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Date: 12/31/2002 Time: 6:00:56 PM   BombGp: 391 Squadron: 574 Years: 1944. My father; still living, was assigned to the 391st / 574th in Nov. of 44; his aircraft was shot down on the morning of Dec. 23rd, 44. I understand that only one person did not survive this incident. My father's memory is not very clear of the whole thing, but what he could tell me was he thinks the missing person was the Nav-Bombardier "J.J McNamara", my father's position was that of Engineer-Gunner "Dom Lucero", the Radio-Gunner was a "J.J. Hancock", with the Pilot being "P.L. Woods" and the Co-Pilot being "C. Letzring" I would very much like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of his crash on that day, as he had to spent many months in the hospital before discharge, and I would like to gain any photos of his group while there in Europe. I have a photo of my dad's crew but I believe this is state side upon graduation. My Father received the Purple Heart while in the Hospital, however, someone remove it from his pillow, and he has not gone after it. Can this be re-presented. My father continues to be very active as Past Commander of his local post with the American Legend. I would like very much to see him receive this medal in a military fashion. His four boys all served with-in the US Services, with his second serving in Vietnam 69-70; "82nd Airborne". Any information would be great ! Hope you have a wonderful New Year Sincerely, Gerald Lucero


Herewith the information you are seeking. On the morning mission to Ahrweiler 23 December 1944 your fathers crew consisted of:

  • 2.Lt P L Woods pilot
  • 1.Lt R S Spangler copilot
  • 2.Lt J J McNamara bomb/nav
  • Cpl J J Hancock radio/gunner
  • Cpl D Lucero engineer/gunner
  • Cpl F J Christensen armourer/gunner

Subjected to fire from enemy fighters, and badly damaged the B26 and its crew managed to return safely to Roy/Amy

The B26 missing with 2.Lt C Letzring was crewed by

  • 1.Lt B L Ryan pilot
  • 2.Lt C Letzring copilot
  • 2.Lt A V Rouse bomb/nav
  • S/Sgt T L Dean engineer/gunner
  • S/Sgt T Netecke radio/gunner
  • S/Sgt C R Trapp armourer/gunner

You will note that the copilot Lt Letzring was flying with another crew that day.

Trevor Allen
Historian, B26.com
Date: 2/30/2002 Time: 5:34:50 PM   Class: 64 Location: Cornell. Glad someone else has made the name proud.... Dave Gleason Must be referring to , 456/323 Date: 12/29/2002 Time: 8:51:22 AM   BombGp: 17th Squadron: 34 Years: 1945 Location: Germany. 23.03.1945, Pilot First Lt. Ray Dudley; B-26B plane number 42-95786; 7 POW; crash Unterцwisheim, near Bruchsal 1. TAF. I would like more information about this event. Andreas Charvat Date: 12/27/2002 Time: 5:55:18 PM   S/Sgt Howard W. Young BombGp: 320 Squadron: 442. Can anyone tell me the color scheme and markings of the 320th BG, 442BS on or abouts January 29, 1944. In particular I am looking for a description of my uncle's plane 42-95763 which was shot down on that date. I am also curious as to why there was a Radio Operator and a Special Radio Operator on board at the time. The crew consisted of Pilot, Copilot, Bombardier, Engineer/Gunner (my uncle), Radio/Gunner, Special Radio Operator and Tail gunner. Thank you. Bob Young Date: 12/27/2002 Time: 1:45:36 PM   To: Mr. Trevor Allen, Historian, b26.com. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for the marvelous work you have done in preserving the "Memories" of the Martin B-26 Marauder and ALL of the crew members who flew aboard them during WWII. Without people communicating and sharing their "Memories" the B-26 Marauder crew members would have MOST likely just faded away into Historical Oblivion. Moreover, Mr. Allen, without YOU and Mike, a lot of us would have NEVER been able to read with amazement about the lives and memories about and of these Marauder Men. Each time that I visit this Website, I always take time to look at the NEW additions (both the Postings and the Pictures). May God continue Good Health for both you Mr. Allen and Mike so that this Website continues to GROW and EXPAND into the distant future. Along with ALL of these Marauder Men being my Heroes, I want you to know, I add you Mr. Allen and Mike to my "Heroes" list as well. Mr. Allen, some time ago, you sent my Father, Jack Hastings, a copy of the Combat missions he had flown with the 322nd B.G., 449th B.S. Although you were only able to find 58 of his 70 missions, he has made sure plenty of copies of the LOG were circulated to other Family members. Again, thank you Mr. Allen for your work in this Amazing endeavor. My father, Jack Hastings celebrated his 82nd Birthday on 22 November 2002 and is doing great. He can also be contacted at the above address. Frederick Lee Hastings Date: 12/25/2002 Time: 3:29:09 PM   Enjoy your site. I am the son of George B. Simler who flew with the 322 Bomb. Group, 451 Bomb. Squadron. While on vacation in England my wife and I located his old base, now known as Andrews Field which is a museum dedicated to the men who flew and maintained the B-26. George B. Simler V. Date: 12/25/2002 Time: 9:25:40 AM   S/Sgt. Malcolm D. Enlow Sr. BombGp: 322 Squadron: 449 Years: 43/44. My father was a Engineer Gunner, first with the 322BG, then later, because the crew he was with had experience, They were moved to the 494th BG. when it arrived in England. He came back to the States before the 494th moved to France having completed 73 missions. Dad kept in touch with Duke, Bill and Henry from his crew from right after the war until his death. In the mid eighties we got the opportunity to meet George Pilot, and Jack co-pilot. All began flying together at Barksdale and remained a crew through their 73rd mission, Aircraft I have heard mentioned were: "Lights Out" ( a picture of Hitler being hit with a boxing glove), and the other ship was "We-Dood-It" (They had a mission to fly and they did it) I attended two different 322 reunions with Bill, Jack, Henrey, and my Dad, West Point, and in Bosier City, Louisiana. I have never met a more honorable group of men as the Marauder men I met at those two conventions. Dad passed away May 1, 1993, I can not remember a day in his life he didn't mention the B-26, his time in England, or his friendships he made from his experience during the WWII era. Merry Christmas to all the First, and second Marauder generation families, and may God Bless. also I am looking forward to adding what ever I can from Dad's B-26 records and pictures on later dates. Malcolm D. Enlow Jr. Malcolm,

Your email interests me in that the crew remained together not only in the 449th, but also with the 494th.
Crew I have was:

  • 1st.Lt George B Beckes
  • F/O Jack L Hancock
  • 1.Lt Harry C Huber
  • S/Sgt Malcolm D Enlow
  • T/Sgt William Lopatin
  • S/Sgt C T Drake

You mention a B26 named "Lights Out", this is new to me, was it in the 449th or 494th BS "We Dood It" was a 449th BS ship.

The following may be of interest. Your father and his crew served with the 584th.BS 394th.BG and I have pulled a few of his early missions.

  • 26 Mar 44 Ijmuiden: Moreland, Hancock, Hall, Nielsen, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 11 Apr 44 Charleroi: Moreland, Hancock, Zurbrick, Hall, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 12 Apr 44 Dunkirk: Maj Whilhite, Hancock, Hall, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 18 Apr 44 Dunkirk pathfinder mission: Col Hall, Hancock, Huber, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 25 Apr 44 Bonnieres construction works: Backes, Hailey, Huber, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 25 Apr 44 Frevent: Backes, Daves, Huber, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke
  • 26 Apr 44 Ghislain marshalling yards: Backes, Slavic, Huber, Enlow, Lapotin, Duke.
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 12/24/2002 Time: 6:36:56 PM   My uncle, Malcolm D. Enlow Sr., was in a b-26 unit in ww11. Darwin S. Enlow Date: 12/24/2002 Time: 6:14:27 PM   James H. Davidson BombGp: 323 Squadron: 456 Years: 44-45 Class: 43J Location: Lubbock TX. Just saw your web site. Will send more info later. Flew 44 missions as pilot over France and Germany. Was shot up and seriously wounded on 44th. Landed in Brussels RAF base March 21, 1945.   James,

21 Mar 45: Target Haltern road junction: A/C 708 WT-B:
1 Lt James H Davidson, pilot
2 Lt W.L. Shivel, copilot
S/Sgt C.J. Phillips, toggler
S/Sgt J.N. Heliman, engineer/gunner
S/Sgt A.L. Walton, radio/gunner
Sgt J.P. Sicker, armourer/gunner
1 Lt G.R. Wolfe, passenger

Subject to intense accurate flak at bomb line, pilot wounded diverted to A-58 Brussels. Pilot hospitalized, rest of crew and plane returned to base with bomb load.

How about telling B26.com the full story of this mission?

Merry Christmas,
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 12/24/2002 Time: 6:53:48 AM   If you are an Ex SAAF pilot looking for old friends please have a look at [web site 404] Herman Pieterse Date: 12/21/2002 Time: 11:46:00 PM   BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 1942-45. My father was Myron "Whitey" Sterngold, a captain in the 451st bomb squadron 322nd bomb group. I think his plane was "idiots delight" but not sure--there were so many. I have a number of photos of him and his squadron. I can upload one of him and his dog who accompanied him in his flights. He always went to his squadron reunions and loved being with the guys. It was a very special time for him. He died in 1986, just before his 70th birthday of heart and kidney failure. He flew many missions. How do I get his war record? I also have a site where I took photos of his flight jacket which I am now trying to get restored. Thanks for setting up this site. Susan Sterngold   Susan, Your father is well known amongst those who know of the 322nd BG, 451st BS. He did fly "Idiot's Delight" Regards, Trevor Allen, historian, b26.com Date: 12/21/2002 Time: 6:14:45 PM

My Dad, Don Rump, was a tail gunner in a B-26. He had over 50 missions. I would love to find some info on his planes, his picture is in front of the Snafu, he also flew in Big Ass Bird, and O'Rileys Daughter. I would love to get some pictures to print for him. He never talks about this much but I know it means a lot. He is a good man. Becky Dunn

Becky - your dad served with the 319th Bomb Group in the Mediterranean area. At this moment it is not possible to pinpoint his squadron as the three B26's you name, "Snafu", "The Big Ass Bird" and "O'Riley's Daughter" were from three different squadrons. Regards, Trevor Allen, historian, b26.com Date: 12/21/2002 Time: 3:40:31 PM   I am chairman of Boxted Airfield Historical Group in England. We would like to make contact with as many 386th men as we can or their families. We are holding a fly-in on the old airfield on 30/31 August 2003. We would like as many to attend as possible as our guests. Richard Turner Date: 12/19/2002 Time: 3:44:51 PM   My dad was a B-26A instructor at Barksdale and test pilot at Wright-Patterson. The purpose of this inquiry is to locate accurate information on the aircraft's performance, as well as that of the B and C Models. The published airspeed figures in Jane's and in Martin Aircraft by Breihan, Piet, and Mason seem too low. So I am looking for more accurate numbers. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Robert Breidenthal, Jr. Date: 12/20/2002 Time: 3:07:09 PM   Louis G. Thorwarth BombGp: 322 Squadron: 449 Years: 41 to 45 Date: 12/20/2002 Time: 9:57:49 AM   Jo Carter Anderton BombGp: Squadron: Years: 42-45 My father, 1st. Lieutenant Jo Carter Anderton was a B-26 pilot stationed at Earles Colne prior to the invasion. He is now deceased, and as fate would have it, I have become involved with a woman whose father was also a B-26 pilot during the war. Dad would never discuss his war experiences. I have his Air Medal and DFC. If you have any pertinent info, or know where I might go to find it, I would appreciate the lead. Thank you, Wade Anderton Date: 12/19/2002 Time: 7:25:13 PM

The following passage is from a sermon by John Hagee:

I want you to close your eyes and picture in your mind the soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starved from lack of food, wounded from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war. He stands though, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us now in anger and disgust and tells us this...

  • I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it.
  • I fought in the snow barefoot to give you the freedom to vote and you stay at home because it rains.
  • I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech and you remain silent on critical issues, because it might be bad for business.
  • I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you and it has stolen democracy from the people.
  • It's the soldier not the reporter who gives you the freedom of the press.
  • It's the soldier not the poet who gives you the freedom of speech.
  • It's the soldier not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate.
  • It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag!!!

"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our U.S. ground troops in Afghanistan, AND all over this world. Date: 12/18/2002 Time: 9:08:58 PM   Howard W. Young BombGp: 320 Squadron: 442. I am looking for Clifford R. Conrad 2nd LT 0-XXX891 who on 1/29/1944 witness the crash of 42-95763 off the coast of Ladispoli, Italy. My great uncle SSgt Howard W. Young was aboard at the time. Seven parachutes where seen to open but no survivors were found. Bob Young Date: 12/16/2002 Time: 9:36:25 PM   Ronald F. Shepard BombGp: 397 Squadron: 598 Years: 1944-Mar 1945. Uncle Lt Ronald F. Shepard 397Gp/598Sq crashed March 18, 1945. MARC13140, B26 Serial #42-96160. Buried Lorraine American Cemetery, St Avold, France. Attached photo dated 14 Feb 1944. Left wife and baby boy (Pittsfield, Mass) -Paul Murphy Date: 12/15/2002 Time: 10:54:01 PM   Ted H Mains BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451st Years: 42-45. Tail Gunner.... Went to England in August 1943 (Stationed at Braintree ) Came back to States September 1944. 63 Combat Missions.

Linage. Constituted 451st Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 1g Jun 1942. Activated on 17 Jul 1942. Inactivated on 11 Dec 1945.

Assignments. 322d Bombardment Group, 17 Jul 1942-11 Dec 1945.

Stations. MacDill Field, Fla, 17 Jul 1942; Drane Field, Fla, 22 Sep-14 Nov 1942; Rattlesden, England, 1 Dec 1942; Rougham, England, 22 May 1943; Great Saling, England, 12 Jun 1943; Beauvais/Tille, France, c. 23 Sep 1944; Le Culot, Belgium, 6 Apr 1945; Arolsen, Germany, Jul 1945; Clastres, France, Oct 1945; Camp Kilmer, NJ, 9-11 Dec 1945.

Aircraft. B-26, 1942-1945.

Operations. Combat in ETO, 17 Jul 1943-24 Apr 1945 Disarmament of German Air Force, Jul-Sep 1945.

Campaigns. Air Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe; Air Combat, EAME Theater.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: ETO, 17 July 1943-24 Jul 1944. Date: 12/15/2002 Time: 4:08:15 AM   Capt. Dana B. Elliott BombGp: 320 Squadron: 442 Years: ?- 1943. I am trying to find any information on my father's cousin Dana B. Elliott. All I know is that he was lost on May 9,1943 during a mission somewhere. I have just found the information about his squadron and group as well as the date he was killed. Where did it happen, were there any surveyors, who was in his crew? Since all other family members have passed away, I would like to know any information that is available. Thank you, Richard Ford

Richard, Captain Dana B Elliott served with the 442nd Bomb Squadron 320th Bomb Group. On May 9th 1943 while on a mission to bomb Palermo harbour, Sicily his plane caught fire possibly during a gas transfer and crashed into the sea. Two parachutes were seen, but no survivors were found.
Trevor Allen, historian

9 May
NAAF: During 8/9 May, NASAF Wellingtons bomb Villacidro, Elmas, and Decimomannu A/Fs, and NA TAF Bisleys, bomb troops and vehicle concentrations in Hammamet-Nabeul-Menzel Bou Zelfa-Soliman-Tazorhrane areas. During day, B-17's, with P-38 escort, bomb Palermo; B-26's follow immediately with attack on same tgt. Fighters fly sweeps over battle area, provide cover for destroyers, strafe barges, bomb buildings in battle area, strafe trucks between Hammamet and Soliman and bomb landing ground near Menzel Temime. LBs and MBs also bomb shipping, hit concentrations in battle area and in town of Soliman, and bomb A/F on Pantelleria. US II Corps receives unconditional surrender of enemy troops in its zone.

Lineage: Constituted 442d Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 19 Jun 1942. Activated on 1 Jul 1942. inactivated on 6 Dec 1945.

Assignments. 320th Bombardment Group, 1 Jul 1942-4 Dec 1945.

Stations. MacDill Field, Fla, 1 Jul 1942; Drane Field, Fla, 8-28 Aug 1942; Hethel, England, 12 Sep 1942; Tibenham, England, 1 Oct 1942; La Senia, Algeria, 9 Jan 1943; Tafaraoui, Algeria, 28 Jan 1943; Montesquieu, Algeria, 14 Apr 1943, Massicault, Tunisia, 29 Jun 1943; El Bathan, Tunisia, 29 Jul 1943; Decimomannu, Sardinia, c. 9 Nov 1943; Alto, Corsica, 20 Sep 1944; Dijon/Longvic, France, 11 Nov 1944; Dole/Tavaux, France, 2 Apr 1945; Herzogenaurach, Germany, 22 Jun 1945; Clastres, France, c. Oct-27 Nov 1945; Camp Shanks, NY, c. 4-6 Dec 1945.

Aircraft. B-26, 1942-1945.

Operations. Antisubmarine patrols in Mediterranean, Feb-Mar 1943; combat in MTO and ETO, 22 Apr 1943-1 May 1945.

Campaigns. Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Anzio, Rome-Arno; Northern France; Southern France; North Apennines; Rhineland; Central Europe; Air Combat, FAME Theater; Antisubmarine, EAME Theater.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citations: Italy, 12 May 1944; ETO, 15 Mar 1945. French Croix de Guerre with Palm: Apr, May, and Jun 1944. Date: 12/14/2002 Time: 8:49:13 AM   Harold R. (Red) McClanahan BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 42- My Dad was a pilot of the B26. He just had his 80th Birthday. He Flew with the 386 Bomb Group 555 Squadron and Flew the Yankee Guerilla. Flew 17 missions before shot down and spent 17 months in prison camp. I would love to find anyone who knows about this group. I was privileged to go with him to a 50TH reunion in Baltimore, MD and meet some of you. All you guys were a kickass group, cut from the same leather. God Bless you all. Date: 12/14/2002 Time: 2:50:39 AM   Cpl. Thurman L Stephens BombGp: 387th Squadron: 559th Years: 1941 1945 My dad was a mechanic in the 9th USAAF. I have a picture of him and his group standing in front of a b26 named Booger Red II. It was taken in England during WWII. I have lots of pictures of B26's. One is the 559 engineers with60 men standing in front of a b26 that has a dog smoking a cigar and wearing a hat (Mississippi Mudcat). I can see the last numbers on the tail, 657. Another is Suzy Bee, I think as a kid he told me it didn't come back. Dad is now in a nursing home 83 years old, but tears of joy came to his eyes when I showed him the old pictures yesterday.  He has Alzheimer's but still recalled a few names. Do you know much about this group? Regards Jack Stephens Date: 12/12/2002 Time: 7:32:41 AM   As a Marauder researcher I would to make a suggestion that at all times: in question and answers the complete "tail serial number" is quoted, and where possible also the "plane in squadron codes" e.g.: 131947 YA-D, and not the abbreviated number using the last three digits: 947. Some series of the tail serials do double and treble up on the last three digits, so the last three digits are not enough to identify a particular aircraft. Sample: 131947 YA-D 134947 RU-K 295947 P2-U Thank for a Great site. Best wishes for the New Year to all Marauder Men Kindest regards John P. Maljers Date: 12/7/2002 Time: 2:22:27 PM   T/Sgt Thomas Tate BombGp: 25 Squadron: 654 Years: 43-45 I am looking for information about a B26G that was assigned to the 25BG 654BS. It was a night recon unit and had only one B26. The airplane was called "SuperSnoop" ( I think ) My father-in-law (TSgt Thomas Tate ) was a member of the crew from sometime late 44 until the end of the war. Also in your intro you did not mention the B26 role in the Aleutians. Thanks for the web site I have enjoyed it. Jimmy O. Walker
The 73rd and 77th Bomb Squadrons come before the 22nd Bomb Group calenderwise.14 B26's of the 77th BS flew north to Elmendorf, Alaska in January 1941. On arrival half their B26's were transferred to the 73rd BS. During April, May, June 1942 pilots from both squadrons flew south to collect 24 B26's which were shared between the two squadrons bringing them up to operational strength. Trevor Allen
Date: 12/7/2002 Time: 7:58:23 AM   Louis and Carleton Rehr BombGp: 323rd Squadron: 456 Years: 1941-45 Class: 42B Location: Kelly Field, TX. 323rd BG veterans and their families. We are seeking donations to establish a tribute to the men of the 323BG who served at Laon-Athies from October 1944-Feb. 1945. Working with a good friend in Laon, we would like to place a stone or plaque at Samoussy, France, adjacent to the Laon-Athies airbase. The mayor of Samoussy is also eager to help. If there is interest, we will move forward with the project. Please contact Lt. Colonel Louis S. Rehr 323rd BG 456th BS Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 9:28:15 PM   My Dad was co-pilot of the B-26 in the Battle of Midway. He is still alive but in poor shape now at 83.  I am attaching a copy of the picture that was taken right after the Battle of M-this is a news photo showing the crew and the only thing tangible that was left of the plane-the sign "Susie Q".  He said they stopped counting bullet holes at the #2000 because there were too many holes in their plane. I do not have a computer at my home in NC-I am visiting here only until Day after tomorrow.  I will access a computer at our library but not often if you want to contact me. Pam Villines Severn Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 9:14:15 PM

I am interested in Captain Harter as he went to my high school (I graduated in 1996 and am currently in medical school) in Canada for one year. I am trying to help the school collect as much information as possible about veterans who served during the world wars, especially those who were killed or decorated. The information is (eventually) posted at the following website http://kilby.sac.on.ca/ActivitiesClubs/Cadets/Cadets.htm - The school's website is www.sac.on.ca I had just received and read his IDPF from the Army. I had sent away the request in February and had thought it had gotten lost! Anyway, I am trying to learn as much as I can and thought that somebody reading your website might know something about him or his a/c. Thanks for your concern and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

P.S. I am considering contacting the National Personnel Records Center, but since I am not a family member I was wondering if the information they would give me would make it worthwhile?

Justin Lindquist

Date: 19 February 1945
Target: Railroad Bridge at Neuwied, Germany
B26: 43-34208 W (Un-named)
Capt Martin Harter - pilot
2.Lt Shaldon Spector - copilot (prisoner of war)
1.Lt Robert Brugman - bombardier/navigator
2.Lt John Therkeldsen - bombardier/navigator
S/Sgt Joseph Stube - radio/gunner
Sgt Harvey Johnson - engineer/gunner
Sgt Neubern Atkinson - armourer/gunner
T/Sgt Harold Brown - armourer/gunner
Capt Nicholas Opalic - Army liaison officer
Received direct burst of flak to left engine on approach to target,caught fire,dived away and later seen to explode in mid-air prior to crashing. Two parachutes were observed prior to the explosion and two subsequent to the explosion.
Trevor Allen
Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 8:24:59 PM

I am trying to help a friend find any information on his grandfather. His grandfathers name is Maurice D. Norton. Army Service Number :0813XXX. We know that he was a part of the 397th bombardment group, his plane was "Leaping Leama". He also served with a Col. Richard Coiner during his time. Mr. Norton was part of the sqd. during the raid on Eller, Germany on 23Dec44. There is no record of his being there in his file, so he was never awarded the D.U.C. I am hoping you could find some info on Mr. Norton to help him get his citation before he passes on. Thank you for your help, Spc Timothy Johnsey.


I have checked the loading lists for the 397th Bomb Group for December 23rd 1944 and Mr. Norton is not on the loading list for the Eller mission. I have also checked the loading list for December 24th 1944 and he does appear on the loading list for this date. The target was the ammunition factory at Nideggen, Germany. The crew that day was:

1.Lt M D Norton - pilot
1.Lt.C.A.Crimm - copilot
S/Sgt J W Barnes - togglier
Sgt C F Zeman - radio/gunner
S/Sgt O T West - engineer/gunner
Sgt A Yeslin - armourer/gunner

Trevor J Allen
Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 7:24:45 PM

My name is Dave and my Great-cousin was 432nd Bomber Squadron, 17th Bomber Group. I know he died on April 26, 1945 and that he was a tail gunner. I was wondering if you or others had any more information on him, his plane and his crew. I have been looking over your guest list and noticed two people that might have known him, a Sgt. Leo Green dated 10/28/02 and Earl Willoughby with the same BS and BG. Will you contact them and give them my E-mail Address. Armin's aunt is my grandmother and she would love any info. Thank you, Dave

PS attached is a picture.

Dave, your great cousin was flying with the crew of Lt. Alf Shatto in B26 44-68076 BN. 98 when they were attacked by Me262 jet fighters, the B26 exploded in mid-air.

Trevor J Allen
Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 6:10:23 PM

I am new to the internet and have just found your web site. My father Dan A Johnston flew in B-26 in WW II. He completed 66 missions. After his death in 1991 I obtained a copy of his service record. His plane was the " Coral Princess". He was in the 9th Bomber, 99th Wing 344th Group 494th Squadron. I would appreciate you giving me information on this group or web sites to look into. I came across the name of a Mr William P Morton Jr, who it appears was in the same group....if you can have him contact me.. thanks for your assistance. Dan W Johnston

Dan, your father's crew on 11 September 1944 was:

Capt Webster B Allyn - pilot
1.Lt F H Fubal - copilot
2.Lt B D Reed - navigator
1.Lt J R Chiozza - bombardier
S/Sgt H B Cook - engineer/gunner
T/Sgt D A Johnston - radio/gunner
S/Sgt M Kasprzyzkowski - armourer/gunner

On the 19th November 1944 in an attack on the Bridge at Neuiwied the B26 "Coral Princess" flown by Capt Allyn and crew was damaged by flak after bombing the target. Leaving the formation Capt Allyn attempted to reach home base but crashed into a hillside while making the attempt. Capt Ally and Sgt Bozack were killed in this crash. The crew that day were:

Capt W B Allyn - pilot
1.Lt F H Fubal - copilot
1.Lt J R Chiozza - bombardier
S/Sgt T H Barrows - engineer/gunner
S/Sgt E K Bozack - radio/gunner
S/Sgt M Kasprzyzkowski - armourer/gunner
  Trevor J Allen
Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 2:40:55 PM   BombGp: 323 Squadron: 454 Years: 1943. I am Donnie J. De Loney and  I am searching for information concerning my uncle we went down over France November 23, 1943. He was First Lieutenant David W. Webb, was pilot or co-pilot of a B-26 454th Bomber Squadron. 323 Bomber Group Medium. He entered service from Arkansas. Died November 23, 1943. I am look for any kind of information that you may provide. Thanks. Donnie J. De Loney

Donnie, 23 Nov 43 on mission to St Omer-Longenesse the B26 flown by 1.Lt David W. Webb received a direct hit by a bomb dropped by a B26 in a higher formation. The plane was seen hit the ground and explode. I do not have a crew listing, but you may get a copy of the Missing Aircrew Report #1498 from AFHRA, 600 Chennault Circle, Bldg 1405, Maxwell AFB, AL. 36112-6424.

Trevor Allen,
Date: 12/6/2002 Time: 12:27:06 PM   BombGp: TC Group 5th A F Squadron: 433rd 65th Troop Carrier Years: KIA 3-6-44. I know this is not a Bomb gp. but I just found out that my father's plane went down in New Guinea, 2 miles off the coast between Finschaffen and Saidor. March 6th 1944 either shot down or went down In a bad storm. A.A.F # 42-24228, they looked for the crew and 9 others on this flight. Gardenias # 2 and #3 of the Air Sea Rescue searched for the air craft on March 7, 8, 9,and 10th 1944 a search party composed of Graves Registration Service Personnel Assisted by Australian - New Guinea Adm. Unit to no avail, the A.F and Graves Registration Personnel in a Reconnaissance trip say it was apparent from aerial observation of the crash air plane that all on board were killed in the crash. The remains of the crew and my Father S/Sgt. Carl Edward Laughery of the C 47 Transport Plane# A.A.F 42-24228 : Asn :6845168, 65th Troop Carrier Squadron, 433rd Tc Group,5th Air Force Died on his birthday 6 March 1944 not sure when found but laid to rest with his fellow members of this flight in February 1950 at and in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery St. Louis, Mo. their is a lot of info missing in this my fathers life and mine please if any person has any info about this please e-mail me Larry Laughery and again thank you for having this site as well as others. Date: 12/5/2002 Time: 4:25:08 PM   Gildas SAOUZANET Hello, dear friends of the B-26 Marauder, I am seeking for any more info about a particular 452 BG, 322 squadron aircraft. On August 9th 1944, some B-26 went to Brest for one more bombing, and not certainly the last. I have found two accounts, coming from two different people, and am trying to match up these information to know what really happened, so to complete this aircraft file. What I already know about it : August 9, 1944. Attack on the German fortress at Brest. Lt Beesons ship was seriously damaged, or believed to be. Sgt. Henderson, and S/Sgt Chapman bailed out, but managed to return to the Squadron later. Lt. Beeson landed on one or our strips on the French coast, and he and the remainder of his crew managed to repair their airplane and return to base. Crews involved : Bennet, Roberts, Eyeberg, Mc Carty, Beeson, and King. Allen, Richards, Levy, Deardorff, Maloney, Strazalka (info from a friend, do not know the source) I have found a few different shots of Robert Chapman. A first one, where he’s dressed in civilian clothes, with one knife in hand. Another one, back in his flying uniform, after he got back his chute where he had it hidden in a stack. Another on board of a 6th Armoured Division Jeep with about fifteen people around them, just before leaving Abily’s Kergavarec farm. A last one with his family in the USA. All pictures were offered by the Abily family, from this nearest farm close to which he landed. I also found the following account in a book, and met the author Jean Drйo : “August 9, 1944. Around 8 pm, for groups of 6 two-engines aircraft, some Marauders I think, Flying at about 1000 meters high, coming from Brest, following the Elorn River. Heavy Flak fire. When passing just in front of us, a bomber suddenly catch fire. For a few seconds, long flames with fume, then he falls vertically. A few moment later, , on the same road, at the same altitude, five groups of six in perfect formation. Very accurate Flak again. Just after they have passed, everyone is looking at a parachutist falling rapidly with an important balancing movement. Close to the ground, hopefully, it seems the balancing slow down, as the going down speed. No more can we see him again when he disappears behind the trees, in Saint-Yves direction. During this time, on the Lannoc, our cousins the the Lissillour, saw another airman landing around Dirinon. 20:30-20:45, Strong explosion and a big fume in this same direction.” What I would like to know or get would be the following : The lost B-26 (s) type, serial number, nickname and crew, with copies of the complete Macr’s if possible. Any photo of these crews or aircraft. A way to get in touch with any 322 Sqn who took part to that August 9th 1944 raid to Brest. Many thanks for any help you can provide. Gildas

9th August '44. Target: Brest. B26 41-31946


2.Lt R L Beeson - pilot
2.Lt R F Eckhardt - copilot
Sgt R L Schletterbeck - togglier
Sgt N R Ferland - engineer/gunner
S/Sgt R O Chapman - radio/gunner
Sgt Henderson - armourer/gunner

Hit by accurate flak over target area, pilot gave signal to bail out just after turn off target. Sgt. Chapman followed Sgt Henderson out, rest of crew remained with B26 which landed at Strip A-14 Normandy. Sgt. Chapman landed 1 1/2 miles from enemy lines and approximately 4 1/2 miles from Allied lines. On landing Sgt Chapman was taken by four French ladies to a nearby farm. From here he was taken to nearby woods, by a small French boy and told to remain hidden until dark. At dusk a Frenchman brought him civilian clothes and took him to a house to be fed. Afterwards he was taken to a haystack where he spent the night. Just before daylight he was collected and given breakfast before being taken to another hiding place. At around 10:00 AM the Frenchman returned and told Sgt. Chapman that Sgt. Henderson was also safe. Chapman requested that he should be taken to see Henderson but was advised that this was not safe there being many Germans in the proximity. At approximately 3.00 PM a patrol of the 86th Reconnaissance Company 6th Armored Division came over and picked Sgt. Chapman up. There was no MACR since both men returned to their unit.

