere 1.5 file producing audio sync issues (wesson)
- 0000902: [Information] file to test: no image once converted (wesson)
- 0000915: [Bug] regression with Photostory wmv file (wesson)
- 0000916: [Bug] Video framerate problem after encoding (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released 24st of May 2007

Win98 fix
deinterlacer fix
some subtitle problems fixed (support of some ASS/SSA tags yet to be added, see 0000907)

- 0000905: [Feature Request] when checked 'add orginal file to DVD (if possible)' request for subtitles to be added too
- 0000906: [Bug] Video Camera DVD (Panasonic VDR-D300EG) are not recognized
- 0000869: [Unsupported file/stream format] Request for .ASS subtitle support
- 0000904: [Bug] Pal to NTSC subtitles always show and cant be disactivated
- 0000885: [Bug] vertical green line on right border on some video
- 0000896: [Bug] Not enough free space issue with version (Windows 98)

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released 19th of May 2007

Introduce image processing features
Support new formats
fixes avi out-of-sync audio problems

- 0000502: [Bug] v2.1.6.186 ßeta: No audio stream detected from a PAL dvd (VTS_01_0.IFO)
- 0000762: [Bug] very bad sound quality when converting avi (also P-SDT buffer Underflow 1 times, 994 bytes peak)
- 0000577: [Bug] DivX file creates a lot of sync messages, resulting audio stutters
- 0000468: [Bug] support of .RM file with several video/audio sources
- 0000882: [Bug] Show log option doesn't show the latest log entries
- 0000537: [Bug] jittery picture
- 0000768: [Feature Request] rm file deformed when converted, would like a way to specify pixel form
- 0000822: [Suggestion] Ministery of proper English wording
- 0000824: [Suggestion] Add a "Fit to screen" setting to avoid padding black bars
- 0000660: [Unsupported file/stream format] no support for avi coming from a webcam (Indeo Video 5 support)
- 0000611: [Unsupported file/stream format] IV5 (Indeo Video 5) doesn't convert
- 0000832: [Bug] not detecting audio in film decrypted with DVDFab/ Matrix
- 0000873: [Bug] v 2.1.19 when switching languages from french to english 'taille du cible' becomes 330mb
- 0000470: [Bug] Unsupported .MKV file (version
- 0000758: [Unsupported file/stream format] ACELP Sound support (no sound in WMV file)
- 0000756: [Bug] double line subtitles with TAGS show one line up
- 0000828: [Bug] Horrible DTS output after converting a mkv x264 with DTS
- 0000878: [Feature Request] default screen size needs to be larger
- 0000835: [Bug] vertical streaks in the video ( 2nd edition, resampler updated )
- Fix a problem with translation forcing output size to 330 Mb

ConvertXtoDVD - 2.1.19 - Released 15 of may 2007

fixes problems with AAC sources and cosmetic

- 0000834: [Feature Request] add warning when about to burn something of poor quality (wesson)
- 0000829: [Information] Why don't we see the AC3 (Copy) Streams in the log ? (wesson)
- 0000842: [Feature Request] watermark timing (wesson)
- 0000845: [Bug] A few issues with .MKV file (Audio h264 / Audio AAC) (wesson)
- 0000649: [Bug] "Floating point division by zero" with .MKV file (Video h264 / Audio aac) (wesson)
- 0000849: [Bug] Erreur Exception [Division by zero] thought to be caused by aac (wesson)

- Contains latest VSO Burning SDK, with improved finalization performance.

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released 22th of April 2007

Fixes bug introduced in 2.1.17
- hotfix : impossible to convert with some AMD cpu
- hotfix : working folder improperly created for new installation : message = There is not enough free space ...

- 0000826: [Bug] Free space error when converting (wesson)
- 0000827: [Bug] No conversion start on some AMD-based processors (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD - and - Released 20th of April 2007

+ Added format:
Blu-Ray (Select the biggest .M2TS file in the /STREAM/ subfolder to select the movie)
NOTE: If needed, You can use a decryption engine from
NOTE: Enhanced AC-3 is not supported yet.

