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  • Fr. Joseph

    Dear Rachael,

    Com’on, com’on. Native Indians were as brutal to each other as were the tribes-clans of Europe, Asia, India and Africa.

    It’s a Walt Disney ‘Pochonatas’ mythical view of Native American all going bare-foot and carefree on miles upon miles of green grasslands while Bambi and his mother came out from the forest in order to play with an cuddle up with the babies and children of Native Americans.

    Native Americans butchered and enslaved each other “just as good” as the tribes and clans from Europe, Africa, India, Asia.

    The ‘Prisoners of War’ between the many and vying tribes-clans of Native Americans were, in many instances, brought to the Matriarch of their particular ‘Longhouse’ encampment. The Matriarch examined these MALE Native American ‘Prisoners of War’ and she decided whether they would LIVE or they were to be put to IMMEDIATE DEATH.

    So let’s DROP this “Blame Others” of previous generations and/or other racial or national heritage.

    The Tsutis and the Hutus of the TRIBAL CLANS of Africa butchered each other off with MACHETTES ‘just fine’ without the help or assistance of those nasty ‘White Europeans’.

    The TRIBAL CLANS of Japan butchered each other off with SWORDS ‘just fine’ without the help or assistance of those nasty ‘White Europeans’.

    The TRIBAL CLANS who live all across what is now known as the political state of CHINA did a most exceptional job of butchering each other off with all sorts of weapons - my gosh, haven’t you ever read ‘The Art Of War’ by Sun Tzu? If you were to drop all of these sorts of like-minded CHINESE on the West Coast of ‘Idlylic Native American Bambi Land’, the would have butchered off Native Americans as well.

    Same goes with the Japanese. The warlording tribal-clan chiefs of Native AFRICANS. Betch THE ZULUS would have made ‘mince-meat’ out of the Apaches, Iroquois and Suiox combined.

    And then, let us NOT forget the European tribes and clans - the Slavs, the Normans, the Anglos, the many diverse Germanic tribes - they just did all across the European continent what the Native American tribes-clans did on the American continents.

    The native/indigenous people of the HAWAIIAN Islands likewise went after EACH OTHER with shark-tooth bristling weapons, blow guns and lots of other NASTY sorts of weapons.

    No RACE of peoples here on earth are EXEMPT from their brutality and hatred of their fellow Man. Period.

    Once the Peoples of the Nations of our World who make up the Aggregate Composite of the Human Race ALL recognize their need of a DIVINE SAVIOR and actually ACCEPT and PUT INTO PRACTICE His Divine Teachings as His DISCIPLES - then our Human Race might actually ‘get someplace’ in doing with these lives of ours and this World of God’s Creating what it is that GOD HIMSELF wants done here on earth.

    And as for those NASTY ‘White European Christians’ - at least THEY did not gather up large numbers of MEN, drag them up the steps of their ‘Temples’ and CUT THEIR LIVING HEARTS OUT en mass to offer their legions of victims’ hearts to their Aztec ‘gods’!

    And those NASTY ‘White Europeans Christians’ DID NOT take little children wrapped up in tight little bundles or packages, drag them to the top of ice capped MOUNTAINS to leave those children there TO FREEZE TO DEATH in order to appease the MAYAN ‘gods’!

    Once we begin to actually DROP these spiritual BLINDERS we deliberately choose to ATTEMPT to look out onto our World with rose-colored mythical hindsight spectacles and LOOK DIRECTLY AT our own Human Race and what the many types of ‘Tribes-Clans’ have done and yet CONTINUE TO DO - it might begin to dawn on ALL OF US members of the Human Race that we really and truly DO NEED a ‘Divine Savior’ - and then DO what this ‘Divine Savior’ has TOLD US ALL to do!

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Stav


    The following is for your own help, it is not for debate on my part. Repent and drive out your demons by the power of God. Pray honestly and with tears in your eyes for deliverance from these demons, instead of complaining about any and all outside stimulus that reaches you which shows your case to be a false one. And do not scandalize others by presenting your state as a normal and accepted one…

    If you are not married, you should be celibate until you are. That is, not because I tell you to, but it is so, if you are to follow Gods commandments. Thus, calling your self a Gay person is not appropriate.

    If on the other hand you are married with a woman, any other sexual desire should be ignored and repelled. Thus again calling your self Gay in that case is also not appropriate.

    So when does one call themselves “Gay” if it is not appropriate in the cases I listed above? It happens when they are pushed to feel like that by demonic influences.

    If you feel no attraction to women, it could be that you have a blessed feeling to become celibate for life, for God’s sake. It does NOT mean that you are “Gay”. Any other feelings you may have, or even the idea that you are Gay, is demonic in nature, period. I have proof for this, but I will not make it public here.

    And stating that you will be unhappy or unfulfilled if you do not settle this “Gay” feeling is no valid idea either. We all have to continually fight our passions and illegitimate desires.

    Your statement that you are “Gay” is akin to saying: “I have a problem and I have completely surrendered to it. I don’t care what is right or wrong, I just surrender to it in order to feel a bit more at peace.”

    But that’s not a way to prepare for the life to come, after death. We are here to sacrifice the body and all material things for God. But I suspect it is a bit early for you to realize that.

    Homosexuality is a form of demonic possession. A very fierce and strong one I might add. Thus, anyone who promotes it or agrees to this practice, is only promoting demonic works.

    And thus Obama and his helpers are now shown to be clearly driver by demons. And anyone who practices it, even if it feels “right” or “natural” I assure you, you have demons inside of you, making you feel like this.

    Careful comparison between “Gay” people and demonized people reveals just too many similarities… You will know once you do this by your self, it is not difficult to make this conclusion. But I guess lost in a US city with no spiritual guidance of any value does not pose the best environment to do such research…

    Best way to deal with this is extreme forms of repentance and abstinence as Br. Nathanael tells above.

