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Vancouver Aquarium - An Ocean Wise Initiative Vancouver Aquarium - An Ocean Wise Initiative

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Make a real difference

As a self-supporting, non-profit association, we are dependent on the revenue generated from our facility and the generosity of our donors.

Donate online, become a monthly donor, give a legacy gift, become a corporate partner - there are so many ways to help keep aquatic life flourishing.

Make a gift

Make a big impact now with a donation to support ocean conservation. Every dollar goes directly to the conservation of aquatic life.

Monthly giving

With even a small commitment each month, you can help us conserve aquatic life.

Adopt an animal

Symbolically adopt an animal for a unique gift and help us care for animals at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Give a Virtual Gift

Send a unique and sustainable gift today. Wide selection of items include “Urchin for an Otter”, “Collect Whale Snot” and more.

Legacy gifts

Supporting the Aquarium with a planned gift is a great way to ensure future generations will benefit from important aquatic education, conservation and research programs.

Become a corporate partner

Support the Aquarium through your company. Engage your employees, give back to protect our oceans and receive special levels of recognition.

Attend a fundraising gala event

Experience an event like no other while supporting the Aquarium. Wander through the galleries at night with food and drink in hand, as you marvel at the aquatic life.

Gift of securities

A gift of publicly-traded securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual fund units, is an efficient way to make a gift to the Vancouver Aquarium and have an immediate impact on our conservation, research, education and animal care programs.

Community Support Request

We also give back, the Aquarium donates to a wide variety of community groups, local charities and not-for-profits, particularly those with a focus on children/youth, education, people with disabilities and the environment.

When you symbolically adopt a member of the Vancouver Aquarium family, you’re giving a unique gift and supporting the conservation of aquatic life. Symbolic adoption helps us care for the animals at the Vancouver Aquarium, and helps to fund our many conservation, research and education programs. Give a gift that keeps marine life diverse and flourishing. In addition to feeling good about your gift, you will also receive an applicable tax receipt. Aquadopt Kits are available on-line and in-store at our gift shop.

Adopt a Beluga

Belugas capture the hearts of people young and old and inspire people to learn more about arctic animals and their habitat.

Adopt a Killer Whale

By adopting a wild killer whale, you will help ensure our conservation–oriented research will continue to be used to help protect these magnificent animals.

Adopt a Sea Otter

By purchasing this unique gift today you can support the care of the sea otters at the aquarium, our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and our mission to conserve aquatic life.

Adopt a Harbour Seal

By purchasing this unique gift today, you will be supporting the Marine Mammal Rescue centre as they care for animals in distress.

Adopt a Shark

By purchasing this unique gift today you will be supporting the care of the sharks at the aquarium, as well as a wide array of conservation, research and education initiatives to conserve aquatic life.

Adopt a Steller Sea Lion

Through this symbolic adoption, you are directly supporting the care of the animals at the Vancouver Aquarium as well as helping to fund Ocean Wise conservation and research initiatives.

Ongoing contributions made by our valued partners and donors are essential to our success and our efforts to conserve aquatic life. To the countless supporters who contribute to our conservation, research and education efforts, our team expresses immense gratitude.

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