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Amazing as tablets are, sometimes you need a good old-fashioned printout. Whether you need to turn in an essay at school or hang a flyer for a lost dog, being able to print directly from your tablet is far better than emailing yourself the file and trying to find a laptop.

That’s why we put together this list of apps and strategies for print from your tablet. We’re still likely years away from realizing the dream of the paperless office, so let’s make sure we can still get paper when we need it.

If you have an iPad and a relatively new printer, you may be in luck. Apple AirPrint allows Apple devices and compatible printers to work seamlessly together, so long as they’re on the same Wi-Fi network. (You can see if your printer is AirPrint-compatible by checking the extensive list on Apple’s AirPrint support website.)

How To Print from an iPad

Apple AirPrint Options

All you have to do is tap the Share or Settings icon in compatible apps, select the printer, choose the number of copies, and then tap print. Some printers may offer additional options; as you can see from the screenshot our Canon printer can print double-sided and in just black and white.

You’re not out of luck if you don’t have an AirPrint printer, as there are other options.

Print n Share Pro
.99, universal

This app aims to be almost the only one you will ever need because the features go far beyond the ability to print from your tablet. It also acts as a document manager and reader (similar in some ways to GoodReader), a file transfer utility (to make it easier to copy files to your iPad from your computer without a cable), and an email app.

The Pro version features include the ability to convert your documents to PDF, print your calendar or save it as a PDF in order to easily share it with others, and save web pages as PDFs. While there is a cheaper version available, the Pro version is worth the extra cost.

Printer Pro
.99, universal, free Lite version available to test printer compatibility

One of the most popular printing apps for the iPad, Printer Pro requires a free companion app on your computer in order to unleash its full potential. Works with email attachments, PDF, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Safari, and even Dropbox and Google Drive documents.

HP ePrint
Free, universal

Obviously you need a compatible HP wireless printer in order to use this app, but once set up, it allows you to send photos and documents to your printer from anywhere you have Internet access, not just your home or office network. A companion HP All-in-One Printer Remote app allows you to scan paper documents into your phone as well.

Google also has worked hard to make it easy to use a wide array of printers with Android tablets. The basic software is even built into recent versions of Android OS.

All that’s necessary to install the additional driver software is go to Settings > Printing > Add service, and choose the manufacturer of your printer (Brother, HP, etc.) For example, those who have a Canon Pixma would select Canon Print Service, then tap the Install button. Thereafter, choosing the Print option in any application will open a window with the standard printer settings: paper size, page range, etc.

How To Print from an iPad

Android Printer Settings

Another option is Google Cloud Print (which also works with Chromebooks, iOS, Windows Surface, etc.) The free service allows you to add compatible Internet-ready printers to your Google account so that you can print from anywhere with an Internet connection, not just in the same home or office. You can also share your printer with others.

Getting started is as easy as downloading the official Google Cloud Print app to your tablet from the Google Play store and then following the instructions. It works with email messages, photos, PDFs, and documents. You can also check the print status for jobs you’ve already submitted.

A list of printers compatible with Cloud Print is available on . Google Cloud Print also allows you to add “classic” printers to the service as well so you might not be out of luck if your printer isn’t on that list. These printers don’t have to be physically connected to a desktop or laptop, but printing will only be available when you’re on the same network.

Other printing apps with more options include:

PrinterShare Print Service
Free for up to 20 pages, PrinterShare Premium Key purchase required

Prints PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, email attachments and PDFs, web pages, and documents from the tablet as well as cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. PrinterShare includes ads and allows you to print pages on nearby network printers or via Google Cloud Print, or up to 20 pages remotely over the Internet. PrinterShare Premium Key costs .95, and it allows unlimited remote printing and removes the free version’s advertisements.

Free with ads, or pay .99 per year

Allows you to print photos and Microsoft Office documents, plus email attachments, and web pages. The service can print images from Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, and more, and it also works with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox files and web pages as well as plain text. When first installed the app only works with JPEG photos; registration plus a free ad-supported account are required to unlock the full app.

Those with a Windows tablet have two main printing options. The first is simply to connect your device to the printer with a USB cable and print away. If that’s a little too old school for you, models like the Microsoft Surface Pro series also work with compatible wireless printers on the same network. You can check to make sure that your printer is compatible on .

Install the printer under Windows 10 by sweeping in from the right of the screen, and going to All settings > Devices > Add a printer, tap on your printer when its name appears, then hit The Add device button. To print, tap on the three small dots at the upper right side of the screen, choose Print, select your printer, choose your desired options, and then tap Print at the bottom of the window.

The built-in print support works well, plus there are apps available for handling special-purpose printing.

DC Envelope Printer

If you need to print envelopes, this is the app for you. The basic app simply prints envelopes, but if you want to unlock the full power of the app, including mailing lists, and adding company logos to envelopes, you’ll need to unlock those premium features with in-app purchases.

.99, free trial available

This app works in conjunction with printers you have already added to the Google Cloud Print service, allowing you to view the printer status as well as information about the last 50 print jobs you completed. It also includes the ability to control print options such as color or black and white printing, landscape or portrait orientation, and a variety of paper sizes on supported printers.

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