    Simply because you feel something it does not mean that you should take action on it! That’s a SATANIC credo and derives from their one and only commandment, which is “Do as thou wilt” which is today promoted as “Follow your heart” or “Do what makes you feel good”.

    As Christians we are to follow God’s will, as mention in the Lord’s prayer: “Thy will be done…” even it is DOES NOT feel good or even if it hurts to do so. THIS is how a Christian becomes the salt of the earth and this is how though a true Christian God can make a difference in this world.

    And if you are still wondering why I know feeling “Gay” is purely demonic, then simply ask your self, how you came to feel this way… What preceded and what was done to reach this point… And inspect your self to see where these feelings are coming from…


  • Fr. Joseph

    Dear Justin,

    Each one of us is “born with latent defect(s) or disorder(s)” on account of Original Sin.

    Now mind you, this ‘Original Sin’ does NOT destroy these God-given human spiritual natures of ours as either MALE or FEMALE. Rather, the affects of Original Sin tend to WARPING and DISTORTING and IMPEDING all of us from arriving at the Fullness of Life and Living that our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven desired/desires for ALL OF US to come to personally possess.

    Some of us are “born with” an inclination to STEAL and STEAL and STEAL again.

    Some of us are “born with” an inclination to HURT and HURT an HURT others over and over again.

    And the human psycho-spiritual list of IMPEDIMENTS and OBSTACLES we are ‘burdened down with’ on account of Original Sin just goes on and on and on.

    EACH ONE OF US has our own personal and entirely unique ‘CROSS TO BEAR’.

    And Christ Jesus, God Incarnate Himself, knows FULL WELL what that particular ‘Cross’ WE are forced to carry on account of Original Sin is.

    And it is GOD INCARNATE HIMSELF in the Divine Person of Jesus - THE CHRIST - Who tells ALL of us members of the Human Race “He who does NOT pick up his/her Cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.”

    The SOONER we decide to summon up the COURAGE to admit that/those things that are ‘wrong with us’ and to ask Him for His Divine Help in HELPING US to carry our own particular ‘Cross’, then He gets His Own Personally Selected ‘Simone of Cyrene’ to help US carry OUR psycho-spiritual Crosses in living life.

    Now being borne with an atttaction to KLEPTOMANIA does not make us sub-human or in-human - it makes us “debilitated in” coming to have real, true on-going and authenic SOCIAL and ECONOMIC interactions and interrelatedness with OTHER human beings who happen to both ‘have’ and ‘do’ things with their ’stuff’.

    So I was “born” with this uncanny and inexplicable ATTRACTION to women. Have you any IDEA just how many beautiful women are alive and kickin’ in our World?

    So while my own inner ’sexual light bulbs’ go OFF on account of simply being FORCED to see and encounter so many beautiful God-created WOMEN in our World - that does not mean I can go drugging them with some sort of ‘Date Rape Drug’ and indulge my masculine fancies on/over/with them.

    Nor does my inner attraction to women permit me to grab them from behind, drag them into an alley way or deserted spot in order TO RAPE them.

    We are ALL CALLED ON by God to have reverence and respectful acknowledgement of what HE has created and the Divine Reason WHY He created those things - to include our own human sexuality AS either male or female.

    Now here is my immediate ‘Priestly’ counsel for your and your homosexual inclinations.

    ‘DO A FAST!’

    Make a ‘Deal with God’ that you will use your FREE WILL in a act of personal decision TO HONOR and RESPECT human sexuality.

    Between you and God, you tell Him that you will AVOID any sort or type of willfully indulging in this personal inclination to homosexuality and homosexual actions and behaviors - just like I tell God I will NOT go ‘raping’ or ‘date drugging’ or ’stripping’ or in any manner, shape or form EXPLOIT these many women in my own personal area of this World.

    And during this ‘Fast’ of your, ask God to grant you the Unseen Spiritual Graces to confirm IN you and WITH you in a one-to-One unseen spiritual ‘Tutorial Basis’ His Divine Concepts and Desires for and between men and women in this World of His creating.

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Homosexual conduct is filthy nasty and disgusting to ALL moral normal human beings -as it should be. Homosexuality is against the LAWS OF NATURE - it is against THE LAWS OF MAN - and it is against THE LAWS OF GOD

    There is NOTHING whatsoever beautiful or noble or pure or Godly or acceptable about homosexul perverts and their perverted conduct - PERIOD!

    I have been tempted to STEAL - and been tempted to commit adultry and LIE on a business transaction - or LIE to punish someone else - but I do not NOT DO these things because I know it is wrong. I have a conscience AND A FREE WILL.

    ALL HOMOSEXUALS HAVE A FREE WILL. I can and do respect a man who for whatever reason harbors these twisted diabolical thoughts - BUT does NOT conduct himself in that fashion - NOT only for fear of retribution and condemnation - but for his OWN moral strength to resist evil. I could even befriend such a person.

    BUT- to the active arrogant pervert who flaunts his sick perversity and enourages others to enjoin him inhis unspeakabe conduct-I say DAMN YOU TO HELL and leave the company of decent people.

    The incomperably evil nature of Barack Obama speaks volumes of the TRUE nature of EVERY MAN AND WOMAN in this nation who of their own free will empowered him to have venue to achieve his deminic agendas.

    A wise person once said that: “In a free Republic such as America - the morals of any elected official are a mirror image of the morals of the electorate.”

    THAT - is NOT rocket science, folks. THAT is common sense. The next time you associate with a ‘Demon-crap’ - or allow your children to play with their children - remember that true bit of cracker barrel wisdom. Read it AGAIN until it sinks in and you REALLY - ‘get it’.

    NOW for the REALLY scary FACTS on who in this ‘ land of the brave - and home of the free’ nation - loves Obama the homo pevert traitor baby killer Zionist country seller.