Trevor J Allen
Date: 11/28/2002 Time: 9:06:41 PM   Lt. Colonel Roland Scott BombGp: 322nd Squadron: 450th. Roland Scott Passed away on 21 November 2002-- I send to you the following comments from one of his Daughters--There was NO BIGGER FAN of the B-26 than Roland Scott, who, on his first combat mission on , was injured and lost an eye--This story is Chronicled in B-26 Marauder at War by Roger Freeman--  George L. Fisher   His Daughters comments below for your information: "The service will be at St Nicholas Episcopal Church in Encino California on Saturday December 7, 2002 at 10 a.m. The church address is 17114 Ventura Blvd. I know that this is not a proper way to inform you by an e-mail, but I felt that you all would want to know. Dad passed away on an Air Force Base in his beloved Cadillac after having enjoyed a great lunch, told a few stories (and I'm sure a few tales) with a great group of combat pilots called the Daedalians.....what a perfect way for him to take his last flight...the one problem was he failed to file this flight plan with me! Again, I apologize for this type of notice, but I do want you to be informed. Date: 11/28/2002 Time: 1:09:45 AM   John J. Martinez BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441 Years: 1943/45. Looking for John Pagano or anyone who served in my squadron. Date: 11/27/2002 Time: 4:37:34 PM     BombGp: 387th Squadron: 558th Years: 2 Class: 43 Location: Barksdale. I am new at this machine, well sort of new, of course it took me 16 hours to solo in primary. I am in touch with my , , and , I guess that's what you call the guy that told you that your right engine fell off, and you better look for another one real quick. I recently got in touch with this crew member after all these years, and I would like to hear from anyone I flew with during those delight-ful times, namely, Ed Kennedy, Block, Moskowicz, Kim, my tail gunner or anyone else from the squadron. Thank You, Bob Date: 11/26/2002 Time: 6:14:58 PM   I am looking for any information regarding my uncle, Ted Pruitt. According to an Ernie Pyle column, he was a B26 tail gunner as part of a crew consisting of pilot, Chief Collins, and bombardier, Red Dog Arnold. My uncle spent time in North Africa as well as England. He later flew on a B17, 94th. BG, 410 sq. I would appreciate any information. Greg Pruitt Date: 11/26/2002 Time: 1:23:46 AM   I'm an Italian historian and I'm involved in a research about the missions of the 17th B.G. over Alghero A/D and Harbor Installations, Sardinia Island, Italy. Its were performed in the months of April and May 1943. I'm searching a source for to verify this missions. Thanks for a kind reply. Best Regards Giuseppe Versolato   Giuseppe, You will find all the information you need on microfilm reels BO948 & BO949 available from AFHRA (Air Force Historical Research Agency) 600 Chenault Circle, Bldg 1405, Maxwell AFB, AL.36112-6424,USA Trevor Allen Historian www.B26.com Date: 11/24/2002 Time: 11:04:47 PM   Russel E. McClintock  BombGp: 319 Squadron: 437 Years: 1942-1946 OP area North Africa Shot down over sardinia 4-7-43. Taken prisoner by Italians Hauled away on ox cart on top of (roman candled) crewmember Stalag VII A in Moorburg Force march toward Austria end of war mustered out 1946 after some medical issues resolved >From Washington State Reentered Air Force 1949 and retired after serving at Offut, Carswell, Turner, England, Netherlands, Lincoln, and Cape Canaveral, and Davis Monthan. Contact Russ McClintock   S/Sgt Russel E McClintock
1. 319th
2. 437th 12th AAF Gp. CO was Maj. Carlile
3. North Africa
4. DOE 9 march 42
5. Engr/Gunner
6. 18 June 43 in B26-B-4 11th Mission, took several passes from fighters over Oblis, Sardinia. Shot up bad, Lost #1, heavy vibration, full of smoke and fire. Legs not working well, full of flak. Ordered to hit the silk. Lost consciousness briefly after clearing ship. Crewmember roman candled by and slammed into rocky beach. Ordered at gunpoint to sit on roman candled crewmember in an oxcart by Italian civilians. Turned over to Germans in Rome on 23 June and then transferred to Stalag VII A. Remained there until transferred to Stalag 17B Moorburg (sp of town?) Liberated by GI's 3 May 45. With S/sgt Kurtenback, P.T. "Mel" Miluski in camp as well. Have list of some other POWS Is anyone out there with names or locations of family or crewmembers ie MOONEY? Do you have anything in your files. Russ McClintock Russ, The records of the 319th Bomb Group have proved to be very elusive and do not appear to have been retained since no USAF agency has copies or even The National Archives. As a consequence information on the 319th Bomb Group is very thin on the ground. However, what we do know is that on 18 June 1943 the 437th Bomb Squadron ship 41-31603 frown by Roger Zeller and crew was shot down over Olbia. What we do not know is the full crew list as these were missing. The good news however is that there was a missing aircrew report raised. A copy of this report No.233 can be obtained from AFHRA, 600 Chenault Circle. Bldg 1405,Maxwell AFB, AL. 36112-6424.   Trevor J Allen
Date: 11/24/2002 Time: 5:06:00 PM   I've been doing genealogy on the family and wanted to know more about my mother's cousin who was killed during WW II. Where could I find more information on him and the crew he served with and the planes name? Information on my cousin: JOSEPH NEWTON8 ARMSTRONG, b. April 1924, Red Bank, Tennessee; d. December 23, 1944, Aachen, Germany. More About JOSEPH NEWTON ARMSTRONG: Education: 1943, Graduate with high honors at Red Bank H.S., Red Bank, Tenn. Military service: 1944, Killed in Action, KIA WWII, U.S.A.F. Sergeant, Gunner on B-26 Marauder Bomber, shot down over Aachen, Germany. Burial: White Oak (now Chattanooga Memorial Park) Cemetery, Tenn. Descendant of Sadler Methodist preachers: LOUISE FRANCES ADELINE7 SADLER (JASPER NEWTON6, CAELIE NEWTON5, JOHN WESLEY4, JOHN3, HENRY SADLEY2, JOHN1) In the basement of Red Bank United Methodist Church for years has hung a framed sign with names of the church's World War II veterans. The name plate of Sgt. Joe N. Armstrong is in black, indicating he was killed in battle. The church seems to have much more knowledge of Sgt. Armstrong. He is remembered by a Sunday school class named after him. Article from Chattanooga, Tennessee Newspaper in December 1944: Sgt. Armstrong Now Listed as Killed in Action, KIA. Sgt. Joe N. Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Joseph Armstrong of 3510 Redding Road, Red Bank, was killed in action in a medium bomber mission over Germany on Dec. 23, 1944, the War Department notified his parents Thursday. He had been reported previously as missing on that date. Sgt. Armstrong was a gunner on a B-26 Marauder bomber. It was shot down over Achen, Germany, during a mission over Neckarels, Germany. The youth relinquished an alternate appointment by Representative Estes Kefauver to West Point in order to join the air forces as a private following graduation with high honors at Red Bank high School. He was faculty representative for the 1943 class exercises and was a member of the National Honor Society. He was also an instructor in weight-lifting at the Frye Institute. Sgt. Armstrong held the Good Conduct Medal and the ETO Service Ribbon. His grandmothers are Mrs. W. B. Williams of Knoxville and Mrs. Jasper Newton Sadler of Chattanooga. Thank You for help from anyone, from DeCody Brad Marble.

B-26G, 17th BG, 95th BS, 12th AF, Crash time 1500 h

G: Armstrong Joe N. Sgt.
P: SPENCE, Lane E, 2/Lt
B: STEWARD, John R. 2/Lt
RO: YANKO, Peter J. Sgt
E: RENALDI, Joseph A. Cpl
Photo GAULT, Johnny C. Sgt.


MACR 11590

Base: Dijon, France
Target: Neckarelz
Shot down by a Me109 and spun down near .... ACHERN ...

My questions: I have the informations that a US-Familiy search 2001/2002 in this area - do you know more?

Best regards, Andy Charvat Date: 11/23/2002 Time: 1:02:13 AM   T/Sgt Joseph Clair BombGp: 17th Squadron: 95th. Just wondering if there is anyone still around who served with the 17th BG, 95th Bomb Sq. in No. Africa thru the end of WWII. If so, do you remember a plane in the 95th BS called "Tondelayo" ? My dad, T/Sgt Joseph Clair was the crew chief. He passed away in July of 01. From looking thru his photo alblums it must have been one heck of a ride. Just wanted to say hello. Regards, Joe Clair Jr. Date: 11/20/2002 Time: 8:42:06 PM   Archibald R. Marines BombGp: 391 Squadron: 573. HI, My name is Terry Marines Rogers. I am the daughter of Lt. Col. A.R. Marines Jr. My father flew the "Scorpion" and also "Little Pink Panties". There is currently a documentary being made concerning the 391ST Bomber Group by the great nephew of the tail gunner. It is with much sadness that I let you know that my Father passed away on January 11th of this year. I officiated at his funeral and as I began to speak and the color guard stood at attention, a plane flew over as if to say, his final farewell. Thank you all for placing your lives in jeopardy for our freedom. Your sacrifices were not in vain and we will do our best to preserve history so that generations from now you will be remembered. God Bless you all, Pastor Terry Marines Rogers - you all are our heroes. Date: 11/20/2002 Time: 8:11:11 PM   Robert Ledbetter BombGp: 319 Squadron: all. Why are there no crews posted for the 319th BG with their 437, 438, 439, and 440 squadrons? I find this odd. Where can I find the crews for this BG and their squadrons? Thanx. Thanks for asking about the 319th Mr. Ledbetter - everything on the site comes from the members - maybe you'll be the first from the 319th to send or email one picture? Best, Mike Date: 11/19/2002 Time: 11:50:50 PM   It was sure great to see "My Soldier Boy" "Curly" . Don passed away on October 28,2000 at age 82. He had a full military funeral. He is buried in the cemetery at Crawfordsville, Iowa - right next to his great grandfather Rueben Proudfit. Don taught me everything I know about the B-26. My favorite 391st 575th plane is "Rationed Passion" Don's favorite plane was "Miss Laid". I am trying to find two of Don's buddies S/Sgt. John J. Halloran and S/Sgt. Charles V. Mcauley, Jr. Please email me with any information or if you have memories of Don. Thanks - Ellen Forbes Krueger - Date: 11/13/2002 Time: 11:58:46 PM   I run an underwater exploration team that specializes in locating lost aircraft. I am presently researching a loss from 452nd BS/322BG that went down off Northern Spain on 4.4.43 and was wondering if you had any records of any losses from that group in that area on that day. Whatever information you have would be very helpful. Best regards, Steve Carmichael-Timson Director of Sub-Sea Operations Sea-Tech Exploration Ltd, http://www.divetheworld.com   Steven, The B26 was 41-17856 which ditched off the coast of Portugal 5th April 1943.The pilot was 2.Lt Lee W Rice 452nd Bomb Squadron, Trevor J Allen

>>Do you know any details of the raid and what was it doing there? Steve

Steve, No raid it was in transit from the USA to the UK.  I fatality S/Sgt. Joseph Wagner drowned in crash. Trevor

>>Was S/Sgt. Wagner's remains recovered? Steve

No Date: 11/13/2002 Time: 11:58:46 PM   John C. Dinou BombGp: 344th Squadron: 496th Years: 1942-45 Class: 43-K Location: Brooks Field. Good looking web page, Mike. By the way, I wrote a book that tells all about my participation in WW II. It is entitled "Fading Wings/Faded Glory." Date: 11/13/2002 Time: 1:37:24 PM   BombGp: 320th Squadron: 443rd Years: 1941-1943? Class: ? Location: ? Hello sir, My name is Matt Ramsdell, and I am currently a senior in Tarleton State University. The reason I am writing this is to find out some information on a relative. My great-grand father's brother Roscoe D. Orr was a Flight Officer on a B-26, and was shot down off the coast of Sicily I believe. He was shot down sometime in July of 1943. Is there anything you can tell me about the circumstances regarding his death? Are there other sources that I could use to find out more about his death? Thank you for your time. Matt Ramsdell

July 24th 1943 the 320th Bomb Group bombed the Marino di Paolo railroad yards in Italy. Thirty six B26's took off, escorted by P38 fighters of the 14th Fighter Group. On the first run the formation dropped its 500lb general purpose bombs, but missed the target. One flight of 443rd Marauders elected to come back for a second run, and this time scored several hits. As they turned for home they were hit by approximately twenty five Me109's. In the ensuing 45 minute air battle, the B26's shot down four of the enemy fighters and probably destroyed four more. However, Marauders 800 and 763 piloted by Lt Walter E. White and F/O Roscoe D. Orr, both of the 443rd, were shot down. Each crashed into the sea, one making a good water landing, but the other went in with both engines on fire and exploded. Only two parachutes were seen. The unlucky flights other four B26's were heavily damaged, three would never fly again, but all managed to limp to landings at Palermo.

Trevor J Allen, Historian Date: 11/12/2002 Time: 5:07:06 PM   Harold Parks BombGp: 22 Squadron: 2 Years: 1939-1945. I would like to locate anyone who served with my bombardier father, Harold Parks, in the 22nd Bomb Group, 2nd Squadron, 5th Air Force, during WWII. He was stationed first at Andrews Air Force Base (about 1939), then upon the Pearl Harbor bombing was moved to Langley Field, VA. His unit stopped at Muroc Dry Lake for training on its way to the Pacific. He was stationed in Townesville, Australia from what the stories he used to tell...and his unit flew bombing missions north. I have some pictures of my father (with others from his group) nd would like to swap copies for pics you might have that include my Dad. Any anecdotes you have will be greatly appreciated. Adrienne Parks Date: 11/11/2002 Time: 1:52:25 PM   Raymond J Wisniewski BombGp: 319 Squadron: ? Years: 42-45. I am looking for members who may remember my father, Raymond J Wisniewski from Milwaukee who served on a flight crew in the 319th Bombardment Group 1944-5 in Northern Africa/Italian Theatre. Joseph Wisniewski Date: 11/10/2002 Time: 1:13:10 PM   Gerald Howard BombGp: 323 Squadron: 454 Years: ? Class: ? Location: ? My Grandfather, Gerald Howard, was a pilot for the B-26 Marauder in the European Theatre, and was a Lt. colonel. He flew 70 missions over Germany, including the Battle of the Bulge. His nickname was 'Canary' because he painted a canary on his B-26 each time his crew shot down a German plane. One of the very few stories he told about WWII was the one where he and his crew were coming back from a mission and had some pretty good damage to their B-26. The plane came in for a landing and the landing gear was damaged and would not go down. My grandfather landed the plane without the gear down, and he said it was one heck of a ride. After the plane stopped, my grandfather sat on top the his B-26 and wept. One high ranking officer came to him, put his arm around him and said, "Don't worry son, we'll get you another one." My grandfather passed away 9-28-01, he was 81. Thank You, Jason Grimmett (grandson)

Jason, did you know that your grandfathers planes were named "The Howard Hurricane " and "The Howard Hurricane II"? Did you also know that your great grandfather visited your grandfather while he was in England, and do you know that your grandfather eventually became assistant Group operations officer for the 323rd. Bomb Group?

Trevor Allen
Date: 11/9/2002 Time: 5:56:28 PM   Harold W. (Bill) Morgan BombGp: ? Squadron: ? Years: 1942/44. I am looking for anyone who might have served with my brother, Harold W. (Bill) Morgan. He was in the 8th, spent 1943 and 1944 in England and France. He was a pilot and as far as I can remember his plane was called Morgan's Midgets since he was the tallest of the crew. I think he did about 44 or 45 missions at the ripe old age of 22. He entered at Randolph Field, Illinois in early 1942 I think. Bill died on his 55th birthday in 1975. As with most of the vets from WWII he never talked much about his time overseas. He was recalled during the Korean conflict but stayed in the US. He has a grandson who is looking for a picture of his granddad and the B-26. The only thing I have is about 20 letters he had sent my mom. I am the sole survivor of the original family but idolized my brother as he was about 10 years older. I have heard from other pilots that the B-26 was a very difficult plane to master. I know he was a 1st Lt. and learned to fly all over the country including Dodge City, KS. One address I found was 589th B Sqdrn 394th B Group. Bill was a private pilot after he came home and diddled around with school a little until he found a job doing what he loved. He was a pilot for Viersen-Cochran Drilling in Okmulgee, OK and flew an Aero-Commander Turbo-Prop at the time of his death. Anyone who might know of him or his group, help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mary Jo Morgan Edwads Date: 11/9/2002 Time: 3:50:31 PM   S.Sgt. Vernon Ray Morris BombGp: 22nd Squadron: 408th Years: 1942-1944. My late uncle S.Sgt. Vernon Ray Morris was a tail gunner on B26 aircraft in the South Pacific in WWII. I am looking for any crew members that served with him. I am also looking for any crew photos or lists of the 408th Bomb Squadron with his name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Larry Weber, Hollister, CA Date: 11/6/2002 Time: 4:26:13 PM   Louis Thorwarth BombGp: 322 Squadron: 479 Years: 41 to 45. I was an engineer gunner. I was shot down on my 23rd mission. I was a prisoner in Stalag 7 in Bavaria. My crew all survived. I had served in Canada where I had been trained by the R.A.F. but when I returned to the U.S. I was assigned to as an instructor and eventually to a B26 Squadron.   Thank you Mr. Thorwarth, you're the best! Date: 11/5/2002 Time: 8:03:02 PM   John R. Wilshire BombGp: 386th Squadron: 553rd. I am looking for info on my uncle, John R. Wilshire that was a pilot for the 553rd, and was at Great Dunmow, England and later (I believe) in Belgium. If anyone knows any info that could be helpful, please contact me via the above e mail address. Gary S. Wilshire Date: 11/5/2002 Time: 7:22:02 PM   Question: I am looking for some one who knows a lot about the Martin Company back in the early 40's. Col. Perrin was testing one of there acft, and it crashed. I would like to know more about the second person on the acft at the time of the crash. And could it be possible that the second person that was on the acft could had been a replacement for some one else who was to had been on the acft at that time. Thanks for your help in this matter Oliver A Pettit

Oliver - 21st June 1941 about two minutes into take off for an acceptance flight B26 serial number 40-1386 crashed into woods near the factory at Middle river, Maryland. Not only was there little wreckage suitable for study, but the Air Corps' report is missing. In fact there may never have been one as the plane was not yet Army property. The news media reported a backfire followed by smoke suggesting an engine problem. However, hearsay spread among the 22nd Bomb Group that the plane rolled over and crashed due to a flap malfunction. Most likely the cause will never be known. Martin lost copilot A.J. Bowman and the Army lost Lt. Col Elmer D Perrin, the Army's most experienced B26 pilot at that point.

Trevor Allen
Date: 11/4/2002 Time: 9:02:04 PM   Andy G. Hunter BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 2 Class: 1943 Location: MacDill Field, FL. My father, Andy G. Hunter, of Floresville, TX was a B-26 pilot of "Pickled-Dilly", serial no. 118276. His co-pilot was Carl O. Steen of Duluth, MN. I am interested in hearing from anyone who flew with him or knew him while in the ETO. After being discharged with a heart problem, he resided in Floresville, TX until his death in 1993. His decorations were European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign Ribbon with 4 Battle Stars; Air Medal with 9 Oak Leaf Clusters; DFC. Brenda Hunter Pullin Date: 11/4/2002 Time: 8:03:37 PM   I am trying to verify some information that was passed to me from my Uncle (deceased). His name is Arthur E. Briggs and was a navigator on B-26's. In recent e-mails with Ted and Ray Harwood, they seem to confirm that Art is indeed the 'navigator' as seen in the 'the crew' pictures and the 'bombardier?' as seen in 'the people' pictures of your web sight. Do you confirm this too? Also, my uncle gave my dad a picture of 3 b-26's with flak all around them and he told my dad that he was the navigator on the flight and a friend died on that mission. Also, he gave my dad a picture through a bombsight of the port of Dieppe. The flight of 3 B-26's picture is also found on the b26 tail gunner web site, page 3, 9th picture down. The Harwood's told me that it is a 456th plane the "Ole 33" (Is this the whole name, I ve seen reference to 'Ole 33 and Gal'?), the mission date was June 20, 1944, the mission was over Dieppe, the bombardier was Dale Rush and he died and the tail gunner named S/Sgt Johnnie McClelland also died. DO you have record of the navigator on board the lead plane in the picture? Or who the pilot may be? I have other questions, but am hopeful to hear from you soon on these. Thank you Jeff Briggs

The records for both missions on June 20 1944 are missing so I cannot confirm the full crew make up of 1.Lt Paul E Warf's (pilot) B26. I can confirm that the bombardier Lt Rush was killed and that S/Sgt Johnnie V. McClelland died later of his wounds. The name of the B26 was "Ole 33" and "Gal".

Trevor Allen
Date: 11/2/2002 Time: 4:10:33 PM   S/Sgt. Donald Short BombGp: 394 Squadron: 585 Years: 1941-44. I'm Al Short, nephew of Donald. He was killed in action on August 7, 1944. Major Clinton M. Lee was pilot. There was crew of 8 and they weren't found 'til years later. Several things I am seeking. #1 - Donald was on the flight with the his two non-com mates, not the regular crew officers. The flight had 8 on board, 4 officers, 4 non-coms. I have his original crew picture with his regular crew taken in April 1944, shortly after they became operational. #2 - His widow nor any other family member to my knowledge received his personal belongings nor his medals. Presumably, some or all of the officers of his regular crew are still alive. They are Capt. John A. Dolan, Lt. Lance, Lt. Barker. Recently found out that my mother saved all Donald's letters from when he went into active service until he died. I'm now typing these up and could make them available if I get his widow's OK. Al Short Date: 10/31/2002 Time: 7:34:41 PM   Jack T. Amos BombGp: 17th Squadron: 37th Years: Class: 43-G Location: Tampa Army Air Base Hi, I arrived at Pamigliana Air Base in October 44-thought the war would be over by the time I arrived-little did I know-flew 10 missions over Italy and 43 more from Dijon France where we moved to from Corsica in December 44-the area that I remember best was the bridge over the Rhine River at Briesac (sp) Germany-about 350,000 German troops were over in the colmar pocket and they were mighty proud of that bridge-3 Squ.Me109s and 2 squ. Folk Wulf 190s along with 1200 flak guns-the only flak barrage I had to fly thru on any mission-I did not stay int the service, was saddened by all our aircraft being wrecked I did fly my own plane over via the southern route Date: 10/31/2002 Time: 4:02:27 PM   BombGp: 394th Squadron: 585 Years: 1944. I'm researching the crew of . This crew was shot down August 9, 1944 at 19:55 . The pilot and engineer died as a result of the crash. The copilot, Lt. Arthur Erbe, the bombardier/navigator Lt. Harley R. Hooper, and a GEE navigator Lt. Gerald Hyson were recovered by the French underground. I'm searching for any records related to another navigator on board, a Lt. William J. Smith, a radioman/gunner Tsgt. Richard E. Wylie, a radioman/gunner Sgt. Perla R. Fees and a tailgunner, Sgt. Albert P. Lawson. According to French records, these men were immediately captured. Would you have any information regarding these men's liberation? What POW camp were they sent to? Is it possible to research their service numbers or personnel files. I'm trying to establish a biography of each crewmember. I'm aware of the memorial to this crew in St. Prix. Also trying to verify the name of the aircraft as "My Aching Back" with nose art of an overburdened donkey. Reported to have been drawn by Frank Spranger, a member of the 394th Group, 9th AF. Thanks. Great Site. Bill Davison Date: 10/31/2002 Time: 3:41:14 AM   Mr. Jack Hastings BombGp: 322nd Bombardment Group (Medium) Squadron: 449th Bomb Squadron Years: 1943-1945. I would like to invite ALL Martin B-26 Marauder Pilots and Crew Member's to send emails to me. Tell me whatever is on YOUR mind and PLEASE if possible include a "THEN" and "NOW" Photo. My son, Mr. Frederick Lee Hastings and his wife Theresa have been taking "Wonderful" care of me, since July of 1998. During September of 2000, my Son Frederick had the opportunity to meet some of you guys with the 449th Bomb Squadron during OUR Re-Union in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To ALL of you that attended that Re-Union, thank you for giving my son Frederick what he claims to be "One of the most enjoyable" 4 days of his life. He couldn't say enough about getting to meet everyone. He is a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at Tan Son Nhut A.B. right outside of Saigon, South Vietnam. He was Non- Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Flight and Ground Safety Office for this Air Wing. They flew the RF-4C Phantom, RF-101C Vodoo's, RB-57's, 3 Squadron's of EC-47's and some T-39 Saberliner's. He was there from September 27th 1969 to 27th September 1970. Luckily, as my ONLY son, he came back home with no "Combat" wounds. Anyway, to everyone that I flew with during WWII, I wouldn't trade the experience for all the "Mild and Bitter" in the world. If ever a man had the opportunity to fight a WAR, at least I had the chance to do it with the "Greatest Men I Have Ever Known". Each and everyone of you are ALWAYS in my "Thoughts and Prayers" on a Daily basis. NOW, get off your butts and WRITE ME, Please!!!!!!!!! See ya, the "OLD MAN - Jack Hastings. Everyone have a "Wonderful Day", NOW WRITE ME. My 82nd Birthday is 22 November 2002. Jack. Date: 10/30/2002 Time: 12:35:35 PM   I'd appreciate any information from anyone who flew with or knew my Grandfather, Lewis S. Caldwell, pilot, 323 BG 456. Thanks. Gary Armstrong Date: 10/28/2002 Time: 8:48:02 PM   T/Sgt Leo Green BombGp: 17 Squadron: 432 Years: 1942 45 Class: 44 Location: lc army air base. Air Force reunion Oct 2002 great time many old friends thanks Shelia & Tom Fox Date: 10/28/2002 Time: 2:02:30 AM   Burton Rowe BombGp: 323 Squadron: 456 Years: 1944-1945. Hello I am trying to find information or pictures of the two planes my grandfather flew during World War Two. He flew "Weary Willie" and "I'll be seeing you". I know that "I'll be seeing you" did not have any nose art or name inscribed on the plane so I am unsure of what serial number was on her. My grandfather's name is Burton Rowe. I would like to surprise him with any contact information of his crew or pictures of the planes he flew. Please let me know if you have any of this information or where abouts to find such information/photos. Regards, Andrew Humpherys   Andrew,
Just a point the photo is of "Weary Willie, Jr" not "Weary Willie". "Weary Willie" belly landed, wrote off the nose, later the tail section was grafted onto the front of "Marty Marauder" which had a damaged tail section and the new ship was named "Half & Half".
Trevor Allen
Historian, b26.com Date: 10/26/2002 Time: 4:48:20 PM   Hugh Walker BombGp: 391 Squadron: 572md Years: 1943-1945 Class: 43A Location: Ellington Army A Base. I am the 391st Historian. As such, there are histories and other information for those who contact me. No sales pitches please. Specify name, title, organization, theater of war and other information so that research can be done for you. Date: 10/25/2002 Time: 7:54:30 AM   I am proud to honor the memory of these brave crews who lost their young lives during the battle of the Bulge. Cathie Nielsen is one of my dear correspondents who is related to two of those gallant airmen. May the memory of these brave airmen be kept alive among the populations of Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France. As Churchill said never in the history of mankind so many people owed so much to so few. I realize, in fact, that the contribution of the STATES has been tremendously important and I'll say Thanks all of you ! Gabriel Quoirin Date: 10/25/2002 Time: 1:48:02 AM   Francis Gutrich BombGp: 386th Squadron: 555 Years: 42-45 Class: 43B Location: Randolph field Send: send Date:  Time:  Comments: I am asking about information if you or anyone knew my father-in-law? His name was Francis Gutrich he was from Chicago, IL. I think the name of his plane was PRAY DONNA! Tom Gilliam Date: 10/23/2002 Time: 7:33:40 PM   Looking for any information pertaining to the service history of: CRAIG, MELVIN W. T/Sgt. Flight engineer. Last mission was 11 January, 1944, target area near Athens, Greece. SGT. Craig was killed in crash, however; 3 crewmen survived. They are: S/Sgt. Murray, S/Sgt. Wallace, and T/Sgt. Raymond A. Wood Records Center says his file was destroyed in fire. I am trying to gather as much information as possible on behalf of Sgt. Craig's elderly sister. Thanks to anyone who may know how I can find out more. John Thompson

I have now received your previous documentation from Mike and these have given me the basic information I need. Yes Melvin Craig was trained on B26's and flew out to the Mediterranean Theatre as a B26 crew member, but then was transferred to a B17 unit to make up for combat losses. This was not an unusual practice, in fact it occurred frequently. The citation for the Air Medal was sourced by the 15th Air Force which was the strategic bomber component in the area operating B24 and B17 airplanes. All B26 Groups in the area came under the control of the 12th. Air Force. I suggest that you now look up which B17 Bomb Groups were operating around January 11 1944. Then it is a simple progression to find which Group or Groups attacked targets near Athens, Greece on that date.

Trevor Allen
Historian, b26.com Date: 10/23/2002 Time: 2:03:41 AM   John M. Perez. I am the daughter of a radio gunner in a B-26 Bomber...I just wondered if any my Father's crew was around....he died when I was 7 but we still have some great pictures and I wanted to know more about him...and thank the soldiers....my son has just returned from overseas....he is Army....Combat Eng. He has a book given to him about. I will get the #s and write back. I am going out to D.M.A.B. I want my picture taken with my dad's plane....His name was John M. Perez {Johnny} God Bless America and all the soldiers who protect us so silently... Helen Andersen Date: 10/21/2002 Time: 10:46:04 PM   Dale Simpson BombGp: 21 Squadron: Years: 1944-45 Stationed in Guam Date: 10/21/2002 Time: 1:39:55 PM   Lt. Larry Bowen BombGp: 356 Squadron: 2 Years: Class: Big Spring. Thank you so much for this site. My father was a Marauder. It was important to him until the day he passed. It was a part of who he was. God Bless You for publishing this site where I can go & feel closer to what was important to him. He was one of the greatest men I ever knew. Janet Cardona Date: 10/20/2002 Time: 4:52:04 PM   Samuel Golden BombGp: 397 Squadron: 597 Years: 1945. I am looking for any information on a Samuel Golden I believe he was with the 397th BG 597th BS. I saw him in Charlie Jensens Photos on another site. I have no idea what job he had, only he looks to have stripes on his sleeve in the picture. I also believe they said it was the plane "Dinah" and it was in Holland perhaps. If anyone has any information I would be interested to know it. Thank you, Sherri Gagnon Date: 10/18/2002 Time: 9:25:48 AM   Col. W. O. Craft BombGp: 22nd Squadron: 2nd Years: 42-44 Class: 40-B Location: Kelly Field, TX. Looking for anyone from the 2nd Bomb Squadron, 22nd Bomb Group. Please communicate through my son, Larry Date: 10/17/2002 Time: 4:41:59 PM   Hi, just heard about your site, very interesting! I'm looking for information regarding an officer, who I believe flew or flew in B-26's. His name is LT. ROBERT L. WESTHOLM. The only definitive information that I have is that he was awarded the Air Medal with 12 Oak Leaf Clusters. His award's were G.O. No.141, 9th AF. GO's 101, 110, 120, 142 and 153, IX Bomber Command. GO's 8, 41, 9th Bomb. Div. I would like to find Mr. Westholm's squadron, group, crew position, possibly a photo. ANY information regarding Mr. Westholm would be most appreciated, Blue Skies, Mark Adamic Date: 10/15/2002 Time: 1:46:08 PM   BombGp: 320 Squadron: 444 Years: 1944  I am trying to locate anyone with information or recollections regarding the aircraft and crew of "Judy", battle number 89, of the 444th BS which flew out of Alto Corsica. The bombardier was Henry L. Hooper (Butte, Montana) who is a great uncle of mine. The aircraft was lost at sea following a mission to a railroad bridge at San Margherita, near Ostia on the Taro River close to Lake Garda. The mission was flown on 16 Nov 44 and the plane went down after dropping bombs on target while returning home. All on board were lost. In particular I am trying to locate Stan Morgenstern, First Lieutenant, Pilot of the "Brinah", #99 from the same squadron, who posted to this site in April of 2000. -Ron Ellison Date: 10/14/2002 Time: 11:48:37 PM   My grandfather, Harry Washburn, flew what I believe was a B-26 during World War II, the name of the plane was "She's Got It". Someone told my mother recently that they saw that plane in Dayton (at the WPAFB Air Museum I can only assume). Is there anything you can tell me in this regard? Thanks, Rob Johnson Chicago, IL Rob,
Your grandfather flew with the 438th Bomb Squadron 319th Bomb Group.
Trevor Allen, Historian
  1) The plane in Dayton is painted the "Shootin' In" - 387/556 colors.  There were at least two B26's named "Shootin In" the 387th and one in the 319th BG. 2) The B-26G (43-34581) on display at the U.S. Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio, is part of the French Air Force contingent. This G-model later served as a training aid for Air France employees before the Air Force Museum acquired it in June 1965. Date: 10/14/2002 Time: 12:53:51 PM   Johnnie F. Jones BombGp: 391st Squadron: Years: 1942-1945 Location: Scott Field, IL. Radio/gunner on Little Pink Panties in ETO in Winter-Spring 1945. On 27th mission my plane was shot down over Germany. Escaped to Switzerland till end of War.

