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For the machine pistol variant, see . For similarly named weapons, see  and .

The is an American semi-automatic featured in almost every installment of the . It is the most frequently shown weapon in the series.



Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United OffensiveEdit

"A standard issue pistol for American paratroopers, favored by British airborne forces as well. The 7-round magazine is small, but the stopping power of the large .45 caliber round makes the Colt useful in a pinch." — manual description.


The Colt .45 is the standard sidearm during all American and British campaign missions. It is a very powerful weapon in close quarters, but its effectiveness over range is limited.

In Call of Duty: United Offensive, the replaces the Colt .45 as the standard sidearm in the British Campaign.


The Colt .45 is the sidearm used by the American infantry. It has a seven-round magazine, relatively low accuracy and does average damage. It is most useful when the player does not have time to reload their primary weapon, or if their primary weapon is a bolt-action rifle and they need to engage enemies at close range.


Call of Duty 2Edit


The Colt .45 is again the standard sidearm during all American campaign missions. The weapon is given to the player in the missions "" and "". It is more powerful than the version in the original , doing almost 50% more damage at close range and double the damage at long range. The Colt .45 reuses the weapon sounds from Call of Duty. 


The Colt .45 in multiplayer is much weaker than in the original . It is still a decent pistol for use as a last resort, particularly if the player's primary weapon is out of ammo, or if the enemy is very close, but its effectiveness is severely limited over range.


Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneEdit

"With a design by John Moses Browning, this pistol was the standard U.S. combat handgun for over 70 years. .45 caliber 7+1 round clip." — Description

The Colt .45 (referred to as M1911 Colt .45 in the Bonus Materials) is the standard sidearm for American soldiers in multiplayer levels. It is handy when the player is reloading or when the player is out of ammo for their primary weapon.

When the player gets eight points in a match, they get the ability to use two Colt .45 pistols at once (similar to ) in the class, albeit with very limited ammunition.

Once the player gets sixteen points, they get more ammunition. The dual Colt .45 pistols are very effective when enemies are close, taking out three or four enemies easily. Despite its advantages, the Colt .45 is not used often by online players, as other weapons outmatch it in terms of accuracy, damage and rate of fire.


Call of Duty 3Edit

"Caliber .45ACP. Single action, semi automatic pistol adopted by the U.S. military prior to WWI. Powerful and rugged, the M1911 holds seven rounds in its magazine. Effective range of 50 feet." — In-game description

The Colt .45 (listed as Colt M1911 in the Bonus Materials) appears in Call of Duty 3, and is only available in multiplayer.


The Colt .45 is the sidearm of the . It has equal power to the Thompson M1A1 due to it firing the same cartridge, and is capable of killing within three to four shots. It has a magazine capacity of seven rounds, which is less than the . However, it has a faster reload than the P-38, which compensates for its smaller magazine capacity.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare RemasteredEdit

"Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close range." — Sidearm description


The M1911 .45 possesses and a seven-round magazine. It is a starting side arm in "", "", "", and "", but also appears in "", in which Marines sometimes draw it when their primary weapon runs empty while under fire. It can very rarely be found in "". If the "give all" is used in "", an M1911 .45 with much greater zoom than normal can be obtained.

In "Safehouse", Captain Price uses an M1911 .45 to execute after he is interrogated (though the sound of a shot is used instead of the regular M1911 .45 sound). In "Sins of the Father", uses an M1911 .45 to commit suicide after being cornered by Bravo Team.

In the level "Game Over", is seen using a nickel plated M1911 .45 while dragging  to safety. A nickel-plated M1911 .45 can also be seen in the armory in the level "". The M1911 .45 plays an important role in "Game Over", when Captain Price slides his M1911 .45 across the bridge to Soap, who then proceeds to kill and his guards with the pistol.

The nickel-plated M1911's texture is of much higher quality than that of the standard M1911 seen in the majority of the game.


The M1911 .45 has stats that are similar to the , even sharing the ammunition pool. Like the USP .45 and the , the M1911 kills in 3-5 shots depending on distance, with improving this to 2-4 shots. Compared to the USP. 45, the M1911 .45 has a lower magazine capacity (The M1911 .45 has 8 rounds, where the USP .45 has 12), less muzzle climb, shorter range, and higher hipfire accuracy, leading to a pistol that has a very different play style than the USP .45. Compared to the , the M1911 .45 has identical hipfire accuracy, better range, but a much smaller ammo capacity. Like the M9 and USP .45, it can be fitted with a . 

