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  • Magic Carpet Golf

    Reno, Nevada

    Elaborate 66-hole miniature golf course with scores of monsters, dinosaurs, pagan deities and other imaginative giant hazards. Built by Bill Koplin, the father of classic mini-golf.

  • Cadillac Ranch Driving Range

    Carson City, Nevada

    Car collector Garth Richards had too many Cadillacs, so he buried them end-up in his golf club driving range in a tribute to Cadillac Ranch.

Sights for Oddball Excursions

  • Bonnie and Clyde's Death Car
  • Toilet Paper Hero of Hoover Dam

    Boulder City, Nevada

    A statue immortalizes Alabam, a 1930s dam worker who cleaned the construction site outhouses.

  • Atomic Testing Museum

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Kids! 3...2...1...ka-BOOM! It's an atomic bomb!

  • Las Vegas - Mighty Mutant

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    The short life span of most Las Vegas attractions means you'll always have some place new to spend your money.

  • The Mob Museum

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    The city's very own chronicle of organized crime and enforcement, in a former courthouse.

  • Flaming Praying Mantis

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    40-foot-long steel Praying Mantis shoots fire from its antennae outside a shopping mall built of shipping containers.

  • The Little A Le Inn: Bar and Motel

    Rachel, Nevada

    Local watering hole since 1989 has doubled as a tourist attraction for fans of UFOs and nearby top secret Area 51. Time capsule buried outside by the crew of "Independence Day" in 1996.

  • Last Supper and Giant Pink Woman

    Rhyolite, Nevada

    Ghost town, Apostle shrouds, and a naked pink giantess at Rhyolite and the Goldwell Open Air Museum.

  • Scheels - Sportsman Attraction

    Sparks, Nevada

    The world's only sporting goods store with an indoor ferris wheel and animatronic President dummies. And a fudge shop.

  • Silver Queen

    Silver Queen

    Virginia City, Nevada

    Haunted hotel features a 15 ft. tall painting of a lady with a dress made of over 3,200 silver dollar coins.

  • Walk Through Hoover Dam

    Boulder City, Nevada

    Ride 54 stories down into the innards of the tallest arch dam in the USA. Expect to see giant machines, monster pipes, and several dizzying views.

  • Winged Figures of the Republic

    Boulder City, Nevada

    A pair of angular, giant figures of humanoids with wings stand 30 ft. tall, guard the American flag pole, and like to have their feet rubbed.

  • Thunder Mountain Park

    Imlay, Nevada

    A folk art environment of junk, bottles and concrete arrayed around the three-story house of the late Frank Van Zant, aka "Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder."

  • Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Attraction

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Get up close and grope the wax celebrities and world leaders. Special focus on the entertainers of Las Vegas.

  • Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hotel and casino complex includes 36-story pyramid and a replica Sphinx.

  • Giant Headless Statue Of Lenin
  • Most Photographed Sculpture in Las Vegas
  • Tunnel Of Love: Drive-Thru Weddings

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Get hitched in your car. It's one drive-thru window that probably won't screw up your order.

  • Heart Attack Grill

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Scantily clad, unregistered nurses dish out coronary cloggers to patients in hospital gowns, and help the most satisfied diners exit in a wheelchair.

  • Fake King Tut Tomb

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    After fake King Tut's appeal to gamblers faded at his original home in a Las Vegas casino, the million fabricated tomb and contents were moved to a real museum.

Offbeat Landmarks and Oddities

Choice field reports and tips. Or check out: .

  • Amargosa Valley: Area 51 Alien Travel Center and Brothel []
  • Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge: Last Refuge of the Devil's Hole Pupfish []
  • Blue Diamond:
  • Boulder City:
  • Boulder City:
  • Boulder City:
  • Boulder City: Tom Devlin's Monster Museum []
  • Carson City: Mummified Cat, Mine, Slot Machines []
  • Carson City:
  • Crystal Springs: Extraterrestrial Highway Sign []
  • Dayton: Republic of Molossia []
  • Elko:
  • Genoa:
  • Goldfield: International Car Forest of the Last Church []
  • Goodsprings: Haunted Pioneer Saloon []
  • Hawthorne: Hawthorne Ordnance Museum []
  • Hawthorne: Ordnance Sculpture - Bomb Whirligigs []
  • Hiko: E.T. Fresh Jerky []
  • Hiko: Alien Research Center []
  • Imlay:
  • Jean: Seven Magic Mountains []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Pinball Hall of Fame []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Kid-Friendly Mermaids in a Casino []
  • Las Vegas: Erupting Volcano []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Erotic Heritage Museum []
  • Las Vegas: Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign []
  • Las Vegas: Neon Boneyard []
  • Las Vegas: Hammargren Home of Nevada History []
  • Las Vegas: Statue of Elvis []
  • Las Vegas: Sin City Sindy: World's Largest Stripper []
  • Las Vegas: 40-Foot-Tall Dancing Woman []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Neon Cowboy: Vegas Vic []
  • Las Vegas: Glow-in-the-Dark KISS Mini-Golf []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Lucky Mustache of Hey Reb! []
  • Las Vegas: Mannequin Factory and Showroom: Buy Dummies []
  • Las Vegas: Slotzilla []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Giant Licking Cat Head []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant []
  • Las Vegas: Shark Tank Water Slide []
  • Las Vegas:
  • Las Vegas: Human Foot in Jar, Wax Last Supper []
  • Las Vegas: Big Rig Jig: Twisted Tanker Trucks []
  • Las Vegas: Mural: Horned Toad Sprays Blood []
  • Las Vegas: Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum []
  • Manhattan:
  • Overton: Valley of Fire State Park - Sci-Fi Locations Petroglyphs []
  • Overton:
  • Pahrump: Coffinwood []
  • Primm:
  • Primm: Al Capone's Bullet-Proof Gangster Car []
  • Rachel:
  • Reno:
  • Reno:
  • Reno: National Automobile Museum []
  • Rhyolite:
  • Searchlight: Tour a Gold Mine Still Gold-Lined []
  • Silver City:
  • Sparks: Last Chance Joe []
  • Sparks:
  • Tonopah:
  • Virginia City:
  • Virginia City:
  • Virginia City:
  • West Wendover: Wendover Will []

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