Originally I joined the 573rd Squadron of the 391st Bomb Grp., and started flying missions January 19,1945. "Little Pink Panties" was one of the planes our crew flew missions in. We also flew missions in "Little Gal". On April 4,1945 my crew was broken up so the pilot could fly on A-26s and I was reassigned to the 387th Grp., 559th Squadron. On April 16th, our squadron was assembled to fly our second mission of the day. I do not remember what plane we were assigned to fly in. We were on a mission to Tuttlingen when the plane took a direct hit in the left engine and began losing altitude. The pilot ordered us all to commence the bail out procedure. I was the second man out of the plane, landing about 40 miles inside Germany. I spent four days and four nights walking through Germany, arriving at the Rhine River on April 20th at the town of Laufenberg. I attempted to swim the Rhine River, narrowly missing the dam's intake, being pulled out of the river by Swiss soldiers. I was sent to an internment camp at Adelboden for the remainder of the war in the ETO. The tail gunner was taken prisoner by German soldiers. The Co-pilot, Bombardier and Engineer/gunner also made it into Switzerland. The pilot, named Reed, was killed; his chute being full of flak. I completed 26 missions.

If you were on the crew of "Little Pink Panties" you would have been in the 573rd Bomb Squadron. That being so the only B26 to be lost over Germany, by that squadron, was February 13th 1945 when 1.Lt Michael Dobda and crew were lost.

My sincerest thanks for your story of the bailout on April 16 1945 the real story beats any official report... The B26 on the April 16 mission 1945 was 44-67894 TQ-M and the crew was as follows:
2.Lt Raymond Reid
2.Lt Kenneth J Stear
S/Sgt Richard J Bockhahn
Sgt Johnnie Jones
Sgt Robert L Mercado
S/Sgt Earl L Theis

Trevor J Allen
Date: 10/14/2002 Time: 1:48:38 AM   Robert W. (Dutch) Sherman, Deceased BombGp: 320th Squadron: 443rd Years: 43/44.  I am looking for any information I can find about my fathers 12th Air Force tour of duty. I have a large certificate indicating he was a "toggle bomber". I have pictures of aircraft with tail numbers of 50 and 65, at least one of which I believe was his aircraft. I also have crew names of Ming, Pratt, Miner(?), Shapiro and Tubbs. His travel orders indicate he was discharged 12/44. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone might have for me. Gratefully, Rick Sherman   The best authority on the 320th Bomb Group is Vic Tannehill who has written several books on the 320th Bomb Group.
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 10/13/2002 Time: 7:22:51 PM   Bob Destiche BombGp: 559 Squadron: 387 Years: 43-45 Class: 44C Location: Altus, OK. I have a question that has been bothering me for many years. My dearest friend and College fraternity brother flew B-26s in N. Africa. Do you have any record of a Robert G. Smith as pilot in the N. African campaign, and where he was assigned afterward? I have been trying to reach him for years. Bob Destiche (Desty)   Bob,
Whenever anyone asks me to identify men who flew B26's in the M.T.O I put my running shoes on since it is an almost impossible thing to do. Unlike the IX. AAF the 42nd Bomb Wing B26 Groups, 17th, 319th and 320th very poor records and almost no loading lists. It appears that at the end of hostilities they were lost somewhere between France and AFHRA. For years researchers have been trying every avenue to locate them, but with no luck. Unless I have a Bomb Group to start with it is an hopeless task. I am sorry to be so negative, but that is the situation. Regards, Trevor
Date: 10/13/2002 Time: 1:16:44 PM   Boyd V. Hall BombGp: 322 Squadron: 449 Years: 42-45 I would like to know what happened to 41-31767 PN-U "Ginger" was in service from 1943 through to May 1944 and was replaced by 42-107689 PN-U "Ginger ll" as I had flown 25 missions on it through April 11 1944 and then I was on one mission on the replacement plane "42-107689 PN-U on June 6 1944. I believe the crew chief was Sam Walker, there was a mechanic on it by the name of David Lowman as well as armor people Ken Rhea, Big Mack. There was one mission I was on in it on Nov 11 1943 to a target Martinvast construction works in Normandy the loading list was said not readable But I know who all was on it except the co Pilot. Pilot was Lt. Col Gove C. Celio, Navigator was Lt. S.H. Past, Bombardier Lt. H.C. Evans, Engineer was Sgt., Boyd V. Hall Radio was S/Sgt. Oscar S. Currie and Tail gunner was S/Sgt. John T. Harvey Plane was 41-31767 PN-U. Would like to know if any thing is known about this.  Thank you Boyd V. Hall   Boyd,
41-31767 hit by flak, crashed and exploded near Auchel, France April 21st 1944. F/O Thomas H Rivenbark and crew.
Date: 10/12/2002 Time: 9:59:06 PM   John Dibrell BombGp: 394 Squadron: 584 Years: 43-45.  I am helping my son do a history project on his grand father (my wife's father) who was a pilot in the 394th Bomb Group. His name was John Dibrell. The focus of the project is "Rights and Responsibilities in History" My son has to select a historical figure and comment on the rights and responsibilities of that person. It's a bit easier to see the incredible responsibilities these young men had. However, did they have any rights, so to speak? We read Stephen Ambroses book on B-24 Liberator pilots and he wrote that the pilots had the right to turn down a mission if they thought it was too risky or hazardous, without prejudice.. Was this same right afforded to B-26 pilots? Can you comment on the daily life/routine of a "typical B-26 pilot and crew or refer us to a good narrative? Thank you. Scott Barnard

RE: Scott Barnard, Guest book date 10/12/02. Subject: Grandson report on "Rights & responsibilities.... . Question asked is: Did B 26 pilots have the same right as quoted; "he wrote that (b24) pilots had the right to turn down a mission etc. .... .My reply as a B26 WW2 combat pilot with 65 missions in European theater,17 BG, 95 Sqd. is: NO. If there were such an unmilitary like right everyone would know about it if the unimaginable event ever occurred. We did our job & were not cowardly. Later as a commander I assigned crews & could choose my own missions if there were enough pilots to assign. I deliberately wanted & chose the most dangerous missions. Not as a hero but a 20 year old Captain that never met anyone that would make the type of request you mentioned. You will look for an answer forever & not find a different response to your question. I still have all my mental capacity but perhaps the one who said otherwise may have had "shell shock" or had changed to a life of fantasy? Max Petrisek serial # XXXX540. PS Feel free to check out this source!

I can assure you no offense was intended. My father too was a B-26 Pilot in WWII with 394th BG, 584th Squadron. My father is no longer alive for my son or myself to ask these questions of. We read the Stephen Ambrose book "The Wild Blue". It is stated in that book that any pilot (the book's focus was the B-24) could refuse a mission if he feared for his life. Certainly it seemed a bit odd to us, and all my husband wanted was a confirmation of this to be fact or fiction. In looking for "Rights and Responsibilities" (the history fair theme) it seemed to us that the responsibilities were many and obvious. Finding what rights a military pilot might have was more challenging. We had hoped to show that this may have been a pilot's right, but was exercised by none.

I am very proud of my father and each and every serviceman of WWII. I would never explore this subject looking for cowardice or dereliction of duty.

Lisa Pavlica Date: 10/11/2002 Time: 5:09:21 AM   Henry Jaworski BombGp: 322 Squadron: 452 Years: 1944.  Hello everyone, I am the daughter of Henry Jaworski who served in Italy 1944 he was With the 322nd group & the 452nd squadron. He was a tail gunner in a b-26 f marauder. He is alive and well and looking For his fellow crew members and pictures. Know of any great sites where I can fulfill his Request? Please e-mail me. thanks and god bless, Karen Wright Date: 10/10/2002 Time: 3:49:44 PM   BombGp: Squadron: Years: 3.5 I was an aviation Radioman in the Navy and I belongs to an Navy outfit called The Marauder Unit stationed at Opalocka Naval Air Station outside Miami, FL. There were 25 JM-1's in this outfit. They were the "C" models. We towed targets for different Naval aircraft. We had two planes MJ-15 and MJ-13. 15 was my plane. We were sent to Fort Lauderdale as detachment and towed for TBM's. Being a faster aircraft we actually made runs on a TBM formation. I have some photos and would like to know if you have any information on this Unit. I like your website. Date: 10/9/2002 Time: 11:22:50 PM   James E. Fox BombGp: 322 Squadron: 450 Years: 1942-1945. I am helping James Fox research his past experiences as a tail gunner on B-26 aircraft #41-31974ER-R flown by pilot Joy M. Deen. The plane originally was with the 344th before being reassigned to the 322nd. His plane was shot down on July 19, 1944 over Nantes France. Jim parachuted safely but was taken to Stalag Luft 4. Can you give me a list of missions his plane participated in and any other information you may have on his last mission. He never took any pictures and is searching for his crew/aircraft pictures. any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tim Bellman Date: 10/9/2002 Time: 8:56:01 PM   William S. Reynolds BombGp: 22nd Squadron: 408th Years: 1940--45 Class: Location: Roosevelt Field, IL. Interested in obtaining information regarding the crash of two B-26s at Newcastle, Australia in 1942. We were on our way to Sidney on furlough. Would appreciate response from any of the crews involved Date: 10/7/2002 Time: 2:58:39 PM   Bill Zimmerman BombGp: 387th Squadron: 557th. My father was the pilot of the Kiziyo Pofoth 2nd (#41-31799), 1943-1944. I recently moved and my dad's papers, photos, etc are still packed up, so, other info such as when and where he graduated flight school, names of the crew are in those boxes packed away. He passed away in 1991 and didn't like to talk to much about his war days. He did start a diary after arriving in England, however, after the romance ended and the realities of war set in he stopped writing or there is no longer any record of it. Date: 10/7/2002 Time: 1:09:48 PM   BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441st. I recently moved to Massachusetts, and have a lot of material about my late father, Sydney P. Smith, who flew B-26's out of N.Africa, Sicily and Sardinia. I would be glad to contribute material, especially if I could learn more about his career, or get in touch with someone who actually knew him. He was killed in a B-47 crash when I was six, so I didn't get to talk with him about his experiences. Please let me know if you are still in operation. Thanks...Syd Smith Date: 10/6/2002 Time: 11:41:12 PM   William E. Tully Jr. (Sonny) BombGp: 558 Squadron: 387 Years: 1941-1945 Class: 41 Location: Jacksonville, FL. I was looking for a site about the 558th Bomb Squadron, 387th BBG to tell my Dad (William E. Tully Jr.) about so that he can view it himself. I saw the picture of the plane "Lil-Li-Marlene" on the Harkins page. I put an album together in April for my father's birthday, which contains all of the photos he took during WWII. This plane was in one of the picture, as were the metal buildings some of the soldiers on these pages are standing beside. Of course, I have all the pages typed on a floppy disk and cannot find that particular disk to list the crew members' names. My father was a radio technician. He has photos of captured German planes, a "walk" his crew took through one of the cities in France that was bombed, and various other photos that are priceless. My dad is alive and well living in Jacksonville, FL. He and my mother have been married for 57 years. He met my mom at a USO dance in Savannah, GA. He proposed to her in 1941 and she waited for him to return fro! m the war and they married in 1946. He does have some "nicknames" of the crew members he served with, but I'm not sure if this will help one of the gentleman (or their relatives) viewing this message to recognize the names. When I tell him about this site, I'm sure he'll be very excited. For those of you who served in WWII, thank you very much for serving and I hope everyone will get a chance to see these photographic memories. When and if I figure out how to place his photos here, I will do so. You'll love it. Laura Tully Date: 10/6/2002 Time: 8:14:08 PM   Edward W Shucosky BombGp: 323 Squadron: 456 Years: 1942/1945    This letter is for my father Edward W Shucosky .He was a member of the 323gp/ 456 sq and was the squardron photographer on the bombing missions. He is living in PA. Thank you. Edward Shucosky Date: 10/3/2002 Time: 1:41:42 PM   David L B Gearing BombGp: 344th Squadron: 497th Years: 1943-44 Class: 43-10 Location: Kirtland-Albuquerque, NM Bombardier-Navigator on one of first replacement crews sent to 344th at Bishop-Stortford, Stanstead. Removed from original crew (Pilot-James B. MacKamey) just before D-Day to fly deputy-lead position with Pilot Sterling J Robertson crew. D-Day morning, "Robbie" flew as co-pilot for Grp Commander Col Reginald F C Vance, I decided to fly with my old crew but changed my mind at last minute. 344thBG first group over Utah Beach the AM. Only aircraft lost in 344th that morning was my original crew, no survivors. Finished up my 65 mission in November and returned to US. Original crew assignment November 1943 in 336BG RTU at Avon Park AAF Base: P 2nd Lt. James B. MacKamey; CP F/O John F. Keehley; BN 2nd Lt David L B Gearing; E Sgt. Manuel H Larini; R S/Sgt. Salvador J. Zuniga; A Sgt. Edward J. Zalewski Date: 10/3/2002 Time: 11:31:30 AM   I am from Terre Haute, Indiana, and recently purchased "Fighters of WW11." I was looking through the book and saw the B-26 named "Terre Haute Tornado", and was really surprised. I saw a picture of the B-26 in the Terre Haute Tribune years ago. I am really interested in this plane. My dad was a flight engineer on a B-24 in Italy and I have always been interested in WW11 planes. If anyone knows anything about the "Terre Haute Tornado," please email me. Thanks, Terry Lucas Date: 10/3/2002 Time: 12:51:53 AM   Elmer Hansard BombGp: 391st Squadron: 573.  My name is Greg Hansard and my Grandfather, Elmer Hansard, was a tail gunner under for Pilot William Youse III. My grandfather flew in 69 missions and received the distinguish Unit Citation and the French Allegiate of Merit. He was stationed in Matching Green England. I will get back to you once I get some more information. Thanks, Greg   Greg,
42-95801 T6-G flying with a 572nd BS crew.
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 10/2/2002 Time: 2:27:28 PM   I'm looking for any info on Charles Milioti.  He flew with the 9th Air Force in North Africa in 1942 and transferred to England in 1943-45. Understand he piloted B-26's from North Africa. Any info would be appreciated. Robert Ledbetter Date: 10/1/2002 Time: 2:00:08 PM   My grandfather told me that he saw an airplane that had a brass plaque on the instrument panel that read "LOSS OF SPEED MEANS DEATH". Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of the airplane. I think it is likely that it was the B-26, although it could appropriately have applied to another aircraft or actually any aircraft. My grandfather studied to be an airplane mechanic shortly before WWII, he was born in 1905 and too old to have been in the war. He lived in Detroit so it seems likely that he saw the above mentioned airplane at either the Detroit City airport (where he took his courses) or at Willow Run Airport where they did have 6 B-26's used for training mechanics. No one at Willow Run remembers the plaque. Everyone I have talked to seems to think that no factory ever put such a place on any airplane and that it could have been the crew and that the place was on only one airplane. I would like to know more about this and would appreciate more information if anyone remembers such a thing. Thank you, Kevin Link Date: 10/1/2002 Time: 1:49:49 PM   S/Sgt. Donald W. Short .  My uncle, S/Sgt. Donald W. Short was a member of the 394BG/BS585 which crashed in France 7 Aug. 1944. Since all the crew was killed in the crash, I wonder if there are those in adjoining squadrons who can add information about the crew. I know that Donald took training at MacDill field in FL and note that others, still living, did the also. Since the squadrons remains were not found until years later, it is buried in a common grave in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, KY. Al Short Date: 9/30/2002 Time: 10:59:05 PM

Mike, An absolutely wonderful site. Congratulations!

My father, Robert Schaffer III, flew on the B-26 out of North Africa and Italy as a gunner and radio man. I am looking at his picture taken at Lake Charles Army Air Force in March 1944. The plane is marked L G4.

I will be sending in a full submission shortly with this picture and other details I will also be sending a short story he wrote as a college paper about being shot down over Northern Italy, splashing down in the Po River and being captured and taken as a POW.

I am very interested in the material Mary mentioned in the 2002 Forum about the POW experiences. I recollect a story about his being freed in Belgium and going "AWOL" to Paris. I have also been told by his sister that the POW airmen were so thin and underweight that the Army kept them in Europe to gain weight because they were afraid of stirring up the American people if they saw how poorly our men were treated.

Thank you so much for your fine work.

Bob Schaffer Date: 9/30/2002 Time: 4:59:05 PM   Howard W. Young BombGp: 320th Squadron: 442nd.  I have been collecting information on my great uncle, Howard W. Young, and would appreciate any information anyone could add, i.e. plane name, etc. Thank you to those of you who have provided me with the following: #42-95763 B26B-45-MA c/n 6529 MIA 01/29/1944 – Macr 2308 320th BG 442 BS, crashed in the Mediterranean near Ladispoli, Italy 1 Lt Elbert C. Stephenson XXXX653 Pilot - Texas 2 Lt Robert L. Conley XXXX798 CoPilot - Texas 1 Lt Joseph L. Mestayer XXXX465 Bombardier - Louisiana S/Sgt Howard W. Young XXXX6272 Engineer - Pennsylvania Corp Harry L. Strasburger XXXX1077 Radio-Op – New York Sgt George A. Carr XXXX8932 Tailgunnner - Maine S/Sgt Alfred R. Gilbert XXXX0612 Spec R Op – New Hampshire Thank you - Bob Young Date: 9/24/2002 Time: 6:08:48 PM   Gordon Bleil. was telling me the story of his recent reunion and told me about the website. This is a great idea and a great site. Date: 9/22/2002 Time: 2:30:57 AM   Sidney Colten BombGp: 320 Squadron: 442. My father, Sidney Colten, was a strike photographer on a B-26. He was stationed first in Tunisia and then in Italy. He told me he had flown 65 combat missions (or it may have been 56 - it was a long time ago). I have posted some of the photographs he took, or had taken, on my web site, and I would be pleased if any interested parties would look them up at [web site abandoned] Marc Colten Date: 9/21/2002 Time: 12:06:11 AM   William Powers  BombGp: 387th Squadron: 559th Years: 1942-1945.   Looking for information on William Powers of the 387th bomb group, 559th sq. My father-in-law was a radio operator. Unfortunately, I know none of his history in the service but was fortunate enough to stumble across a picture of the radio operators of the 559th taken in France. Thanks for any help Theresa Powers Date: 9/20/2002 Time: 4:11:45 PM   Lawrence R. Kraus BombGp: 320 Squadron: 444 Years: 1944-1945. My father, Lawrence, was a tail gunner and photographer on a B-26. Three things I never saw my father do: fly on an airplane, hold a gun in his hand, or pick up a camera and take a photograph. Lee Kraus Date: 9/18/2002 Time: 8:41:44 PM   Leo R Green BombGp: 17 th Squadron: 432 Years: 1942 1945 Class: 43.  65 missions Italy, France, Germany -- last mission Battle of Bulge. Date: 9/16/2002 Time: 8:33:54 PM   My father, Lt. Robert R. Stewart, was the co-pilot of a B26 named "The Jerk", somewhere in the early years. He passed on march 12 01. He retired as a major stationed at MacDill Fl. He served as a a wing commander in Lincoln Flying B-47's . He left SAC. ,to go to school AFIT. at Wright Pat AFB. In 1966, He volunteered for helicopter duty in Viet nam. He crewed on an H53B ( Jolly Green), and received the DFC. twice. He was my father, I am very proud of him . I moved away from his home , and never got to ask him about all his adventures. My name is John E. Stewart, if any out there knew my dad please e-mail me. Thank you. knottwright522 Date: 9/18/2002 Time: 1:51:20 PM   David Castrellon BombGp: 387 Squadron: 558 Years: 43-45.  Hello My father S/Sgt. David Castrellon served in the 9th Bomb Div., 558th Bomb Sq., 387th Bom. Grp. in the European Theater of Operations from 1943 to 1945. He was an Engineer Gunner on the B-26 and was awarded the distinguished “Air Medal” on October 9, 1944 in recognition of meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights in the European Theater of Operations, and having completed the required number of operational sorties against the enemy. From November 22, 1944, through March 21, 1946 ten (10) bronze “Oak Leaf Clusters” and two (2) silver “Oak Leaf Clusters” were awarded. In my fathers Air Combat Diary, he mentions several crew members last names but no first names. I do however have several photos of him and crew members in what appears to be Barksdale Field in Shreveport. LA were i believe his training was completed. I would greatly appreciate any response of any knowledge of my father. I would also like to know if there were any other meritorious service medals awarded to him and his crew and whether there was any service emblem associated with his Grp./Squadron. Sincerely, Dan Castrellon Date: 9/16/2002 Time: 8:33:54 PM   Benjamin Vaughan BombGp: 323 Squadron: 456 Years: 3. I a nephew of Benjamin Vaughan who was a aircraft mechanic with the 323rd BG. and 456th BS. and work on 2 Planes the "Buzzin Huzzy" and "the buckeye Battle Cry ". He talk abount a Col. Barker's Plane he work on. Col. Barker being from Columbus or Akron Ohio. Any information on the 2 Planes ,"Buzzin Huzzy" ser.# 4135040 and the "Buckeye Battle Cry " or Col. Barker. Thank You . Date: 9/16/2002 Time: 5:37:26 PM   Teri Dalco.  My father was in the Us Army Air Corps in 1942-43 and claims to have been stationed somewhere near Devizes. He flew in a US b-26 bomber (possibly b-26B) in the 8th Air Force, in 1943, but a fire in the US army archives many years ago took all records, so we have not much to go on. My father is now 80, and we are trying to find some missing links. Was there an airfield in this vicinity? If so, do you know where I can find any information about bomber groups or squadrons? He was severely wounded during a mission which was fatal for some crew members. Is there any records about any hospitals in the area as well? There maybe some avenues I can follow in that direction as well. Date: 9/16/2002 Time: 5:37:26 PM   Anthony Finegan BombGp: Squadron: Years: Class: Location:  My father, Anthony Finegan, was in the US Army Air Corps in 1942-43 and claims to have been stationed somewhere near Devizes. He flew in a US b-26 bomber (possibly b-26B) in the 8th Air Force, in 1943, but a fire in the US army archives many years ago took all records, so we have not much to go on. My father is now 80, and we are trying to find some missing links. Was there an airfield in this vicinity? If so, do you know where I can find any information about bomber groups or squadrons? He was severely wounded during a mission which was fatal for some crew members. Is there any records about any hospitals in the area as well? There maybe some avenues I can follow in that direction as well. Teri Dalco Date: 9/15/2002 Time: 8:37:27 PM   Chris Stier BombGp: 320th? Squadron: 440th?  I am looking for information about Chris Stier, who was a B-26 pilot and flew missions over Italy going up the Po Valley. He had a model of a B-26 in his office that he had in the colors of his B-26- Silver (bare metal) with red trim on the wingtips and on the tail. I worked with him in the '60's until he died suddenly in the early to mid '70's. He and I had some interesting discussions, but my memory has gotten vague on some of the details such as- 9th or 15th AF? crew, tail number, etc? I would appreciate any info you have on Chris (rank, etc). Thanks, Barry G. Smith Date: 9/15/2002 Time: 11:00:45 AM   Julian Blount BombGp: 394 Squadron: 585 Years: 3? Class: Location: .   We are looking for info of this group for my father-in-law, Julian Blount is from oklahoma. Deborah blount Date: 9/13/2002 Time: 10:27:28 PM   Frank P. Carrozza BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: Class: 1945 Location: Stansted.  Please send me the e-mail of the gentleman who posted this. He flew on my dad's plane Shopworn Angel" Here is a copy of his post: "Date: 5/27/2002 Time: 4:42:35 PM   Bill Royal BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 42-45.   Mike---I was browsing today to see what I could find and brought up b26.com/photo and saw a picture of the plane which I was the assigned armorer. The name of the plane was I writing for my dad he flew in the Shopworn Angel. here are the years and crews; June 3, 1944 LT. LYONS PILOT LT. SHEPHERD CO-PILOT LT. CARLSON BOMBARDIER - NAV. S/SGT. INGLET ENGINEER - GUN S/SGT. CARROZZA RADIO - GUN S/SGT. HARRISON ARMORER - GUN July 7, 1944 LT. LYONS PILOT & CO-PILOT LT. SHEPERD PILOT & CO-PILOT T/SGT. SANDERS TOGGLIER S/SGT. INGLET ENGINEER - GUN T/SGT. CARROZZA RADIO - GUN S/SGT. HARRISON ARMORER - GUN August 2, 1944 LT. SHEPERD PILOT LT. AIKEN CO-PILOT T/SGT. SANDERS TOGGLIER S/SGT. INGLET ENGINEER - GUN T/SGT. CARROZZA RADIO - GUN S/SGT. HARRISON ARMORER - GUN Date: 9/12/2002 Time: 12:11:06 PM   BombGp: 17th Squadron: 37th Years: mid 42/1945 Class: 42? Location: Boca Raton/ Barksdale? Date: 9/11/2002 Time: 12:15:33 AM   1st Lt. Bradford Rex Roberts BombGp: 335 Squadron: 477 Years: 1943-44.   My father, 1st Lt. Bradford Rex Roberts was stationed at Barksdale and departed with the 477th on 1/10/44. He was killed in action on 3/16/44, I understand, in a raid over Monte Cassino (see: The Battle of Monte Cassino). He was flying with a squadron out of Sardinia. Could anyone provide any additional info or direct me to leads. He was known as REX. Bradford Rex Roberts, II Date: 9/08/02 Time: 12:42:02 AM   Oliver Jumper BombGp: 320 Squadron: 443 9th AF Years: 1943-1945 Class: Location: Send: send Date: 2/8/01 Time: 10:58:07 AM Comments: My dad was Oliver Jumper. BombGp: 320th Squadron: Years: 1943-1945 Location: France & Germany. He was a B-26 pilot from 1943-1945 in Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, and North Appenines. My dad's nickname was "Jump". He was a First Lt. and flew 13 missions. I remember him saying that he didn't always fly with the same crew members. I do remember him talking about a buddy named "Hedges". Dad went to High School in Lacrosse, Indiana and played the violin and piano. During pilot training, Dad spent time at Shreveport, La., San Antonio, Tex., Fredrick, Oklahoma. Dad recieved 2 Air Medals, the American Theater Service Medal, European African Middle Eastern Service Medal, German Occupation Medal, and the Victory Medal.... Dad passed away in 1979 after raising 2 sons who were very proud of him. Just before he died, he and I took a little trip to Wright Patterson A.F. Museum and I was able to get a few pictures of him standing next to the B-26 that is on display. I wish the pictures would have turned out. Dean Jumper Date: 9/6/2002 Time: 3:22:16 PM   Donald R. Conley BombGp: 322 squadron: 451 years: 1 Class: 44A Location: Frederick, Ok 1st Lt. pilot 51 missions DFC, air medal + nine oak leaf clusters. Was in the same glider pilot training depot, Hondo Texas met again when entered into the 451st bomb sqd England 1944. Flew in the #2 position in that flight that new years day that we lost him. He was flying the #5 slot. according to my crew no one got out, they took a direct hit. Date: 9/5/2002 Time: 8:55:45 PM   Leo Green BombGp: 17 Squadron: 432 Years: 3 Class: 43 Location: Lake Charles La.  I would like to hear from former squadron members 1944-1945. Date: 9/05/02 Time: 8:34:45 PM   Captain Max Petrisek "Pete" BombGp: 17th Squadron: 95th Years: 1942-1945 Class: 43F Location: Blytheville. Ark. Best wishes to all B26ers & their relatives & friends. Prior to Pilot training I graduated from Aircraft Mechanic School in Keesler Field, Biloxi, Miss.  While I "sweatted-out" getting into Cadets. I flew 63 missions out of Sardinia, Corscia, & Dejon, France. My original combat crew included Joe Shopes, pilot & Cam Tensi, Bomb./Navigator. We flew over on the Southern route ending to a staging facility in N. Africa. There we spent a few weeks with an assignment to train French pilots in new B26. In Sardinia the 3 of us were fortunate to be bunked with a pro pilot Lt. Roberts. Roberts was a mover & shaker & soon we had the best tent in the Sqd., concrete floors, brick walls behind the canvas sides, a chute for our ceiling, sink with hot & cold running water. We were next to the shower area & soon had other luxuries as home made furniture, special booze, fruit & connections due to Roberts personality. Cam who was Italian was also helpful in making connections with the natives. We accepted extra assignments as Officer of: Motor Pool, Mess Hall & Bar & I being an eager beaver became Training Officer. With Roberts connections we soon were flying to Sicily to haul back special food, traded with natives & the "loaded" US Navy. Yes, there were missions which for us started around the conclusion of Anzio Beach Battle. It was amazing how little combat simulation or indoctrination we had. I was lucky, my 1st mission was with Capt "Marty" Martinson as the cool pilot. There was never a finer Mentor. He later was flight Operations Officer. After many missions "Marty" & Major "Bohmant" assigned me to fly as Command Pilot on a 24 plane mission. With luck & lot of concern, "all returned", my job was accomplished! Might have been the youngest Command Pilot in the AF as I was only 20. Regretfully Schoeps, Tensi, & tail gunner Smitty, Sgt Gunnels were lost. I am willing to communicate with B26ers that are interested. Sincerely, Max/"Pete" 9-02 Date: 9/5/2002 Time: 7:59:02 AM   S/Sgt Donald W. Short BombGp: 394 Squadron: 585. I'm looking to find out a little more about a very very distant relative (on my wife's side). S/Sgt Donald W. Short was killed 7th. August 1944 at or on a raid to Nogent sur Seine in a B-26. Any information about his service in Britain would be appreciated. John Parish John, S/Sgt Donald W Short was a member of the crew of Major Clinton M Lee. 585th Bomb Squadron 394th Bomb Group. Should you require a Missing Aircrew Report you should contact AFHRA at Maxwell AFB, see links page on www.B26.com. Give them the MACR No.7853, and for a nominal fee they will send you a copy.   Regards,
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 9/5/2002 Time: 2:36:22 AM   1st. Lt. Lester E. Barton BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451st Years: 1942-45 Class: 42 Location: Chanute Field, Illinois. 1st. Lt. Lester E. Barton, was in the 322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb Squadron, was a Pilot of a B-26 Marauder. He was killed in a Squadron Tragedy, Mar.18, 1945 over Beauvais, France. Could have been in the group or plane called " Clark's Little Pills " under a "Cohen's" group, he was in this flying accident, with a Capt.Alex Cordes, who was the only one whom lived! If any Marauder's or old friends of his, are out there and knew my uncle, please email me! I have been searching for his o'war friends for two years nearly! Surely someone knew this Indiana, Pilot! Thanks, Judy Judy, Three B26s were involved in this mid air collision over the base. The pilots were respectively 1st Lt Alex O Cordes, whom you rightly say was the only survivor and his crew; 1st Lt Lester E Barton and his crew; and 2. Lt James A Shettles and his crew. None of the planes involved were named "Clarks' Little Pill" -- this B26 having crashed 12/25/44.   Regards
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 9/3/2002 Time: 1:18:14 PM   Otho Pence BombGp: 319th Squadron: ? Years: 1942 - 43 just Class: ? Location: ?.  I am trying to find some information for my wonderful mother-in-law, Kate Malcolm. Her first husband was Otho Pence, a native of Missouri who entered the USAAF around 1942, was trained at Shreveport LA and went over to England sometime in Autumn of 1942. She had one letter which was franked with "Royston" Herts (possibly at Nuthampstead airfield?). He then went over to North Africa sometime late in 1942 and was, unfortunately, killed in his first sortie over Green Hill, Tunisia. Kate can't remember what group he was in, but through the wonders of the internet and what limited information I have, it looks like he was part of the 319th (squadron ?). He had the rank of second lieutenant and his co-pilot was Captain Max Shields. I understand Max's body was the only one recovered. Otho is buried in Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis. Any information to confirm Otho's membership of the 319th, his squadron, etc would be very gratefully received. BTW Kate married an English army captain she met in Bombay and ended in Canada. I am English and raised in essex, within spitting distance of North Weald and Willingale fields. My mother still lives in Hornchurch. Very Best Regards Neil Story Neil, 1st January 1943 Lt Frank A Morton, Jr and crew were hit in the tail by flak over Green Hill, Tunisia, went out of control and was seen to spin to the ground immediately bursting into flames. The crew in addition to Lt Morton were; 2nd Lt. Otho W Pence copilot; S/Sgt Kenneth MacKenzie bombardier; S/Sgt Joseph Walley armourer/gunner; S/Sgt John W Hines turret gunner and S/Sgt Fred J Kelly, waist gunner. All were members of the 34th Bomb Squadron 17th Bomb Group.
Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 9/2/2002 Time: 1:05:45 AM   Morey A. Dubelier. Trying to get any info on my father, Morton A. Dubelier. I know that he flew with the 451st Bomb Squadron 322nd Bomb Group. My Dad passed away from Cancer in May of 1986. Morey P. Dubelier Date: 9/1/2002 Time: 9:10:01 PM   Thomas L. Alford I'm seeking any information about a B-26 called "The Shady Lady" and her Pilot, my uncle,  Lt. Thomas L. Alford. He was shot down over Germany, and died of his wounds a short time later. He was Awarded Five DFC's, Five Air Medals, and Five Purple Hearts.  I'm looking for anyone from his crew or who flew with him and any photo's of him or the plane. All my information comes from my grandmother, and father. Thomas Alford Date: 8/31/2002 Time: 5:48:35 PM   Thanks, Mike. I have contacted Steven Koven through his daughter who learned my name through your B26.COM. We were close friends many years ago, and I had not heard from him since 1946 Thanks again Harold Luntey Date: 8/31/2002 Time: 4:10:33 PM   Charles K. Grund, Sr.  I helped build the Crown Assembly of the B-26 1940-1943 Glen L. Martin Plant Middle River Maryland, Plant # 2 Date: 8/29/2002 Time: 8:45:46 PM   Albert Sax BombGp: 386 Squadron: Years: 1943-45 Class: Location: Send: send Date:  Time: Comments: It appears you are mainly interested B26 crews. However, I was in the 9th AF Hqs Engineering Section, Bournemouth, England in 1943. Then in a support group to the 386 BG, Beaumont-sur-Oise and then St.Trond, Belgium 1945. Can you direct me to info about my unit in Bournemouth. We were billeted in a hotel on the Wesr Cliff. The only other forces in Bournemouth were the women's ATS and the Canadians. For 26 years I worked as a design engineer on rocket engines for Rocketdyne before retiring in 1981. Thank you, Al Sax Date: 8/29/2002 Time: 4:22:02 PM   Thomas I. Parry BombGp: 323 Squadron: 453 Years: 4 Class: 44D Location: Pampa, TX.  I was co-pilot for Theodore J. Walbert (pilot), Peter Schiffbauer (bombardier/navigator). Joined sqdn at Laon/Athie in Dec 44.