- amr audio support added
- 0000825: [Bug] closing tag in a multiline subtitle is not considered
- 0000757: [Suggestion] backslash needed for working folder destination
- 0000545: [Unsupported file/stream format] Unsupported video format (T263) in avi
- 0000817: [Bug] Subtitle style editor bug (2.1.15 and 2.1.16)
- 0000617: [Bug] v2.1.10.209 mkv won't convert (error decoding stream 0,0) ends with access violation
- 0000821: [Bug] Real Video .DLL not detected
- 0000766: [Unsupported file/stream format] with .3gp file no sound (log indicates unsupported decoder (id=73728)
- 0000663: [Unsupported file/stream format] support audio: samr/0x726D6173, 8000Hz, mono

+ Vista support:
Drag and drop operation should work as under XP
Native OPEN/SAVE dialog boxes are now used

+ Improved format:
Real Audio, Video, Media: Better timing, seeking is now possible, still in Beta stage
Matroska: Better timing, still work to do

Updated Burning SDK DLL:
Better handling of Internet activation sequence.

Updated compilation:
Compiled with Delphi 2007, which provide a small gain of performance.

- 0000720: [Feature Request] in subtitle preview make it so anti aliasing is used
- 0000449: [Bug] Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting Video: Real Video 9
- 0000638: [Feature Request] button for entering in another license key (found under HELP Menu)
- 0000788: [Bug] DVD9 reports overflow and 100% occupation in the logs
- 0000626: [Bug] Significant overflow of target size when source contains AC-3 stream(s)
- 0000790: [Bug] AAC audio (MKV) plays at half speed when converted
- 0000791: [Bug] Unsupported audio in .MOV file
- 0000761: [Bug] files giving green screens in preview and output
- 0000608: [Suggestion] Track the presence or missing Real Video .DLL in the logs

ConvertXtoDVD - ( 13 Feb 2007 )

Target size accuracy

- 0000626: [Bug] Significant overflow of target size when source contains AC-3 stream(s)
- 0000664: [Bug] Sound is too loud, with files with audio format mp3 128 44000Hz

ConvertXtoDVD -

WMV 3 regression fix.

- 0000651: [Bug] regression with wmv file

ConvertXtoDVD - ( released 3 Feb 2007 )
- 0000624: [Bug] Slider for audio level always active at first
- 0000618: [Bug] Error while opening decoder for stream #0.0 avi (WMV3)
- 0000625: [Bug] Menu Background Image Support is broken

ConvertXtoDVD -

Sub/Idx resize bugfix

- 0000616: [Bug] convertion fails when encoding sub/idx subtitles in PAL

Burn layer (Burning SDK -

new access layer, capable to work without the need of the patin-couffin driver

- 0000623: [Suggestion] Refine DMA analysis
- 0000622: [Feature Request] Add possibility to operate without patin-couffin or ASPI dll

ConvertXtoDVD - - released 18th of January 2007

MKV and multiline subtitle rendering fix

- 0000592: [Bug] 2.1.9 audio issue
- 0000541: [Bug] error while decoding stream #0.0 and then access violation---regression since 2.1.5
- 0000589: [Bug] ConvertX freeze and Crash with sources having a AC3 track with a unusually big bitrate.
- 0000588: [Suggestion] prompt to Load IFO instead of VOB
- 0000520: [Bug] mkv regression with access violation
- 0000530: [Bug] Conversion fail with access violation when engine log is turned on
- 0000542: [Bug] Access violation at address 09FE412C in module 'avformat.dll'/ only happens with subs
- 0000512: [Bug] Cluster Files Bitrate Calculator Issue
- 0000587: [Suggestion] default volume should be "off"
- 0000579: [Bug] multi-line Subtitles won't render at the right place

ConvertXtoDVD - 2.1.9 Work in progress...

