How to view old photo slides

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Photofresh provides a high quality, premium film and photographic scanning service that allows you to convert your precious old photos, slides and negatives into high quality digital images, all at an affordable cost.

New Zealand-wide Service

Photofresh provides a New Zealand-wide service, so wherever you are in New Zealand, you can take advantage of our efficient, friendly and high quality service for your photographic scanning and restoration needs, including slide scanning, negative scanning and photo scanning along with photo restorations for damaged photos.

All Film Formats

We are able to scan all types of slides, negatives and photos, including 35mm, 126 and 110 formats and even specialty formats, such as medium/large format negatives and APS cartridges. So simply send uour films to us and we'll scan them for you and then return them to you along with the digital images on disk so that you can preserve your precious memories and enjoy them once again. Our process makes it easy for you.

High Quality ... Value 'All-Inclusive' Pricing

Even though we provide a high quality service and deliver outstanding results, our value 'all-inclusive' pricing means that it's not expensive to preserve your precious memories and protect them from further decay and damage while bringing them into the digital age, so that you can once again view and enjoy them using today's latest media technology.

Give your precious photographic memories a new lease on life by bringing them into the Digital Age!


Remember those old boxes of
slides packed away in storage?
Now you can give them a new
lease of life and enjoy them
once again.
More ...

We can create beautiful digital
images from your old negatives.
We can scan most negative
sizes and formats, including
medium and large format.

Don't let your old photos fade
away. Preserve them with our
photo scanning service and give
them new life! We can scan most
types of photos up to 8"x10".

Got an old and damaged photo
that you'd like to restore?
Our photo repair and restoration
service will bring your faded
and damaged photos back to life.

We can scan most formats
including 35mm, 126, 127, 110
slides, 35mm, 110, 126, 120/220
medium and large format
negatives. Also APS Cartridges.

Check out our value 'all inclusive'
pricing. We also offer volume
discounts for bulk quantities



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