Thomas - 2.Lt T J Walbert flew his first mission, as copilot to 2nd Lt D.R. Williams, on January 9th 1945 to Annweiler railroad bridge.

You first flew as a crew on January 13th 1945 in B26 41-31809 to bomb a road junction at St. Vith. 2nd Lt T.J. Walbert pilot; 2ndLt T.I. Parry copilot; F/O P Schiffbauer bomb/nav; Sgt J Walker engineer/gunner; Sgt R S Pearson radio/gunner; Sgt R K Volles armourer/gunner.

Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 8/29/2002 Time: 12:53:28 PM   George Kudszus (Oregon Dept. of Veterans) Dear Sir— My name is George Kudszus, and I work for the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs here in Salem Oregon. We are currently helping a family with locating information on an uncle who died on June 3, 1943 during the 552nd BG's transfer to England, apparently enroute. He was TSgt Donald D. Hall. Any information on the circumstances and location of the loss would be greatly appreciated by the next of kin. Sincerely, George Kudszus Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs Date: 8/28/2002 Time: 11:07:29 AM   M Crowley BombGp: 387 Squadron: 559 Years: 44-45.  Thank you for your assistance in locating S/Sgt Russ Newmans' crew list. He has been reunited with his pilot John Merrill. Mr. Newman has asked me to inquire about a crew list for the "mississippi mudcats'" 150th mission. He is trying to locate the pilots name who flew his 75th mission that day. I appreciate your help in this matter. As you must know, you are brightening up a lot of lives with your excellent data. Thanks again. M. Crowley Date: 8/27/2002 Time: 11:58:44 PM   My uncle, Sgt. Curtis E. Cinnamon, flew 47 missions in the European and African theaters as a B-26 engineer-gunner. He received the air medal and was wounded on a mission over Arbatax, Sardinia and received the Purple Heart. If anyone knew him I would like to hear from you. Thank you, Ray Date: 8/27/2002 Time: 6:48:07 AM   I served in USAF 1963-1967. I have a question. I was in the 397th SAC Bomb Wing (H) from 1964-67. I was authorized to wear a "Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon". I was told by the NCOs when I asked that the award was given to a B-17 Squadron that underwent severe flack and airplane attack to destroy a rail bridge in Germany in 1944/45. I now find that it may have been B-26s, not B-17s. Were my NCOs lying to me? Regards James Collinsworth


The 397th Bomb Group was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for a mission on 23rd December 1944 when the Group withstood heavy fighter attack and flak to sever the railway bridge at Eller, a vital communication link across the Moselle river. In the process of completing this mission the 397th lost eleven B26's and several more returned heavily damaged.

Trevor Allen, historian
Date: 8/26/2002 Time: 10:49:48 PM   Howard A. Wilmeth  BombGp: ? Squadron: ? Years: 1942-1945?.   My father (nickname Scotty) was a pilot of a B26 stationed in England. He did not talk much about his time there. I do have a picture of him and his cres. The plane has a LK3 with the name "So Sorry" I would love to hear any info about him and his crew. Date: 8/26/2002 Time: 9:35:43 PM   Bill Kopp BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 3yrs 5mos.  This is actually Bill Kopp's daughter writing. My dad passed away just 5 months ago. He spoke so proudly of the years he served w/ "Sexy Sal"... or was it "Sexy Sal II"? My mother, brothers and I cherished his stories. I know that Bill Royal of his Squad was asking for him - it's a shame, Bill, that you missed each other - I'm sure he would have loved to have talked to you. Mike - thanks for the answer to my email. I'm sending you a great picture. Date: 8/26/2002 Time: 4:21:54 PM   BombGp: 323 Squadron: 454 Years: 1944-45 Class: 43H Location: Columbus, Mississippi.  Mike Smith: I want to thank you for the years of dedication and service you have provided to the entire Marauder and related communities. Major General John O. Moench, USAF (Ret) Date: 8/26/2002 Time: 4:07:49 PM   John P. McBride Squadron: 30th Dep Rep, 30th ADG Years: 1943-1945.   I served as a member of the 30th Depot Repair Squadron, 30th Air Depot Group: July 43 -Oct 44 (Stansted-Mountfetchit, Essex); Oct 44 to Apr. 45 (Beauvais, France); Apr 45 thru May 45 (near Tirlemont, Belgium) Our squadron repaired B-26's. In late May 45 I was transferred into the 23rd Depot Repair Sq., 2nd ADG. The 23rd repaired B-51's during the European campaigns. I returned to the States with the 23rd Repair in July 1945. While home on furlough, the atomic bomb was dropped. Would like to contact any former 30th ADG or 2nd ADG members or their family members/acquaintances. John P. McBride Date: 8/26/2002 Time: 2:47:06 PM   Ralph Todd, Jr. BombGp: 462? Squadron: Years: 1940's.  I am so sorry I do not have much except a name and vitals, I am seeking any information on Ralph Todd ,Jr. b. 13 January 1923 d. 4 September 1951, story is that Ralph flew "THE HUMP" in either "KING SIZE " or ( "RUSH ORDER" was reportedly made in 15 days) during WWII he came home and had a child in 1949. Then he and his wife split up and he was in Mountain Home Idaho running training flights when something went wrong and the aircraft flew into a mountain killing all aboard. Ralph was born in San Francisco and is buried in Ft. Bragg, Mendocino county, CA. My husband was b. in 1930 and for the best part of 1990 to now I occasionally do a surfing look for any more data on him my husband was just a small boy when Ralph went to war and so has fond memories of him. Any data on him or either plane would be wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Richard C. Duncan, Sandra Tyler Duncan Date: 8/23/2002 Time: 8:30:40 AM

I have been handed down several items of my grandfathers items from WWII, however I am trying to put his assignment together. I have a transcript that was written by a Dale Linebaugh that was in Stalag 17B with my grandfather, the transcript states that he was a tail gunner on a B-26 that was shot down over France on 23 Apr 1944. I have a picture of him and four other crew members in front of a aircraft. The writing on the side of the plane looks to say "Sky King 2", and the names on the back are; Harry Williams, John Baesama (pilot?), H. Scott Jr., , and R.L. Walker. I am trying to determine the Bomb group and squadron that he was attached to. I would appreciate any guidance you may be able to give. If in fact my grandfather was part of your group, I would like to submit the photo that I have of the crew.

Thanks in advance,
Jodi L. Thore

Thank you for the photograph of your grandfather and crew, but I have realized that this was something of a red herring. This B26 "Jabbo's Sky King 2nd" served with the 319th Bomb Group in the Mediterranean and hat been returned to the USA for a bond tour. The photograph was taken in the U.S.A. However, I noticed the badge on your grandfather's A2 jacket and recognized it as that of the 497th. Bomb Squadron 344th. Bomb Group. Now knowing where to search I soon found more information. April 23rd 1944 the B26 flown by Lt. Ralph N Leone and crew was shot down by flak over the target, Meuringhem, France. The crew was Lt. Leone, pilot; Lt. H.D. Scott, copilot; Lt. J.J. Bausano bomb/navigator; S.F. Stewart engineer/gunner; S Williams radio/gunner and H.F. Tharp armourer/gunner.

The missing aircrew report MACR s # 4094. If you wish to obtain a copy of this report then contact AFHRA at Maxwell AFB Alabama and for a nominal fee they will supply you with a copy. If you do so, would you mind letting us have a copy at www.B26.com

Trevor Allen, Historian

Fri, 23 Aug 2002 23:39:08 +0100

Look at that time stamp! In less than 8 hours, Trevor Allen looked passed the nose art and matched a patch to a SQ and solved a puzzle ... absolutely amazing.  Bravo, brovo, Trevor! Date: 8/22/2002 Time: 9:07:21 PM   I was not a member of your organization, but was a combat infantryman on the ground, riding shotgun on Patton's new Pershing Tanks. We met a Panzer Counterattack at Struth, Germany on April 7, 1945 there consisting of over 20 Panzer Armored vehicles. We were cut off, surrounded and under attack when some of our trucks got thru and rescued us off on the tanks to save us from being killed in the cross fire, due to the fact that one of our Infantry Battalions had gotten into Struth. As the trucks we were riding on were speeding SW out of town we were straffed by two ME-109s, then two B-26s flew over us with their bomb bay doors open. Surprisingly they made a big circle and came at us from the front of the convoy again. I suddenly realized that the truck drivers did not have their color panels displayed as they should have. I made the asst. driver give me the color panel that he was sitting on and I and others on the truck unfolded it and displayed it just in time. As soon as I! displayed the bomb bay doors closed, the planes dipped their wings and flew off toward Struth. That was a close call. I never saw anything act so quick as the bomb bay doors on both planes closed just as I got the color panel unfolded to where they could see it. What a day that was. See my web site Oscar B. Ladner   Outstanding story!  Thank you Mr. Ladner! Date: 8/22/2002 Time: 1:21:16 AM   Malcolm Scott BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441 My dad, Malcolm, recently passed away. He was a Capt. who flew with the 320/441. (67 missions over Germany, France and Italy) I have some photos and flight log info I would love to share on your site. I am new to using a computer for this purpose but would like to hear back from you - as to whether his photos could be used and useful. He kept everything !!! I wasn't aware this was the site my father (Malcolm) and my brother (John) had been in contact with shortly before my dad's death. John and I will be proud to share what we have with your site. Thanks, Bill Scott Date: 8/21/2002 Time: 2:05:49 PM   James K. Brandemihl BombGp: 322 Squadron: 450-452 Years: 41-45 Class: ? Location: Barksdale Field. I have talked to you before. I got a mission report that mentioned my dad and was wondering if you had more info about it. My dad flew on the 100th mission on the Mild and bitter. He was wounded on July 7-8,1944. He was a top turret gunner and was from Montana. There were I believe three b-26s shot down on that mission and I think Col. Nye was one of them. It mentions in the report that they returned after being liberated. If you have more info about this or anything else you think I might be interested in please forward. Thank You, Dale Brandemihl Date: 8/20/2002 Time: 2:17:58 PM   Jean Franзois CARON. Dear Sir In view of genealogical search, would you please confirm that the 386th bomb group was based in BERNES SUR OISE (FRANCE, 40 Km far from Paris)in april 1945? Were there other US units at that time in BERNES? I kindly thank you in advance for your reply, Yours sincerely JF Caron LEVALLOIS PERRET

The 386th Bomb Group arrived at A-60 Beaumont-sur-Oise, France on October 2, 1944. The airdrome was a former target of the 386th B.G. The Group operated from that location until April 9, 1945, then the Group moved to A-92 St. Trond, Belgium. I returned to the U.S.A. in late November of 1944. There were Military Police units and bomb hauling transport units nearby, but I don't know what their location or unit number was. Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G.

The 386th Bomb Group was based at Beaumont-sur-Oise from 2 October 1944 to 9 April 45. It was at St Trond, Belgium from 9 April 45 to July 45.

Trevor Allen, Historian
B26.COM Date: 8/19/2002 Time: 9:14:49 PM

I am originally from Terre Haute, Indiana & was recently reading a book titled "fighters of world war ii" . In it was a color photo of a b-26 called the Terre Haute tornado. I am obsessed with finding out anything i can about it. how did it get it's name ?who flew it ? Were they from Terre haute ? it was from the 344th bomb group in Stansted, England. The number on the tail is 295906. It looks like the is an "h" on the side of the plane near the tail. Also there are red & yellow bombs painted on the side. What is the significance of the different colors ? The book did not say what squadron it was from. i have the photo scanned & would be happy to send it if it would help. Steve Bailey

Write to Jack K Havener who was the pilot of "Terre Haute Tornado", he knows more about this bird than anyone else.

Trevor Allen, Historian
Date: 8/18/2002 Time: 9:38:25 PM   Lt. George E. Townsend BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 1943-1944 Class: 1943 Location: Roswell, NM. Looking for information on my Uncle, Lt. George E. Townsend. I have his 'short snorter' and am very interested in finding out anything that I could. He was a pilot. Thank you. Lois Townsend Feltman Date: 8/17/2002 Time: 11:06:16 PM   Leslie (Les) Goss BombGp: 322 Squadron: Years: Class: 43  I have a known a great guy and fellow pilot Leslie (Les) Goss for a few years now. He has given me a lot of history on the 322nd. If anyone out there knows Les....please feel free to send me an email and I will get you in touch with him! Thanks Jerrid Fullingim Date: 8/16/2002 Time: 7:39:39 PM   George Bendt BombGp: 386 Squadron: 552 Years: 1942-1946 Class: 44E Location: Freeman Field, IN.  Hello to anyone from the 552 from the period of December 44 to August 1945. I was a Captain of a B-26 and later an A-26. I was stationed in Beaumont, France, St-Trond, Belgium, and also later flew with EATS (European Air Transport Service) out of Paris -Villacoubly flying C-47s to Hamburg, Berlin, and Vienna, etc.  Anyone that has any photos or information of anyone else in these station please reply. I currently reside in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Date: 8/16/2002 Time: 7:09:54 PM   Delmar Drice Townsend. I am trying to find out information concerning my fathers service while flying in WWII ETO. I don't have much information but remember him bring home a lot of stuff he had a Geman flag and a lot of pictures but this was all destroyed when our house burn down when I was about 10 years old. I don't know what group he flown in but he was a Bombardier.  His name is Delmar Drice Townsend.  If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Wallace D. Townsend Date: 8/16/2002 Time: 2:16:00 PM   George W. Vogler Date: 8/16/2002 Time: 2:03:13 PM   I am currently painting B-26-B "Gawja/Jerk" people interested in seeing this work may e-mail me. Great sight for a great plane flown by great people! Lynn Redfern Date: 8/16/2002 Time: 2:23:04 AM   Philip R. Scheier BombGp: 323rd Squadron: 456TH Sq. Years: Jan. 142--May 1945.  HI MIKE: A great B26 site, and many thanks and much appreciation for the tremendous effort you obviously have put into this project. I was a radio-op gunner, with two overseas combat tours in Europe. We did our stateside training at Myrtle Beach, S.C., after the pilots had completed their training at Tampa. We flew our ships across the North Atlantic in the spring of 1943 via Newfoundland, Greenland, with its uphill steel-matted landing strip which ended in a glacier, then on to Iceland, then weathered in a week on the Isle of Lewis, just north of Scotland, and finally made it to England. My pilot was Luke Hargroves and our plane was the Shirley Bee, named in honor of his fiancйe. Our tail gunner was Jimmy Myers of Texas; our engineer-gunner was Doug Bowell of Abilene, Kansas, and there was our bombardier Lt. Edwards. After our 50th mission, we were sent back to the states on 30-day leave for R&R, lthen another two weeks at a rest resort in South Carolina, and then back to Atlantic City to be processed--again--for our slow boat trip back to England, and later to France. I flew a total of 65 missions. Our 456th squadron Association has been meeting every year in different parts of the country. Our next, and possibly final reunion, because of age, illness, deaths etc., takes place in Pensacola, FL, in Sept of this year. Again, Mike, a positively heartwarming pleasure to have your wonderful B26 site to remember those tremendous years, particularly the photographs. Phil Scheier. Date: 8/14/2002 Time: 9:54:42 PM   Lt. Roy A. Seymour BombGp: 319th Squadron: 440th Years: 1941-45 Class: 1942 Location: Yuma, AZ.  This is the son of Lt. Roy A. Seymour. Roy flew 69 combat missions. If anyone is interested I have all 69 missions written on bomb tags. The tags designate targets, flak, and accomplishment of the mission. Roy flew Hells Bells, Lady Sirroco, Misletoe and several others. Roy did the first Raids on Rome, Florence, Po Valley. He was awarded the French Medal of Honor, 7 Unit Presidential Citations, 10 Air Medals and more. Dave Little his bombardier left the with the 319th to fly in the Doolittle raids. The 319th turned over to the 320th. Thanks. I have more information and would love to share if anyone is interested. Spencer...p.s. Dad never lost a man on his missions...kinda like my cuz TERMITE code name in Nam with the Rangers...never lost a man on his fire team...SEMPER FI. Roy Seymour Jr Date: 8/14/2002 Time: 6:45:19 PM   I am trying to research an Erik Christiansen who was KIA on 23rd December 1944 on the Arhweiler Mission. I do not have many details at the moment but hope to get lots of documentation in the near future. Many thanks in advance for any info received Jeannette Ward Date: 8/13/2002 Time: 6:12:53 PM   Jack Willen BombGp: 322nd Squadron: 451st Years: 1942-1944 Class: Location: Barksdale T/Sgt. Jack Willen Looking for any contact information for Harold W. Wiley, A.J. Valleau, and George Simler from the 451st. Would greatly appreciate any information Date: 8/13/2002 Time: 5:47:13 PM   Robert (Bob) Leo Carden BombGp: 17th Squadron: 37 Years: 1943 t01945. I am Bob Carden, Tec. Sgt. 17th BG 37 BS. Flew my first mission from Dijon France Feb.7th 1954. in a B-26 called "Marauda" with a Back Panther above the word Marauder. This Nose Art was located above the front landing gear. My crew was aboard this B-26 when it blew a main landing gear tire and crashed on take off. All crew members were safe. This hapened on April 8th 1945. Lt.Rogers was the pilot. The B-26 number was 41-34929 BN -30. Other crew members are: Lt.Allen Co-Pilot (deceased) Berg Sgt. Engineer-gun; Lt.Rothamel Bombardier; Adank-gun (deceased) For some reason I do not know, I was selected to fly Radio, on that day with another crew and saw the crash. I flew most of my 36 missions as Radio with different crews. I am looking for a full picture of this B-26, can any one out there help. Thanks Bob Date: 8/13/2002 Time: 4:34:13 PM   My Great-Uncle flew the B-26 and was held as a P.O.W. during the war. After he was liberated, he and others from his squadron who were P.O.W.s or at some point declared M.I.A. compiled a fascinating collection of their experiences. I'm currently reading it and just wanted to express my appreciation for what the pilots and crew of the B-26's did for our country. You are all heroes. Mary Date: 8/13/2002 Time: 4:12:47 PM   Any friends of - he is suffering from Alzheimer's and he has been admitted to the VA Hospital in Salisbury, NC. He is very concerned about that the history of all of you lives on. Sincerely, James B. LaMuraglia (one of his sons). Date: 8/13/2002 Time: 10:57:11 AM   BombGp: 344 Squadron: HQ SQ Years: 1940-61 Class: 1940 Location: San Antonio. Trevor: I continue to be amazed at the amount of detail you are able to furnish to some of your contacts. How in the world? You have an excellent site. Keep it up. Bob Date: 8/11/2002 Time: 8:30:31 PM   Earl Willoughby BombGp: 17th Squadron: 432nd Years: 1942/1945 Class: 43B Location: Lubbock, TX. My crew and I were involved in a crash landing (no fatalities, thank God) in a cotton patch just off the end of the runway at Barksdale AFB in July, 1943. If I recall correctly I never received or saw a copy of the accident report and do not remember being a party to any formal inquiry. Apparently no one got overly exercised about the incident (the B-26 aircraft was totaled) since we were returned to active duty and left for Europe (northern route) on or about September 1, 1943. I need some direction as to how I go about getting any information regarding this accident. Assuming, of course, it's available. Can someone help me out here? At the time of the accident we were assigned to the 335th BG (RTU), 477th Squadron. Earl Willoughby Date: 8/11/2002 Time: 3:00:02 PM   S/Sgt. Gran Vernon Corder BombGp: 344thBG. Squadron: 495thBS. Location: Keesler Field MS. Hello to all.  My Uncle, Staff/Sgt. Gran Vernon Corder, Left the states on Feb. 21st.1944 and was based in England.  He served in the 9th A/F 344th BG. /495th BS. as radio gunner/ then I believe a bombardier on the B26 Marauder until on one of his last missions, the plane exploded in mid-air on takeoff over the field, on Aug.25th 1944.  No survivors! Any info that I have is just remembering what I have heard down thru the years.  I was 10 yrs. old at the time.  He was buried in Cambridge Cemetery in Cambridge Eng. until after the war when they returned the boys for home burial. I have a picture of his plane and crew, also some names. But presently have no way of putting it on the board.  He took another man's place that day.  I don't know the name of his plane. Any info would be appreciated. June Thomson


Your uncle's crew on 25th August 1944 was as follows:
1.Lt W H Geary - pilot
1.Lt L E Whitler - copilot
2.Lt R D O'Connell - bombardier
T/Sgt B M Veale - engineer/gunner
S/Sgt G V Corder - radio/gunner
Sgt W R Reed - armourer/gunner
G Audin - war correspondent

Trevor Allen, Historian


Hello Gina: I was in the same squadron as your Dad, I first met him in July 1943 when my crew joined the Group. His plane "BLACK MAGIC" 131620 RG-R. The Group flew its first combat mission on July 30, 1943. Your Dad was on that mission. Later that day I overheard him tell a fellow crewman that he thought the mission was fun! I flew my first mission the next day. I flew my 3rd, 4th, and 12th mission in "BLACK MAGIC" Then my crew received a brand new ship which we named, BUZZ-N-BITCH II" Your Dad was the flight engineer on the Bud Lambert crew, later in the war Lambert became the Squadron CO in the 552nd. I flew with Lambert twice, once in England, and once in France. Lambert was killed in a mid-air collision while a passenger in a Piedmont Airline Plane over Ashville, NC on July 17, 1967 along with 82 other casualties. His burial was in Wichita, KS. In 1984 I went to work for Lear Jet in that city. Even stranger, I worked with a Nasa Engineer At Marshall Space Flight Center who also was killed in the same plane with Bud Lambert. It was Tom Boulton's first in time in an airplane. I recall some of his co-workers saying to him, maybe the plane might crash. He stated please stop that I have enough to worry

about. Some of get to fly 1,000's of hours, and Tom only got to fly from Alabama to North Carolina. "BLACK MAGIC" made a crash landing March 25, 1944 as a result of battle damage.

Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G.


Dear Mr. Klier,

It was great to hear from you. I can not tell you what it meant to me to hear your words. My Dad didn't share his war time stories wth his daughters very much. He did bring his war bride home with him though . To know that you actually heard him tell someone he thought his mission was fun brought tears to my eyes. Dad died of cancer in 1990 and I miss him dearly. Mom went 6 weeks later. You say that Black Magic crashed landed , do you know if my Dad was on it at the time? I have a wonderful picture of Black Magic with her crew. If there is anything else however small that you could share, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to e-mail me.

Sincerely, Gina Date: 8/11/2002 Time: 10:36:14 AM   Robert Glessner BombGp: 391 Squadron: 573 Years: 2.5 Class: ? Location: ? My Dad past away a few years ago. He was a great father. I was looking through is military papers and found is discharge. Like most WWII vet's he didn't talk about it. If there is anybody out there that was with him then or has any memories, I would like to talk with you. He was with the 391st bg, 573rd bs. battles and campaigns are GO 33 & 40 WD 45 Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe, Air Offensive-Europe. He did talk about Chipping Ongar. My dad was a tail gunner on a B26 named the San Antonio Rose, he was a S-STG. Gary Glessner (son of the later Robert Glessner) Date: 8/11/2002 Time: 10:03:50 AM   Harry P. Guinther BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 1942-1945.  I have served as the Secretary of the 386th Bomb Group Association for the past 20 years. As such, I continue to maintain the roster of all our members (present & deceased) as well as widows of members. Our roster includes addresses and telephone numbers as well as Squadron affiliation. I have considerable information on the 386th or can direct you to various sources for information I do not have. I maintain separate lists of all of our KIAs as well as those who have died since the war. Our Association no longer has formal annual national reunions, although it plans future smaller localized reunions in various parts of the country. Our Association still publishes news letters three or four times a year. I will reply to all inquiries. Date: 8/10/2002 Time: 5:51:12 PM   Gerard Lecaroz BombGp: 386 Squadron: 552nd. Any information is appreciated. My Dad, Gerard Lecaroz, tail gunner. European theatre, the planes name was "Black Magic". Rank, S/Sgt. Gina Lecaroz Devlin

Hello Gina: I was in the same squadron as your Dad, I first met him in July 1943 when my crew joined the Group. His plane "BLACK MAGIC" 131620 RG-R. The Group flew its first combat mission on July 30, 1943. Your Dad was on that mission. Later that day I overheard him tell a fellow crewman that he thought the mission was fun! I flew my first mission the next day. I flew my 3rd, 4th, and 12th mission in "BLACK MAGIC" Then my crew received a brand new ship which we named, BUZZ-N-BITCH II". Your Dad was the flight engineer on the Bud Lambert crew, later in the war Lambert became the Squadron CO in the 552nd. I flew with Lambert twice, once in England, and once in France. Lambert was killed in a mid-air collision while a passenger in a Piedmont Airline Plane over Ashville, NC on July 17, 1967 along with 82 other casualties. His burial was in Wichita, KS. In 1984 I went to work for Lear Jet in that city. Even stranger, I worked with a Nasa Engineer At Marshall Space Flight Center who also was killed in the same plane with Bud Lambert. It was Tom Boulton's first in time in an airplane. I recall some of his co-workers saying to him, maybe the plane might crash. He stated please stop that I have enough to worry about. Some of get to fly 1,000's of hours, and Tom only got to fly from Alabama to North Carolina. "BLACK MAGIC" made a crash landing March 25, 1944 as a result of battle damage.

Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G. Date: 8/9/2002 Time: 3:56:23 PM   Russ Neuman BombGp: Squadron: Years: 44-45. Mr. Neuron's last mission prior to POW status was on Feb 24 45. he was serving as the tail gunner/b26 on the mission. the aircraft was shot down by flak. The pilot was John "Jake" Merrill. Mr. Neuron's last base was at "San Quentin" a nickname for a base in northern France close to the Belgium border. following interrogation at Frankfurt (auf main ? ), transported to Nuremberg via railway boxcar, marched to maremburg and on to moosburg(ne of Munich). he was liberated by Patton's army on April 29, 1945. prior to his last base Mr. Neuman was based at stoney cross then to chateau dunn near Cherbourg, France. any info on his crew or aircraft would greatly be appreciated. I am helping him with this research. thank you, mark Crowley Date: 8/8/2002 Time: 11:03:31 PM   1st. Lt. Lester E. Barton BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451st Years: 1941-45 Class: Pilot Location: Chanute AFB, IL. Hi! Looking for any kind of information about my uncle! Anyone who knew him or remembers him! He was killed in the "Great Squadron Tragedy " over Beauvais Tille, France Mar.18, 1945. Is there anyone in the 451st Bomb's Squad. B-26 Group's - 322nd that knew him? If so please email me! He was from Indiana! Thank you, Judy Date: 8/8/2002 Time: 7:04:19 PM   Frank Rakiec BombGp: 323 Squadron: 9th. Years: 41-45 Class: ? Location: ?  My dad served in WW2 with the 323 bomb group 9th squadron from 41 to 45 . military police any info would be appreciated. Thank you and may God bless you all "our Greatest generation".  Frank Rakiec Jr. Date: 8/8/2002 Time: 3:47:50 PM   Gordon Brownlee BombGp: 397th Squadron: 596th Years: 1944-1945 Class: 43 H Location: Frederick, Oklahoma. Been a long time for all of us but am still glad I had the chance to join your units after you were in Rivenhall, England. I think ourcrew was the first to join the 596th since it deployed overseas. Married when I finally returned home in January, 1946. Stayed in the Air force until mid 1965 when I joined General Dynamics. Remained with them until the end of January, 1985. If anyone remembers my crew or myself, I'd like to hear from you. Gordon Brownlee Date: 8/8/2002 Time: 3:36:35 PM   Wade Herring Class: 44-E Location: Lubbock. Went to Laughlin Field with 44c to fly B26s in advanced as an experiment. Had kidney problems, dropped out of 44c, rejoined 44e in Lubbock. Graduated in May of 44. Returned to Laughlin Field for B-26 transition. Went to Barksdale, picked up a crew, and went to Lake Charles. Half way through changed in to A 26s. Went to Moody Field, Valdosta, Ga. and remained until war ended. Discharged at Maxwell Field in spring of 45. Love this site!! Date: 8/8/2002 Time: 3:04:50 PM   Dwight Ghent BombGp: 320 Squadron: 444 Years: 44-45 Class: June 44 Location: Del Rio. I have many artifacts from my pilot days. Thanks. Dwight Date: 8/7/2002 Time: 6:46:57 AM   Dear sir, As an amateur researcher over the air war in Belgium during WWII I'm collecting all the information that I can find about the staying of the 386 BG at the airfield A-92 St-Trond in Belgium. Is there anyone who can help me, any kind of info is always very useful. Thanks Alain Rosseels St-Trond Belgium Date: 8/6/2002 Time: 10:28:02 PM   I am hoping to find any info about my father's crew, missions, or airplane. Most details I do not know except that his aircraft name the "Jay Walkin Molecule" If anyone has any info about the crew or aircraft please let me know. Thanks Ryan Ratcliffe Date: 8/5/2002 Time: 1:47:10 PM   BombGp: 323rd Squadron: 453rd Years: 1942-1945 Class: Location: Harlingen Gunnery Sch.  I was a charter member of the 453rd Sq., 323rd Gp. I was engineer/tail gunner on Capt. Roscoe Haller's crew and arrived in England on April 25, 1943 VIA the southern route. We were at Bury St. Edmonds when the low level missions were flown to Ijmuiden. Our group began medium level bombing operations against the enemy from our station at Earls Colne in July i943. I flew 50+ missions with Capt. Haller and after he was promoted to Operations Officer I flew 20+ missions on Capt. James F. Hunt's crew, finishing up with 78 missions. We rotated back to the states in July 1944. I would be pleased to hear from any one who was connected with the B-26 or who is interested about our operations. Sam (Tex) Findley Date: 8/5/2002 Time: 10:12:01 AM   Mr. Trevor, you have a tremendous nice site and I am always enquiring about the B-26 which crash on Xmas day 1944 at 10.30AM local time at the edge of the forest of Rulles. I only know that the ship might have been either # 42-107606 or 43-34303. the first one was piloted by 2LT John A Alexander and the latter, by 2LT. James M Neff. You have informed me by your message dtd 10 Jul.2001 that le ship flewn by Lt Alexander was seen to hit the bank of a stream, but in Rulles, there is only a little stream called "La Rulles" . So I am really confused. For your information the ship flown by J. Alexander was nicknamed Junebug. I'll be glad if I can finally determine which plane crashed in RULLES which is at a mere 35 miles south of Bastogne. Tks for your kind reply. Gabriel Quoirin :-)   Mr GABRIEL QUIRIN another b 26 named Clarks Little Pill was also shot down on Christmas Day 1945 after leaving target Trier Date: 8/3/2002 Time: 6:06:34 PM   Walter D. Ashley BombGp: 320 Squadron: Hq Years: 42-45 320TH Headquarters - Operations Office Date: 8/2/2002 Time: 5:58:49 PM   John Malcolm BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441 Years: 42-45 Class: 43-E Location: Blackland AB, Waco, TX.  Pilot with the 320th BG 441 SQ, Nov 43-Aug -44. Just looking at the units listed I noticed the comment that the 319th BG downgraded to the B-25 in Nov. 44. I could be mistaken but I think that they went into the A-26. and did service in the ETO for a short while.


Thanks for your email, the 319th re-equipped with B25's in Nov 44 ran some missions in Italy then returned to the Z.I. There they received A-26's and went to the Pacific and ran missions until the end of WW.II. Since you were with the 320th why don't you impute something on your service, we would be delighted to add it to the site.

Trevor Allen
Historian B26.com
Date: 8/2/2002 Time: 5:13:34 PM   Sgt. Alexander Schindelheim BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 1942-45. My dad: Alexander Schindelheim (nick-name Schindy) deceased 10/8/95 was a squadron draftsman. He also was a sign painter and artist. He designed the BS insignia of a gorilla holding a bomb (see 451st squadron year book. He did some nose art and showed me some pictures of his work. I believe "Idiot's Delight" and "Pickled Dilly" were lettered by him. His work was very distinctive. The letters were usually 3-d shadowed with additional art work requested by the pilots. If anyone knows other aircraft lettered by him, I would like to hear from you. Thank You, Frank Schindelheim Date: 7/30/2002 Time: 8:36:52 PM   William Eddy Carr BombGp: Squadron: Years: 1942-45. I am trying to find out which bomb group/wing my Dad, William Eddy Carr,  flew with- he was in North Africa and Italy and was a radio/gunner in a B-26. I have taken everything I have found from his war days and put it together on his very own web site. Date: 7/28/2002 Time: 10:32:09 PM   Thomas H. Galligan BombGp: 384 Squadron: 589 Years: 1943-1945. I am looking for anyone who flew with or has knowledge of my dad,  in England and/or Africa. His aircraft was the "Available" and last flew out of Chelmsford, England. To the best of my knowledge he flew as a co-pilot and later pilot of this B-26. I would be most grateful if you can provide me with some vehicle to contact any of my dads crew or squadron mates. Again, my thanks in helping his siblings put the pieces of the puzzle together. He didnt speak much about it, and now it is to late to "get it from the horses mouth". Gratefully, Thank you Michael A. Galligan   Michael, There were several B26 bases in the Chelmsford area, could you add any more detail to the information you have already given.Do you by any chance have a photograph of "Available" which may help us to pin point your father's unit. Regards, Trevor Allen, historian B26.com Date: 7/28/2002 Time: 5:54:36 PM   Harry Rowett  BombGp: Squadron: 70 OTU. My father is trying to sort out the story of his WWII unit, RAF 70 OTU which operated with Marauders in Nakuru (Kenya) and Shandur (Egypt). I would be very interested to hear from anyone, or their family, who was trained by this unit which supplied both the RAF & Commonwealth air forces with crews. Any details of aircraft, accidents, or just names, stories, etc would be very welcome. I would be willing to share what I have already collected. Thanks Phil


70 OTU was initially based in Kenya where it trained crews on Blenheims, Marylands and Baltimores. 70 OTU at Shandur, Canal Zone, Egypt trained Marauder crews. It was the only OTU to do so. It was responsible for training aircrews for 14 Sqdn RAF until August 1944, 39 Squadron RAF to VE-Day and No's 12, 21, 24, 25 and 30 Squadrons South African Air Force. The original crews converting to B26's on 12 and 24 squadrons SAAF were trained by the USAAF at the Bomber Training School at Telergma. The OTU consisted of four flights "A" flight was the servicing flight and occupied two hangars. Flights "B", "C" and "D" were dispersed around the perimeter and consisted of approximately 10 aircraft. The main runway started by the Suez to Port Said road end extended to the canal edge. In June 1944 there were 44 Marauders on strength. Each B26 was identified by a number painted on the fuselage in front of the roundel running from No.1 upwards.

Trevor Allen
Historian B26.com
Date: 7/28/2002 Time: 2:21:11 PM   2nd Lt Robert A. Reed BombGp: 386 Squadron: 552nd Years: ? Class: ? Location: ? I am looking for any information about the B-26 planes in the 552nd bomb squadron. I would appreciate a roster of each plane if at all possible. I am looking specifically for any information about my great uncle Robert A. Reed. He was a co-pilot of a B-26 in the 552nd squadron. If you have any information please contact me. Thanks Allison Oster Date: 7/28/2002 Time: 11:26:52 AM   Bill Churchman BombGp: 17th Squadron: 95th Years: June 1944-Oct. 1945 Class: 44-2 Location: Albuqureque, NM. Does anyone know Jack Smolenski? Date: 7/26/2002 Time: 2:00:37 PM   Stephen "Steve" Koven BombGp: 394th Squadron: 587th Years: 1944-1946 Class: 44-53N Location: Ellington Field, Texas.  I am writing this on behalf of my father, Stephen Koven, 394/587 9th Air Force, European Theater, 1944-1946. He was a Navigator in the B-26s. This is pieced together from faded writing, faded photos, and faded memories. Steve Koven is 79 years old, residing in the New Orleans area, hailed from Coatsville, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Penn State Chemical Engineering post-war. He graduated from Ellington Field December 30, 1944. He has a picture of aviation cadets Koven, Goeke, Lancaster, McKoan, and McDonald. From there he was sent to a distribution center in Paris, then (?)to a base to the north (? Venlo Y-55) on the (?)German/Belgium border. His home base after that was Kitzingin, Germany. His roommate was John Koller at some point. He has fond memories of the Air Force Rest Center in Montlucon, France and the Martinez Hotel Officers Rest Center in Cannes, France on the Riviera. He has his orders for TDY dated 15 May 1946 from Kitzengen Army Air Base, APO 227 U.S. Army effective 16 May 1946 for 1 day for the purpose of attending Nuremberg Trials by order of Colonel Celio. The names on the order are Captain Edward G. Nelson, Lt's. Steven J. Koven, Peter J. Hahn, Maurice G Ward, Robert F. Bouse, Flt/O Jack L. Baughman, S/Sgt's Lawrence L Abendsheim, Penrose I. Miller, Sgt's. Winnie A. Fink, Stanley F. Jozvdak and Cpl Carl E. Olson. He has another order he saved for 10 days of R and R dated 11 Nov 1945 with his buddies Harold J. Cassidy, Harold G. Luntey, himself and Russel R. Deever. He has many pictures including a transport ship with the men scattered on the deck when they were sent overseas; Harold J. Cassidy on the French Riviera, a dog (spaniel mutt?) named "Butch" at R-6 Germany 6 Jan 1946; an English Lancaster in flight; a shrapnel damaged plane named "The Wolves", the 587th Officers Quarters, R-6 Germany; a fellow named "Guffey" in a B-26 named the Lucky Star with (?) T. B. Wall printed on the side; another picture of "Butch" the dog and a guy named "Boots" next to an A-26; Phil Stoltenberg in front of "It Ain't Easy" (?) A-26; the castle tower in Kitzingen; a French Airfield at Bourges, where they then went by truck to the Group Rest Home at Montlucon, France in Aug 1945; a fellow named "Guffey" standing next to a 16X16 tent Y-55 Aug 1945; John Koller, Bombardier (his roommate) in the nose of a B-26; group Picture of Bill Hartford, Don Snyder, and Phil Stoltenberg of the 587 Bomb Squad; a fellow named "Pope" Y-55 Germany in the "Lucky Star"; Bill Harford; another fellow named Luntey. My dad, Steve Koven, has typed copies of songs "I Bombed Cologne" and "Lili Marlene", a printed layout of Obersalzberg, Hitler's Mountain Retreat, a Thanksgiving Day Menu dated 22 Nov 1945 from the Hotel Martinez-Cannes, France, a pamphlet "Time Over Targets" Story of the 9th Bombardment Division, and again his buddy Harold J. Cassidy (a tall String-bean) and Helen Lynch wedding invitation (?Long Island, New York?) He many reconnaissance (before and after) aerial shots. I hope this will somehow touch another W.W.II veteran or family memory. He would appreciate hearing from interested parties. Any one interested in contacting my father Steve Koven can do so through Mike at b26.com  to forward a message. I see Harold Luntey in the guest book and we have pictures of you! I will try to contact you for my father! Date: 7/25/2002 Time: 9:10:48 PM   My Father, T/SSG Daniel Grether, was in the 17th Bomb Group, 95th Squadron. Not sure what years. He was a tail gunner on a B-26 called "Ain't she a beaut". He was stationed in North Africa. Sadly, he passed away in December of 1989. I wish I had talked to him more about his experiences. I do know that the pilot of this aircraft was George McKay. He was very proud of his service. If you have any info on my dad, the crew, or the aircraft, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, Douglas Grether Date: 7/25/2002 Time: 12:26:45 PM   SSgt. Henry "Hank" Carl Bunn BombGp: ? Squadron: ? Years: 1942-45 Class: ? Location: Harding Field Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Gentlemen, I am the son of Ssgt. Henry "Hank" Carl Bunn of Wilson, North Carolina. My father was a radio operator or navigator aboard a B-26 training out of Harding Field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He finished his training and at some point applied for transfer into the B-29. He was tested again and his eyes had gotten bad enough that the Army Air Corps. took him out of the air altogether and kept him state-side. He was placed aboard a boat recovery crew stationed in Grand Isle, Louisiana shortly after this. The primary function of this boat crew, was search & rescue for pilots who had to ditch in the Gulf of Mexico flying out of Harding Field. Unfortunately, I can't remember if he ever mentioned any of the crew he flew with while at Harding Field. I do however, remember a visit to Baton Rouge in 1978 (at the age of 17) where my father took me to Harding Field. The old barracks were still standing at that time. It was a very touching moment for him (as well as for a 17 year old) as I watch the memories flood his eyes with tears, remembering those who went on and never came home. With consideration to the fact that I do not remember him having many "war stories" from this time, I don't think he was in the B-26 very long after his training. My reason for this forum note is simple. I would dearly love to find someone who might remember him during his time in the B-26. I have no pictures of him with his crew and would truly love to find at least one picture of him with his crew and prayerfully one of the B-26 in which he trained/flew. My father died in 1986 at the age of 66. If he were still alive today he would be 82 years of age if this helps. If anyone has info or pictures, please e-mail me at Mike at b26.com . Many thanks and God Bless the men of the Army Air Corps. D. Bunn I'm probably grabbing at straws here, but by browsing through this sight, I've realized that this is as good a place as any to start. Date: 7/25/2002 Time: 11:00:06 AM   Thank you for this great site. My Dad, Christian Douglas Burger was Killed In Action on 6 Jun 1944 D-Day. He was in the 394th Bomb Group, 584th Squadron. I'm sure he would have enjoyed looking at your Web Site. I have the 1st edition of "Bridge Busters The Story Of the 394th Bomb Group" and look through it every year around June 6th. A. Doug Burger   Doug, Thank you for your kind words re B26.com and it is nice to know that "Bridgebuster" helps you every 6th June. It was amazing that your fathers' pilot Lt Tommie Potts survived the crash but weather conditions on that day were very poor with thick low lying clouds over all the B26 bases in Essex County. Regards Trevor Allen historian B26.com Date: 7/24/2002 Time: 12:14:27 PM   As director of the 8th Air Force Museum at historic Barksdale AFB, LA we are looking for information on B-26 operations in the Mighty Eighth from 1942-43 as well as information on the B-26 training that was conducted on Barksdale from 1942 to 1945. We are all the time looking for and accepting photographs and stories associated with both elements. We don't have much because folks haven't saved or presented these needed items to us - we can't display what we don't have - if you have photos you can share please let me know we need to help spread the word on the 110% contribution of the Mighty Marauder in the Eighth and at Barksdale. A new book on Barksdale has just come out and is available. It has a 335th BG B-26 on the cover. Its available from Arcadia Publishing. Please help us tell the B-26 story in the Eighth and at Barksdale. Buck Rigg Date: 7/22/2002 Time: 3:57:26 PM   Robert L. Anderson BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 3 Yr. 7 Mo. Class: 44 A Location: Childress, Texas. Just finished reading the account of Nov.18 /44 about the St Menlo raid. I was the bombardier-nav. on Maxwell's crew, and like many other unlucky 'war-birds' became a 'KRIEGE' until Patton came to our rescue 29 April 45. I will welcome, and respond to any one who has further info. or comments. Bob Anderson Date: 7/22/2002 Time: 2:50:49 PM

I am the nephew of Kenneth F. Harniman, Capt. B-26 Marauders. He was a POW during WWII. I just got done researching the magnificent site created for these Great Guys.

I am sorry to say the Ken passed away on June 28th, 2002 after a long illness, the results of a stroke he suffered in 2000. He died peacefully at the Castle Point VA Hospital in Newburgh, NY.  He will always be remembered as a HERO within our family. He was pre-deceased by his two brothers; my father John S. Harniman and younger brother (uncle) Arthur E. Harniman. Both are also WWII vets.  My brother John William Harniman (Capt. USAF) and I (Sgt. USAF) both served our beloved country during the Vietnam War.

Best Regards and GOD BLESS AMERICA,

Dick Harniman Date: 7/21/2002 Time: 4:59:05 AM   Just checked out this wonderful site. Congratulations. It really looks great and has a lot of information.  I recently received information that 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Group in 1945 at Venlo Airfield (Y-55) used a converted B-26 as group transport plane. It was flown on a regular basis by Maj. James Rose (CO 161st TRS, Dec.) as pilot and 1/Lt Raymond Niehouse (F-6 pilot 161st TRS) as copilot. Does anybody know about this. I am looking for a serial number, squadron code and noseart. Thank you for your help. Hub Groeneveld Historical Workgroup Venlo Airfield The Netherlands Date: 7/20/2002 Time: 6:55:31 PM   BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495th Years: 42 thru 45. S/Sgt. James E. Smith, my bro. (dec.) was gunner on B-26 Marauder. Campaigns: Air Offensive Europe, Germany, Normandy, Ardennes, Northern France. I believe he flew 82 bombing missions before 50 was declared the number after which they would be returned stateside?? I have a copy of his disc. He was in 495 Bomber Squadron Army Air Forces, plane "Feudin Wagin" & "Shop Worn Angel" (tail #29517-white triangle). Jane M. Swan

Jane, you may be interested to know that your brother flew a mission on D-Day 6th June 1944. His crew that day was:

2.Lt C.E.Fitzwater - pilot
2.Lt M J Middleton - copilot
S/Sgt A W Beckshaw - togglier
S/Sgt A B Marinelli Radio - gunner
Sgt J E Smith - engineer/gunner
Sgt E C McCarter armourer/gunner
Trevor Allen
Historian B26.com
Date: 7/17/2002 Time: 10:42:22 AM   James E. Scott "aka --Jim" BombGp: 387 Squadron: 558 Years: 2 Class: 1943 Location: Lincoln, California. Theatre of operations : A-71 San Quentin, France Dates of service in unit : 11/15/44 to the end of the war. Duty of person : Gunner Dates of incident.: Many with 41 missions. Name & Tail # of Plane : "CORKY, 41-31652, KX-S...." "HEAVENLY BODY" 41-31664, KX-A "HEAVENLY BODY II" 42-107630, KX-O Entered Service : 6/22/43 Serial Number: 39416333 WWII RANK: S/SGT MEDALS: Air Medal w/7 OLC Unit Citation ETO Ribbon with two Battle Stars Victory Medal Good Conduct Medal   Greetings to all the WWII hero's. I am looking for people who served with Bomb Gp: 387 Squadron: 558. Also to keep up to date on the current events and gatherings. If you have any information please send it my way on Email or give me a call. Thank in advance.... Jim... Date: 7/16/2002 Time: 3:37:09 PM   Harry R Wilson BombGp: 92 Squadron: 327 Years: 43-45. Hello; I flew during WWII on a B-17G as a ball turret gunner. I recently had a chance to go through a restored B-17 at the local airport and it had a ball turret that did not come out of a B-17. I was wondering if it could have come out of a B-25 or B26. Thanks. Harry R Wilson Date: 7/16/2002 Time: 12:41:25 AM   My great uncle, , from Salisbury Md., was a radio man on a B-26. He was stationed from what I know in Saudi Arabia and Alaska. One of their B-26's was allegedly shot down over Germany. He was also allegedly in the Korean war. Its a long shot but I was wondering if any one knew him. Kirk Date: 7/15/2002 Time: 10:59:48 PM   My father, Orville Haley, was a B-26 pilot, but his plane crashed while he was out of the cockpit assisting with a landing gear problem on a training flight prior to deployment to the European theater. He was seriously injured, though I believe no one else was seriously hurt. He also piloted the plane and assisted another B-26 during an attack on a German U-boat of the coast of Florida. I know that he would love to hear from any former crew or friends from that time. He can be contacted through Mike at b26.com. I would like to hear from his crewmates as well as I would like to record more of the stories of the B-26 adventures. I would welcome any information from anyone on the above events. Allen Haley Date: 7/14/2002 Time: 3:57:59 PM   1st Lt. Maurice D. Norton BombGp: 397 Squadron: 598 Years: 1943-1945 Class: 43i.  My father, 1st Lt. Maurice D. Norton, is alive and well at the age of 84. He was co-pilot and then pilot of the Leapin Lena. He does remember three of the numbers on the tail of the plane to be 161. The pilot of the plane and with whom he flew with was John Bergman. He would like to hear from anyone with whom he served with. They can contact him at this email address as he will be moving in with me in the near future. Thank you Cheryl Fisher Date: 7/14/2002 Time: 8:10:05 AM   Amos A Drummond Years: 1943-1945 Class: Location: Pampas, Tx.  My name is Gayle Drummond Brewer, my father, Amos Drummond, was a pilot of a B-26 from 1943-1945. He passed away in 1998 and would never talk about his experiences during WWII. I would just like to hear from someone who served with him. I think he graduated from Pampas, Tx. I don't know his group or squadron, I'm just hoping someone will remember him and contact me. Thanks, Gayle Date: 7/12/2002 Time: 8:47:12 PM   James T. Ray BombGp: 394th Squadron: 584th Years: 1944/1945 Class: 44/45 My uncle, James T. Ray, flew 65 missions with the 394thBG/584thBS between 6/4/44 to 5/4/45. His nickname was ''Hotfoot''. I have a copy of his combat diary and pictures and info on the 394th that I have collected over the last 2 years from other interested people. Anything on this Bomb Group would be appreciated. Thank you, Jim Diffee Date: 7/11/2002 Time: 5:55:59 PM   Carson Nathan Copeland BombGp: 394 Squadron: 586. Would love to hear from anyone who recalls my Dad or can share anything about him. I do know he was a navigator and his plane was shot down. I remember that he was to attend a squadron meeting and had to miss at the last minute because of an unexpected family event. He has been dead for about 24 years and I regret that I did not know much about this period of his life. If anyone recalls him, I know they remember a fabulous man. I wish I knew all the information you are asking for...Thanks and my appreciation for any info you can provide. Debra Date: 7/9/2002 Time: 6:58:54 PM   BombGp: 397 Squadron: 599 Years: 1942 - 1945 Class: 1944B Location: Childress AFB. I am writing on behalf of my father Matteo LaMuraglia. He was a first Lieutenant in the 397 BG, Squadron 599. He is interested in any details of a mission on December 24th, 1944. The target was Niddigen, Germany. His plane was named Naked Fury. If anyone knows where I can get the information for him, it would make him very happy. He is having difficulty remembering the details and any information will bring happiness. Thank you. Joey Joe,
Herewith information on December 24th,1944 mission.
Target: Nidiggen
B26G, 43-34405, 6B-H, 599th.BS, 397th.BG

1.Lt E Willemson, Jr. - Pilot
2.Lt D L Werner - Co-pilot
1.Lt M W LaMuraglia  - Bombardier
1.Lt W.O Chapman - Navigator
2.Lt W C Thornton - Gee/Navigator
S/Sgt L Wisotsky - Engineer/Gunner
Sgt J F Powers - Radio/Gunner
S/Sgt M Kuzma - Armourer/Gunner
Sgt T Rosenberg gunner


Bombing altitude 11,500'
Intervalometer setting 20-160
Indicated air speed 185mph
Length of bomb run 2 minutes 20 seconds
Bomb load 16 x 250lb
Total bombs dropped 16 per aircraft

1st Box
A flight - Excellent - Weltzin
B flight - Superior - Willemson
C flight - P.N.B - Parker

2nd Box
A flight - Unsatisfactory - Pemberton
B flight - Excellent
C flight - Superior - Pinkerton

Trevor Allen
Historian B26.com
Date: 7/9/2002 Time: 5:57:06 PM   Francis L. Muller BombGp: 322 Squadron: 450 Years: Sept44 - May45 Class: 44B Location: Frederick Ok.  Flew 48 missions, mostly checking out the pilot and his crew. Went over as Paul Humphreys co-pilot. On one of the missions with Paul I was flying the left seat as number three in the formation. Lt. Colonel (Smith I believe it was) who was leading the Squadron saw me and from then on I flew as airplane commander. Was very lucky on all my missions, only a little flack damage. The worst was when the Plexiglas nose was shattered, the bombardier escaped injury. Saw a number of planes go down but I was lucky. Date: 7/9/2002 Time: 8:47:04 AM   Harry P. Guinther BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 1942-1945. Aircraft: "Swamp Angel" Crew: 1st Lt Robert Kingsley, pilot, Kirkville, NY, KIA 5/27/44; F/O Raymond C. Roberts; co-pilot, E. St. Louis, IL, KIA 12/13/43; 1st. Lt. William Harmon, B/N, Oakland,CA, POW 5/27/44; T/Sgt. Harry P. Guinther, Radio, Toledo, OH, POW 5/27/44; S/Sgt. Henry Kurecka, Engineer, Saginaw MI, POW 5/27/44; S/Sgt Jerome Poker, Tail Gunner, Milwaukee, WI, POW 5/27/44. This crew was shot down on 5/27/44 over Paris, France. All crew members were veterans of over 50 missions and were awaiting transportation back to the States when they were shot down. indicates deceased as of 7/1/2002. Date: 7/7/2002 Time: 4:35:53 PM   Elbert Rife BombGp: 596 Squadron: 397 Years: 1943-1945. I served as the ground crew armorer of the D Flight B-26 "Bad Penny" throughout the 397/596 ETO tour. Anyone else out there from the 596th Armament Section? Date: 7/7/2002 Time: 3:41:12 PM   E. Z. Rice BombGp: 391st Squadron: 573rd Years: '44-'45 Class: 43-I Location: Douglas, Georgia. I recently became aware of your web page and related resources and I understand that you have information about my father's mid-air collision and subsequent ditching on 25 Aug., 1944. I am attempting to locate your article on this incident on your web site. My father is available to answer all questions that you may have regarding this, but he doesn't remember the tail number of the aircraft due to the fact that it was not the one in which he regularly flew. (This plane's name was "Little Pink Panties"; He does have a photograph of it, but I don't believe that the tail is visible.) We look forward to hearing back from you, and would be glad to help your research in any way. Also, would you happen to know anything regarding another B-26/USAAF historian, Bob Minn? He had a good amount of information and resources pertaining to the 391st Bomb Group, and had corresponded with my father a bit. I briefly visited him in July, 1990 in Ixworth (?) and was wondering how he was doing. Roger C. Rice (son of E.Z. Rice) Date: 7/6/2002 Time: 1:46:13 PM   Victor D. Rader, Crew Chief  BombGp: 387 Squadron: 557 Years: 42-45.  Our plane was My Gal Friday, our crew was as follows: Ed Lowther, pilot McIvor, co-pilot Lt. Boyd, bombardier Sgt. McFarland, flight engineer Sgt. Masten, radio operator Sgt. Drvodelich, tail gunner Sgt. Rader, crew chief Date: 7/2/2002 Time: 11:32:53 PM   seeking information about Col. Thomas R. Ford, commander 461st med bomb wing, hill afb, ogden, utah 1953 thru1955 when the wing moved to the reactivated blytheville afb, blytheville, arkansas. roedel, richard k. Date: 7/2/2002 Time: 2:51:01 PM   BombGp: 322nd Squadron: 451st Years: 4 years Class: 1941 Location: Miami Florida.  Here it is July 2002 and my first note on the Web. I was the Squadron Adjutant of the 451st from start at Mac Dell Field till after the war in Aroson, Germany in Sept.1945. One Saturday morning as our service was coming to an end, while imbibing with our liquor ration, I suggested that we should put out a unit book, and so therein lies the beginning of over a years work that almost cost me my marriage. However, I finally felt the time was well spent and we had a great history book that so many men -- those of the squadron and even more so the families of those men that did not return. I know that there are a few errors and some names left off -- but that was do to rushing finding more data before I left for home. We had a mini reunion of California men when the book was finished. A few years later the Chicago lunch group launched the yearly reunion. October 10,11,12 we will be celebrating the 55th in Vero Beach, Florida. I am pleased that whomever put the book on the internet so that all Marauder Men and families have some idea of what the war was about and relate what and were it all happened. Thanks Date: 6/28/2002 Time: 8:07:42 PM   Capt. Max Petrisek  BombGp: 17 Squadron: 95 Years: 1942-1945 Class: 43f Location: Blytheville. Ark.  I'll be willing to add info later as many B26 crews & assigned planes changed through their combat time. I am a member of the 17th Bomb group reunion association, that issues the Sortie, editor Ted Baker. I believe that your intentions are admirable.This group has or had a historian. I have no specific inquiry at this point nor have I emailed the vast photos or tapes I have from overseas.I once took 2 albums to a reunion & only found one person interested. I am in the mist of documenting my war experience for the "family" & have been able to recall most detail needed for such an extensive writing. It is actually a complex story for non combatants.

While on a mission to bomb the Roveretto railroad bridge the B26 piloted by Capt Max Petrisek and crew was hit by a flak shell just behind the bomb bay.It did not explode on impact but exited above the rear gunners position and exploded there killing the tail gunner, Sgt Gunnels, and severely damaging the stabilizer controls. Capt Petrisek landed at a British airfield near Ancona. Sadly this was Sgt Gunnels last combat mission prior to returning to the USA.
Trevor Allen
historian B26.com

Your description of our mission is soberingly accurate. During mission briefing, we were told the emergency field MIGHT be available. The flack at the target area was vicious & too accurate. I brought in the last flight & decided to alter my course slightly after the bomb drop. Others ahead of me were getting clobber but we got a direct hit, it was as U described it. The plane was a mess & emergency care for tail gunner was inadequate. One engine out & flying by trim tabs, this seems not feasible but we did it. We had to jettison everything we could throw out & get to a lower altitude to keep the plane air worthy. Everything we did worked our way but not that of saving a buddy. The details are still all vivid. The emergency field was the closest & our only hope to get out of enemy territory & get help for our dying tail gunner. It was tough to go 180 degree from home base. We had difficulty getting the rest of our flight to leave us & "GO HOME". Our radio was also OUT! It was a "long trip", but we were le along with many millions of others. The war in Europe was over a few days after I got home. Me & my honey,. now wife Marge, had a lot to celebrate along with many millions of others. Capt. Max Petrisek

Mike, Kind of odd reading- ( )  on the B26 Site.. There were dozens of names of buddies & others that I found in his report. Since it was the same Sqd. (95th) & same time period it was like revisiting ones life. My 3 lost buddies were all mentioned, Tensi, Schoeps (Schoops?) & Gunnels. The Operations Officer that verified the report was Capt. John P. Martinson, a gem of a person & the one who I flew co-pilot for on my first mission. Is there any way that you could get me the address of the authors of the 2 entries by the guys in the 95 Sqd., 17th Group. I have a letter out to a Robert Ringo that was on the list of crews. I had a funny feeling when they listed the Planes #58 & 66, I felt that they were using MY PLANE as I put in a lot of missions in those 2 planes. I have been on a loafing binge + stock market & "rescued coal miners." I lost 2 brothers in the coal mines & worked in them every school break. Like combat, but wanted to make a $ & understand the suffering of my coal mining family. Hope all is well with you. Guess this why you stated that the B26.com is for the ones that lived that life? For me, the B26.com is an experience I thought I would never be privileged to ever have. Thanks Mike. Sincerely, Max Date: 6/28/2002 Time: 7:58:30 AM   Does anyone have any information on the B26 that crashed on Blaeberry Mountain in the Mourne Mountains (N. Ireland) in 1944? It was heading inland (West) I assume going to Langford Lodge where there was a USAF repair station.  David Phillips Date: 6/27/2002 Time: 6:03:17 PM   T/Sgt. Howard E. Miller, Jr. BombGp: 387 Squadron: 558 Years: 43-44. I am interested in any information about my great-uncle, Howard Miller's plane, the "Heavenly Body." The "Body" was lost returning from a mission to Nenlo, Holland on 24 Feb 44. Her crew were all listed as missing and as far as I know, none were recovered. My great uncle's log book and photos have always been cherished by my family. Any information would be greatly appreciate. Steve Lisle

"Steve, Thank you for your reply and it looks as if we may be going somewhere positive. I have been doing some digging in the meanwhile and here goes. 25th February 1944 target Venlo, Holland.  Just after crossing out over the Dutch coast on the return journey the formation was attacked by enemy fighters. The B26 41-32013 TQ-P "The Arkansas Traveller" flown by Maj Joseph H Richardson and crew was shot down into the North Sea.