Sound redesign, AVI and MKV demuxing problems solved, many crash during conversion solved.

- 0000518: [Bug] NTSC DivX with AC3 out of sync when converted to PAL
- 0000339: [Bug] Preview / Info Box auto update when using the keyboard to change video
- 0000470: [Bug] Unsupported .MKV file (version
- 0000061: [Bug] Exception raised in conversion Thread with message "List index out of bounds (-1)"
- 0000372: [Bug] Exception raised in conversion Thread with message "List index out of bounds (-1)"
- 0000410: [Crash] Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting Audio: aac
- 0000457: [Bug] v2.1.5.173: Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting MKV
- 0000553: [Bug] Subtitles Issues .IDX/.SUB wrong color and only 1 language out of 3 is converted ?
- 0000552: [Bug] Korean/English .SUB/.IDX not working in new version
- 0000464: [Bug] Audio volume output low in version 2.1.5
- 0000441: [Feature Request] Normalize Audio

About the 'Normalize Audio':
A sound compressor has been implemented, to adjust automatically sound pressure. It support any number of channels.

A new setting in the sound tab has been implemented to set the strength of the compressor. To simplify, only one setting is available, the maximum gain.

A good value is 18-20 dB of max. gain, authorized range is from 3dB (very light) to 40 dB (extremely loud).

The maximum gain apply at -100 dB, and linearly decrease to 0 dB when the input sound pressure reaches 0 dB.

So with a Max gain of 20 dB, if the source is at -50 dB the gain will be 10 dB, thus the output will be at -40 dB.

ConvertXtoDVD -
- 0000511: [Suggestion] Add detection code to find out if the target size may overflow
- 0000274: [Bug] interface bug v 2.0.15 part of log showing in place of main menu
- 0000156: [Suggestion] Add output size in log after conversion completed entry
- 0000489: [Feature Request] Set Conversion Priority using a batch /command
- 0000510: [Bug] Framerate and aspect ratio not properly saved in ConvertXtoDVD

- Include patin couffin 37 and latest burning SDK 2.0.24 ( signed for vista + better management of double layer )
- 0000509: [Suggestion] Sort the code page list to simplify selection of a given code page
- 0000504: [Suggestion] Refresh blacklisted keys
- 0000503: [Bug] DTS crashing system

- 0000408: [Bug] Change Menu Title/Items Fonts is wrong on 1st open
- 0000462: [Feature Request] v2.1.5 ugly looking subtitles by default
- 0000494: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Select Buttons on the main window need more space
- 0000496: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Line Lenght Suggestion Box Close Button
- 0000495: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Line Lenght Suggestion Box displayed on the wrong value
- 0000497: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: List Index Out Of Bounds (-1) Error / Select - Unselect internal Subtitle Stream
- 0000463: [Bug] dvd subtitles not showing on DVD player (but yes with windows media player)
- 0000478: [Bug] save project settings fullscreen
- 0000483: [Bug] calculates frame rate too high/ but the rate of conversion shown is about half what is actually
- 0000489: [Feature Request] Set Conversion Priority using a batch /command
- 0000016: [Bug] Low duration estimates for VOB title sets
- 0000031: [Bug] DTS .vob files problems..
- 0000369: [Bug] stereo ac3 Audio Stream incorrectly detectd as mono
- 0000482: [Bug] cant change set language of 2nd subtitle
- 0000481: [Bug] cant translate a part of program concerning subtitles
- 0000092: [Feature Request] Requesting that .ssa Subtitles be supported.
- 0000484: [Bug] Wrong FPS in vobs
- 0000439: [Bug] 25fps PAL movie is mistaking for 23,98fps NTSC (Causing an Out Of Sync issue)
- 0000477: [Bug] v2.1.5.173: Batch Command /overwrite=true does not work
- 0000476: [Bug] Subtitle selection/deseletion not working properly
- 0000479: [Bug] unsupported / or odd behavior from video files from satitlite format mpg
- 0000437: [Bug] v2.1.5.173 ßeta: Assertion failed! when highlighting certain files
- 0000379: [Bug] Max Menu Entries Shows me 11 entries in the menu.

