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December 8, 2005 DOCUMENT: Crime

DECEMBER 8--In a blow to New Yorkers who enjoyed having their premium marijuana delivered to their doorsteps, Drug Enforcement Administration agents have busted up a six-year-old pot ring calling itself the Cartoon Network that was busy preparing its festive holiday shipments before federal agents kicked in the door. The Cartoon Network, which allegedly had thousands of metropolitan area customers buying its Canadian-grown hydroponic chronic, packaged product in clear plastic containers, as seen in the DEA evidence photos at left. When agents raided one stash house, they discovered 30 pounds of pot 'in open and plain view, and marijuana for retail holiday delivery to Cartoon Network customers,' according to a court filing by prosecutors Burton Ryan and Allen Bode. 'Happy Holidays from your friends at Cartoon!,' read the holiday label, which also included the cheery reminder, 'Remember to make sure your bag is sealed!' The label also appears to carry a picture of the Hamburglar. Twelve Cartoon Network figures, including alleged boss John Nebel, have been charged with drug trafficking and money laundering, and prosecutors are seeking the forfeiture of million in assorted assets. to read a 12-page Cartoon Network criminal complaint, which describes the ring's operations and--buyers beware--how investigators seized 'a large quantity of drug customer lists.' (2 pages)

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