Maj. Joseph H Richardson Pilot and Sqdn commander
1.Lt William R Stewart Copilot
1.Lt Clyde T Dailey Navigator
Capt John P Coburn Bombardier
2.Lt George B Robertson Navigator
S/Sgt Jack E Hutchinson Gunner
S/Sgt Melbourne D Hindman Gunner
S/Sgt Harry R Lambertson Engineer/gunner
T/Sgt Howard E Miller,Jr Radio/gunner

The reason for the crew of nine was because this was the lead ship, hence two navigators to ensure target accuracy and extra gunners so that the eng/gunner could maintain a constant watch over the mechanical reliability of the B26 and that the radio /gunner could constantly monitor the command radio and pass instructions to the rest of the formation from the lead pilot.

The B26 they were flying that day was a 559th.BS airplane not a 558th one. This was not entirely unusual since if a squadron could not have enough of its own airplanes mechanically ready it would borrow one from another squadron in the group.

I believe this may be the information you are looking for.

Trevor Allen
historian B26.com"
Date: 6/26/2002 Time: 12:01:05 AM   Lt. Marvin Eugene Toffer BombGp: 320th Squadron: 441st Years: 42-45. Lt. Marvin Eugene Toffer (pilot) flew missions out of Corsica, Sardinia, North Africa, and Dijon. He is still alive at 81 in Sept. and would like to find any crew members or men he flew with during his years with the 441st. He is my wife's grandfather and is filled with years of stories and memories. I cherish the times with him, recanting his days in the war and the memories of missions he has. Any info would be greatly helpful, or any known citations or awards that came after his years of service would be appreciated! Thank you! Tim Bailey Date: 6/24/2002 Time: 7:05:13 PM   Lee, George R. L.C. RET. BombGp: 386th Squadron: 554th Years: 1942/45 Class: 43K Location: YUMA, AZ. My name is Fred Lee and am George Lee's brother--the e-mail address is mine. I will be pleased to forward any communications to him as he is alive and well. He tells me his most influential instructor was Howard Ice!!! On 11/18/44 he piloted b-26 ru-c on the raid to St. Wendel. He also flew a-26 ru-u!!!! Most recently he had the opportunity to fly the chino "straight B-26" that was restored by David Tallichet---current owner is Kermit Weeks!! Date: 6/24/2002 Time: 5:36:14 PM   John L. McCabe BombGp: 394th Squadron: 584th Years: 43-46. Crew: Pilot - Capt. Norman F. Schloesser; Co-Pilot Lt. Joe L. Dressel; Bom-Nav Lt. Newton N. Gann; Eng-Gunner S/Sgt Mike di Giovanni; Radio Gunner S/Sgt Raymond M. Bussemer; Arm. Gunner S/Sgt John L. McCabe. Cambrai, FR; Venlo, Holland; Kitzgen, GER. Date: 6/22/2002 Time: 3:10:43 AM   Thank you from my generation to those brave and so young men who flew these planes in such desperate and dangerous conditions.  Bill Dubberley. Date: 6/21/2002 Time: 8:49:38 PM   Lt. Charles J. Gese Location: Lake Charles. My Father, Lt. Charles J. Gese was the pilot. Lt. A.M. Downing was co-pilot along with Lt. W.R. Hildebrand. Crew was Cpl. A. Fried, Cpl. Jack Halt, Cpl.N. Chiappelli. As best as I can read the photo. Their mascot dog was a Jack Russell Terrier. The front of the plane has an L B1 on it with the name of Vivian painted on it, which I understand is the name of my father's first wife. Charles J. Gese went by the nickname of "Bud". Please contact me with any information that you may have about my father during his career in the Army Air Corps. Cassandra Freiberger   Your father was a pilot in the 555th B.S. in the 386th B.G. He flew a mission to Duren, Germany in October 6, 1944 in a ship called Hell's Belle II. He was in no. six position of low flight in 2nd box of 18 planes. October 7,1944 he flew a mission to Hengelo, Holland. His plane was hit by flak. Perkatory II was the name of the plane. We had two of our planes shot down that day. He was flying in no. 2 position of the high flight in the 2nd box. Visit my web page listed under links on this web site. Scroll down to my name and click.  I am the historian for the 386th B.G Both of the above missions were flown from our new base located at Beaumont sur Oise, France. We moved in on October 2, 1944. Prior to that we were based at Great Dunmow, England. Tallyho, Chester P. Klier Date: 6/21/2002 Time: 8:58:03 AM   Richard D. O'Connell Years: 1943-44 Date: 6/18/2002 Time: 8:54:21 PM   Bruno Daszkiewicz BombGp: 397 Squadron: 596 Years: 1944 Date: 6/18/2002 Time:  Comments: I would like to find out if there is info available concerning this Bomb Group. I am particularly interested in the tail gunner who was Bruno Daszkiewicz of Chicago. Are there any photos available? the name of the plane etc..........Tom Draus Date: 6/15/2002 Time: 7:51:40 PM   Sgt Edward E. Bowman BombGp: 319 Squadron: 439 Years: 1943-1944. My brother-in-law, Sgt Edward E. Bowman, was a tail-gunner on a B-26. He and the rest of the crew but one were killed during a bombing run to the Nervesa Causeway in north-eastern Italy on 21 Oct 1944. Their B-26 plane was struck by some anti-aircraft firing and lost part of a wing. The plane was flying out of Corsica at that time as far as we know. We do not know the name of the plane or any other details. From your records can you provide us with the name of the plane or any other information. One of the pilots that Edward flew with earlier was a Lt. Miller with a Lt. Mosby as the co-pilot. In your records do you have the date of demise of the B-26's? Thanks for your help. W. Bruce Hilton Date: 6/14/2002 Time: 11:27:51 AM   Adelard "Albert" Rioux BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 1944-45 Location: Lake Charles, LA.  This is my father. He is 85 and was a radio waist gunner. Can you add him to your list?  Looking for a Thompson /Pilot, Moody /Co-Pilot, Quinn, Weiss, and a tail gunner from Texas that flew with my father Adelard Rioux. My father was involved in a crash landing where the bombay doors were stuck open and the pilot brought it in on the noise wheel. Does this jog anyone's memory? The best part of the story is that my father, though the oldest of the crew, was the shortest. The chaplain, who was a very tall man, picked up my father and cradled him like a baby when he got out of the plane and said, "Rioux, I had better see you in church this Sunday!"   Adelard, you mentioned a crash landing with a pilot named Thompson. Saturday, November 18, 1944 the 386th flew a mission to St. Wendel, Germany. The target was a storage dump. The 36 ship formation was led by Captain Tener. His entire lead flight was damaged by flak. His ship "HELL'S ANGLES" was forced to make a crash landing upon return. Captain Owen number 4 position was shot down, only his radioman survived--Chester J. Mann. That ship was "SON-OF-SATAN." Lt. Peebles number 3 position made a crash landing at base, he was flying "MORE SPAM-BERGER." LT. Thompson flying in number 6 position, the ship you were in made a crash landing which totaled the plane. The only pilot in that lead flight to make a normal landing was Lt. Ford, his ship also had battle damage. His ship was "MY SHACKING COUSIN." Meanwhile back in the second box Captain Robert Harris was flying a ship named "Dinah Might", he was also shot down. Seven bailed out of the plane and became POW's. I wrote a story about that mission which was published in the 386th B.G. Newsletter, also was published in the 9th Air Force News a number of years ago. Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G. Date: 6/12/2002 Time: 9:19:32 AM   Santo Endrizzi BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 1944-45.  I would like to reconnect with anyone from the 344Bomb Group, 495th Squadron. Date: 6/11/2002 Time: 6:36:11 PM   Richard Harold Ainsworth. I was not around for WWII, but I sure enjoyed reading the hero's diary of Date: 6/8/2002 Time: 8:59:54 PM   Mae Eckley Graybill, age 79, Harrisburg, Pa.  I worked on production of B-26 at Glenn L. Martin, Baltimore, MD from march 1942 until 1945. Would like to contact any fellow workers from that time. Date: 6/7/2002 Time: 7:58:46 PM   Kelly Corsette. 1st Pathfinder Squadron - I'm looking for any information or photographs of 1st Pathfinder Squadron aircraft. My uncle, Ralph W. Miller, served as a pilot with the squadron in 1944-5. Thanks to Hub Groeneveld, Peter Smith, and Peter Wise, I've gathered a few photos, but am looking for more. If you or someone you know served with the 1st PFS and have some pictures of aircraft/crews, they would be greatly appreciated. Date: 6/6/2002 Time: 6:44:46 PM   Sean Walsh.  I am the proud owner of a 43' Willys Jeep which has been lovingly restored to its original condition and markings. They are that of the personal Jeep of Lt. Col. Charles Keller of 387BG 557Sq. The vehicle is complete with its 9th AAF and Blackout markings as required for use on English roads during the war, all painstakingly copied from an original photo taken of the Jeep in front of B26 'Kellers Killer' with the man himself sat in it. I would very much like to let any of the the Kelleher family know of the jeeps existence and also that it is regularly displayed around Europe and recently took part in the Queen's 50th Jubilee Celebrations here in London, keeping the memory of the men who flew B26's alive for younger generations. So if any of you know of him or happen to have a veterans assoc. I can contact please let me know. Thank you so much for your help, Sean Walsh. London, England. Date: 6/6/2002 Time: 4:20:44 PM   John J. Citti BombGp: 320 Squadron: 443 Years: Three Class: 1944 Location: Barksdale LA. We joined the 320 GP.443SQ. in Sept 1944 in Corsica.  The members of my crew Lt. Cook, Lt. Callahan, Lt. Hacknet, S/Sgt Citti, S/Sgt Brooks, S/Sgt Casey.  We all completed of 38 to 40 missions until the end of the war in Europe.   Most of our missions were on bridges and ammo dumps, and group troop support.   Last mission was on May 1st off the coast of France. Date: 6/6/2002 Time: 11:27:51 AM   Nice site, and as an author of a book on Stansted Airport (former home of 344th BG) I wanted to say how much respect and fondness I have for the Marauder Men and their airplanes! A big hello to anyone from the 344th from all in England! Nathan Kosky Date: 6/6/2002 Time: 9:24:14 AM   I am very interested by the fate of the B-26 which took part in the battle of the Bulge in December 1944, especially by the crews and ships which took part to missions on the 23rd and 25th.At the time, I was a student in Bastogne and escaped walking on the 18th and 19th the 54 kms separating my school and my home in RULLES, southern Belgium where on the 25th a B-26 crashed at the edge of the forest. I will never say enough how much we owe to these gallant crews amongst whom many men lost their life. I'll be glad to hear of any person who has lived that glorious period. Lest we forget.  Gabriel QUOIRIN Date: 6/5/2002 Time: 5:57:21 PM   Hello ! I am French and live at COMPIEGNE,close to RETHONDES where crashed the fifth October 1944 the b26 named "Yankee Guerilla". i am trying to know the whole history about the crew and the plane. It miss me : -the mission for this day, -what was the weather...etc... -and if you have some pictures I should be very happy! Thanks for your help! Rene Georgin Date: 6/4/2002 Time: 11:11:48 PM   Great site! There's another B-26 site you might like that just started up run by my friend Sherman Best, one of the surviving pilots of "Flak Bait". He flew 63 missions, 14 in "Flak Bait". Check it out. Jerry O'Neill Date: 6/4/2002 Time: 9:09:24 PM   Guy F. Moody BombGp: 397 Squadron: Don't know Years: 44-45 Class: 44 Location: Barksdale Field, LA. Hi, this is Randy L. Moody. My father served in WWII in the 9th airforce in th 397th B.G. and passed away last March 2001. Lt. Hawtnorn (Pilot), F/O was Favre (co-pilot), Forsell was the bomb nav., Cpl. Moody was the eng. gunner, Cpl. Rogers was the radio-gunner, Cpl., Neinabor was arm-gunner. This was his crew and I was wondering if anyone knows what Squadron he was in and any other information. His crew was the only B-26 plane that did a snapped roll and they came out alive to tell about it. The numbers on the plane were B-26-G1568-6831. It would be nice to hear something about my fathers experiences. Thank you very much Randy L. Moody Date: 6/3/2002 Time: 12:20:04 PM   BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 44. Morey P Dubelier Your Father was a pilot with the 322 bg 451 bs picture appears in 451 sq book. Date: 6/1/2002 Time: 11:47:15 AM   Lt. Francis M. Kirby BombGp: 394 Squadron: 585 Years: 1944 - 1945. My father, Lt. Francis M. Kirby (deceased), was a pilot in BG 394 / BS 585. He was shot down on June 12, 1944 over Chantilly, France and was a POW, along with his co-pilot, at Stalag Luft III until January 1945. While I do not have this among my father's documents, the plane's serial number may have been 296117. I was also once given "Code 4T".   Any information that you or others might have regarding my father would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Scott M. Kirby Date: 5/31/2002 Time: 5:25:53 PM   Bonjour, I am searching every information, archives, photos, veterans or members or their family, friends etc ... concerning the unit which attacked Loire river bridges during the Summer of 1944 (central France): Near the city of Tours (La motte/ La Riche / La Frillиre etc). For example 386th and 394 th BG on 31 July 1944 ... Every details will be very helpful. Thank you, Phil Canonne - Please contact B26 for my address.   Phil: The 386th B.G. flew Group mission no. 241 on July 31, 1944 to La motte/La Riche, France. As per your request I have sent you my formation schedule, plus three pages from the Fred Davis diary concerning that mission. He was the lead navigator on that particular effort. The aforementioned material has been air mailed to you. Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G. Date: 5/31/2002 Time: 11:44:19 AM   George W Fobes BombGp: 455 Squadron: 323 Years: 1944-1946 Can anyone help with information on my dad, George W Fobes. He was a tail gunner on a B-26 and shot down on D-Day. Captured and a POW for almost a year. We are trying to get information on what POW camp he was in. Also we would like to get information on other crew members. We have some pictures we are more than happy to share and trade. Thanks for any help Tom Fobes   George W Fobes Army Serial # ; Grade S/Sgt; 455th Bomb Sq/ 323rd Bomb Gp; Date of Enlistment 01/05/42; Military Occupational Specialty Ap Armorer Gnr (612); POW June 6, 1944 to May 2,1945.

(Tom, At 1452 hours on 6th June 1944 36 B26's took off from Earls Colne airfield, Essex County, England to bomb a road junction in the town of Caen, France. The formation crossed the coast of France west of Cabourg flying over Mezidon where medium light flak was experienced, the formation then turned right to go over Caen. It was this light flak over Mezidon that was to claim the B26 41-31961 YU-W of the 455th Bomb Squadron flown by Major Stach and crew. Three to six chutes were observed by crews in other ships.

The crew consisted of:

Maj. Paul J Stach - Pilot
2.Lt. G.F.Gileno - Bombardier
Capt R.K.Seagraves - Navigator
S/Sgt J.D.Westran - Engineer/gunner
T/Sgt A.G.Brenan - Radio/gunner
S/Sgt.George W Fobes - Armourer/gunner
Sgt. R.E. Fidley - Photographer.

If you wish to obtain a more detailed account you could contact the Air Force Historical Research Agency, 600 Chennault Circle, Maxwell A.F.B, AL 36112-6424 and ask for Missing Aircrew report 5527. They will provide this for a nominal fee.

Trevor J Allen
historian B26.com Date: 5/30/2002 Time: 11:15:20 PM   James W. Jones BombGp: 387 Squadron: 558 Years: 41-44. My name is Roddy Jones, and I am posting this for my father, James W. Jones. He requested I try and help him locate some of his old flying buddies. My Dad's memory is not what it use to be but I do know he was an engineer on a B-26 by the name of Corky. He flew 65 missions, and I can only assume with the 387th BG 558 SQ because he said he flew with Robert Brockett, Ben Hicks, and John Kim. I haven't found my Dad's military records yet, but I did see a newspaper clipping with a report of him shooting down an enemy plane. At this time my dad was flying with Ben Hicks. If anyone remembers my dad or has info about any of the the people above please contact me.   (Note: Contact made with Bob Brockett and Ben Hicks - after 60+ years, old friends reunited.  Where is John Kim, 387th Bomb Group, 558th Bomb Squadron?) Date: 5/29/2002 Time: 4:43:08 PM   Mary Kemp for William Kemp BombGp: Squadron: 95. Bill was a pilot and flew from Algiers to Tunisia. I would like to share his story with you if you’re interested. Date: 5/28/2002 Time: 5:30:06 PM   William J Ampolos BombGp: 394th Squadron: 585th Years: 1943-1945. Looking for info on Uncle William J Ampolos (Sgt), a tail gunner on a B26 shot down over France. He is listed as killed on 2/21/45, and is buried at Ardennes American Cemetery in Belgium. I would appreciate any information furnished. I do know there were survivors. As a kid I remember two men visiting my grandmother that survived the hit. A great site, thank you. Mike Psomos

(Mike, February 21st 1945 the target for the 394th Bomb Group was the Vlotho railroad bridge, Germany. After completing the mission with superior results the formation turned for home. The first box strayed a little off course near Munster, and was attacked by enemy fighters. Several passes were made and three of the Marauders went down in flames, with four more severely damaged. Your uncle's ship was one of these.

The B26 was 42-96040 H9-N and the crew were:
Lt. Abbott - Pilot
2.Lt Donald Cooper - Copilot
2.Lt Wallace Hembrough - Bomb/Nav
Wallace Airhart - Engineer/gunner
Sgt William Badders - Radio/gunner
Sgt William Ampolas - Armourer/gunner
To get a more detailed account of the incident you may care to contact Air Force Historical Research Agency, 600 Chennault Circle, Maxwell A.F.B. AL 36112-6424. Ask for missing aircrew report No.12590 and they will supply this for a nominal fee.

Trevor J Allen
historian B26.com) Date: 5/28/2002 Time: 1:37:04 AM   Lt. Paul J. White Jr. BombGp: 17th Squadron: 432nd Years: 1943-45 Class: ? Location: ?.  Dear Friends: I am trying to find "any" military information about my father Lt. Paul White Jr. who was from Larchmont, New York. I was told that he was a B-26 Bomber Pilot and was sent to Tunisia, North Africa and then onto Europe. The only other military info I have is listed above. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely-Jim White Date: 5/27/2002 Time: 11:04:31 PM   Chester P. Klier BombGp: 386th Squadron: 552nd Years: 1942-1945.   S/Sgt. Louis J. Cubba--554th B.S., 386th B.G. KIA 9-23-1944 Please have his family contact me, I have the information they have requested. Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G. Date: 5/27/2002 Time: 9:26:32 PM   Theodore B. Fuller BombGp: 319 Squadron: 440 Years: 1942=1945.  I'm looking for anyone that knew my uncle, 1LT Theodore Fuller from Belmont, NC. His plane numbers were 3-4291 and 2-4290. Blenhart and Reinhart are listed as co-pilets on missions to Omura and Kurume. I'd appreciate any information. Regards, LTC Charles Bonnell Date: 5/27/2002 Time: 4:42:35 PM   Bill Royal BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 42-45.  Mike---I was browsing today to see what I could find and brought up b26.com/photo and saw a picture of the plane which I was the assigned armorer. The name of the plane was "Shopworn Angel". The nose art was done by George Hoagland of the armament dept at the request of the assigned pilot, Henry Woodrum who, at the time of this picture, was on leave in London. The pilot of the 26 at the time this picture was taken was Lucius Clay who was, I believe , a captain at the time. It is hard to believe that the plane would be repaired and go on to fly several more missions before being shot down with Lt. Woodrum and his crew. I know that Woody was saved by the French and eventually made it back to Stansted. I never heard what happened to the rest of the guys. Date: 6/1/2002 Time: 11:10:12 PM

My uncle served on "Five by Five's" before being killed in November 1944 out of Clastres in France.
I refer you to a website that was updated recently by a wonderful woman; deserving of thanks by anyone who appreciates the sacrifice of our armed forces in World War 2. What impressed me the most about my correspondence with Ms. Poulet, is that those folks in those villages put their money where their mouths are....what I don't think is mentioned in her site (I don't speak French!) is that Ms. Poulet managed to raise over ,000 in order to restore the Cross originally erected by Fr. Houyoux in 1945-6.
Wetzel Kimball and all those other guys will always be true heroes to me, and I am just as proud of that small group of French men and women who have honored their memory so well.
Best Regards,
Mike Jones

Here is the site:
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/leherielavieville/ Date: 5/27/2002 Time: 2:13:12 PM   Roscoe D. Orr BombGp: 320th Squadron: 443rd Years: Died 1943 Class: ? Location: Randolph Field? Hello, my name is Matt Ramsdell. My great-grandfather's brother served in the 320th Bomber Group/443rd Squadron. I am told that he was shot down off the coast of Sicily. His name was Roscoe D. Orr. He was a flight officer of a B-26 Martin Marauder. I am trying to find out anything I can for my great-grandfather who at the time of Roscoe's death was serving in the pacific. If this information helps here are some numbers on Roscoe's death notice from the war department. Serial Number:T-185260 Social Security?-6956918 The letter from the war department also says to contact them give this number: AGRS-DA 102 The notice of decoration has the number:581162, from the XII Bomber Command. If there is anyone who can help me reconstruct what happened to my great-great uncle please let me know. Thank you for your help Matt Ramsdell   Matt, the 320th Bomb Group, 443rd Bomb Squadron July 24th 1943 thirty six Marauders took off from Montesquieu airfield, Tunisia to bomb Marino di Paolo railroad yards in Italy, escorted by P38's of the 14th Fighter Group. On the first run, the formation dropped their 500lb bombs, but missed the target. One flight of six B26's of the 443rd Bomb Squadron elected to come back for a second run and this time scored several hits on the target. As they turned for home, they were jumped by about twenty five Messerschmitt Me109's. In the forty minute battle which followed, the B26's shot down four of the enemy fighters and probably destroyed four more. However, Marauders 41-34800 flown by Lt Walter E White and crew and 41-17763 "Bad Penny" flown by F/O Roscoe L Orr and crew were downed. Each crashed into the sea, one made a good water landing but the other went in with both engines on fire and exploded. Only two parachutes were seen. The unlucky flights other four B26's were heavily damaged (three would never fly again) but all managed to limp to landings at Palermo, Sicily.  Trevor Allen Date: 5/25/2002 Time: 2:59:39 PM   W.D. Mills (Rhodesian Artillery, 1951-1970) Just interested in what the air craft looked like, and its performance characteristics. Thank you. Date: 5/24/2002 Time: 7:56:35 PM   Arthur A. Duran BombGp: 17 Squadron: 34TH Years: 1944-45 Date: 5/24/2002 Time: 7:42:19 PM   A thank you from our family to the family that now cares for our family member that lays in rest in the Netherlands. For so many years we had no information of until contacted by Richard Kunne. His dedication and commitment to his task has answered many questions for all of his surviving family. We were touched to see his resting place in your pictorial. God bless all of those who rest with him. How could there be more valiant souls than these?! Don Willett Date: 5/23/2002 Time: 6:11:56 PM   Girard Forcella BombGp: 394 Squadron: 586 Years: 41-45 I am trying to find a photo or copy of a squadron patch for the 586 BS. (I have a copy of the 394 BG patch) My Father was assigned to the B26 in England during WW2. I have several photos of him and the members of the 586, if anyone is interested Please contact me. Robert Forcella Date: 5/23/2002 Time: 9:40:23 AM   I am looking for any information or photos of my father, Morton A. Dubelier. My Dad passed away in May of 1989 from cancer. He was 67 years of age. I know that he flew the B-26 in WW II from England. He was a pilot. My mom used to get information from his bomb group, but she has since passed on and I am now trying to gather some information for my two brothers and myself. Thanks in advance for any information that you can lend. Regards Morey P. Dubelier Date: 5/21/2002 Time: 3:54:23 PM   Larry Rodgers BombGp: 386 Squadron: 554 Years: yes Class: 43B Location: Stockton, CA.  On 11/22/00 Dan Lindsay wrote about his dad getting shot down. I was flying on his wing when it happened and can remember the huge flame and the heat as they rolled over the top of us. I didn't get a chance to speak to Andy when he came back through England but I knew about it. If Dan wants to ask any questions about the mission give him my e-mail or give me his e-mail and we will proceed from there. Sincerely, Larry Rodgers Date: 5/21/2002 Time: 11:56:20 AM   I am looking for any info on my cousin, 1st Lt. James Brantley, a Texan, who reportedly flew in a B-26 and was killed in action in August 1944. Dave Marr Date: 5/20/2002 Time: 11:41:35 PM   Robert E. Blair BombGp: 394th Squadron: 587th Years: 43-45 Class: 43 Location: Los Angeles Date: 5/19/2002 Time: 7:55:10 AM   My B26 marauder association began in 1943 when I was a private attached to a unit of the 7th AF in Hawaii where 3 marauders had been left by 22d BG for whatever reason when they were on way to Australia in 42. I had been to the Army Ordnance School in Aberdeen MD & supposedly knew something about things I became involved in, like modifying these torpedo launching airplanes to tow target aircraft and I got some early b26 air time there. Came back to US in Aviation Cadet program, somehow got to gunnery school and into a B26 crew training thing at Barksdale and shortly thereafter found myself in a combat flying environment - Europe in the 9th AF - 386th BG (552d Sq) tail gunner (.A60, Beaumont, France) When 386th converted to A26's, I went to 397th BG, who stayed with the Marauder aircraft) up the road in France at A72; they decided I would make a great toggelier so I got in some combat "nose" time. Group moved to Holland Y55, and shortly after D-Day moved back to France (Venlo Holland was in British sector, and US forces had to leave) Stayed with 397th till discharge in Jan 46. Have been doing the 386thBG Assn reunions since "86, ( my original crew 5 of us still live, glory be, amen) Have done 397th assn reunions also; been blessed with good health fortunately. Also am involved some in restoration of a Marauder in NY here at nearby ESAM museum. Also life member in B26MHS Be pleased to answer any emails to me. Once again I must compliment you on your website; keep up the good work. Thanks, Jim Creedon   (Jim, your B26 experience history interests me greatly particularly your time on Hawaii. You mentioned that you converted three B26's into target tugs. I knew some had been left behind in Hawaii, by the 22nd Bomb Group, but I was unaware that they had been converted into target tugs. Can you tell me which unit operated them in that capacity. Regards, Trevor Allen, B26.COM historian )   (Follow-up) Jim, Delighted to get your reply to my query. Its always exciting to get information on B26's operating in the Pacific since history has made them the unknown warriors. They were the first B26's to go into combat, they attacked the Japanese fleet at Midway, operated from Guadalcanal and lived a most primitive existence. Those guys were real heroes, they even had to find their targets using tourist maps, I ask you. I will probably ask you later on about your experiences in the ETO. Incidentally, that rag bag outfit was the 1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional). They had it tough too, no promotions or medals, they were just a provisional outfit. They were classed as a squadron, but by March 45 they were operating 60 plus B26's. Date: 5/18/2002 Time: 6:32:55 PM   Capt. Malcolm Scott BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441 Years: 43-45 Class: 43F Location: Stockton, California.  I flew 3 B26's: Yellow 08 "My Gal", Yellow 19 "Missouri Mule", and Black Tail Yellow 01 "Bashful Baby" as a lead ship. My 67 missions were flown out of Sardinia, Corsica, and Dijon. Would enjoy hearing from fellow crew members.

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Absolutely!! I appreciate your consideration. Best of luck. Feel free to contact me at any time.
Best Regards,
John S.

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Dear Mr. Scott,

I am sorry that Capt. Mal Scott passed away. I always ask for pictures of people, crews and planes because I want to make a page for these great guys and I want them to see it on the site. In my heart I know that many don't care about Internet, but the reason I continue is for the guys who do. Also, many B-26ers don't talk with their family and obviously Mr. Scott did, and to me that is very special. For that reason I ask your permission to amend Capt Scott's guest book entry. I want other people to know that these fine people are going away and we must talk with them and honor them now.

Do I have your permission to add this email to Mr. Scott's post?

With deep sympathy,

Michael Smith

--- Trevor Allen wrote:

Dear John,

It was with deep sadness that I heard the news of your fathers passing on Saturday 25th May. I cannot express the pleasure I had in talking with him about his B26 experiences and it is a great loss to see so many of this brave generation leave us. He, like many of his contemporaries, answered the call at a time of greatest need, they gave us, the next generations, the freedom they so greatly cherished. All at B26.com send their deepest sympathy to both you and your fathers family, he will indeed be a great loss.

Trevor J Allen

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From: John L Scott
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Subject: Re: B26.COM Message

I am deeply saddened to inform you that my Dad, Capt. Mal Scott, died early Saturday morning, May 25. He would have been 83 on July 11. We were very happy he was able to see his first Great Grandson for the first time just 3 days before he died. I am glad he had the opportunity to communicate with you and become part of your historical record. He enjoyed talking about his WWII experiences and his B-26. We were all very proud of him and will miss him greatly.

Thanks for writing to him..... it meant a lot to all of us!!

Best regards!
John Scott

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Thanks for the information on yellow 01, it has always been an enigma until now why the tail should have been black. You don't by any chance have a photo of the ship.

historian B26.com

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From: Capt. Malcolm Scott
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Subject: Re: B26.COM Message

I and Sgt. Reusch, our squadron painter, painted the tail black at the time I became a lead pilot so it would be more distinguishable from the rest of the squadron. It also added my own personal touch to the plane.

Best Regards,

Mal Scott

ps....You wouldn't happen to be related to an Officer "Allen" (tall, dark hair, sorry.....I don't remember his first name)? He was in our Group at the same time as me (1945).

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Capt Scott,

You say you flew black tailed, yellow 01 "Bashfull Baby" with the 441st bomb squadron, how would you care to answer a question for me. Why was the tail painted black? Yes I know it was referred to as a lead ship, but it would lead all group missions so why did other lead ships not have their tails painted similarly.