ConvertXtoDVD - 2.1.5 - Released 27 Oct 2006

- 0000423: [Bug] Internal subtitle problem
- 0000416: [Bug] Relative Position (Ex: 25%, 90%) of subtitles has not worked since v2.0.15
- 0000422: [Feature Request] .RAM and .RM valid video extentions
- 0000400: [Bug] Unicode characters are not displayed correctly in some places
- 0000393: [Bug] External Subtitle files are logged as DVDSUB internet subtitle streams
- 0000192: [Feature Request] Add conversion support for internal DVDSub tracks.
- 0000407: [Unsupported file/stream format] Issues with Stream #0 - Video: 3IV2

NEW : now ConvertXtoDVD can backup DVD to DVD (using image recompression and not transcoding), it allows the conversion from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC and benefits of a better image quality.
To backup a DVD you may need an 3rd party application such AnyDVD to decrypt commercial DVD, nevertheless copyrighted content duplication is illegal so check the laws of your country.

ConvertXtoDVD - released 3 Oct 2006

- 0000273: [Bug] error on shutdown "Canot focus disabel or invisibleWindow" v 2.0.15
- 0000392: [Bug] Preview crash when a source containing a DTS track is loaded
- 0000391: [Unsupported file/stream format] Mov file won't load
- 0000282: [Feature Request] Feature Request: Remember Last Folder To Add Videos
- 0000304: [Bug] DVD Title and Items / Change Font - Color
- 0000006: [Bug] Demo Mode, unlock then quit !


Improved subtitles support
Real Video support
To provide support for Real Video, following DLL must be in ConvertXtoDVD.exe path:

All format: pncrt.dll
Real video V8: drv23260.dll
Real video V9: drv33260.dll
Real video V10: drv43260.dll

these Dll comes with Real Player, that can be downloaded from Real Network.

- 0000384: [Unsupported file/stream format] Real Video 8, 9, 10 support
- 0000381: [Bug] Subtitle Streams are identifited as a video stream instead of being ignored.
- 0000230: [Suggestion] subtitles are not visible
- 0000171: [Feature Request] Remove the limitation in pal->ntsc conversion to output the framerate of the .sub/.idx subs were made at.



AVI, MKV support improved
support to run from limited user account (Vista support)

- 0000223: [Bug] Subtitle appears and dissapears right away
- 0000155: [Feature Request] support for another type of wmv (from photoshop 4)
- 0000149: [Bug] Preview Error: Assertion failed!
- 0000370: [Unsupported file/stream format] Have better support for Flash .FLV files
- 0000367: [Unsupported file/stream format] MKV containing subtitles produce poor video or crashes during conversion
- 0000378: [Bug] Under limited user account, registration is not stored
- 0000368: [Crash] AVI regression: some avi supported in version 2.0.17 crashes or won't load
- 0000374: [Unsupported file/stream format] Some MKV file won't load
- 0000373: [Bug] AAC audio in MKV file fail to decode


- contains latest build of ffmpeg

ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.1

- fix a preview issue
- 0000321: [Bug] Wrong subtitles color and justification
- update some translations

ConvertXtoDVD 2.1

New file format supported
PhotoStory WMV - Microsoft windows media
Ogm - Ogg Media
Nsv - Nullsoft Video
AVS - Avisynth
VC1 - Video from Blu-Ray

Support improved for the following File format
Mkv - Matroska, conversion no longer produce jitter
Mov - Quicktime apple, sound support is now perfect
Mp4 - Nero Digital, decoding improved no more glitches on the video
Ogg - Ogg video, decoding improved no more glitches on the video
Asf - windows media files, more files load and are recognized
Avi - windows video, a lot of audio out-of-sync issues has been solved

generated AC3 compliance improved. This should solve sound problem of picky dvd readers.
Channel mapping for the 5.1 sound from WMA3 or AAC 6 channels sources is fixed. Channels used to be mixed up.

for MP3 and AAC 2Ch. sources, sound pressure has been strenghtened, and a soft clipping/compressor has been implemented to avoid saturation.