The M1911 .45 does not appear in . However, it does appear in the gamemode for , with Old School Mode attributes such as a 16-round magazine. 

In Modern Warfare: Remastered, the M1911 .45 appears as the 1st weapon in . 

Weapon AttachmentsEdit


For camouflage images, see . For attachment images, see .

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit

M1911 .45 CoD4

The M1911 .45 in first person

M1911 .45 Iron Sights CoD4

Ion sights

M1911 .45 Reload CoD4


M1911 reloading Nickel CoD4

Reloading the nickel-plated M1911 .45 available via console commands

M1911 Black model CoD4

Third-person model of the M1911 .45

M1911 Nickel Plated model CoD4

The nickel-plated model in third person

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredEdit

M1911 .45 MWR

The M1911 .45 in first person

M1911 .45 ADS MWR

Aiming down the sights

M1911 .45 Reloading MWR


M1911 .45 Inspect 1 MWR

Inspecting the M1911 .45

M1911 .45 Inspect 2 MWR

Inspecting the other side

M1911 .45 Inspect 3 MWR

Pulling back the slide

M1911 .45 Empty MWR

An empty M1911 .45

M1911 .45 Model MWR

The M1911 .45's model

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Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

"American semi-automatic pistol with a high capacity. Effective at close range." — Description


The Colt M1911 appears in some of the missions as the player's standard sidearm. The M1911 is a good weapon to draw quickly if the player's main weapon runs out of ammo. The player receives the Colt M1911 in the missions "", and "". will sometimes draw his Colt M1911 in the campaign. It should be noted that pistols in the campaign have much higher recoil than their Multiplayer counterparts, as well as a restricted rate of fire, which hinders their effectiveness.


The Colt M1911 is one of the available sidearms, along with the , the , the , and the . As with all pistols, the Colt M1911 is best used as a last resort weapon. It is the default pistol. Like all other non-Magnum pistols, the Colt M1911 holds eight rounds. The base damage and multipliers of the Colt M1911 are exactly the same as the Nambu, Tokarev, and Walther. The M1911 only differs from these pistols in minor characteristics, such as reload time and accuracy of the iron sights. Choosing a pistol in the game is purely a matter of personal preference, and no pistol can definitively be declared better than another.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

In , players always start with the Colt M1911. It is a decent weapon for the early rounds, but even then it sometimes requires an entire magazine to kill a zombie. There is a variant of the weapon that has much higher damage, though it is only obtainable through .

In , the Colt M1911 can be Pack-a-Punched via the , turning it into a re-skinned M1911 with the name "C-3000 b1at-ch35". The weapon fires rifle grenades instead of regular rounds, and has a six-round magazine. It is similar to the , but somewhat weaker. The Pack-a-Punched version causes lethal splash damage, and has a much slower rate of fire than the regular version.

In the iOS , the upgraded M1911 does not harm the player. The same goes for the .

M1911 vs. C-3000 b1at-ch35Edit

Colt M1911 C-3000 b1at-ch35 M1911 WaW C-3000 b1at-ch35 WaW Damage 20 1000 Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Rate of fire 800 max 75 max Magazine size 8 6 Max ammo 80+8 40+6 Reload 1.9, 2.65 empty 1.9 Mobility High High Extras Fires grenades with much higher damage, smaller magazine size, slower rate of fire



Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS)Edit

The Colt M1911A1 Pistol is essentially the same as the console versions, with the same accuracy, power, and recoil, but has a different name. The pistol looks similar to the one in Call of Duty 2 with a similar looking grip safety. The DS version also holds seven rounds unlike the console and PC version, which holds eight.

The Colt M1911A1 Pistol can fire as quickly as the player can pull the trigger button. There are two on the DS, and the player can rapidly push both, gaining a rate of fire higher than any of the automatic weapons in the game. However this tactic makes aiming impossible and will empty the magazine in less than a second.


In Multiplayer, the Colt M1911A1 Pistol is the standard sidearm for the American faction. Like in Singleplayer, it holds seven rounds in the magazine which, coupled with decent damage and low upward recoil, make it an overall good sidearm.