Trevor Allen
B26.com historian

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Name: Capt. Malcolm Scott
BombGp: 320
Squadron: 441
Years: 43-45
Class: 43F
Location: Stockton, California
Send: send
Yes: Yes Contact
Date: 5/18/2002
Time: 6:32:55 PM


I flew 3 B26's: Yellow 08 "My Gal", Yellow 19 "Missouri Mule", and Black Tail Yellow 01 "Bashful Baby" as a lead ship. My 67 missions were flown out of Sardinia, Corsica, and Dijon. Would enjoy hearing from fellow crew members. Date: 5/17/2002 Time: 1:45:47 AM   Thanks for all the information on this site. I am an old B26 pilot from the 449th squadron and have been invited to speak at the WW2 reenactment in Reading, Pa. this June and I have found that this site is a great place to refresh my memory and help me prepare for my talk. I know of no other place where I can find all that I need in order to make my talk informative, correct and interesting. If it were not for this help, I am sure I would be pouring through books in a library or relying on my memory (which is not too reliable any more) and find it to be a much more time consuming task. Thanks to you and everyone on staff.   Sherman Best Date: 5/17/2002 Time: 1:45:47 AM   1st Lt. Lester E. Barton BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 41-45 Class: 41-42 Location: Chanute AFB, ILL. Hi! My uncle a 1st. Lt. Lester E. Barton, was in the 451st Bomb Squad. 322nd Bomb Group! He was a B-26 Martin Marauder "Pilot", and loved his plane and flying! He was from Indiana! He took his schooling at Chanute AFB, ILL. 1941-42 ? He died in "The Great Squadron Tragedy" over Beauvais, France, Mar.18, 1945. A Capt. Alex Cordes, was suppose to been blown from his plane and the only man, who survived this terrible accident! I would like to know the name of of his plane? And if anyone left in the 451st Bomb Squadron, knew him or anything? Please contact me! Thank you, Judy Judy, March 18th, 1945 1st. Lt Lester E Barton was fling B26 43-34155 coded SS-J of the 451st Bomb Squadron. This B26 was un-named as were many of its contemporaries. You are correct in that Lt Alex O Cordes was the only survivor of this terrible mishap.   Regards,
Trevor J Allen
historian B26.com
Row 1: Date    Plane    Target
Row 2: P    CP    BN    E/G     R/G    A/G

22-Jan-45    836-O    Nassau railroad bridge
Lucy    Barton    Bush    Kalestyn     Wittig    Mazti
29-Jan-45    372-N    Kall communications centre
Wisecup    Barton    Wolf    Yannessa     Fong    Horstman
2-Feb-45    836-O    Nassau railroad bridge
Sorenson    Barton    Blanchard    Miles     Brezka    Neely
9-Feb-45    873-R    Sinzig railroad bridge
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
10-Feb-45    174-F    Euskirchen defended area
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
16-Feb-45    163-Z    Sinzig railroad bridge
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb (Paden-observer)
18-Feb-45    153-J    Dottesfeld railroad bridge
Lucy    Barton    Bush    Greer     Robinson    Yagle
23-Feb-45    439-B    Erkelenz communications centre/bombed Zulpich
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
25-Feb-45    163-Z    Neiderscheld railroad bridge
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
3-Mar-45    067-H    Weisbaden ordnance depot
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
3-Mar-45    067-H    Schwelm motor transport concentrations
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
6-Mar-45    296-X    Siegburg warehouse area
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
11-Mar-45    294-C    Ettinghausen landing ground
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
12-Mar-45    349-B    Frandenberg marshalling yards
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
12-Mar-45    155-J    Frankenberg marshalling yards
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
12-Mar-45    439-B    Grunberg railroad sidings
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
14-Mar-45    296-X    Niederscheid railroad bridge
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
15-Mar-45    891-Q    Neunkirchen communications centre
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
16-Mar-45    230-W    Neiderscheid communications centre
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
18-Mar-45    155-J    Mid air collision
Barton    Moffitt    Redmund    Templeton     Escamilla    Lamb
1.Lt Lester E Barton        pilot
2.Lt Ernest L Moffitt        copilot
2.Lt John W Redmund        bomb/nav
Sgt.John W Templeton        engineer/gunner
Sgt.Manuel Escamilla        radio/gunner
Sgt Thomas E Lamb        armourer/gunner Date: 5/15/2002 Time: 3:23:54 PM   MSgt Earl J. Nielsen, USAF (Ret.). In October 1957, my first assignment was to the 320 Bomb Wg (SAC), Hq Sq Section, with duty at Maintenance Control. I suspect you veterans of the 320 BG were my predecessors and I just wanted to send you a note to say "Thank you" for all your sacrifices in WWII. MSgt Earl Nielsen, USAF (Ret.) Date: 5/15/2002 Time: 2:20:40 AM   Sgt. John (NMI) Macaluso BombGp: unknown Squadron: A. 1020th AAFBU, MB. FLA Years: 2.  Looking for any information relating to my grandfather, now deceased. In a photo, I can make out the insignia for the 9th AF, but I don't know his BG. He served in Europe, N. France, Rhineland, and Normandy. Was a photographer and possible tailgunner. Date of service overseas was 8-20-43 to 10-28-44. Thank you very much. Kelly Brown. Date: 5/9/2002 Time: 10:17:11 PM   Robert W. Moser.  I am the grandson of Robert W. Moser, who was a pilot of B-26's in WWII, and continued to serve his nation up until his death in 1970. Since he died 2 years before I was born, I never had the chance to know him. I am interested in hearing from anyone who might have served with him through the years. I would like to know more about him, what he was like, what he accomplished. If you knew him please contact me.  Robert Moser  Date: 5/9/2002 Time: 7:20:17 PM   William A. Wylam.  This is a great informative web site, I am sure that a large number of readers will agree. My brother, Joseph Thomas Wylam, was a flight instructor on the B26 at Del Rio, Texas. Over the years, I have met several that knew him.Maybe I will meet some more of his students or friends. Date: 5/9/2002 Time: 12:51:43 PM   Frank Rakiec Sr. BombGp: 323 Squadron: 9th. Years: 41-45 Class: ? Location: ? Hello, My name is Frank Rakiec Jr. and my father served in WW 2 with the 323rd bomb group Army 9th Air Force Med. B-26 in England and France 1941-45. Returned home Sept. 14 194? on the Queen Elizabeth. I tried to obtain more info on my Dad from the pentagon but was told due to a fire all records where lost. Any info, web sites, old pals, friends, you could connect me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Frank Jr. Date: 5/8/2002 Time: 9:09:21 PM   BombGp: 386th Squadron: 552nd Years: 1942-1945. I flew my first mission with the 386th B.G. July 31, 1943--flew my last of 66 missions on September 30, 1944. Moved to France with the group October 2 ,1944. I was a flight engineer on the Captain Donald E. Vincent crew. For the past 21 years I have been the historian for the 386th B.G. Through the years my Group combat stories have been published in the 386th B.G. Newsletters, also in the 9th Air Force Newsletter. The 8th AF News, and various Marauder organizations. The name of my crew's aircraft was, BUZZ-N-BITCH II" tail number 131953 RG-T. It completed 110 combat missions, another crew made a crash landing with it while my crew was on leave in London, August 18, 1944. Date: 5/8/2002 Time: 6:28:05 PM   Harold Michelson BombGp: 386th Squadron: 554th Years: Class: 44A Location: San Angelo, TX. Bombardier-Navigator 40 Missions ETO Would like to hear from Cpl. Sauer, top turret gunner and Cpl. Rothbard, waist gunner Pilot McMullen KIA Co-Pilot Patterson KIA. We're getting old! Thank you. Date: 5/8/2002 Time: 9:47:56 AM   Katie (Thompson) Richards BombGp: 387 Squadron: 559 Years: 1942 Class: Location: Canada. Just wanted to express thanks to the folks who take the time to put together this website. I'm sure for other family's as it is with ours, my fathers service in the army air core was one of the proudest moments in his life. My father died 2/1/98 a very proud service man. He is buried at Oak Lawn Memorial Garden in Indianapolis IN on Allisonville Rd. south of Noblesville. If there is anyone out there that had a parent serve in the group with my dad, our family would LOVE to hear from you. May God Bless ALL our Service folk. Katie Date: 5/8/2002 Time: 9:41:33 AM   Rusty BombGp: 386th Squadron: 555th Years: 1942-1945. My website... http://pages.zdnet.com/vancell/b26tailgunner/index.html Pertains to the Martin Marauder B26 Medium Bombers during WWII in Europe. It's an accumulation of photographs acquired during the past 57 yrs. Some I snapped myself but mostly from the War Department, photographers, friends and associates. It depicts activities of the 386th Bomb Group as well as others and it's meant to be a generalization of an air-crewman's life at that time. Here, you'll learn some details about wartime life, emotions and concerns as a B26 tail gunner which I believe was generally... "the same for most aircrew men." One of the final goals of my life is to perpetuate the history of the B26 Bomb Groups and memory of lost comrades. It's obvious after scanning many Marauder Bulletin Boards, there's a desire from family members, grandchildren and relatives who are seeking any bit of information or revelation about a loved-one's wartime life. This site intends to make available to those family members who are trying to fill in and connect missing pieces of information of a loved one's life during that time... In reality, a way to reconnect with the past. Please click the URL address above to check it out.   Does anybody know Rusty's new website, the one listed here is not working? Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 9:03:17 PM   Larry C. Rodgers, Jr. BombGp: 386th Squadron: 554th Years: 4.5 &3.5 Korea Class: 43-B Location: Stockton, Calif. Check out the web site b26tailgunner.com for a lot of good B-26 information also. My story is the Bad Penny found in the Crusaders book page 95 and on video in 1991 at Baltimore. God Bless, Larry Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 8:45:06 PM   Richard E. Conner  BombGp: 386 Squadron: 553 Years: 43-44 Class: 43-3 Location: Midland, TX. Anyone who attended Bombardiers Class 43-3 at Midland, TX. - Hello L. O. Cranstone or Eschel Cooper ? Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 8:17:10 AM   At present time, I am finishing a 2 volume study on all Dutch airfields during WW2. It will be published by the Royal Netherlands Air Force during 2003. One of the fields that still lacks good illustrations is Beek Y-44, also known as Maastricht. During the very last days of the war, it housed 387 BG. It still is in use as Maastricht-Aachen Airport, and I happen to live quite close to it. I truly hope that you can give me some clues on where to find pictures among your readers. Could you please handle this by ordinary mail as my connections to the web are limited? I would appreciate any help tremendously. Yours sincerely, drs P.J. Grimm Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 8:17:10 AM   My brother, Capt. Mont Fermore Stephensen was a pilot, and squadron commander of a B26. We are trying to secure information to contribute to the Confederate Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona. Mont and his crew went down over Germany on Dec. 23, 1944. His plane was Draggin' Lady No. 3.
Crew members were Lt. Elmer R. Borden, Lt. Laverne F. Grundman, St. Robert J. Kinney, St. John L. Grapes, T/Sgt. William E. Bower, S/Sgt. Lynn E. Rose, Jr., S/Sgt. Harry H. Watson and S/Sgt. James B. Galati. Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 8:05:10 AM   So, what about 39 Sqdn Balkan Airforce RAF 1945 and the B-26 ? Ther is at leadst one whole B-26 crew still meeting up, all intact. My father being the navigator from the crew. we went ot the Musee D'LAir in Paris to see the only B-26 complete in Europe in pristine condition in French Airforce colours. Dont forget Peter Hatcher and all his work on Partisan Wings and 39 and the B-26.  39 sqdrn RAF flew B-26 aircraft in the Balkan airforce in 1945. This outfit is often forgotten by those interested in the B26. Most sites just talk about USAAF outfits and perhaps the SAAF. Currently, 39 is putting together a website about its Marauder days and an Italian guy in Italy has created a site about Campomarino, the place where the Balkan Airforce flew many of its B26 missions from. Also, 39 sqdrn historian Peter Hatcher, published a book called Partisan Wings four years ago about the B26 in RAF hands in Italy. Finally, at Le Bourget airport in Paris there is the only complete and pristine B26 in Europe - a beauty. There is a really good website about its restoration as well with superb colour pictures of its roll-out on completion. Chris Waller   Chris, Certainly 39 Sqdn isn't forgotten or unheralded, but you must realize that if the squadron is to get itself mentioned anywhere on the web it must be prepared to shout its own cause. Peter Hatcher was a very close friend of mine, our friendship lasting from the early 1960's right through to his death last year. In fact Peter and I were together in February of 2001 and were hoping to meet up at Stratford. Alas that was not to be, but I did drop into the reunion at Stratford and spoke to a few of the fellows there. Peters Book, duly signed, Partisan Wings is in my bookcase and a very good historical document it is. So please do not think you are neglected since from Peter Hatchers work alone this could never be. Regards, Trevor Allen Date: 5/7/2002 Time: 7:45:10 AM I am looking for information on the Harvy Dale Adams B-26 crew  in the 9th AF if you have any information I would appreciate it if you would e mail the info to me
Lee Gibson
B17 nose gunner
cousin to Dale   On April 25, 1945 Lt. Harvy Dale Adams and crew flying in B26 42-107538 WT-T, 456th Bomb Squadron, 323rd Bomb Group had an engine knocked out by flak and bailed out near Metz. Regards, Trevor Allen Date: 5/6/2002 Time: 10:55:54 PM   Jim Thoms BombGp: 397 Squadron: 597. I am writing to report the passing of one of our heroes of the skies.  Jim passed away on April 22. He was the father of a friend and helped me locate a member of my father's crew in the 463rd BG and was interested in my research, often offering suggestions. Jim served in the 9th AF, 397th BG, 597th BS. As I understand it, Jim flew 65 missions including D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. Jim retired after 26 years in the Air Force as a Major. He was proud of the time he gave in service to his country and of the men with whom he flew. Janet Moore Date: 5/6/2002 Time: 6:55:47 PM   PJ Smith BombGp: 22 Squadron: 33 Years: 1941 Location: LANGLEY FIELD.  On 30 December 1941, the B-26 Marauder # 40-1475 crashed on Keller Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains, killing all nine people on board. In 1994, through the efforts of David Schmidt, a local historian, a memorial plaque was placed on the mountain near the crash site. David spent more than two years researching the crash, contacting family members of the crew, and collecting relevant documents. He then made an outstanding memorial book which he placed in the Keller Peak Fire Lookout for all visitors to the San Bernardino National Forest to read and enjoy. (See "Spirits of Keller Peak" website for details of his research.) As the 75th anniversary of the lookout approaches, I am attempting to bring the history of the lookout and Keller Peak up to date. Does anyone have additional information on the crash of aircraft # 40-1475? Pictures or information about the recovery of the wreckage? Information about the squadron to which the aircraft belonged? What was their ro! le in the war in the Pacific? Any chance of a photo of that specific aircraft? I sure would appreciate any help anyone can give me. PJ Smith   PJ, 40-1475 belonged to the 33rd Bomb Squadron 22nd Bomb Group and was in transit from the east coast to the west coast when it ran into poor visibility weather conditions Dec 30,1941. The plane iced up and crashed into mountain at Kajun Pass, Ca Regards, Trevor Allen, B26 Historian Date: 5/6/2002 Time: 8:49:10 AM   Pablo Castillo BombGp: US 323 Squadron: 454 My father, Pablo Castillo, was in the 454th Squadron during WW II. He has just recently, within the past 2-3 years, begun to share a little more about his experiences. I think he graduated 10/8/42 somewhere in Texas. I have seen the following information on some of my father's papers-- 454th Squadron, US 323, LF3. I am looking for any information you may be able to provide. I know he flew 17-18 missions from 2/2-4/20/45 over Germany, his last over Memmingen according to some records he has shown me. I am just beginning my search of information. My siblings and I have always been curious about our father's involvement and now have a little information to begin educating ourselves with. Thank you. Adele Castillo Eklund Date: 5/5/2002 Time: 10:55:48 PM   Mont Stephensen BombGp: 397 Squadron: 599 Years: 1943-44 Location: Gardner Field, Calif. I am looking for information about my uncle Mont Stephensen. Lost in action December 23, 1944. The picture on Andy Andersons page is the same one that I have in my home. Thanks for your help. Mont Date: 4/25/2002 Time: 12:10:35 PM   My father, Morris Woodrow Bailey, will be 80 yrs old in June, 2002. I want to surprise him by helping to find some of the people he flew with in WWII. He forgets a lot of things now, but he has not forgotten WWII & he speaks with special affection of the Pilot of the B-26 he flew in. My father was a Radio Operator. The pilot's name is Clifford Piper. We don't know where he was from or where he lives now or any of the other details, but it sure would mean the world to him if anyone had any information about Piper or any of the other crew my Dad flew with. Sheila Bailey   Clifford Piper was with the 394th Bomb Group, 586th Bomb Squadron. Regards, Trevor Allen Date: 4/25/2002 Time: 12:10:35 PM   I am looking for anyone out there who may have information about my grandfather, Norman Wilson Reames. Unfortunately I don't have much info to help. I know that he was a tail gunner on a B-26 and he was in the Mediterranean Theatre. Somewhere along the way his plane was shot down as well. He participated in the Tunis and Rome (??) campaigns and others around that time. Norman was from Southern Illinois before the war.  He was a private and a tail gunner on a Marauder. I really don't know much more about the situation other than that he was in the MTO at least around 1942.  I don't know how long it was for.  I know that when his plane was shot down he was captured briefly by the Germans but they let him and other prisoners go in a jerry before getting him to a Stalag because of an Allied invasion (don't know which one). Joe Reames Date: 5/2/2002 Time: 7:05:00 PM   Jack Hope BombGp: 322nd Squadron: Hdqs Years: 1942-1945 My brother, M/Sgt Robert O. Hope, (Rawhide Hope) went over with the 322nd and stayed until the end of the War. He was the Aircraft Supply NCO for the Group. I visited him while they were near Braintree, England (AAF Station 485)and met several of the men that worked with him. This was either late 1944 or early 1945. I was a B-24 Tail Gunner with the 36th Bomb Squadron (RCM) at the time. For those who may have known him, he passed away in 1996. I would like to hear from anyone who did know him. Please E-mail me. Thanks, Jack Hope, M/Sgt, USAF (Retired) Date: 4/30/2002 Time: 11:53:20 AM   Bill Royal BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 1942-1945 Location: Buckley Field, Colo.10-42. I was reading from the guestbook the other day and ran across the name of an old buddy from away back. Bill Kopp. I could tell many stories about Bill, but the one that I cherish the most is the time that he and I chipped in seven pounds apiece and bought an ancient English motorcycle to use as transportation from the squadron area to the flight line. We wore that thing out thru England and France but I can't remember if it ever made it to Belgium. Bill, if you get to see this, I will be in Reading, Pa. June 7,8.9, for the Mid-Atlantic War Museum Weekend. Date: 4/25/2002 Time: 12:10:35 PM   Hi, great website. I'm looking for information about a 9th AF officer, LT. ROBERT L. WESTHOLM. I'm trying to establish his group and squadron. I know he was awarded 13 Air Medals. His G.O.'s for the Air Medal are from IX Bomber Command and 9th Bomb. Div. I believe he was overseas from April of 1944 til early 1945. Lt. Westholm was originally from Tacoma, Washington. Any information about Lt. Westholm would be most appreciated. Thanks and Blue Skies, Mark Adamic Date: 4/22/2002 Time: 12:50:23 PM   Dale/ for James Kenneth Brandemihl. BombGp: 450-452 Squadron: 322nd Years: 41-45 Class: ? Location: Barksdale field. I am looking for a photo of the Mild and Bitter # 41-31819 of the 450th. after it's 100th mission. My dad was on that mission even though he was in the 452nd. Any other photos or articles that mention his name would be welcome. I'm researching as much as I can but my dad is no longer with us so I'm just working with what I can recall. He never really talked about it much but I do remember seeing the photo and crew of the Mild and Bitter. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Dale Date: 4/20/2002 Time: 10:38:55 PM   Dustin Huffaker. I am the grandson of H. M. Preveitte. He fought during W.W.II, in a B-26 bomber. I was found more than enough information on what I wanted to give him as a surprise. The people have made this site have brought back numerous memories to my heroic grandfather. Thank you Date: 4/20/2002 Time: 1:02:02 AM   I search for a James Fischer, born in 1925 or 1926, who was based at Agel a Beauvais, France in 1945. Unfortunately I have no info as to rank, squadron, etc. I was contacted by his French daughter while I was attending a reunion in my honor in Salesche, France. Any information you might give me in my search would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the mother is dead and the daughter has no other information about her father other than she believes he came from the state of Illinois and had a brother Dick and a sister, Elizabeth. Dr. & Mrs. David F. Wolter Date: 4/19/2002 Time: 3:07:53 PM   Peter Chatellier BombGp: 391 My father, John (Larry) Chatellier was a pilot in the 391st. If anyone is interested in contacting him, he does not use the internet, contact me. Date: 4/19/2002 Time: 10:40:19 AM   BombGp: 391st Squadron: 573rd. Hi, I am seeking information on 1st Lt. Russell J. Calvert. He was the only survivor of a mid-air crash with another B-26B on August 25, 1944. He was a Bombardier with the David H. Thorn crew, 391st Bomb Group, 573rd Squadron. The aircraft was 42-95802. Does anyone know his fate? Did he finish his tour with another crew? Did he remain in the Air Force after the war? Did any of you know him personally? Is he still living? Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you, Paul Marcello Date: 4/18/2002 Time: 5:23:30 PM   James Kenneth Brandemihl BombGp: 452 Squadron: 322 Years: 42-45 Class: ? Location: Barksdale Field. I am looking for a photo of The Mild and Bitter B-26 after it's 100th mission. I have seen it so I know one exists. My dad was on that crew and I would like a copy to print in an area veteran WWII book here in Montana. Any info or photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Dale Brandemihl Date: 4/18/2002 Time: 3:58:24 PM   Eric Olsen - Excellent job on this web site. By far one of the best I have seen. Date: 4/17/2002 Time: 6:55:54 PM   Matt Russell Gainesville, FL. My next door neighbor flew the B-26 his name is William Roberts does any one know him? Date: 4/17/2002 Time: 2:05:58 PM   Jonathan H. Larson BombGp: 22nd Squadron: Years: 1939-1942 Class: 40 My Dad, Aleron H. Larson, flew the 3rd B-26 off the line at Langley field in 1941. He was with the 22nd, and the day after Pearl Harbor he flew across the country to the west coast to protect the coastline. He was then sent to Hawaii, where he piloted the B-26 across the Pacific to Australia, then on to New Guinea to Port Morseby. He was shot down in mid August of 1942 in New Guinea trying to take off to save his plane during a Japanese attack on the base. He was a squadron commander, earned the Silver Star, Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and many other medals. He loved flying the B-26!!!! Date: 4/15/2002 Time: 4:30:40 PM   Arnold Thompson BombGp: 387 Squadron: 559 Years: 1943,44,45 Location: MacDill Field, Tampa, Fl. My brother, Bernard Thompson, flew in the 9th Air Force, 387 BG 559th BS ETO. His plane (King Size) was named by him - he was 6'5" and because of height had to join the RCAF to get into flying training and transferred back to the US later. The nose art was applied at Detroit after he picked up the plane at the factory. He then flew it over the North Atlantic stopping at Reykjevik, Iceland on the way to England and the War. Bernard went on to fly 50 missions and 10 sorties and was ground liaison later in France. He died Feb. 1, 1998. Date: 4/14/2002 Time: 10:09:21 AM   Eugene V. Wilson BombGp: 21st Squadron: 315th Years: 1941-45. AM school at Keesler, Glynn L. Martin School Middle River Mechanic, Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Chief Inspector 315th Sq. 21st Gp at MacDill 1942-43. 25th M R & R attached to the 397th Group England, France, Holland, Germany Date: 4/12/2002 Time: 12:22:32 AM   2LT Arthur Roy Kuntz BombGp: 336th Squadron: 478th Years: 1941-1943 Class: Location: Ft. Myers, FL. My name is Mike Kuntz and I would like to hear from anybody who knew my father, 2LT Arthur Roy Kuntz, who was a Navigator. He was assigned to the 3rd Air Force, 336th Bombardment Group, 478th Bomb Squadron. He was on a bombing training mission (transition flying) with three other B-26's when his B-26 (#41-17619) and B-26 (#41-17625)collided over the bomb range at Avon Park, Florida, at 1200 Hours on 28 February 1943. Both crews were lost. I have learned that the collision was witnessed by: 1LT Glenn R. Mattox, Pilot, S/SGT Tamer R. Ryan (SN: 35355074), Radio Opr, and 2LT Donald M. Emerson, Pilot. LT Mattox was the Flight Leader on that mission. I would like to get in touch with anybody that knew my father Other crew members on his aircraft were: 1LT Frank L. Wassell, Pilot, 2LT Robert J. Brude, Co-Pilot, SGT Richard P. Sofinski, Radio Opr, and SGT Ray Dykes and SGT Rex E. Lee. Crew of the other aircraft were: 1LT Ramon G. Buela, Pilot, Flt Off Harry G. Smith, Co-Pil! ot, 2LT Dane Hansen, Bombardier/Navigator, SGT Eldon Kinn, Flt Eng, and Elroy A. Gainer, Radio Opr. My father, 2LT Art Kuntz, was from North Dakota. I don't know where he trained as a Navigator. Thank you all for your courage and sacrifices. You all truly were part of the greatest generation. I served in the US Army from 1967 - 1970. Hope to hear from anybody who knew my dad. Date: 4/12/2002 Time: 2:18:13 AM   Son of T/Sgt John F. Moore BombGp: 322 Squadron: 449 Years: 39-45 Class: Location: Kelly Field, Tx. Hi. I am the son of T/Sgt John F. Moore, described above. He died in 1986. My inheritance included a leather folder with a pilot's wings and some ribbons. One of them was the Distinguished Flying Cross. My Dad said very little over the years about his service experience. Date: 4/6/2002 Time: 8:32:40 PM   Ryan Brennan BombGp: 386th Squadron: 554th.  Hello, My grandfather (Casmir Zagorski) was a crewmember on B-26 # 296-194 "Barbara Ann". Came across this website while looking for info for a research paper on the B-26. Date: 4/4/2002 Time: 12:03:34 PM   Jack Morris BombGp: 320th Squadron: 443th Years: 1943 Date: 4/3/2002 Time: 5:53:28 PM   James Michael Sweeney (deceased) BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 42-44 Class: 1942 Location: Texas University My name is Charles B Johnson, I have prepared a biography of my uncle Mike. He went down in a B-26 over France in 1944. It is ready for proofing and incorporation of photos. He was my Uncle. I understanding that you welcome such contributions. What is the formate? How do I transmit. Are there copyright restrictions? In is in a MicroSoft WORD file now. Sincerely, Charles B Johnson   Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Word format is fine. Pictures in .jpg / 72 dpi / 600 pixels wide will work fine. Date: 4/3/2002 Time: 4:21:07 PM   BombGp: 387th Squadron: 558th. I am searching for information about my cousin, Lewis B. Sheen, "Mike"- who flew a B-26 in England. I have learned that he was an original pilot of the 558th Bomb Squadron 387th Bomb Group stationed originally at Willinghale in Essex county England. His plane was named the Sechsma-Sheen. I'll try to attach a picture of him and the plane.- not sure if this will let me do that. I found 's write-up, saw a picture of the plane-- says that it was Major Sheen's B-26. Is there any way to contact Mr. Ainsworth? Sure would like to ask him some questions Thanks for any help. Jim Sheen Date: 3/31/2002 Time: 10:57:22 AM   Looking for any info or photos from my uncles bomber group. He mentioned that he was stationed in North Africa and he referred to the bomber as "04". It also flew and accomplished many missions by the "bombs' painted on the side.He was a mechanic for a B-26. I am trying to find what I can for more info. His name is Leo Walker, from Westminster, MA. Thanks, Kit Walker Date: 3/27/2002 Time: 10:41:38 AM   My Dad William S. Conly (deceased) flew in the 9th AF in WW2. He flew on the "Bingo Buster, Can't Get Started, Rock Hill Special" Can anyone give me any information on the Crew or missions flown? Thanks, Glen Conly (Son Date: 3/26/2002 Time: 7:07:19 PM   Capt. M.R. Frye. Good evening, I'm trying to find information for a lady who's father flew b-26's. She has a photo of him wearing an 8th AF patch. His name was Joe Salvinski. She thought he flew out of Scotland and attacked e-boats. When I asked her if he ever mentioned the name of his ship she said maybe "Betty Grable" but she wasn't sure. Any help you folks could give would be greatly appreciated. She's a nice lady and really wants to know about her dad's service. For myself, I'm a Vietnam vet and would like to thank you all for my poor language skills in the German language. God bless you all, you won't be forgotten. Respectfully, Mike Date: 3/25/2002 Time: 12:15:24 AM   Bob Nawman BombGp: 315 Squadron: Years: 1943. I was a member of the ground crew that was stationed at Mc Dill base in Florida. I arrived there from Chnute Field, Rantol Ill/ on Easter Sunday 1943. My squadron (can't remember the number) was training and was discharger in November of that year. I was listed as a Sheet metal expert and worked on the line as an assistant to the crew chief. My squadron trained overseas cadres. The B-26 was not easy to fly and we were training pilots fresh from cadet training in AT- 6's. We became known as the "one a day in Tampa Bay" trainers ... Looking forward to more visits. Date: 3/23/2002 Time: 9:27:21 PM   Leslie Lotina BombGp: 387 Squadron: 557. Looking for people that flew with Tom Lotina. He was a B-26 Marauder Pilot- one of the crew pictured on this web site under . (Paul Brady) 387 BG, 556, 557.558, 559 SQ. I am his daughter. He died in 1966 and I would love to hear from someone who knew him. Leslie Lotina Date: 3/20/2002 Time: 9:50:44 PM   Leonard R. Young Email: None BombGp: 397 Squadron: 596 Years: 45-46. Date: 3/20/2002 Time: 2:17:19 AM   David J. Simmons BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 1944-45 Class: 44D Location: Ft, Sumner, NM. No deep thoughts. Just a hello to all from Ridgecrest, CA. Date: 3/16/2002 Time: 1:33:56 PM   Nicholas F. Walsh II BombGp: 12th Squadron: ?? (17th) Years: June 1942 - Class: Location: Ft. Myers, FL. This is my father who passed away in 1956. I am trying to find out as much as I can about his world war II experience. I have come across some news clippings which indicate that he was a radio-waist gunner in the "oldest medium bomb group in the Mediterranean" I know he flew 51 missions - a few of which were March 3 attack on Ostiense rail yards in Rome and march 21 bombing of the main Florence rail yards. He also flew a mission over the Anzio Beachhead. He entered the AAF on June 11, 1942 and completed Scott Field radio course and Ft. Meyers gunnery school. Some information in the news clips alludes to 17th AAF Marauder and some 12th. Any help in in directing me on how to proceed in trying to re-create whatever I can of his history would be really appreciated. I was only 9 when he died so I actually had no discussions with him regarding his experiences in the war. Best regards, Chris Kemmer Columbus, OH Date: 3/13/2002 Time: 1:29:26 PM   Great site. My father Tom Eccles flew the B26 out of England. He never talked much about that time. I did enjoy your site, the pictures and the information about the crews. Bill Eccles Date: 3/12/2002 Time: 10:44:56 AM   Donald Ashman BombGp: 397 Squadron: 597 Years: 42-45. Looking for info or squadron members. Date: 3/11/2002 Time: 6:42:41 AM   Tim Cammett - I saw the B-26 feature program from the Battle Stations series on the History Channel last evening. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices for America! I have two nephews interested in history and warplanes. I have directed them to this website to get some of the first-hand accounts from the people that actually flew this bomber. May all of you enjoy many happy years and crew reunions! Respectfully, Tim Cammett Date: 3/10/2002 Time: 2:11:05 PM   I am looking for tail gunner T/Sgt John C Caputo, BombGp: 336 Squadron: 481 Years: 42-45, who lived in Hillside Md. in the l940s. He was a friend of my parents, Harvey and Gretchen Ennis. My father passed away but my mother (88yrs old) would dearly love to contact Mr. Caputo if still living. The last address I have is Army Air Base Lake Charles, La. Thank you, Loretta Hooe Date: 3/8/2002 Time: 4:06:55 PM   Lynn Frederick Oehlke BombGp: 320 Squadron: 443 Years: l943-l946. Looking for anyone who knew my father, Lynn Frederick Oehlke. I have some old pictures with flight crews standing in front of several planes, one with writing or entitled "Hot Garters" looks likes x's on outside of pilots cockpit marking number of hits. My father was a gunner in ww2 out of Barksdale, AFB in Bossier Louisiana. Originally from Enderlin, North Dakota. Would love to talk to someone who flew with him. Thanks, Linda Nickerson Date: 3/8/2002 Time: 11:55:48 AM   John B. McMakin BombGp: 320 Squadron: 441 Years: '44-'46 Class: 44G Location: LUBBOCK, TX. Date: 3/5/2002 Time: 6:52:29 PM   BombGp: 394 Squadron: 587 Years: 1942-46 Class: 44 D Location: Lubbock , Texas. This web site sure does bring back old memories. I miss some of my old friends of these times very much. Keep 'em flying! Bill Stuckey Date: 2/27/2002 Time: 9:14:26 PM   Ralph M. Wefel -- Radio Op - Aerial Gunner BombGp: 323rd Squadron: 455th Years: 1943-1946 Class: -------- Location: Barksdale Field. LA. Hello, Martin B-26 MARAUDER Vets ! I flew my 26 missions from France (ETO). If you desire to learn more of my and other's experiences with the Marauder, please access our "WEFEL" home page at it's Internet URL of: http://www.mimd.net/rmwefel/index.html Elaine and I will be pleased to hear from you ! CHEERS, in our shared WWII USAAF B-26 MARAUDER ! Ralph and Elaine Wefel Date: 2/27/2002 Time: 12:56:52 PM   Walter Sumner Newlin, Uncle. Walter was a navigator on a b-26 named the "Coral Princess", lost during WWII somewhere in the pacific theatre. Does anyone have any information on this airplane or crew. He was my mother's brother from Ennis Texas. Date: 2/26/2002 Time: 3:52:47 PM   Bruce Kwiatkowski. My dad was a Marauder photographer, Roman Kwiatkowski, did any of you know him? Date: 2/25/2002 Time: 8:01:57 PM   John Miller BombGp: 386 Squadron: 555 Years: 1943-44. Hi, this is Ron Miller. My Dad, John Miller, was a pilot in the 386th bomb group, 555th squadron. His first plane was called Xterminator,and then later he flew the Sexy Betsy. I don't have many pictures of him during that time, or of the airplanes either. I was wondering if anybody could help me out. Thanks.