- 0000343: [Bug] Jittery video on MPEG source
- 0000340: [Bug] Keyboard Selection / Mouse Click on input files results in the application closing -
- 0000228: [Bug] Problem using subtitles with <i></i>
- 0000259: [Bug] thai subtitles not correctly supported (2.0.15)
- 0000320: [Bug] When loading a saved projects, manually added chapters are displayed on the bottom
- 0000337: [Unsupported file/stream format] Add support for Avisynth (avs) script format
- 0000334: [Unsupported file/stream format] Nullsoft Video (nsv) file support
- 0000335: [Bug] audio out of sync in AVI files
- 0000336: [Unsupported file/stream format] better support of MOV / MP4 files
- 0000333: [Unsupported file/stream format] Add PhotoStory (WVP2) files support
- 0000322: [Bug] Conversion of some WMV runs in endless loop
- 0000060: [Bug] VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP reallocated to keep DVD VIDEO structure compatibility

2.0.16 & 17

- 0000269: [Suggestion] v2.0.15.136: Show Project name / Fly over text / systray icon
- 0000184: [Bug Fixed] Output from ConvertX cannot be written with CloneDVD if "Include Menu" option is unchecked. (wesson)
- 0000281: [Feature Request] Setting to ignore the audio gaps
- new translation and translation updated
- new default values for DVD menu behaviour for new users.
- .17 fix 0000302: [Bug] Setting to ignore the audio gaps never applied


- 0000182: [Feature Request] Configure Subtitle Borders
- 0000105: [Feature Request] Turn ON / Force ON Subtitles by default
- 0000229: [Bug] Title menu improperly read
- 0000227: [Feature Request] Add support to remotely hide/show/put to tray ( full SDK on request )
- 0000179: [Feature Request] Feature Request: Minimize to the systems TaskBar
- 0000226: [Bug] Menu still appear if removed from current project (v2.0.14.130 ßeta)
- 0000222: [Bug] 2.0.14 (beta) subtitle appears twice on screen
- use latest burning SDK ( 2.0.21 )
- use latest patin-couffin driver 36


- 0000190: [Feature Request] Support of SRT files written in Unicode
- 0000172: [Bug] Audio out of sync after ''audio discontinuity fixed...24,00 ms added'' message.
- 0000110: [Bug] Sound goes off sync after "audio disrepancy" messages
- 0000188: [Bug] Audio out of sync after several reported discontinuities


- 0000145: [Feature Request] change positioning of "change settings for this subtitle"
- 0000159: [Bug] Russian characters in the title show up as ???
- 0000167: [Bug] SRT parsing bug when time contains points instead of comma
- 0000086: [Bug] Stutter at chapter points
- 0000112: [Bug] Subtitles only appear in the first chapter.
- use latest burning sdk ( 2.0.20 )

Bugfixes, commandline improvement and multiple instances

- 0000131: [Feature Request] Support for several instances
- 0000121: [Bug] Problem with video standard selection
- 0000120: [Suggestion] Check disk space during conversion
- 0000110: [Bug] Sound goes off sync after "audio disrepancy" messages
- 0000128: [Feature Request] Add setting / command line to close app when conversion end

- add .XtoDVD file extension association support.
- add option to turn off the stats in the installation script
- come with latest burning SDK 2.0.19 ( new firewall connection strategy )
- add option to set PAL or NTSC as default video format during installation
Fixes :
- 0000117: [Bug] WMV file conversion problem: video is slow
- 0000116: [Bug] Video coming from 60 fps source (HR TV) won't playback on some DVD players
- 0000115: [Suggestion] Source with several video files: keep the video with the biggest resolution
- 0000103: [Bug] Font selection won't work if there is no printer installed.
- 0000113: [Feature Request] Include trace in registry for the last conversion status and folder ( command line SDK )
- 0000083: [Bug] Volume Name is always "Menu"
- 0000067: [Feature Request] Include option to shutdown when done ( available in action menu and must be pressed everytime it is required )
- intermediate build : implement font dialog in the entire application.