Call of Duty: ZombiesEdit

The Colt .45 is the starting weapon in the iOS game. It is rather weak and only good for the first few rounds, but it seems to have increased damage compared to its PC/consoles counterpart. Because of the slow rate of fire and small magazine size, it is best swapped out as soon as possible but this can be ignored partially in Der Riese, given the fact that the Pack-a-Punch machine yields the same result as in Call of Duty: World at War. The C-3000 b1at-ch35 is still present so players might want to keep the Colt .45 to Pack-a-Punch it.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

"Price? This belongs to you, sir." — , as he hands 's M1911 to him in ""


The M1911 .45 that Soap has in is the same one which was used to kill during the mission "" in . Soap carries an M1911 .45 in "" on his holster.

In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mission "", Soap returns it to Captain Price saying "This belongs to you, sir." This is a reference to the aforementioned mission "Game Over" in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In "", it is visible on Price.

The M1911 .45 is also visible in "", where it is used by a member to threaten .

The M1911 .45 can be seen in the holsters of people from the various factions in-game. However, it can only be used in the bonus level, "", from the case in the first room (with , "Cliffhanger"/"", and the "Takedown"/"" showcases, etc.), although it can be seen being wielded in "".

It is not treated like the rest of the sidearms in that the player's movement is slower while aiming down the sights, which is similar to movement with an . The automatic empty reload has a very noticeable delay before it begins. The Colt .45 is one of three guns only usable in Campaign (the other two being the and ).


A player using a sniper rifle as their primary weapon will have an unusable M1911 .45 handgun in a holster on either their belt or side.


M1911 MW2

The M1911 .45 in first person

M1911 Firing MW2

The M1911 .45 being fired

M1911 Reloading MW2


Soap's holstered M1911 Cliffhanger MW2

Captain climbing up the mountain with a holstered M1911 pistol

M1911 in Ghillie Sniper's holster MW2

A dead Ghillie sniper with a holstered M1911

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Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

The M1911 is mostly the same as its previous versions; sporting high damage at close ranges, but low damage and fair idle sway beyond. Its iron sights are near-identical to that of the Call of Duty: World at War version. There are two different possible appearances of the M1911; in the campaign, it has its standard parkerized finish appearance, while in multiplayer and Zombies, it uses a nickel-plated finish.


It is first seen in "" when  points it at , only to find out it was only in his mind. It is the standard sidearm of the and in the campaign. It can be seen in "" where it is used by a Marine who is struck by an artillery shell as is transported to the bunker. This is also when it first becomes available.

In "", the player uses the M1911 found on the floor of the where the mission starts. It is used to kill the who killed the pilots of the Huey. It remains with the player throughout the initial, stealthy part of the mission until Mason detonates the , where it is replaced by a and a . However, the Wii version retains the M1911 instead of the WA2000.

The M1911 later appears in the mission "". It is given to the player with a attached in the first building, and can be swapped out for a Soviet weapon for use in breaching the next building. After the sequence, it is replaced by a with Variable Zoom.


The M1911 is an unlocked pistol at level 1 along with the and in the default classes. It takes three shots to kill an enemy at close range and five shots to kill an enemy at medium to long range. All three sidearms have the same damage and multipliers. What sets them apart is that the ASP has a higher max firecap, lower recoil and faster reload and drop time, the Makarov has a slightly larger magazine capacity (albeit with a lower Extended Mag capacity), and the M1911 has the quickest time to aim down the sights, at 0.1 seconds. This means the Makarov is superior, capacity-wise, to the M1911 with most attachments. However, the M1911 with Extended Mag gives it more ammunition than all other starting pistols, though at later levels it is eclipsed by the , which has 18 rounds with . However, the M1911's visual recoil can be easier to manage than the CZ75's visual recoil, which can throw off a player's aim. The M1911 also aims down its sights faster, making it still a viable choice if the CZ75 is available.

The M1911 is technically the least effective handgun with , although it has the same firecap as the default ASP with the attachment. As with no attachments, dual ASPs have superior reload and draw time, dual Pythons have superior damage, and dual Makarovs and CZ75s have superior capacity. Additionally, the Makarovs have the same faster draw time as dual ASPs, and the Pythons have better hipfire spread.

This weapon is also used in the "" game mode as the only available weapon, along with the .

The M1911 is also the default pistol for the perk, as it is used in Second Chance if the player does not have a handgun as their secondary weapon, or is using one with Dual Wield or . Interestingly, if the player dies in last stand using the default M1911, and not a custom M1911 for that class, the death will not be counted in M1911 stats.


The M1911 is the starting weapon in all Zombie maps (with the exception of ) with eight rounds loaded in the first magazine and 32 rounds in reserve. It functions exactly as it does in Call of Duty: World at War. It is the weakest weapon available, and is only good for the first few rounds.