    Read it and weep, patriots. Your days are done! Chew on THIS reality of who actually voted for Obama, and tell me the next time some Obamanista tells you to “HAVE A NICE DAY” - you don’t feel like punching his lights out. READY???!!!

    NEGROES =95%
    JEWS =85%
    LATINOS =66%
    ASIANS =61%
    WHITES =43%

    Here are some even MORE disturbing FACTS from the election.

    YOUNG WHITES under 30=54% (have they turned immoral AND brain-dead?) IN FLORIDA where Cubans are suposed to be moral family oriented Christians = 58%!!!

    I have Cuban blood in my veins for Christ sake! My grandparents would ‘roll in their graves’ to see what immoral trash ‘their people’ have become. They and all of their generation WERE Godly decent people. I should know!

    Somewhere along the way of life -many of us sold our souls - and I think I know WHY and to WHOM.

    Tell you anything FACTUALLY about the TRUE character of TODAY’S - Cuban-Americans?

    It gets WORSE. Be afraid - be VERY AFRAID!

    And now - for the peace’ de resistance’ - the demographic ‘coup-de-gras’ - the death knell of near future White Christian America.

    In 1976 the % of WHITE votors was 90%
    In 2000 the % of WHITE votors was 81%
    In 2009 the % of WHITE votors-IS- 74%!!!!

    These stats can be researched by anybody. They didn’t come from the KKK Almanac or David Duke’s diary. Ironically - these realities are what Mr Duke and other learned scholars had in good conscience, warned us about.

    Can you say: HOLY )^$&@@#@)(@E#[email protected]!!

    Put a pencil to it and see what it will most probably be by the year 2020.

    Call me a racist now for pointing these facts out - but I am beginning to see what all the concern has all been about. Maybe it is time to start a national chapter of the NAAWP - BEFORE we become a minority in our own country!.

    NOW - re-read these voter stats (above) and REMEMBER what has been wisely said of the association between the morals and character of the VOTERS and the ilk they support. THIS- IS what we HAVE BECOME!



  • Fr. Joseph

    Dear Rachael,

    It was God Incarnate JESUS, the Christ, Who said these words:

    “Go, therefore, make disciples of ALL THE NATIONS; baptise them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” - Matthew 28:19

    Let me tell you a TRUE STORY - first person account - of a meeting between and result of sharing my Catholic Faith with a very noble, wise, kind, caring and deeply spiritual Native American.

    I picked up a temporary job as an aircraft mechanic with a medium sized regional airline back in the mid 1990’s.

    At our single hangar, there was a husband and wife team who were the aircraft CLEANERS.

    During work breaks outside the hanger, I got to meet, talk with and befriend the aircraft cleaners.

    The husband was a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer who worked avionics aboard aircraft carriers. I served in the U.S. Air Force maintaining aircraft - so that was our mutual starting off point in getting into discussions with one another.

    This gentleman who I will name ‘Ron’ and his wife were BOTH Native Americans. If my memory serves me correctly, he was part Sioux and Navajo. His wife was Apache and Chippawa. Both of them belonged to the ‘Mixed Blood Tribe’ - a designation given to those Native Americans who have parents from different Tribes.

    Ron and I would get into deep discussions about God, human spirituality, religion - believe it or not. I told him about my Catholic Faith. He told me about his Native American spirituality.

    I made the comment to Ron that his Native American spirituality was very similiar to the theology of the Catholic Church and the spirituality of many of her Religious Orders.

    I told him of the account of our Catholic Saint, St. Francis of Assisi and his encounter and dealings with ‘The Wolf of Gubbio’. Here’s that account:

    Ron informed me that the Elders of the Mixed Blood Tribe had determined they were in need of another Chief - and that after due deliberation per Native American custom, HE was selected to accept the title and position of Chief within the Mixed Blood Tribe.

    And Ron made ME the offer - a great honor which he could confer on a true and close friend or acquaintence - to be there with him during the ceremony in which he was to be installed as Chief of the Mixed Blood Tribe.

    Ron explained to yours truly, this ‘white man’, how the Pow-Wow ceremonial grounds were to be set up, the ’sacred’ and ‘not-so-sacred’ regions of the Pow-Wow grounds’ encampment - however, he informed me that on account of me being a ‘white man’, I would NOT be allowed into the sacred places within the Pow-Wow where within he was to receive his installation as Chief within the Mixed Blood Tribe.

    I took NO OFFENSE at being prohibited from entering their ’sacred’ place. I thanked Ron for his making this offer to me. But I had to tell him that I could NOT go on account of now being a single-parent who had to take care of his family.

    Next week, Ron and his wife went off to the Mixed Blood Tribe’s Pow-Wow wherein he was duly installed as CHIEF by the Elders of the Mixed Blood Tribe.

    The following week, upon Ron’s return to work, he told me the following honest-to-goodness experience/story that was his DURING the week’s long Pow-wow ceremonies…

    More to follow

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Fr. Joseph

    Dear Rachael,

    Ron explained to me that during their Pow-wow lasting seven days, there were scheduled dances, ceremonies, tribal assemblies set for certain hours during certain days. And at a short distance away from the Pow-wow ceremonial grounds, the members of the Mixed Blood Tribe parked all of their pickups, trailers, motor homes and automobiles. And from this make-shift parking lot of theirs was a single DIRT ROAD leading down to the ceremonial grounds.

    At the final bend of this DIRT ROAD leading down to the ceremonial grounds was parked an OLD green colored Ford F150 pick up truck.

    And to the BUMPER of this old green colored Ford F150 pickup truck was CHAINED this dog, and this dog was owned by one of the members of the Mixed Blood Tribe.

    And this dog was a big black PIT BULL.

    And this particular PIT BULL dog would bare its teeth, growl incessantly, and did nothing but BARK its THREATS to ALL of the members of the Mixed Blood Tribe - men, woman AND children - as it lunged towards those who were passing by making their way towards or from the Pow-wow’s ceremonial grounds’ entrance being stopped ONLY by the strenght of the HEFTY CHAIN attached to the pit bull’s massive collar and to the bumper of this old green colored Ford F150 pickup.