- 0000103: [Bug] Font selection won't work if there is no printer installed.
- 0000101: [Feature Request] Loading TS file from HD DVB source as a file cluster composed of several files
- 0000090: [Feature Request] Add more details in the logs about the subtitle files used
- 0000100: [Bug] some SRT files won't load fixed
- 0000099: [Bug] some SUB/IDX subtitles cannot be seen
- 0000098: [Bug] High CPU consumption during pause

- Additionnal instances of convertX won't run properly
- Jittery video
- Fixes issues introduced in precedent version on DVB files, and fixes some problems with MOV files (video preview now work with MOV, most files containing mp2/mp3/aac are ok)
- long menu entries are incorrectly positionned
- source containing several video streams are not supported
- false detection of audio discrepancies

- fix a alignment issue in the DVD menu
- different shadow creation in the DVD menu
- introduce new audio sync routines
- fixes several minor bugs
- update some translations.
- fix a bad pointer issue in DVD menu multiple pages projects
- Ability to add delays to streams
- add chinese in subtitles and audio options
- Include AUDIO_TS folder in output directory

Version 2.0.7 & 2.0.6 (private builds)
- Add support for DVR-MS files ( Windows Media Center 2005 )
- subtitles management ( line too long )
- Add if Auto Burning is selected in the logs
- Ability to burn -R in SAO writing mode
- Add option to create new project
Fixes :
- DTS audio not playing or out of sync ( 2.0.7 )
- (Settings) Reset to defaults message is not translated
- Playback Options incorrectly applied.
- Subtitles settings in treeview is cropped
- Language list in treeview is not sorted
- Language index not matched with idx/sub files
- With .SRT subtitles color is not exactly the selected one
- shows wrong target in file info

Version 2.0.5
- aspect ratio problem with some dvd player
- support /n tag in subtitles
- audio discrepancies resync. doesn't work
- Unsupported MOV/MP4 files with low samplerate
- No warning when loading a project with non-existing subtitle file
- do not skip dialog when a new version is available
- Subtitle color's RGB information is shifted
- update some translations

Version 2.0.4
fixes directshow preview bug (bug 00000003)
fixed copy original files operations, with additionnal log entries (bug 00000004)
add support for files that contains undecodable streams (as Divx6 files containing metadata or subtitles)

Version 2.0.3
Subtitle language properly saved now
Support for right to left reading languages (Arabic, Hebrew) - however the tag support is disabled for these languages.
Some 3rd party DirectShow filters no longer interfere with the preview (preview used to be consistent black in such case)
Preview is now restored after screen saver or session lock.
Limit in number of titleset in set to 64, a value that should be safe for every players.
Some potential crash issues with preview (and the flip preview setting) are fixed
New log entries with clear sections
playability on Pioneer and Panasonic drives (no green blocks)
Added a dialog to tell trial users that the video will be encoded with a watermark (so the kids will not cry discovering this message)
Known Issues:
mov/mp4 files containing certain form of audio (adpcm, ima, ...). On such file audio is hashed and may be out of sync. However, AAC/mp4a seems to play fine.
file that contains some tracks not detected during the fast load (some dvr-ms seems to have this problem)
file containing audio discrepancies may cause audio out of sync after the discrepancy.
A bug tracking system has been set (based on mantis)

- Entry in the log for audio discrepancy that didn't showed proper values
- Screen saver and session lock should no longer cause crash, and preview should be back when restoring from screen saver or session lock.
- Translation updated and installation script updated.
- a problem in the chapter duration storage

Official first release

Release Candidate version

See the press release for the major changes :


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