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“I have very much enjoyed both my tours with Caravan - lots of ‘bang for the buck’. Have recommended them to many, many people.”

Ms. P.C., Concord, California

“Panama was our third Caravan Tour. Everything Caravan does reflects value, customer service and great tours. We thank you for the education you provide your customers and we also marvel and appreciate what you bring to the communities visited. You work so well for the benefit of the hotels, transportation companies, and people. What you are doing is exceptional. THANK YOU!”

Mr. and Mrs. D.H., St. Louis, Missouri

“We came to see the Canal: The tour provided great exposure to the Canal and Panamanian culture. Really enjoyed the canal transit and the trips in the smaller boats. Would recommend this tour to anyone.”

Mr. G.G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

“This was our 3rd Caravan Tour, it lived up to expectations and exceeded them.”

Mr. D.B., Solon, Ohio

“We enjoyed the tour so much. Could not be better.”

Mr. and Mrs. I.H., Omaha, Nebraska

“Everything was interesting, well paced, and well done. This was my third Caravan Tour and I enjoyed it even more than the first two. Caravan provides a 1st class product at an affordable price.”

Mr. and Mrs. J.B., Hamilton, Ohio

“I can’t say enough good things about (the tour director). So hard working, always available and goes the extra mile in all situations. Brava! This tour is great...congrats to the people who planned it.”

Ms. G.T., Staten Island, New York

“My favorite part of the tour was the Panama Canal cruise, very impressive! Enjoyed every minute of my trip.”

Mrs. G.C., Alfred, Maine

“The hotels were all very nice, (and) each had something special. The meals were all very good. We had considered a cruise (and) we are sure glad we chose this tour. We got to see so much more. Each day was comfortably filled with such a variety. My advice to those looking at a Panama Cruise is to take your tour instead.”

Mr. C.C., Gardner, Kansas

“The meals and their locations were very nice. The stops were well timed and located. Caravan’s Panama Trip was of great value, interesting, well operated, and fun. Thank you so much.”

Mr. and Mrs. J.R., Beaverton, Oregon

“Enjoyed all the sights and activities, the right amount of time was given at each stop. The buffets had food for everyone (and) the choices were excellent. I would recommend Caravan Tours to anyone. I was taken care of every bit of the way. Great Tour!!”

Ms. T.G., Nampa, Alberta, Canada

“(This) was my first trip with Caravan and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for such a positive experience. The trip was wonderful.”

Ms. S.S., Venice, Florida

“The Canal construction was amazing. Came to Panama to see the Canal and it was great to see it from so many different ways. (I) had friends who had gone through the Canal on a cruise and said it was boring. They missed out on so much.”

Ms. L.C., Gardner, Kansas

“The hotels were excellent. Lots of great sights. I have been through the Canal on large ships, but I learned much more this time. This was my 3rd trip with Caravan and I am looking forward to the next!”

Ms. E.C., Jasper, Texas

“Good job seeing (a) different side of Panama. The Canal sightseeing was awesome. The Embera Village was excellent. Very pleased with the tour. Also toured Costa Rica with Caravan. (This was) another excellent tour.”

Mrs. J.C., North Port, Florida

“Each stop was of great interest, especially the Panama Canal. One cannot say enough about the tour dirctor. Excellent, well informed about the history and very helpful. Our first trip with Caravan and would definitely consider another trip.”

Mrs. C.A., Huntington Station, New York

“Really liked the restaurants throughout. Good mix of different types of activities. Loved the canal and that we got to go to two different locks, and then back again to see it at night. All in all I’ll never forget it. Loved everything! Thanks so much!!!”

Ms. S.T., Austin, Texas

“Visits to the Locks and boat trip through the Miraflores locks was excellent. Gatun Lake Cruise was fun. The use of small boats enabled us to get close to the islands and monkeys. Visit to Embera Indians gave us a bit of insight into and indigenous culture.”

Mr. and Mrs. D.H., Austin, Texas

“My main reason for the trip was to see the canal and I was not disappointed. The boat ride through the locks was the highlight of the trip. A very good tour.”

Mr. D.S., Piscataway, New Jersey

“No one could have (had) a better tour director. He was very knowledgeable about everything in Panama. He had a great personality and went the extra mile in making sure we saw as much as possible in Panama.”