    The members of the Mixed Blood Tribe - ALL the men, women and children - had to pass by this PIT BULL on the far side and shoulder of the DIRT ROAD opposite to this MENACINGLY VICIOUS PIT BULL dog.

    It might have been ON the day Ron was installed as Chief by the Elders of the Mixed Blood Tribe that the following happened…

    Ron was LEAVING the Pow-wow grounds along with a large number of his fellow Tribe members and as they approached the point in the road where this PIT BULL was chained up, the Pit Bull ROARED back into its vicious and menacing behavior - barks, teeth, growls, howls and fighting furiously AGAINST the chain that held it to the Ford F150 pickup.

    The people all began to ’squeeze over’ to the far side of this dirt road out of FEAR of the Pit Bull.

    The ‘Something’ came over Ron at that moment.

    He relayed to me that he REMEMBERED the account I shared with him about St. Francis of Assisi and the Wolf of Gubbio. And he REMEMBERED how we both shared each other’s religious and spiritual backgrounds and how in a strange sort of way they were BOTH very similiar regarding GOD and His Created Natural Things.

    Ron then did this.

    In FULL VIEW of all of his fellow Mixed Blood Tribe members, he knelt down on the dirt road, bowed his head - actually made the Sign of the Cross over himself - and then asked for St. Francis of Assisi’s help and blessing for what he was about to do.

    Ron stood up and slowly proceeded DIRECTLY to the chained up Pit Bull. The Pit Bull took immediate notice of Ron’s ‘approaching’ it and focused entirely ON Ron - barking, snarling, baring its teeth, etc.

    Ron because to SPEAK AT the Pit Bull in a very normal voice - as if speaking human-to-human - and believe it or not - the PIT BULL actually SHUT UP for a while in order “to listen” to what Ron was saying to it!

    Ron told the Pit Bull that he was going to keep on coming closer to the Pit Bull. The Pit Bull returned to its barking, snarling, baring its fangs at Ron after a couple of short steps toward it.

    Ron stopped. And again he SPOKE TO this Pit Bull with such words as ‘I’m NOT going to hurt you’ and ‘Don’t you know you are SCARING these other people with me?’

    The Pit Bull again quieted down and Ron took yet several MORE steps towards it.

    Now the PEOPLE accompanying Ron on this dirt road have STOPPED dead in their tracks and they are utterly SILENT as they become transfixed on what Ron was doing to and with this Pit Bull!

    Finally, Ron gets into the Pit Bull’s “Striking Distance” and Ron once again SPEAKS to this Pit Bull saying ‘Now look, I’m going to EXTEND MY HAND out to you. I don’t want you to bite me or harm me.’

    He extends his hand to the Pit Bull while in its ‘Striking Distance’ - and this Pit Bull does NOTHING.

    Ron then tells the Pit Bull in an AUDIBLE VOICE that he is going to lay his hand ON the Pit Bull - and that he means absolutely NO HARM whatsoever to it.

    This Pit Bull ALLOWS Ron to place his hands on it. And Ron asks the Pit Bull a series of questions

    ‘Do you hurt somewhere?’

    ‘Is this collar too tight?’

    ‘Do you need some WATER to drink?’

    ‘When was the last time you ATE?’

    And this Pit Bull is now ALLOWING Ron to examine it, it’s collar, it’s chain.

    Now by this time, the people on the dirt road are simply AWE STRUCK at what Ron has just done before their collective eyes!

    Ron the asks for some members of this Tribe to bring this Pit Bull WATER and some FOOD which they did.

    From then on during the remainder of their Pow-wow, this PIT BULL stopped barking and snarling at and threatening the members of his Mixed Blood Tribe AS they went to and fro on this dirt road leading to their Pow-wow grounds.

    Apparently, the ’spiritual lesson’ to be learned from this particular story of Ron’s as well as from the account of St. Francis of Assisi and the Wolf of Gubbio is this:

    At some point in time in ALL OF OUR LIVES, we simply have to summon up the COURAGE to extend KINDNESS as well as FORGIVENESS to others - even to God’s “wild natural creatures” who simply must live and react according to their nature’s instincts - and TEND TO their needs of body, mind and spirit.

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Fr. Joseph

    Dear Juan,

    The manifold outlets of our contemporary World’s Main Stream Media - T.V. Radio, Newspapers, DVDs, CDs, on-demand Movies, Sports and Entertainments interspaced with the endless mind-numbing and incessant subtle behavior demands-commands are ALL forms of “Pulpits” from which the ‘masses of Humanity’ are being indoctrined into the ‘Doctrines, Dogma, Moral Theology, Spirituality’ of Satan.

    “The ZOHAR…forms part of what has been called the ‘practical’ Kabbala, and supplies formulas by means of which the adept can enter into direct communication with invisible powers and exercise authority over demons…” - quoting from the on-line in-the-Worldwide-Public-Domain reference source:

    About fifteen years ago, I found myself moved by the Grace of God to go into public libraries here in the U.S.A. to go digging into and researching authoritative reference books about and on ‘The Occult’.

    I can still vividly recall sensing the spiritual companionship and protection of our beloved St. Michael the Archangel while doing this ‘going down into RAT TUNNELS’ - kinda like what U.S. Army soldiers and U.S. Marines did back during Viet Nam to ‘FLUSH OUT’ the Viet Cong.

    Everyone by now ought to know about the 1884 A.D. spiritual challenge of Satan vs. our Lord, King and Savior, JESUS, God’s Own CHRIST to our much satanically beleagured and troubled World from this webpate:

    The un-Churched peoples of our contemporary World also have a ‘Need To Know’ that the various satanic-occult organizations - the Masons, Rosicrucians, Kabbalists and occult Hermetic Orders the World over - ALL entired into and signed a MUTUAL ALLIANCE back in 1931 A.D. in Paris, France at the King George V hotel.


