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WELCOME TO Big Savings on Galen and Barbara Rowell Fine Art Prints!

, , and are at the heart of Mountain Light, a multi-faceted business established in 1983 by Galen and Barbara Rowell. Mountain Light Gallery welcomes the public, and Mountain Light’s stock photography department houses an edited collection of hundreds of thousands of Galen’s and Barbara’s color photographs, which have been broadly published in leading publications such as , , , , , , as well as in advertising, countless books and calendars, and in websites and online media.

Mountain Light is located in , south of on . In the Bishop Gallery we feature Galen’s best images from the High Sierra and Eastern Sierra as well as images from around the world. We also offer taught by leading outdoor photographers such as , and , and held in the stunning landscape and at world-class locations throughout the American West. Our workshops are widely regarded to be among the very best in the business.

, , , , , , and are available at the gallery as well as through this site.

Mountain Light Press designs and produces camera-ready book packages of Galen’s photographs and text for major publishers such as and .

Please be sure to visit the page for our latest information, upcoming events, etc.

All images © 2017 Galen Rowell / Mountain Light Photography, Inc.

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