Although it is very ineffective at killing, it can be used for generating points for the first rounds, though with the lack of reserve ammo and inability to buy more ammo off the wall, it runs out of ammo very quickly.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it is renamed the Mustang & Sally. This upgrade gives it the Dual Wield attachment, firing grenades instead of regular bullets at the cost of the individual magazine size decreased to six and a decreased . These pistols deal a lot of damage, which is on par with the Ray Gun.

The grenades are quite powerful, having a five second fuse time or exploding on impact and can be a one-hit kill as far as into round 17, provided the projectile as well as the splash damage hits. However, the projectiles also deal splash damage to the player, making a good perk to have if the player will be using the Mustang and Sally a lot. The M1911 cannot be obtained from the wall or from the ; it can only be obtained upon spawning. The Mustang and Sally is a less efficient, more powerful alternative to the . Each shot fires larger explosives that deal more damage, making it great for clearing crowds in open areas. They serve as an effective "panic weapon" when overwhelmed by a large crowd of zombies. If one shoots continuously directly at the ground, the blast radius can free a player with ease up into higher rounds. 

If the player gets downed in Solo and has bought , the player receives the upgraded version of the M1911, Mustang and Sally, while being revived. This will not apply if the player has a Ray Gun, , , , or CZ75.

M1911 vs Mustang and SallyEdit

M1911 Mustang and Sally M1911 1st Person BO Mustang and Sally Damage 20 1000 + 1200 splash damage-75 explosion Multiplier head: x3.5
chest: x1.25
abdomen: x1.1 N/A Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Rate of fire 625 RPM max 300 RPM max Magazine size 8 6 (12 in ) Max ammo 80+8 50+6/6 (50+12 in ) Reload 1.63, 1.8 empty 1.6 Mobility High High Extras (except in COD:BOZ, where the magazine is larger instead), fires grenades, slower rate of fire, smaller magazine, less ammo, minutely faster reload time, retains yellowish white muzzle flash



For attachment images, see . M1911 Singleplayer 1st Person BO

The M1911 in singleplayer

M1911 1st Person BO

The M1911 in multiplayer (note the nickel plating)

M1911 reload Blops

Reloading the singleplayer M1911

M1911 Reloading BO

Reloading the multiplayer M1911

M1911 Cocking BO

Picking up the M1911

M1911 Dive to Prone BO

Diving with the M1911

M1911 Side View

Side view of an M1911

M1911 3rd Person BO

Third person view of the multiplayer M1911


Render of the M1911

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Call of Duty: Black Ops ZombiesEdit

The M1911 appears in on every Zombies map as the starting weapon. It doesn't have the nickel plating like the Call of Duty: Black Ops M1911. When Pack-a-Punched, unlike in the console versions, it will not be dual wielded, but the magazine holds 12 rounds instead of six.


Find MakarovEdit

Price slides his M1911 to Soap, who kills Zakhaev with it.


Find Makarov: Operation KingfishEdit

An M1911 is seen on a table during 's briefing with .


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

The M1911 appears briefly in , but is not usable. It is first seen in the as an injured John "Soap" MacTavish drifts in and out of consciousness, in a flashback to shooting in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In "", the player can see the M1911 holstered on some of the terrorists and a few soldiers are seen with a shoulder-holstered M1911 at the end of the mission before leaving Westminster Station.

Later, in "", after Soap has died, John Price places his M1911 on Soap's body and takes his .

It can also be seen in the chest holsters of American Soldiers, SAS operatives and some throughout the campaign.


Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

"Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close range." — Description


The M1911 is available at the start of the campaign, and it is the starting weapon for Alex Mason in the mission "". It has vertical, bouncing recoil, and does roughly the same damage as its Call of Duty: Black Ops variant. However, its effectiveness compared to its previous iterations is severely diminished, as the bouncing recoil pattern makes it extremely difficult to hit targets under sustained fire. It is used as well by the Mujahideen as their secondary weapon in "", and uses it during 's interrogation in this mission; if he resists the numbers,  will execute Kravchenko with an M1911. It is also seen in the holsters of Secret Service Agents with a nickel-plating.

The M1911 makes an apperance in the Strike Force mission Second Chance. Chloe uses it when she is rescued by the SEALs and is on her way to the evacuation point .