    Their SECONDARY goal was/is to INTRODUCE and INDOCTRINATE the ‘Masses of Mankind’ into every manner, type and sort of ESOTERIC and satanic teaching, practice, behavior, etc.

    This will all lead billions of human souls created in the Image and Likeness of our God, Creator and FATHER in Heaven Who sent His Only Eternally Begotten and Divine SON into our World in His taking on OUR Human Nature to be OUR Savior, King and Lord to be SPIRITUALLY SEVERED and SPIRITUALLY ALIENATED from the Divine Graces of our God and Holy Spirit.

    Then, with a thermonuclear ‘THIRD World War’ (like TWO World Wars wasn’t enough satanic treatment of our World and her Human Race!), these billions of satanically captured ‘Prisoners of Spiritual Warfare’ will be butchered off in one great and huge ‘Holocaust’ offered up to SATAN.

    And I cannot get the Lord’s Generals and Commanders of His “10th Armored” to so much as to ‘Mount Up and Move Out!’ so as to come “barrelling AZZ” to help us here in this ‘World’ holding out at our own spiritual ‘BASTOGNES’!

    Neither can Fr. Gruner…

    So every once in a while, I really and truly DO get hum-dinging ‘HOT UNDER THE COLLAR’ with posters here to RZN.

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Fr. Joseph

    I’d just like for the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to acknowledge and to THANK one Mr. Paul A. Drockton for having done VITALLY NECESSARY ‘Spiritual Military Intelligence’ for all of us as it pertains to I believe the absolute and critical necessity of OBEYING the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. and HER ‘Spiritual Battle Instructions’ for the Bishops of her Son’s Church MILITANT here on earth to preform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart!

    Mr. Paul A. Drocktons OWN personal contribution to this global psycho-spiritual COMBAT our Human Race is immersed in with SATAN and his unseen elementals and his seen HUMAN stooges, dupes and allies regarding Our Lady of FATIMA, Portugal’s apparitions/visitations back in 1917 A.D. and her DIRE CONCERN for the nation and the peoples of RUSSIA!

    Mr. Drockton - IF you are reading this, you just provided the Church and our Human Race vital and indispenable CLOSE TACTICAL ’spiritual’ AIR SUPPORT. It looks like THIS:

    I have ‘Bishops’ in my own Catholic Church’s Ecclesiasatical Hierarchy who ADAMANTLY REFUSE to have anything to do with or doing anything at all in seeing to it that the Bishop of Rome CAN order that particular public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart. And ‘WHY?’ is that? THIS is there reason ‘Why?’:

    And from the ‘Eastern Orthodox Church’…

    ‘WHY?’ do all of your ORTHODOX Christians how have suffered SO MUCH under Bolevishism, under Jewish initiated Communism have, as I believe, YOUR Eastern Orthodox PATRIARCHS and METROPOLITANS and BISHOPS constantly badgering you and drilling it into YOUR minds and hearts that the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. are NOT TO BE TRUSTED or BELIEVED?

    And ‘Why?’ do your ORTHODOX Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops I believe persist in poisoning your collective minds and hearts AGAINST the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church?

    THIS is the reason ‘Why?’:

    So you get the MASONS in the Catholic Church’s Hierarchy giving their ’secret hand shakes’ and their ‘winks of their evil eyes’ to their MASONIC COUNTERPARTS in the Eastern Orthodox Churches - in order to KEEP THEM DIVIDED and at each other’s throats while BOTH the Masons in the Hiearchy of the Catholic Church and the Masons in the Hierarchies of the Eastern Orthodox Church PREVENT the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17!

    And I believe these MASONIC Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Prelates do this IN ORDER TO ‘protect Satan and his unseen demonics’ as they WRECK HAVOC on the Church and BUTCHER OFF members of our Human Race ‘en masse’ and ‘by the bushelsful’ decade in and decade out!

    For EVERYBODY currently living their God-given human lives here on this God-given planet earth of ours in this year of 2009 Anno Domini - this MASONIC CATHOLIC/ORTHODOX PRELATE BULL$HIT - is the reason why SATAN is winning this Spiritual War against all of us Christians and all of you who are NOT Christians!

    For EVERYBODY ON EARTH’S personal information:

    ‘Heaven’s Key TO PEACE’:

    May our LORD and His Mother - by the Almighty Divine Power of GOD THE FATHER - may They have a most WONDERFUL and COMPLETE VICTORY over Their spiritual enemies - both seen and unseen - both IN the Church and OUTSIDE of His Church!


    - Fr. Joseph

  • KathJuliane

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Your expose about the assault of Freemasonry on Orthodoxy from Western Europe is nothing new and it spans nearly 200 years prior to 1917. The Orthodox people have studied it for a very long time.

    Nor does it have anything to do with the Orthodox questioning of Fatima, in that a) it is still a matter of private belief even for Catholics, and b) Orthodox clergy, elders, monastics and laity with no masonic affiliations whatsoever also have also seriously and independently studied the Fatima issues and claims, and find it contrary to Eastern Orthodox Christology, dogma, and Tradition; and c) the vast majority of Orthodox bishops, priests, and deacons

    The following excerpts do not include Napoleanic history and his “Drive to the East” with the invasion of Russia, nor the relationship of Emperor Napolean, the Gallic Church and the Concordat with the Holy See at that time.

    St. George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church - Priest Andrew Phillips

    Excerpt: Freemasonry in History

    “Historically, freemasonry has aggressively promoted itself, particularly against Roman Catholicism and the Orthodox Church. This is because it sees them as traditions which frustrate its attempts to create conditions for world unification under its ideology.

    Thus, in the eighteenth century masons brought about the satanic French Revolution of 1789, which transferred power from the [elite and decadent] Roman Catholic aristocracy to the ever-greedy and masonically-led bourgeoisie. Many famous people in the France and the Western Europe of the time were freemasons, including Voltaire, Diderot and Mozart.