Note from Trevor Allen /MHS: "The 386th.Bomb Group Reunion Association published a Group history "The Story of the Crusaders". Your father is mentioned therein. If you do not have a copy then it was published by The 386th Bomb Group Association Inc.

Captain Miller flew a very rough mission to Amsterdam Schiphol, Holland on December 13, 1943. Captain Sanford was shot down on the bomb run into the Airdrome, ZH57. Sanford's ship called,  "HELL'S FURY" Blew up into several large pieces. He was blown clear of the ship still strapped in the pilot seat. He was the only survivor. Your Dad left the enemy coast with his right engine feathered due to flak damage to his ship "EXTERMINATOR" 131618 YA-V. I wrote a story about that mission which was   published in the 386th B.G. Newsletter in December 1998. Chester P. Klier--Historian, 386th B.G. Date: 2/24/2002 Time: 10:15:17 PM   Randy L. Moody son of Guy F. Moody BombGp: 331 Squadron: Years: 1944-5 Class: 1944. Hi Gentlemen or Ladies: I'm the son of Guy F. Moody and was wonder if anybody has any information on my dad. I think he was in the 331 AAFG1858 but don't no if this information is correct. Lt. Hawtnorn was the pilot,f/o Favre co-pilot,Lt. Forsell, cpl. Moody, cpl Rogers, and cpl Neinabor. The pictures are fading away, Guy F. Moody past away last March 2001 and would like information on his squadron if possible.He was at Barksdale, LA and did training in Texas. If anybody can help e-mail me please. Thanks Randy Date: 2/24/2002 Time: 3:15:30 PM   Dr Henry N Goodall BombGp: 387th BG, 556th, 557th, 558th, 559th Bomb Sqns, Congratulations on your excellent site, quantity and quality all together. I am very interested in the history of the 387th BG, operating out of Stoney Cross, England, July - September 1944. I live three miles from Stoney Cross and am researching the history of the airfield that saw more than a dozen aircraft types (both RAF and USAAF) based there in numbers during WWII. Am willing to act as a contact or would be grateful for any anecdotes, info. re the 387th Group's time at Stoney Cross. My Father was Capt Henry N Blanchard, Jr, Signals Officer of the US 9th Inf Div, KIA 17 June 1944, in Normandy, France. Your website visitors may find useful information on the B-26 European campaign in the following BOOKS, published in the UK but probably available in the USA: Marauder Units of the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces - ISBN 1-85532-637-X UK Airfields of the Ninth - Then and Now - ISBN 0-900913-80-0 Support and Strike - ISBN 1 870384 10 5 Marauder in Action - ISBN 0-89747-119-9 The Ninth Air Force in Colour - ISBN 1-85409-272-3 Good luck with website, keeping the memory of brave men alive and making contacts easier. Henry N Goodall Date: 2/23/2002 Time: 8:27:17 PM  

Lt. Flournoy L. Choate, Jr. BombGp: 495 Squadron: 344 Years: 1943-45.   I am trying to learn more about the dad (F. L. Choate, Jr.) I never knew. He was pilot of a B-26 flying out of England and France and flew 26 (I think) missions without a scratch. Papers I have found show that he flew out of Pontoise and Beaumont-le-Roger airfields in France among other places. In a letter to mother, he mentioned flying missions to cut railway lines and destroy bridges between Cologne and Frankfurt. On Feb. 22, 1945, his was one of hundreds of Marauders that dived to deck level to strafe railways, warehouses, and other targets (supposedly, this was the first time since May 17, 1943, that B-26s had been used to strafe targets at treetop level). My dad survived the war and served in the occupation of Germany. On September 10, 1945, he flew (in fog at night) into a mountain near Tranchgau, Germany. His crew consisted of W. L. Hoppers (copilot), S. V. Mulacek (bombardier), R. S. Meckes (engineer), E. F. Port (radio operator), and J. R. Majoney (gunner). He is buried in Lorraine Cemetery in France. If anyone knew my dad or can give me any information about him, please contact me.

"Note: In mid afternoon on 10th September 1945 Capt Gerald Davies took off from Florrenes, Belgium to fly to R-75 to take charge of the 496th.BS detachment there. En route the weather in the Munich area deteriorated, became heavily overcast and fog was encountered. At this time the B26 was flying sixty mules south of its proposed track.While flying in fog the airplane crashed into a mountainside at Trauchgau, Germany, all on board being killed instantly on impact.

1st. Lt Choate, Jr was not the first pilot on this flight. Those on board were:

Capt Gerald Davies,
1st. Lt Flourney L Choate, Jr.
1st.Lt Bernard J Ferry
2.Lt Gregor J Larson
F/O Albert C Frederick
F/O Leroy L Limo
M/Sgt Pugh G Rogers
S/Sgt Harley R Warren
Trevor Allen
B26 Historian
Date: 2/22/2002 Time: 7:04:24 PM   My dad was Capt. Lawrence Dixon, Empire State Express was the plane. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross for his contribution on June 6th. He was a hero who never talked to us kids about his experience until wrestled to the ground, which we really didn't do much. It's stupid, but when I first saw the movie Memphis Belle, even though the aircraft is not the same, that is when I was hit by a hammer at what a big deal you guys were. I was born in 1950, and as much as I hate to say it was the princess. If anybody out there knew him, I'd love to hear from you. He went to several reunions, and they were the highlight of his year, but he died in early 1997. Julie Dixon Esposito. Date: 2/19/2002 Time: 7:58:39 PM   Charles "Chuck" Cline BombGp: 387 Squadron: 559 Years: 1941-1945 Class: 1944B Location: Turner Field, Albany, GA. I was a co-pilot for 30 missions and first pilot for 28 missions in the European Theater. My plane was the "Texas Queen," from project number 92914R, B-26, G15MA, Serial No. 67916. My group commander was Colonel Grover C. Brown. Squadron Commander was Lt. Col. Albert L. Caney. My first mission was August 11, '44 with Lt. Andrew Barr, Jr. as my first pilot. I flew my first pilot mission on Feb. 19, '45. The last mission I flew was on April 19 of that year. Several crew members included Charles D. England, Darwin Ledbetter, Harold Epperson, Herbert Goldstein and Howard Arp. The flight leader was Lt. Pine. We had the only wooden "tent" in France in our outfit. I remember well the towns of Cherbourg, Chateaudun and Leon, in France, and Mastrich, Holland. I'm a young "85" now, am living near my daughter in Arkansas, and really enjoying reading about other pilots and crews. I'd love to hear from anyone who was in the 559th or had relatives who were in it. Date: 2/19/2002 Time: 12:54:49 PM   Theodor H (Ted) Mains BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 3. 10th August 1943 to September 1944 Tail Gunner. Orignal Crew PILOT 1st Lt Charles W Eaton, Engineer/Gunner S/Sgt Edward E Naquin, Radio Operator/Gunner T/Sgt Thomas E Renfroe. Can't remember names of Co-Pilot or Bombardier/Navigator Any help? Date: 2/17/2002 Time: 6:20:27 PM   My uncle, George Everett Osgood, was a gunner on a B-26, stationed in France and Belgium. Any info on his unit, pics, etc? Thanks, J.G. Osgood Date: 2/17/2002 Time: 3:17:35 PM   Sgt Mark Irwin BombGp: MAAF Squadron: 14th Years: 2. This is my Uncle who was unfortunately killed in a Marauder MK1 FK 124 on 13th Sept 1944 on take of at Alghero airfield Sardina. He was the wireless operator/gunner. Engine No's P&W wasp 40/3995 & 40/4013. Does anyone have any information on this accident that can be passes on to his widow, daughter, sister & myself his niece. May thanks Joan Date: 2/16/2002 Time: 6:05:26 PM   George Kemper Hunnicutt BombGp: 322 Squadron: 451 Years: 6/42 Class: 43J Location: Freeman Field Seymour, Indiana Mr. George Kemper Hunnicutt, 1st Lieutenant USAAF, 9th Air Force. Pilot of b-26 marauder, tail #947k.  Name of plane is Idiot's Delight. Served in the ETO.  Any information, pictures, names of crew, etc. Would be appreciated. Date: 2/14/2002 Time: 3:36:36 PM   Ralph B Woolf BombGp: 320th Squadron: 442 Years: `1944-45 Class: 44C Location: Frederick Oklahoma. As secretary Treasurer of the 320th Bomb Group, I can help with a lot of questions anyone may have on the 320th. Date: 2/10/2002 Time: 8:39:28 PM   My father, Charles E. "Buck" Hurley, was foreman of the flight line at Martin Company on the B-26. I remember when he was sent to Minneapolis for top-secret classes on the installation and operation of the Norden Bomb Sight. (I have a fragment of one from a post-war crash). For those of you not in Ohio, the Air Force Museum has a 26 inside with D-Day stripes on it. I took my dad over and when he checked the serial number in the nose-wheel well, he found that that partiular ship was built for the "Free French Air Force" after D-Day. I can' believe it has taken me this long to find this web-sire! I'm 64 years old and have been a fan of WWII aircraft and, naturally, B-26 heads the list. I have a lot of photos taken during its manufacture and testing at Martin. By any chance, did any of you reading this happen to work at Martin during those days? If so, I would like to hear from you. Chuck Hurley Date: 2/7/2002 Time: 5:52:36 AM   Daniel Rees on behalf of Flt Sgt Yarwood RAF BombGp: 54 Squadron: 14 Years: KIA 1943 Class: 1942 Location: 70 OTU Hi, I am writing on behalf of my relative Flt Sgt Yarwood who was killed in action on the 21/2/43 on the suicidal raid on the Melo's natural harbour against 3 German destroyers, merchant vessels and Flak also small amounts of small arms fire near the warehouses on the other side of the port(e.g. Flak 37) e.t.c. If anyone has any info on British Marauder Sqn in the Africa please e-mail me. Date: 2/6/2002 Time: 8:58:43 PM   Bernard Seth Walmsley BombGp: Squadron: 477 Years: 1942-1943 Class: 1942 Location: Sioux Falls, SD. Hi, My name is Philip Bernard Walmsley, I have been trying to obtain information concerning my uncle Bernard Seth Walmsley. Uncle Bernard was killed on June 13, 1943 in French Morocco, North Africa. My uncle was a Staff Sergeant. According to the records that I have, he was a navigator and gunner. I have a picture of him with his plane and his crew. I've been told that the plane was a B-26 but, I'm not sure. How can I find out how he was killed, the squadron, the missions, etc. I've questioned my parents over the years but, most of the specifics have become fuzzy over the years. They don't remember exactly how it happened. All that I know for sure was that he was the only crew member that did not make it. He lived for 24hrs. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Eventhough I never had the privilege of meeting Uncle Bernard, he has had a tremendous impact on my life and was someone I revered. Regards, Phil Date: 2/6/2002 Time: 6:06:36 PM   Michael Goold Squadron: RAF Years: 1943-1945 Location: Ferry Command. In 1944 I recall going by truck from Tunis to SETIF, Algeria where a number of B26's had been delivered from the US. We were to fly these aircraft on to Tunis. The SETIF strip was a saucer shaped strip, so the initial take off run was downhill and at lift off , it was very much up hill. Obtaining take off speed at this altitude was difficult indeed. Setif being about 3000ft asl. At the end of the strip the ground fell away into a valley. After removing guns and fuel we were able to get all the aircraft off. But these take offs were exciting indeed, I was young then, so it was fun indeed. Date: 2/6/2002 Time: 3:01:02 PM   T. G. Powell Years: 3 Class: 1944 Location: Lowry Field Colorado. Had Aircraft Armorer Training on B-26, B-25, including turrets, bombs, and bombsights. Finished training and was assigned to B-29 school. Finished service on B-29 out of Chatham Field Savannah, Ga. 1945. Date: 2/4/2002 Time: 9:08:38 PM   Need some help - my Father flew the b-26 His name was James E Gorman. If you or any body know anything about him or his crew please e-mail me. Sean Gorman Date: 2/4/2002 Time: 12:27:39 PM   George Corral. I have no affiliation with the B-26 except an overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for the men and women of our armed forces who served during WWII. I was born in late 1944 so I can only imagine, read about, view photographs, and occasionally listen to the stories and exploits of people during the war. That is why I am glad I found this Web site. It was serendipity. I have a special interest in aircraft and aviation history during this time period. My growing aviation book library attests to that. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I came to discover this mecca of aviation: Lockheed, North American, and Douglas, Mines Field, Grand Central Airport, and the location of Glenn L. Martin airplane company located in Griffith Park in the 1920's before moving his company back east. A few years ago, I had the good fortune to see and photograph one of the last flying examples of the Marauder at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport in California - truly a rare bird. Thanks again to all. George Corral Date: 2/3/2002 Time: 3:57:30 PM   Richard Kunne BombGp: 387 Squadron: 558 Years: 44-45 November 19, 2001 I posted a message on B26.com ( see read 2001 section ) with the request on more info about Tsgt Ralph Willet. I wanted to get in touch with next of kin, and with the great help and support from Mike and his wonderful friends, I can tell you that I'm now corresponding with Ralph's next of kin. This was so stimulating that I want to know more about Ralph's fellow Crew members. I want to get in touch with relatives or family of Ralph's crewmembers to get perhaps some pictures, from plane and crew. Also if some veterans out there from the 387th 558 BSQ know more about the time the group ( perhaps some pictures ) spent at Beek ( may 1945 ), Holland, at Y44 please let me know. I red in the Unit's history records that they had a wonderful stay there for 3.5 weeks and participated in the festivities of the liberation of Holland and even the 387th is the Godfather for a young local boy. I'm looking for more info about : 1st Lt Ralph.w. Leighty 0715980, 2nd Lt William W. Tierney, 2nd Lt Wilbur.S. Harding, 1st.Lt.Robert P Sturm, S/SGT Gavin.J. Moffatt, T/SGT Ralph A. Willett. Plane KX-B 44-67889 planes name ????? crashed on trainings flight may 8th 45 at Eijsen Holland I hope some one can help, And thanks again Mike and friends greetings Richard Kunne, The Netherlands Date: 2/2/2002 Time: 5:11:11 PM   Bonjour, Please, would you be so kind as to help me to identify the B-26 group which successfuly destroyed a bridge near Tours (Loire river), on July 31 1944 . Exact pl Thanking you in anticipation Phil Canonne

Note: Bridge targets  31st July 1944, take your pick:

397th.BG    Mayenne  Railroad Bridge
322nd.BG   Ambrieres     "            "
344th.BG   Pont Authou  "            "
394th.BG   La Frilliere     "            "
391st.BG   Chartres       "            "
323rd.BG   La Manoir     "            " Date: 2/2/2002 Time: 3:34:56 PM   Walter G. Guy, Jr. My father, Walter G. Guy, was one of the design engineers on the B26. He also worked on developing subsequent models and engineering changes, particularly to weapons systems. He made numerous flights to test the aircraft with experimental armaments and various gun configurations. I remember him telling me of such flights where they made such tests over Lake Champlain, NY. He worked for the Glenn L. Martin Company since the mid-30's where he also worked on the Martin Maryland and Baltimore medium bombers of pre-war time. Date: 1/31/2002 Time: 12:34:27 PM   2nd Lt. David Morgan Lawton BombGp: 336 Squadron: 479 Years: 1944 Class: 43'. My Uncle, 1st Lt. David Morgan Lawton was transferred from 336 Bomber Group, 479 Bomber Squadron in Florida to the 394th Bomber Gorup, 585th Bomb Squadron of the 9th AAF stationed in England, then eventually France. He and his entire crew crashed, and were supposedly killed, while trying to land their B-26 at their base in France after a mission over Germany. I am trying find any men (veterans) who might have served with the 585th and who might have known my Uncle. I am also looking for information related to the crash, my uncle's missions and any other information on his crew. My hope is to compile a list of contacts I can use to develop a story or book on my uncle, the men he served with and the battles they were involved in. Regards, Christopher A. Lawton Date: 1/26/2002 Time: 3:17:35 PM   Sherman V.Best BombGp: 322nd Squadron: 449th Years: 1944-46 Class: 43J Location: Selma, AL.  I flew 17 missions on 773 (Flak-Bait) as pilot or co-pilot out of a total of 63. Date: 1/26/2002 Time: 1:39:55 PM   Norman J. Miller BombGp: 322 Squadron: 449 Years: 44-45. Seeking any information about my father-in-law, Norman J. Miller who flew numerous missions with the 322/449 during the last years of WWII. David Baumann Date: 1/23/2002 Time: 9:20:58 PM   William P. Morton BombGp: 344 Squadron: 494 Years: 12/42 to 7/46 Class: 44D Location: Altus, Oklahoma. Had an emergency appendectomy after B26 Transition school, so got delayed. Arrived in France at A 59-started flying missions on 2 March 1945- only got in 26 missions. Moved to A 78 at Florennes, Belgium in April 1945. Attacked by ME 262's on next to last mission. Moved to Army of Occupation at Ober Schleissheim, Germany in Sept. 1945. Signed up to stay another year as my brother was serving in Italy at Gorizia in 88th Infantry Division. Italians fighting Yugoslavs over Trieste. Came home July l946 as Captain. Date: 1/22/2002 Time: 6:08:46 PM   Sgt. Warren E. Young, Engineer Gunner BombGp: 17th Squadron: 37th Years: 1943-1945. Just looking for someone who may have been in this group to converse with. Helped contribute to the book by Robert Forsyth, Battle over Bavaria "The B-26 Marauder versus the German Jets - April 1945". Date: 1/22/2002 Time: 11:04:32 AM   Gordon Brownlee BombGp: 397 Squadron: 596 Years: 1/1942-5/1966 Class: 43H Location: Frederick OK. Joined 596th Squadron in Rivenhall as a replacement crew. Grant Braden's crew was assigned at same time to 597th as was Marty Martinez to 598th. Became squadron commander and we were on our way for invasion of Japan when war ended. Retired in 1966. Date: 1/22/2002 Time: 12:01:11 AM   James L Stalter BombGp: 344th Squadron: 495th Years: 1945 Class: 44-D Location: Altus, OK. Sender was pilot of B-26 based at A-59 then A-78. Got in 19 missions before V-E Day. Stayed in Air Force Reserve for my 20 years. Date: 1/21/2002 Time: 10:18:52 AM   Bill Kopp BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 3 yrs. 5 mos. Sgt.Kopp, a charter member of the 344 B.G., was a power turret -gun sight specialist & substitute gunner, assigned to the armament division. He flew in the early b26A's at Homestead & Tampa bases, Florida during the early 1942 " One a day in the bay" saga. He participated in all of the six European campaigns, namely the Air Offensive Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes Offensive & Central Europe. From Feb. 4 to Oct. '45, he was stationed at Stansted, England; Cormeilles, France; Florennes/Juzaine, Belgium and Schleissheim, Germany. If any of you old guys out there remember this old bird, say hello. Date: 1/21/2002 Time: 12:05:05 AM   Lt. William R. Morgart BombGp: 386th Squadron: 552sq Years: 1942-1945. My father, William R. Morgart, flew 72 combat missions out of Great Dunmow England, most of them as the co-pilot from June of 1943 until June of 1944. Some of the plane names are the Buzz-N-Bitch II, Black Magic, Gamblers Luck, and the Deacon, any one who may remember him I would like to here from. He was in the 386BG,552SQ. Thank you. Jeff Morgart Date: 1/20/2002 Time: 11:09:09 PM   My wife's father, T/Sgt. John A. Ingram, was an engineer/gunner on the "Flying Prostitute". He was stationed in Corsica and killed in action over Italy on October 12, 1944. She is very interested in obtaining any information regarding her father. Her mother (John Ingram's wife) just passed away last month and there are no more known links to her father. Thanks for your help. Tom Graves Date: 1/20/2002 Time: 9:47:08 PM   Dana Rogers BombGp: 394th Squadron: 584th Years: 1943-45. I was a tail gunner stationed in Cambrai, France, November 1944-February 1945, wounded in action February 1945. Attended gunnery school in Ft. Myers, Florida, crew training in Lake Charles and Shreveport, LA. My pilot was Harry Rogers, killed after World War II; Allen Knepper, co-pilot; James Bullard, engineer; Robert Burger, bombardier; and Ted Markey, radioman. Although Knepper and Bullard are both deceased, I would be interested locating and communicating with Burger and Markey. Date: 1/20/2002 Time: 5:24:40 PM   Philip R. Scheier BombGp: 323rd Squadron: 456th Years: 42-45. Congratulations for a tremendous B26 website, with some photos and planes of my squadron, and one or two I am in touch with. I appreciate all the work that has gone into this site, for which, our great appreciation. I was a radio op-gunner on Shirley Bee, driven by Maj. Luke Hargrove, who died away this past year. I am in email contact with a bunch of old 456th squadron mates. Our 456th Squadron Association holds annual reunions, with the next reunion Sept. 26-28, 2002, in Pensacola, FL. And one of the guys in the above photos, Lee Goodwin, who lives in nearby Alabama, will act as host. Lee is also an on-line regular. A great coincidence. Also in regular touch with other guys from the squadron, including Harvey Jacobs, Warren Hoerr, Ken Brown, John Nurt, Chris Lennox, Ray Lishka and a bunch of others. All best wishes, and many thanks. PHIL Date: 1/20/2002 Time: 2:15:08 PM   Vicky Robinson BombGp: 319 Squadron: 440 Years: 1942-45. I am looking for information on the man I believe is my father: Hubert James Garrett who was a Corporal gunner when transferred from the 440th in 1945 at San Bernadino CA. The 440th were not in England at the right time May/June 1943 but he may not have been with them at that time. He died in 1984. I note that the 319th group is missing form your website???? Date: 1/19/2002 Time: 1:48:35 PM   Warren Howard BombGp: 344 Squadron: 494 Years: 1944 Class: 44e Location: Lubbock, TX. I am looking for looking for Douglas Hoyt, BG 344, 494. 1944. Date: 1/18/2002 Time: 8:44:14 PM   Harold Luntey BombGp: 394 Squadron: 587 Years: 44-46 Class: 44D Location: Altus, OK. I would like to hear from 44-D classmates or members of the 587th Sqdn., 394th B.G (M). I need personal stories for inclusion in our 394th newsletter "AIRSCOOP" that would be of interest to the members of our 394th B. G. Association. Date: 1/14/2002 Time: 9:03:53 PM   Lt. Raymond Leonard BombGp: 387 Squadron: 556. Searching for crew and information regarding my father bombardier Raymond Leonard. I believe this B-26 crew was involved in a mid-air collision. Pamela Leonard Date: 1/14/2002 Time: 8:49:17 PM   BombGp: 397 Squadron: 596 Years: 1944-45 Class: 1944-9 Location: St. Angelo AAFB, TX.  My son got me a computer and internet account for Christmas. Anyone wanting to conact me please do so. I flew with William Newdome, Leonard Young, George Roemlein, Charles Eldridge, and Orvel Sherrill. We were stationed in A-72, France and Venlo, Holland. Gerald W. Vath Lt. Col, Ret. Bomb/Nav Date: 1/12/2002 Time: 1:10:31 PM   BombGp: 397 Squadron: 597 Years: 1939-1945 Retired July 1960. Was the radio operator on the original crew of the Holy Moses. M. J. Gatewood, pilot; Dick Haymond, co-pilot; W. Blatchford, Navigator and Bombardier; Bill Snyder, Engineer; Lee Hughes, Tail gunner. We were shot Down on 24 June 1944 - target was   near Paris, France. Gatewood with the help of the French underground was able to evade and return to the unit. The rest of the crew became guests of Adolf and his gang for the remainder of the war. Haymond and O’Brien are the only remaining members of the crew. Time has taken its toll. Sorry about All caps but I have trouble with this infernal machine. I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. Dick lives out West and I am in East Coast. If any one out there has Information about what happened to the Holy Moses after 23 June 1944 I would appreciate knowing. I know Anderson took over after us but I know nothing else. Thx.   Dear Sir - You were shot down June 24,1944 in B26 42-96120 9F-R "Mama Liz". Report shows it was last seen in a spin with 5 chutes being observed. 42-96124 9F-M "Holy Moses" was flown by several different crews subsequent to your loss and went on to complete 106 combat missions. On February 26 1945 it crashed on take off with 2. Lt John T Potschmer and crew. It caught fire, part of the bomb load exploded and all the crew were killed. Regards Trevor Allen, Historian B26   Thx for the info on the Holy Moses. I did not know any of the info concerning our ship after we were shot down on 24 June 44. They were right when they say they only saw 5 chutes come out of our plane. Moses J. Gatewood-pilot was the last to leave the ship. I was next to last and I was so close to the ground I swear I could have touched the tree tops. Gatewood would have been very close to ground level so his chute would not have been seen. He may even have ridden the Holy Moses all the way in and walked away before the Germans got to him. I am very happy to know what happened to the old bird after we left her in the repair shop back at Rivenhall that day, I am now going to forward this info to the co-pilot. He will be happy to know also. But am very sorry to hear how she went out taking an entire crew with Her. WB. Date: 1/9/2002 Time: 1:25:55 PM   I would like to know where I could find information on missions flown by the B-26. My pap flew in the B-26 and I would like to know a little bit more about the missions he flew. If you could give me any info leading to his missions please email me. Thanks Craig McMullen.  My grandfathers name is Harold R. Kepner. Date: 1/9/2002 Time: 11:43:24 AM   I am 767 pilot, currently living in UK. Over last year I have visited several ww2 bomber bases. I am very interested in the B26. Does anyone know of any B26 still in flying condition? I NEED to fly one of these beauties! I'm also very interested in any dedicated memorials/museums in US/Europe dedicated to B26 units/9th air force. By the way, great site, great stories, I have tremendous respect for all you did in ETO and elsewhere. God bless. Kevin J McDonald. Date: 1/8/2002 Time: 4:23:56 PM   Bob Anhalt  BombGp: 17th Squadron: 37th Years: 4. Bob is looking for any one that flew in his B Group. They flew out of Corsica and Saprina, Italy; and Oigon, France.   Invalid email, please recontact Date: 1/7/2002 Time: 5:04:55 PM   William E. Heichel BombGp: 344 Squadron: 496 Years: 1944-1945. William E. Heichel, is my father. My name is Michael Heichel. 9th Air Force Group: 344th. Squadron: 496th. Theatre of Operations: European Theatre. Dates of Service in Unit: 1944-1945. Duty: Radio Operator/Gunner. Name of Plane: Smolderin' Boulders. William E. Heichel went to radio school in Chicago from Nov. 1942-March 1943. He then went to gunnery school from March-May 1943. He was then assigned to a Florida Squadron. (Avon Park, Fla. and MacDill Field in Tampa, Fla). Then he was transferred to Lake Charles, Louisiana. From Lake Charles my father was sent oversees to the European Theatre: which included England, France and Belgium (for him). My father's crew included: Jim Gleinser-pilot, Jim Gorman-Bombardier/Navigator, Roy Lewis-Top Turret Gunner and Armor Gunner, Derwood Vandervorte-Co-pilot, and Ed "Sandy" Sanderson-Tail gunner and maintenance engineer. My father was the waist gunner and radio man. My father also knew Henry "Hank" Isenberg (Killed in Action). Any information or questions he and I would be interested in helping. Past message on board: My father has pictures of "Maxwell House-Good to the Last Drop" A B-26 he guarded once or twice. I noticed Robin Broadfoot had inquired about this plane. Please forward this information to her. Thanks Date: 1/5/2002 Time: 3:02:55 PM   Louis J Cubba BombGp: 386 Squadron: 554 Years: 1942-1944. Do you know anything about SSGT Louis Cubba a tail gunner connected with the 386 th 554 th who was KIA on 9-23-44. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated by me and my family. Thank You !! Date: 1/4/2002 Time: 7:29:49 PM   David T. Cates BombGp: 336 Squadron: 478 Years: 1940-1945 Class: July 1941 Location: Lowry Field, CO.  I am looking for people who may have served with my Dad, David T. Cates (occasionally used "Bill") in WWII. He joined the AAF at Fort Bliss TX in Aug. 1940 and was sent to Lowry field near Denver, CO. He was there for about 6 months working field maintenance until he could get into school. He became an armorer or gunner. At the time of their graduation, he and 40 others were sent to Kerns, UT which had no relationship to the AF. They were there about 30 days and then sent to Chicago where again orders were not correct. They stayed at the Stevens Hotel for about 40 days and then moved on. At their next stop they found that while they were in Chicago they should have been sent to the Air Transport Command. The next stop for the 40 of them was Jefferson Barrack MO which again was and army base and not an AF base. They were there two weeks and then sent to Dyersburg Tenn. then to Avon Park Florida. He was assigned here to an RTU and spent the next 3 years of the war in the Florida area at Avon Park or MacDill Field. In Nov of 1944 he was transferred to Iceland and was the maintenance for the guns on a P47. He went over on the Ile de France and came home in March of 45 on the Queen Mary. He finished out the war in Brownfill TX, Houston/Galveston, TX. Anybody recognize any of this? He and I would love to hear from you. Kathleen Rose Date: 1/4/2002 Time: 12:50:49 PM   Arthur Fernandez BombGp: 320th Squadron: 441st Years: 01/44-5/45 My father, Arthur (NMI) Fernandez served as a flight engineer and gunner in the 320th Bomber Group 441st Squadron for 15 months from early 1944 to mid 1945. He flew 64 missions in North Africa, France, Italy and Germany. I'm attempting to gather information on him as well as the activities, locations, and missions that he participated in. I also have found that he graduated from flight engineering school on 25 Apr 42 at Randolf, AFB and gunnery school on 13 Sep '42 at Harlingen, Texas. I would appreciate any contact or information regarding my research. Gary Fernandez Date: 1/3/2002 Time: 2:54:26 PM Wilmoth (Bill) L. Keller BombGp: 344 Squadron: 496 Years: 43-45 Class: 43-16 Location: Childress AAB, TX. Since my last posting of 12-17-01, I discovered at my mother's home a cardboard box. This box contained all my Dad's military records. The names of my Dad's crew are: Lt. Bennie D. McSwain Jr., Pilot (Arkansas); Lt. Emlen L.Martin, Co-pilot (Philadelphia); Lt. Wilmoth L. Keller, Bomb/Nav (Kansas); Cpl. Raymond P Novis, Engineer (Kansas); Cpl. Achilles A. Principe, Radio Operator (New York); Cpl. James G. Ehlert, Tail Gunner (Louisiana). I have a list (Special Orders #80 dated 20 March 1944) that lists 32 crews by name that were assigned to the 336BG at AAB Lake Charles, La. from Barksdale Field. These crews were then transferred to the 344BG and/or other BG's in the ETO. I also have a photo of my Dad's crew in front of a B-26 nose number LL4. Also a crew group photo. In these papers was a list that shows every mission that Dad flew by type of plane and combat time. There is a photo of a B-26 with the port engine on fire and upside down. There is also a negative for this photo. I remember my Dad telling me that this plane took a flak hit dove beneath my Dad's plane while the bombay camera was still going. Does anyone know about this tragedy (as Dad said there was no parachutes seen)? If anyone is interested in what I have or may have, please feel free to contact me.
Regards to All - Greg Keller Date: 1/1/2002 Time: 9:30:55 PM James Colvert BombGp: 386 Squadron: 554 Years: 1944-45 Class: 44-D Location: Altus OK.  Please email me if you have information about Lt. Arthur Griffith, pilot, 386th BG 554th Sq. Beaumont-sur-Oise, St. Trond, Belgium. Also F/O Joseph Cerniglia, Bombardier/Navigator, 386th BG 554th Sq. Beaumont-sur-Oise.

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