The M1911 is a starting weapon in every Zombies maps excluding the DLC map , where it was replaced by the . The M1911 in Black Ops II does not use the nickel-plating seen on Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is only good for the first few rounds due to its short ammo supply and tendency to run out fast without any readily available ammo source. It can, however, score a few points if used in conjunction with the knife. Nevertheless, it pales in comparison to the starting room weapons and should probably be traded off for a better weapon as soon as possible.

Should a player hold onto the M1911 long enough to Pack-a-Punch it, the M1911 will become the Mustang & Sally. Like the Call of Duty: Black Ops variant, it is dual-wielded and can fire powerful explosive grenades in rapid succession, although overuse will quickly lead to ammo depletion.

In the game mode , it is the sixth and last weapon to be obtained by the human.

M1911 vs Mustang and SallyEdit

M1911 Mustang and Sally M1911 BOII Mustang and Sally BOII Damage 20 1000 direct impact, 1200-75 explosion Multiplier head: x3.5

chest: x1.25 abdomen: x1.1

N/A Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Rate of fire 625 RPM 300 RPM Magazine size 8 6/6 Max ammo 80+8 50+6/6 (100+6/6 Wii U version) Reload 1.63, 1.8 empty 1.6 Mobility High High Extras , fires grenades, slower rate of fire, smaller magazine, less ammo, and a minutely faster reload time.


For attachment images, see . M1911 BOII

The M1911 in first person

M1911 BOII

M1911 found in a soldier's holster

M1911 holstered BOII

Another better view (note the white grip instead of the ordinary brown)

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Call of Duty OnlineEdit

The M1911 returns in as the MK1911. Unlike previous games, this version has a unique integrated . A variant, the , appears in the game as well.



MK1911 CoDO

The MK1911 in first person


Aiming down the red dot sight

MK1911 Reload CoDO

Cocking the weapon

MK1911 Cocking CoDO


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Call of Duty: GhostsEdit

The M1911 makes a brief appearance on the . It is holstered on the left torso and appears to be the same M1911 had in the Modern Warfare series.


Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareEdit

"The classic 1911 pistol returns as the first new secondary to be introduced to Advanced Warfare. This pistol has stood the test of time, being used as the standard issue firearm by the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It’s known for having low recoil and works great at a close to medium range. The 1911 has four variants, and the base weapon is unlocked for Create a Class once one of the variants has been unlocked via Supply Drops or Advanced Supply Drops. It’s a great secondary weapon to have on-hand when you run out of bullets in your primary." — Sledgehammer Games description


The 1911 has been added to Xbox One on September 29, 2015, and to PS4 and PC on October 29, 2015.

The 1911 is a high damage per bullet pistol, having the highest damage among all secondary pistols that have sustained fire rates. At any range shorter than thirteen meters, the 1911 will deal 52 damage, dealing a two hit kill. This is the longest two hit kill of all secondary pistols. At any range between thirteen and fifteen meters, the 1911 will deal 34 damage, taking three hits to kill. At any range past fifteen meters, the 1911 will deal 25 damage, taking four hits to kill, two in Hardcore, or a three hit kill if all three bullets hit the head, neck, or upper torso, or a one shot kill in Hardcore if the bullet hits the enemy in one of the aforementioned regions. The 1911 will not have a two hit kill to the head, neck, and upper torso between thirteen and fifteen meters, but the 1911 will do so easily to injured opponents. In spite of high damage per bullet, the 1911 has low , meaning that the user will likely fail to shoot through any surface bar glass windows.

The 1911 has an odd rate of fire. It is semi-automatic, but the firecap is extremely high, at 800 RPM. This is identical to the . Firing at 800 RPM will give the 1911 an almost unparalleled damage output inside its two hit kill range, but since the 1911 has a short magazine, it would be wise to moderate the fire rate to a slower amount as to not burn an entire magazine within a second.

The 1911 has odd accuracy as well. The iron sights are simplistic, and the recoil profile is very small. However, the 1911 has a pitiful 750 centerspeed, with the centerspeed and recoil profile the Atlas 45 uses. The low centerspeed again encourages users to moderate their fire rate, as the 1911's centerspeed will allow the 1911 to pull quite some distance away from enemies in spite of low recoil numbers when firing fast.