    Freemasonry first entered Russia during the wave of enforced Westernisation in the 18th century, under figures like Schwarz, Lopukhin and the journalist Novikov (1744-1818).

    It was firmly opposed and denounced by St Innocent, Bishop of Penza (1784-1819), who was exiled (and soon after died as a result) by the Minister of Religious Affairs and Oberprocurator of the Holy Synod at that time, a very worldly man called Prince Alexander Golitsyn.

    (3). Prince Alexander Golitsyn- He was a keen supporter of freemasonry, though it is not clear whether he was actually a mason himself. However, this question is in fact irrelevant, since he certainly implemented whatever the masons wanted of him.

    Freemasonry then became instrumental in the Decembrist revolt of 1825 in Russia and it is said that a freemason assassinated the Russian writer Pushkin in 1837. In any case, freemasonry went on to become very influential among the Russian ruling class, many of whom lost their faith.

    Most Russian newspapers before 1917 were under its control, until it engendered the first satanic (and masonic) Russian ‘Revolution’ of 1917. Unfortunately for the freemasons, they lost control of their movement to a group of opportunists, the Bolsheviks, who brought about the second satanic ‘October Revolution’, which proved to be anti-masonic.

    The next masonic lodge in Russia was re-established there only in 1995, though one of the candidates for the recent Russian Presidential election was a freemason [and not elected].

  • KathJuliane October 27, 2009 @ 4:45 pm

    (Continued) - St. George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church - Priest Andrew Phillips

    Freemasonry on the Fringes of the Orthodox Church and Renovationism

    By the beginning of the 20th century, freemasonry was being promoted by the commercial conquests of the British Empire and masonic lodges were opened worldwide.

    This included in Orthodox areas like Cyprus and the Middle East. It was in Cyprus before the First World War that an Orthodox bishop became a freemason. This was the future Patriarch Meletios of Constantinople, who later, after a series of other scandals, introduced the new calendar into the Orthodox world by force in the 1920s.

    Patriarch Meletios was notorious for his power-hungry imperialism, by dividing the Russian emigration in France and North America and actually taking over former Russian Orthodox territories in Finland, Estonia and trying to do the same in Poland and Czechoslovakia.

    In the 1920s he held a modernist congress in Istanbul and also supported the Communist-supported modernists, called renovationists, in Russia against His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow and the Church. Thus, he supported those who martyred the martyrs.

    He found particularly easy prey in Paris among the many masonic Russian aristocrats and wealthier emigres who had emigrated there after 1917.

    Since freemasonry had become very popular in St Petersburg before the Revolution, together with other pseudo-mystical movements such as spiritualism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc, the emigres took their vain beliefs into the emigration with them. There, Patriarch Meletios’ supporters managed to engineer a schism from the Church of the Russian Emigration, a schism that was to be repeated later in North America.

    It should be noted that the Church of Greece strongly opposed Patriarch Meletios and in the 1930s firmly condemned freemasonry, in the same way as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

    The Contemporary Tasks of Freemasonry

    As we have said, having brought about the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, which it had been infiltrating for some 200 years, freemasonry left Russia to Soviet and later Nazi satanists.

    It concentrated its attention on eating away at the fringes of Orthodoxy outside Russia, especially in the Middle East, in the Balkans (especially in Romania), in Finland and in the Russian emigration in France. Thus, in Paris, two churches under the Constantinople jurisdiction were, to my knowledge, being used for masonic initiations in the 1970s and 1980s. As for the Russian cemetery at St Genevieve des Bois, many gravestones are decorated with the compasses, the masonic emblem.

    In one church parishioners openly gave each other masonic handshakes. However, it should not be thought all male members of the Paris Jurisdiction were or are masons. It is simply that many of the key ones were at the time, and others simply went along with the movement.

    (6). Elsewhere in the twentieth century freemasonry was very successful in undermining some of the remaining Orthodox vestiges in Protestantism. Then it organised the Neo-Protestant Vatican II Council, which successfully destroyed many of the remaining vestiges of Orthodoxy in Roman Catholicism, preparing Western Europe for the atheist European Union. Thus, the secularist movement which freemasonry promoted had huge success during the latter part of the twentieth century.

    Today its lobbies operate freely within the EU and has opposed recent moves to include any sort of mention of Christianity in official EU documents, notably in the EU Constitution. It can be safely assumed that most senior members of most EU governments are freemasons.

    Having laid low the relatively easy prey of Protestantism and later Roman Catholicism through infiltration, one of its greatest tasks now is to destroy the Orthodox Church, the unique bastion of uncompromised Christian Tradition.

    Therefore, the priority for freemasonry today must be to destroy those parts of the Orthodox Church on Mt Athos, in Jerusalem, Georgia, Serbia and, above all, in Russia, which have not yielded so far. Again, the technique used is to eat away at the edges of these countries.

    Thus, Serbia has fallen victim, losing parts of its territory in Bosnia, East Slavonia, Kosovo and Metochia. Montenegro and Macedonia have been split from it. In Russia, the technique is to take over Russian Orthodoxy in the Ukraine, Estonia and to send its renovationist (modernist) agents, clerical or lay, into parishes in Western Europe and North America.

    Therefore, it is of use to know how the renovationist or modernist mentality can be discerned and how it psychologically manipulates and conditions its naïve, and not so naïve, adepts.”

  • Fr. Joseph

    Back in the 3rd century, “things” throughout the Church were getting “a little out of hand”. Lots and lots of people took it upon themselves to compose and circulate among the churches all sorts of spurious ‘gospels’ and ‘acts according to’ and allegde ‘epistles’ from all sorts of historically holy people.

    Now these imaginative ‘gospels’ and ‘acts’ and ‘epistles’ were finding their way INTO into the churches of God in their being read during the ‘Liturgy of the Word’ of the MASSES of the Western Church and the DIVINE LITURGIES of the Eastern Church.