Ms. S.B., Henderson, Nevada

“Hotels: Exceptional. Great seeing the monkeys, the Indian Village, and going through the canal. Great trip, I will recommend it to many friends and relatives.”

Ms. D.H., Burnsville, Minnesota

“The boat through the canal was excellent - much better way to experience the canal than from a huge cruiseship! This was our 1st Caravan Tour - it will not be our last!”

Mr. & Mrs. S.L., Kennebunk, Maine

“I had a great time on this tour. Hotels clean and comfortable, good views. Our tour director (and) bus driver made this trip so worthwhile. All sightseeing (and) activities were very well planned. Many memories for a life time to anyone. I will recommend this trip to everyone.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.S., Selma, California

“Always wanted to see the Panama Canal and was not disappointed. The additional activities added to the experience.”

Mrs. G.V., Brooklyn, New York

“Every hotel was comfortable. Tour Director was great. Where do you find these awesome people? I will remember them forever. They were so well informed, patient, (and) fun. Enjoyed all the Panama Canal experiences.”

Ms. K.H., Castle Rock, Washington

“(The) Tour Director rated highly when compared to tour guides on our 6 Caravan Tours. His extensive knowledge of both historical and contemporary Panama was most welcome...He is a plus to your organization. We have been impressed by all of the Caravan Tours we have taken. I am amazed how you can arrange for quality hotels, transport, and meals for a reasonable fee.”

Dr. W.B., Saint Petersburg, Florida

“Really enjoyed the Embera Village. Tour Director very knowledgeable about Panama and its history. You could hear the pride he has for his home country (and) his presentations (were) upbeat and interesting.”

Mrs. J.S., Marshfield, Wisconsin

“Like always, good use of time, interesting program. This was my third trip with Caravan and I was not disappointed! I signed up for the trip because I like the way Caravan runs the trips....Thank you for all you do!!”

Ms M.B., San Diego, California

“All the meals were delicious and presented well. I ate way too much. Excellent tour to...learn the history and workings of the canal. Saw so much! I will be sure to tell my family and friends about Caravan. Very well planned at a good price.”

Ms. K.H., Hot Lakes, Minnesota

“The sightseeing and activities were very good. The tour director provided wonderful and extensive information. I knew little of Panama before this trip. I am leaving with extensive information and a feeling of warmth for the people of Panama. Great 8 days, Outstanding tour director and driver!!!”

Mr. and Mrs. J.C., Libertyville, Illinois

“The Panama Canal - everything - history, visual, film, observing ships entering (and) leaving, (and) the boat ride through the canal - was wonderful - loved it all. The indian village was great (as well as) the Rainforest and Beaches.”

Ms. M.I., Morris, Minnesota

“Have found your company very careful and attentive to my travel needs. Enjoyed Costa Rica and this tour.”

Ms. J.S., Chicago, Illinois

“I enjoyed it all. Tour Director did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. Local Guide on the boat trip through the canal was (also) excellent. We learned a great deal and had fun. I think the entire trip was a success.”

Mrs. L.E.S, Mystic, Connecticut

“Hotels were more luxurious than I expected. I loved Monkey Island. It was one of my favorite experiences along with the Indian Village! This was a really nice tour.”

Mrs. L.B., El Paso, Texas

“I CAME TO SEE THE CANAL (and) the tours of the Canal were excellent, very informative and learned a lot. Monkey Island, riding through Panama City and the country of Panama was very interesting stuff. Enjoyed the tour very much.”

Mr. and Mrs. T.H., West Point, Nebraska

“Enjoyed travel with Caravan, our third trip with you. Our first was to Europe in 1968. We have used many tour companies in (the) past 40 years (and) Caravan still rates with the very best.”

Mr. and Mrs. D.S., Metairie, Louisiana

“Each hotel had something different to recommend it. Food was well prepared and tasty and (the) waitstaff was helpful and courteous. Sightseeing and activities were well panned. Very enjoyable experience (and) I always mention the good job Caravan does when telling others of our trip.”

Mrs. C.C., Fort Meyers, Florida

“Excellent selection (of activities) - never heard any negative comments. Tour director was very, very good. This was my first trip with Caravan and hopefully not the last. Thanks for a wonderful trip to Panama.”

Ms. R.R., McPherson, Kansas

“The hotels were actually more upscale that we would have selected (ourselves). The visits to the Panama Canal, the Locks, and the boat ride on the canal were very fascinating. For us, the visit to the Embera village was the best highlight of the entire week. This was an enjoyable trip.”