The 1911 has odd handling traits for a pistol. While it moves at 100% of the base movement speed, the 1911 takes 0.2 seconds to aim versus the typical 0.125 seconds that most pistols have. The 1911 has the typical hipfire spread on most pistols. To make up for the slower aim speed, the 1911 reloads quickly, taking 1.2 seconds to the 1911's regular reload, and 1.7 seconds to reload cancel the 1911's . These speeds are almost identical to the Atlas 45, with the 1911 performing regular reloads quicker. Overall, the 1911's handling traits are pretty good, but the longer aim speed may not suit the fancy of some.

The 1911's biggest weakness is its magazine capacity, at a very short seven rounds. This magazine capacity is the smallest of all magaizne-loaded pistols by quite some margin, and the 1911 suffers immensely from the shortcoming. Thankfully the fast reloads can help mitigate this issue somewhat, and is available. The 1911's small magazine capacity also makes the 1911 have only 28 rounds to start with, one of the smallest such ammo loadout in the game. A weird weakness of the 1911 in this regard is that the 1911 has the smallest reserve ammo loadout of all pistols when using , with a maximum of 42 rounds in reserve, although Extended Mags can easily alleviate that issue.

Another unique weakness of the 1911 is that, when first switched to, the cocking animation will be played, similarly to some primary weapons when being and the , and unlike the other pistols. In a pinch, this can cost a 1911 user who didn't previously do so his or her life. using and/or completing the animation as soon as the player spawns in can easily solve this problem.

The 1911 has a limited attachment selection, as all optical attachments are not available, although most of the useful attachments remain available. Extended Mags, as already mentioned, is a great attachment to use to help alleviate the 1911's ammunition weaknesses, increasing the painfully short magazine capacity to ten rounds and increasing the starting ammo loadout appreciably.

is an odd attachment on the 1911. The damage output at close range reaches unprecedented levels, but the hipfire accuracy leaves something to be desired from such phenomenal potential, and the 750 centerspeed will have a toll on the player's accuracy when firing up to 1600 RPM, pulling upwards harshly.

The will increase hip-fire accuracy marginally. This is best used in tandem with the Royalty variant, which already increases hip-fire accuracy by twenty percent, for a total 27% percent increase in hip-fire accuracy. The helps detect suppressed weapons fire when the 1911 is currently in use. This attachment can help in keeping better track of enemies that use stealth tactics to conceal their positions.

The is functionally useless, making it unreasonable to use.

The is a dangerous attachment on the 1911. The 1911 relies heavily on a ranged two hit kill, something that the Suppressor antagonizes. This is reason enough to avoid using the Suppressor on the 1911. On the other hand, helps in maximizing two hit kill potential, increasing the two hit kill range to about fifteen meters.

The 1911 has mostly good variants to use. The Royalty variant has two powerful effects: it increases movement speed to 105% of the base speed, and tightens hip-fire accuracy by twenty percent. Both effects are extremely powerful in the case of the 1911: a light, close quarter powerhouse. As a penalty, the recoil per shot is increased by ten percent, a small price to pay for two great advantages.

The Single Stack gives an additional reserve magazine, while increasing recoil by ten percent. Again, the increased recoil is a small price to pay for a useful advantage. The Single Stack is potentially the best 1911 variant when not using Scavenger because of the extra reserve magazine.

The Forty-Five Caliber variant has two positive effects: it increases the minimum damage to 28, and the firecap is increased to 857 RPM, with the firecap not being reduced when using the Forty-Five Caliber Akimbo, whereas all other 1911 variants have their firecaps reduced. As a downside, the Forty-Five Caliber has one less reserve magazine. The Forty-Five Caliber is best used in tandem with Scavenger in order to compensate for the reduced reserve ammo, and is a good candidate for Akimbo due to the increased firecap over all other 1911 variants Akimbo.


Supply Drop VariantsEdit

Note: Fire Rate values for supply drop variants apply to both normal and Akimbo 1911.

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes Single Stack Enlisted Starting ammo: 7+28 View Kick +10% Forty-Five Caliber Professional Damage: 52-34-28
Fire Rate: 857 RPM Starting ammo: 7+14
View Kick +10% Royalty Elite Movement speed +5%
Hipspread −20% View Kick +10% Hammer Bite Legendary Hipspread −20% Movement speed −5%
Range: 425-600 Integrated Extended Mags


For supply drop variants images, see .

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIEdit

The 1911 was added to  multiplayer on May 23, 2017. It is depicted as the regular M1911, albeit with a different name and with a more "modern" design to it, with an addition such as the night sights. This weapon can only be acquired through the .