    The BISHOPS of the Church finally got together and COLLECTIVELY said to one another ‘Enough Is Enough of this GARBAGE affecting the minds, hearts, souls and spiris of THE FLOCK entrusted to us!’

    So the BISHOPS took it upon themselves to SORT THROUGH all of these Gospel accounts, these Acts, these Epistles - and they GOT RID OF all the psuedo-Christian religous-fictional writings that were in circulation then - and VIOLA! - we wind up with the GOLDEN TREASURE of ‘The Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture’ - aka ‘The Bible’.

    Now IN one of those rejected as non-canonical ‘Gospel’ accounts, there is what is known as ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ - and our world’s Mass Media has gone out of its way to make a BIG DEAL out of it - and maybe MANY of RZN readers have gone out of their way TO BUY a copy of ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ in order to read it for themselves in order to obtain some sort of ‘New’ or ‘Secret’ Christian doctrine, dogma or spiritual knowledge for themselves.

    Since SO MANY in our contemporary World REJECT the Teachings of the Church and REJECT the Bishops of the Church - to INCLUDE that mean, old, nasty ‘Bishop of Rome’ who wants to ‘take over the World’ and who wants to ‘take over the Orthodox Church’ as well - let me USE ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ TO HELP everyone understand a wee bit of Spiritual Truth and Knowledge in the face of all of the satanic evils in which everyone is currenty immersed in our World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    There is this one ‘Saying of Jesus’ in the Gospel of Thomas which goes something very, very close like this - as I have to paraphrase from memory:

    “JESUS SAID, ‘If the body came into being on account of the spirit, that is a miracle. But if the spirit came into being on account of the body, that is a MIRACLE OF MIRACLES. But I (Jesus) am amazed that such Wealth should choose to live in such Poverty.”

    Here, we are meant to consider and ponder upon our own God-given and God-created HUMAN NATURES which in theological terminology is referred to as ‘incarnate spirits’.

    The Divine WEALTH that God has endowed us all with are our spirits wherein we find we are in possession of our MINDS and our FREE WILL.

    The Divine Riches of our FREE WILLS are impoverished, are rendered into spiritual ‘poverty’, via accepting intimidation, cowardice and indifference.

    The Divine Riches of our MINDS, our creative thoughts, our ability to think creatively, to consider that is good, noble, wholesome, healthy and sane are rendered into spiritual ‘poverty’ via our choosing to be ignorant and our obstinate refusal to look at, acknowledge, appreciate and accept TRUTH and the REALITY of our situation(s) and circumstance(s).

    And we are thusly kept IMPOVERISHED in making manifest the RICHES OF LIFE and the RICHES OF LIVING by our sloth, indifference, ignorance and RESIGNATION to living fearful and isolated lives.

    One man can discover how to make a tungsten wire filament powerfully GLOW in a vacuum by means of an electric current - but unless THE PEOPLES OF OUR WORLD accept their homes, public places and places of daily business BEING WIRED and equipped with LIGHT FIXTURES and willingly choosing TO USE the various sorts and types of LIGHT SWITCHES - the people CHOOSE TO ‘live in darkness’.

    Likewise with CHRIST and HIS HOLY SPIRIT!

    Unless people ACCEPT the HOLY SPIRIT into their homes, their places of business, their churches, their own lives - they ALL chose to ‘live in Darkness’!’

    And if THE BISHOPS of Christ’s Church recognize the engulfing spiritual darkness that has descended upon and spreading across our contemporary World of 2009 Anno Domini and the six billion human souls to whom God Himself has granted life - and if THEY refuse to collectively ‘Re-Wire’ our entire World for the Spiritual Light of God the Holy Spirit via a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia per the Mother of Eternal Light to and for all of Mankind - then what utter darkness that will be for ALL OF US members of the Human Race - and that INCLUDES the members of His Church Militant here on earth!

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Fr. Joseph

    In a thermonuclear blast, JEWISH SKIN bubbles and boils off the human body JUST AS GOOD as it does off ARAB skin, off PALESTINIAN skin, off RUSSIAN ORTHODOX skin, off SERBIAN ORTHODOX skin, off GREEK ORTHODOX skin, ‘CHRISTIAN’ ZIONIST skin, off the COLORED KENYAN skin of U.S. Government officials as well as the skin on PROTESTANTS and CATHOLICS.

    Now ‘The Torah’ or ‘The Talmud’ will NOT stop Jewish skin being BUBBLED and BOILED OFF Jews of any kind, of any sort, of any Jewish affiliation.

    The ‘Seven Ecumenical Councils’ will NOT stop Orthodox Christian’s skin from being BUBBLED and BOILED OFF any Russian, Greek, Syrian, Coptic or Serbian Orthodox Christian.

    Pastor John Hagee’s and other Protestant ‘Dispensationalists’ RAPTURE or their KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible will NOT stop their individual and collective skins from being BUBBLED and BOILED OFF in a thermonuclear blast.

    “A great plague will befall mankind in the year 2000. NOWHERE in the world will there be order, and SATAN will rule the highest places, determining the way of things. SATAN will even succeed in asserting himself AT THE TOP OF THE CHURCH.

    “He will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which IT WILL BE POSSIBLE TO DESTROY A LARGE PART OF MANKIND IN A FEW MINUTES.

    “SATAN will have in his power the leaders who command the people and who will incite them TO PRODUCE ENORMOUS QUANTITIES OF ARMS.”

    “GOD WILL PUNISH man more thoroughly than with the Flood…etc.” - quoting from

    Now then, with all of THAT having been said…

    IF the CATHOLIC BISHOP OF ROME along with the BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart as God’s NEW EVE to and for ALL OF MANKIND…

    …that all of that JEWISH skin, all of the ARAB skin, all of the PALESTINIAN skin, all of the ‘Christian’ ZIONIST skin, all of that EASTERN ORTHODOX skin, all of that PROTESTANT skin, all of that SKIN OF CATHOLICS the world over will “remain on their bones” and NOT get BUBBLED and BOILED OFF.

