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Recently, I had the great pleasure of happening upon this very informative post about iphone spying that does requires no jailbreak. The blog specializes in how to spy on text messages and iMessages, particularly those of an iPhone or iPad which can be useful for parents who want to monitor the children and employers want to monitor their employees.

The growing need for cell phone monitoring is nothing that is being ignored in the Internet community. I see more and more of these blogs pop up every day all with new and informative information.

Their main focus appears to be parents who need to monitor their teenaged sons and or daughters and employers who need to monitor employees who are not anchored in the office all day on desk jobs. Anyone who is a parent can certainly understand the need for having such a valuable tool at their disposal. Teenagers have far more at their fingertips these days then any one did 30 years ago.

Employers who cannot monitor their employees on a constant basis, such as those that employ delivery personnel and service personnel, find an increasing need for the use and need of cell phone monitoring applications such as the one contained in the blogs I have found.

If you have indeed to monitor cell phone for any reason whatsoever you may want to check out, which also very informative. It is loaded with helpful tips and tricks that will assist anyone in spying on a cell phone.

Another good site to take a look at is

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