The 1911 is a high damage per bullet handgun. After a buff, It now deals 50 damage at close range, resulting in a fast two hit kill. However, the damage drops off to 22 at its maximum range, resulting in a consistent hit kill at longer ranges. The 1911 is best used at closer ranges considering the huge damage dropoff at medium to longer ranges. This damage output is the highest out of all of the handguns in with the exception of the and the .

The rate of fire on the 1911 is very similar to that of most of its counterparts in other Call of Duty games, clocking in at about 625 RPM, which is similar to most of the other handguns available in Black Ops III. The high RPM allows for quick shooting, which may prove very useful considering the extremely low recoil on the weapon and the very high damage profile.

The 1911's weaker point is the ammunition capacity, clocking in at only 7 rounds per magazine, though the attachment extends the capacity up to 14, making the attachment very useful on the 1911, and can allow for prolonged shooting and more spare ammunition.

On July 10th, 2017, the 1911 along with the AK-74u was added to the  versions of , , , , , , and as the starting pistol once again, replacing the . It functions exactly the same as it always has, with only aesthetic differences.

Should a player hold onto the 1911 long enough to Pack-a-Punch it, the 1911 will once again become the Mustang & Sally. Like in previous games, it is dual-wielded and fires powerful explosive grenades in rapid succession, although overuse will quickly lead to ammo depletion.

It also appears as a silhouette visible on the Respin Cycle , along with the . It also appears on the Arms Grace and Disordery Combat with the , as well as on the Armamental Accomplishment and Near Death Experience GobbleGums. On , during the loading screen, and are seen holding the 1911 instead of the used in-game.

In the map , once the player activates the easter egg, the teddy bear on the balcony by the can be seen holding a 1911 along with a bottle.

1911 vs Mustang & SallyEdit

1911 Mustang & Sally M1911 BO3 Mustang & Sally BO3 Damage 20 1000 + 1200 splash damage-75 explosion Multiplier head: x3.5
chest: x1.25
abdomen: x1.1 N/A Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Rate of fire 625 RPM max 300 RPM max Magazine size 8 6 Max ammo 80+8 50+6/6 Reload 1.63, 1.8 empty 1.6 Mobility High High Extras , fires grenades, slower rate of fire, smaller magazine, less ammo, minutely faster reload time


M1911 BO3

The 1911 in first person

M1911 ADS BO3

Aiming down the sights

M1911 Reload BO3


M1911 Pickup BO3

Picking the 1911 up

Respin Cycle GobbleGum BO3

Respin Cycle GobbleGum

Arms Grace GobbleGum BO3

Arms Grace

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Call of Duty: WWIIEdit

"High damage semi-automatic pistol with moderate recoil." — Description

The 1911 appears in .


The 1911 is commonly used by members of the as their sidearm of choice. It is part of the starting loadout for all levels except "", "", "", "", and "". In "", the player's 1911 has a attached to it.


The 1911 is a high-damage handgun in WWII. It is able to kill an enemy in two shots at a very close range. It is limited by a 7-round magazine, a slow rate of fire and high recoil. Advanced rifling or extended mags are good attachments to use, either extending the two hit kill range or mitigating the small magazine slightly. With the other weaknesses of the gun still prevalent, however, it is recommended not to use this weapon outside of a close range, as a backup sidearm, as its inaccuracy proves to be detrimental rather quickly.  In Hardcore game modes, the weapon is capable of being much more effective. The 1911 is capable of a one-shot kill at all ranges, unless firing through cover. As a handgun, the weapon boasts handling traits which rival or best most other guns in the game; it has a fast sprint-out time coupled with a near-instantaneous ADS time, along with decent hipfire accuracy. In this sense, the 1911 can be used almost as a primary to net one-shot kills at any distance, as its faster handling can beat out most other guns at close ranges and continues to be competitive out until medium range. As long as the player can get the first shot on target to secure the kill, the recoil and slow rate of fire cease to remain problems, and the gun can be used very effectively as a pseudo-primary of sorts.


Nazi ZombiesEdit

The 1911 is one of the selectable default starting weapons in Nazi Zombies, and is also found in the Mystery Box in all maps. In comparison to starting pistols in other Zombies modes, the 1911 in Nazi Zombies is considerably strong, akin to the in , capable of killing a zombie in round 1 with 3 body shots.