    Thank you for your attention on this ONE particular ‘Geopolitical Global Psycho-Spiritual and Religious’ issue in our World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    When ‘The Above’ SINKS IN - then ALL OF US can get back to our Tabloid TVs, our Tabloid Mass Media, our Tabloid News Reports, our Tabloid newspapers, our Tabloid Radio talk shows, etc.

    - Fr. Joseph

  • Jason Z.

    I think it’s sick that the Jew-run media, and our government itself is using “sympathy-mongering” tactics to program people to feel sympathy and be empathic towards the needs of homosexuals, while REAL people who have a conscience and good will are being persecuted and are suffering, but yet they get no attention, whatsoever.

    Has anyone noticed that homosexuals, all they care about is constant attention? They are parasites, just like the Jews, and they contribute nothing to the harmony or well-being of society. And they are some of the most EGOTISTICAL, SELFISH, PERVERTED, MEAN, DRAMATIC people on the planet! They have no conscience, no soul, and no morale.

    Why is everyone always giving attention and sympathy to the typical “gay kid in school who cuts himself, gets picked on all the time, and likes to dress differently and colour his hair differently than the other boys in school?”

    What about other people that get bullied, or persecuted, where absolutely NOTHING gets done, and it goes unspoken about!? Chances are, those people actually have no reason to be persecuted, except by jealous classmates, whereas the homosexual fag has every right to be persecuted and should NOT be tolerated by society.

    Speak up against the Gays while you can, because sooner or later, we will be imprisoned for even insulting someone based on their homosexuality.

    How have people so far detached their common sense and ability to reason?

    Average Americans have been so detached from reality and apathetic, that the average response to gay rights is “Oh well, let them have their freedom, live and let live”, and every other type of excuse to justify the rights of gays… Many years ago, this would be UNTHINKABLE, even in other golden ages of real prosperity of human civilizations!

    How many civilizations have been thrown into the abyss from experimentation with practicing homosexuality!? EGYPT, GREECE, ROME, ETC! Next on the chopping block will be America and then Israel will get what is coming to her too!

    Giving the homosexuals and gay families more power promotes a lot of very negative consequences, it even increases the sex-slave trafficking run by the Jews, as more gay families begin to adopt foreign born “imported” children, etc.

    What do you tell your children when they ask “Why don’t I have a daddy/mommy?”

    But, of course our quintessential homosexual-promoting teachers in our schools will be teaching children, “OK class! Today we are going to talk about a “new” kind of family”.

  • KathJuliane

    Dear Juan,

    I am not casting aspersions on Fr. Mcguire at all, his priesthood or his ministry, nor his heroism and his particular youth work, but meant it is a pitiful situation embedded as it is in the overall Judaizing “Entertainment” culture and their scatological obsessions in defiling everything they they lay a hand to.

    “Triple J is a nationally-networked Australian radio station intended to appeal to listeners between the ages of 12 and 25″, with a companion video company, something like MTV in the US.

    “The government-funded station is a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and broadcasts music, alternative, current affairs, and “youth culture”.

    As part of the extensive article on Triple J, Wikepedia states: Sunday Night Safran

    “Since 2005, John Safran and Father Bob Maguire have co-hosted a Sunday night talk show interviewing international guests, generally discussing serious topics like religion and politics.”

    This seems like a very straight-forward and sober-minded mainstream radio talk program from its descriptions, probably peppered with some humor and satire, and I applaud the good father’s endeavors in this particular “odd couple” program in reaching youth.

    The Filipino ‘Kristos’ do what they do out of a profound sense of faith, piety and strongly identifying with Christ and His passion personally. The few that submit themselves to the ordeal have spiritually prepared for a long time, and more than anything they do so out of love for Him, and see themselves joined to His suffering.

    Then this arrogant Jew TV personality sneaking in by lies and disguise, whether as Fr. MacGuire believes he was not being disrespectful or not, comes along and makes a complete mockery of Jesus, Christians, the Crucifixion, and Catholic Filipinos in general by reducing the ‘Kristos’ ordeal to some kind of stunt.

    Certainly Safran may have been “sincere” and “respectful”, but he was only in it for the self-aggrandizing experience of what it felt like in the entertainment genre of “extremism”, and nothing about faith. And that he had to disguise himself with an assumed name would seem to point to the idea that he knew that this was a very restricted and sacred ritual for the participating ‘Kristos’ to begin with.

    Nor does it seem that Fr. Mcguire knew anything of Safran’s “crucifixion” beforehand. In a followup interview below, at first he had no comment, and then later was very gracious.

    What was posted earlier is quoted directly from news.com.au link which I take to be a mainstream news source:

    “Photographs clearly identify the man as TV personality John Safran, who co-hosts a weekly comedy talk show Sunday Night Safran on ABC Radio’s Triple J youth network with Catholic priest Bob Maguire.”

    As followup:

    April 11, 2009 09:00am (Adelaidenow.com)

    “It has been reported on AFP that Safran, who identified himself as John Michael from Melbourne, joined three local men and one woman in being nailed to wooden crosses in Kapitangan town, just outside Manila.

    “The Triple J radio partner of comic John Safran, Father Bob Maguire, is not surprised the 33-year-old has had himself nailed to the cross in a religious ceremony in the Philippines.

    “Father Bob, who at first had no comment to make about his regular Sunday night radio partner, said Safran would have volunteered to be nailed to the cross in an effort to get a “forensic” insight into religious practices.

    “He would not have done it contemptuously,” Father Bob told AAP.”

    Surely, Father Mcguire’s graciousness is something to emulate. Reading between the lines, he was probably stunned speechless.


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