Mr. A.M., Browns Summit, North Carolina

“Sightseeing - very good. Spent right amount of time at each location. Enjoyed experiencing Panama Canal activity both from locks visits and from cruise on canal. Also enjoyed exposure to indigenous peoples at Embera Indian Village. Tour Director was well versed in Panamanian history and culture and delivered very illuminating commentary.”

Mr. D.F., Phoenix Arizona

“This was our first Caravan Tour but it will not be the last. We were very pleased and felt that we definitely got what we paid for and more. Way to go Caravan!”

Mr. and Mrs. A.M., Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

“We were very happy with our first Caravan tour. Food (and) accommodations were excellent.”

Mr. and Mrs. J.N., East Moline, Illinois

“Sightseeing gave us a real understanding of how (the) locks work on (the) Canal. Overall a very interesting and well-planned out tour. We enjoyed it as much as we have the other 4 tours we have taken with you.”

Mr. D.B., Winston Salem, North Carolina

“We enjoyed learning about the Canal form all perspectives. Visitor Center at the Mira Flores Locks was a great addition. The balcony off the 3rd floor dining room enabled us to watch as the gates opened and closed on the locks. We were enthralled the day we visited the Embera Indian Village on the Chagres River. We were impressed with the Caravan Tour to Panama. Without a doubt, we got our money’s worth. In fact, we don’t know how you put this tour on for the price you charge.”

Mr. and Mrs. O.N., Salt Lake City, Utah

“We had a wonderful time. Great intro to Panama.”

Mr. and Mrs. B.J., New Smyrna Beach, Florida

“Caravan Tours ROCKS! This was our 2nd trip, and we’d definitely go on another. They take care of everything from start to finish and bend over backwards to make you comfortable. The Canal was the main draw for majority of us and we got out money’s worth on that alone. The people on our tour were fun and felt like family by the time we said good-by. Ours was one wonderful experience - one I definitely recommend to others.”

Mr. and Mrs. G.T., Wilsonville, Oregon

“We saw an awful lot! Museums, Old Panama. New Panama, beaches, animals, culture, it was great. This was our first tour - We were concerned traveling on a schedule. But after this tour - we would do it again. It provided us with an opportunity to cover many areas without the hassle of driving. I look forward to our next trip. Great job Caravan!”

Mr. and Mrs. F.W., Santa Clara, California

“The Farewell dinner at the Miraflores Locks was a really special ending. The entire tour was well planned and interesting. It covered all aspects of Panama.”

Mrs. A.I., Bayside, New York

“The guide who was with us throughout the entire trip was from Panama and excellent, knowledgeable, and well organized. Clean comfortable bus with a wonderful, helpful driver. Definite highlight of this trip was the Panama Canal. Caravan arranged several different viewings. In summary, I think Caravan’s Panama trip is a wonderful value and a truly interesting destination.”

Mr. H.B., Cambridge, Massachusetts

“The hotels were great. This was my 3rd Caravan Tour. This was an exceptional value. This tour was much better than I ever expected! (On a) scale of 1 to 10, my rating: 10+.”

Mr. P.W., Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Nicely paced with good variety of sightseeing. All in all a great trip with lovely people. It’s all about the Canal!”

Mrs. M.G., Medfield, Massachusetts

“Sightseeing (was) excellent, all were very good. Cannot recommend a way to improve. Looking forward to (my) next Caravan trip.”

Ms. M.C., Las Cruces, New Mexico

“I felt l got and in-depth look at Panama and the Canal. The tour director is a gem. She was present and available and was willing to do extra work to find the answers to any questions we might have. This was my first all-inclusive tour and I was really impressed.”

Mr. C.B., Toms River, New Jersey

“We loved the Panama Canal, especially the two meals overlooking Miraflores Locks. We (also) had plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. This was my 3rd trip with Caravan and we look forward to our next adventure with you.”

Mr. and Mrs. G.G., Medfield, Massachusetts

“The entire trip was excellent!”

Mrs. M.M., Moscow, Pennsylvania

“Wonderful excursions. Enjoyed every place we visited. The canal was awesome. I am a travel agent, and I wanted to see the tour to possibly send others on the Caravan trip. We loved our guide and saw so much. I would definitely recommend this tour to my clients.”

Ms. K.C., Albany, Missouri


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