When upgraded with the , the 1911 becomes the Bacon and Eggs. This upgraded variant grants Akimbo pistols that shoot explosive bullets. Unlike the Mustang and Sally in Black Ops games, or other similar Pack-a-Punched starting pistols, the explosive splash of the Bacon and Eggs do not harm the players, even without the Flak Jacket mod. This makes the weapon incredibly viable in high rounds, as there are no risks of self-inflicted damage.


1911 WWII

The 1911 in first person


Aiming down the iron sights

1911 Reload WWII


1911 Inspect 1 WWII

Inspecting a side of the 1911

1911 Inspect 2 WWII

Inspecting another side

1911 Suppressor WWII

The 1911 with a suppressor

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Edit

An M1911 is seen in the cutscene of the Specialist mission "The Blurred and the Breathless Dead". Additionally, a promotional artwork shows firing an M1911.


Call of DutyEdit

  • While aiming down the sights, it is not possible to see the front sight.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneEdit

  • When using the sights, the player may notice a small gap in the textures on the left side of the hammer, allowing the player to see through the weapon.

Call of Duty 3Edit

  • The M1911 is held in one hand whilst held at the hip, but when aiming it is held with two hands.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit

  • During the beta, the gun was called "M1911 Colt .45".
  • When is executed by Price with an M1911, the firing sound of the is used for dramatic effect.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

  • When the player upgrades the M1911 in Der Riese, and has no other weapon, he will pull out a second one instead of having no gun.
  • The numbers and letters in the name of the Pack-A-Punched version of the Colt M1911 reads "Biatches", a slang term for bitch.
    • "C-3000 b1at-ch35" translates to "See-3000 biatches" or "See 3000 bitches."
  • In the Nintendo DS version, there is no trigger guard or trigger in third-person.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

  • When the M1911 is out of ammo, it has a different and slower holstering animation.
  • In "", if the player points the gun at a friendly just before the empty reload sequence cuts in, the gun will not reload.
  • When the player sprints with the M1911, it completely disappears.
  • There is a delay on reloading the gun in "Museum".
  • In the Polish version of the game, in the level "The Gulag", the M1911 can be found in the armory, unlike in the versions of the game in other countries.

Call of Duty: Black OpsEdit

M1911 beta

The unused single player model from multiplayer beta.

  • The M1911 in multiplayer has a unique empty reload. During an interview with the developers, one of the developers discussed the fact that they had been taught how soldiers reload their handgun one-handed, which is what it was based on in the game. Dual Wield M1911s also have a unique draw animation.
  • On the Nintendo Wii version, the M1911 has a different firing sound, sounding much like the M1911 from .
  • The Ascension scientists in "", "", and "" all have M1911s holstered that use the Call of Duty: World at War model.
  • On the Nintendo Wii version of multiplayer and , the M1911 lacks the nickel-plating, instead retaining the original design used in the campaign.
  • On the cover art of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the soldier is holding two M1911s, the left one with the name 'Sally' engraved into it.
    • The achievement "" is a reference to the M1911 on the cover-art for the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops ZombiesEdit

  • The player will get an extra magazine when starting out, so instead of having eight bullets and 32 in reserve, they have eight and 40 in reserve.
  • The weapon's slide is off, leaving the hammer hitting to the left of the appropriate point, Oddly, this is fixed upon Pack-a-Punching the weapon
    • The slide's misplacement doesn't affect the iron sights, which are still on point.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit

  • When cocking the hammer in , Mason's shadow doesn't appear, but the M1911's does.
  • Secret Service Agents, LAPD, Colossus Security and Militia can sometimes be seen with the Call of Duty: Black Ops version of the M1911.
  • The words "Presented on August 13, 1934" are present on the side of the gun.
  • In Zombies, in the first person view, the player holds the Mustang and Sally at an angle.

Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareEdit

  • The 1911 Single Stack erroneously states a reduction in fire rate and an increase in handling.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIEdit

  • When picking up the 1911, the player cocks it with one hand.
  • The slide does not lock back when the magazine is depleted; the playable character manually cocks it when performing an empty reload.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredEdit

  • "M 1911 U.S. GOVERNMENT CAL .45" can be seen engraved on the left side of the pistol slide.
  • "CAL.45 ACP" can be seen engraved on the shell ejection port.
  • "CAL .45" can be seen engraved on the bottom of the magazine.
  • "MODEL OF 1911 U.S.A" can be seen engraved on the right side of the pistol slide.
  • "No̱ 153280" can be seen engraved in the right side of the pistol above the trigger.


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