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Have you pictures gathering dust on your hard drive? Photos that you’d love to share with others? Or images that would look great on the living room wall?

  • Choose between 3 different formats
  • Durable lightfast
  • Brilliant colours
  • Available in glossy or matt

The following resolutions are needed to reach a good quality:

  • Format approx. 6 x 4'' = approx. 2 megapixel
  • Format approx. 7 x 5'' = approx. 2 megapixel
  • Format approx. 12 x 8'' = approx. 2 megapixel

Here you can see the optimal image size for each format:

  • 1020 x 1520 pixel = 6 x 4''
  • 1270 x 1780 pixel = 7 x 5''
  • 2030 x 3050 pixel = 12 x 8''


Matt or glossy? It’s all down to your personal taste!

There are two finishes available. Both versions offer the same high quality!

Matt photographic paper

Matt photographic paper

Thanks to the matt finish, there is less light reflection when light shines directly onto the surface. This means that matt photographic paper retains its high-quality appearance even in difficult lighting conditions and whatever the viewing angle. What’s more, the paper is less prone to fingerprints.

Glossy photographic paper

Glossy photographic paper

Glossy photo paper has an extremely smooth surface. This gives your pictures a high-contrast and colour-intensive look. Also, the colours in your shots have the maximum possible brightness.


The Aspect Ratio of Your Photos

The aspect ratio of a photograph will affect the size that your prints are produced to; this is because different print sizes have different aspect ratios, this meaning a 6”x4” print can’t just be enlarged to a 6"x4.5" print.

Please be aware that orders affected by aspect ratio are not a printing error.

For example if you order a 10x15cm print and the aspect ratio of your photo is 2:3, you will receive a print that matches that size. If however the aspect ratio is 3:4, the print becomes 10x13cm. This is a small difference but when preserving your memories we want this to be printed as accurately as possible for you.

Most smartphones and digital cameras have an aspect ratio of 4:3. This means that your image will be slightly squarer shaped compared to a standard 4x6 print. So when ordering these types of photos, it is likely that cropping will take place during production.

Digital SLR cameras will generally capture a photo in a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is the same as 35mm film negative, which is brilliant for 4x6 printing. This means that very little or in some cases no cropping would be involved.


This explains why the dimensions of the print may vary:


Print Sizes Range of Sizes (inches) Range of Sizes (cm's) 3.5" (9cm) Format from 3.5x3.5" to 3.5x5" from 9x9 to 9x13cm 4" (10cm) Format from 4x4" to 4x6" from 10x10 to 10x15cm 4.5" (11cm) Format from 4.5x4.5" to 4.5x6.7" from 11x11 to 11x17cm 5" (13cm) Format from 5x5" to 5x7" from 13x13 to 13x18cm 8" (20cm) Format from 8x8" to 8x12" from 20x20 to 20x30cm

You can order your prints by selecting either of the options above. This information pack can also be found on the free desktop software using the “Help” button.

Prices & Delivery

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