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Dreamweaver photo gallery extension

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The following Dreamweaver extensions are available for free download.

Palette Picker » Download
This handy extension from WebAssist integrates the Adobe Kuler tools right into Dreamweaver.

PayPal eCommerce Toolkit »
The WebAssist PayPal eCommerce Toolkit for Dreamweaver is the fastest and easiest way to add e-commerce functionality to your online store or business web site.

Communication Toolkit for Skype »
Communicate directly with your website visitors by installing a Skype Call Me button.

Constant Contact Join My Mailing List »
Insert custom Constant Contact forms into your website an begin Email marketing today! This Dreamweaver extension easily creates a professionally designed, fully customizable sign-up form with all the needed Constant Contact code.

Dreamweaver Tools for Google »
Easily add advanced Google checkout, maps and search to your websites without touching the code! Even include any of six new cell phone tools for Google Mobile!

Google Gadgets »
Choose from over 200 Google gadets to install into your Dreamweaver site. Customize your gadgets before or after installation.

RSS Extension for Dreamweaver »
Create a RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom or Podcast feed for your Dreamweaver website.

Lightbox Gallery for Dreamweaver »
This extension creates a sample lightbox gallery using the jQuery JavaScript framework.

Thickbox Gallery for Dreamweaver »
This extension creates a sample thickbox gallery using the jQuery JavaScript framework.

Ken Burns Slideshow »
This free Dreamweaver extension (donation requested) integrates an iPhoto-like Ken Burns slideshow into your site.

PHP Coding tools for Dreamweaver »
If you're a PHP coder, this extension can help speed up your coding by providing PHP code insertion based on the variables found in the current document.

OpenCube Visual CSS QuickMenu »
This extension enables you to access OpenCube's Visual CSS QuickMenu from within Dreamweaver.

SQL Code Color Hint »
Adds the SQL file extension to Dreamweaver and lets you specify SQL keyword colors.

Spry Rating Widget »
Adds Spry Rating to the Dreamweaver Spry widgets object list.

Digg Widget »
This Dreamweaver extension adds a Digg widget to your page. Choose what Digg stories to show and customize the theme.

htaccess Generator »
Generate your htaccess file from directly within Dreamweaver. Features include disabling hotlinking, defining error pages, ban IP addresses and URL redirects.

Simple File Upload »
Free Dreamweaver extension that enables file upload in PHP.

YUI Tooltips (Yahoo User Interface) »
Free Dreamweaver extension to integrate the tooltips function of YUI. The Yahoo User Interface is a rich JavaScript library that includes DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX.

YUI Tabview (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Tabview is a Dreamweaver extension that makes it simple to create a tabbed content interface similar to the Spry tabs built into Dreamweaver.

YUI Slider (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Slider allows users to adjust input values using a draggable slider tool.

YUI Menu (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Menu is a free Dreamweaver extension that integrates with the YUI JavaScript library to create website navigation menus.

YUI Data Table (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Data Table provides a powerful API to display tabular data on a web page. It allows for sortable columns, pagination, scrolling, resizeable columns and more.

YUI Calendar (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Calendar is a free Dreamweaver extension that enables users to choose dates from a graphical calendar.

YUI Button (Yahoo User Interface) »
YUI Button allows you to create rich, graphical buttons that function like traditional HTML form buttons.

Advanced Random Images »
This free extension can display random images, daily images, a random slideshow or a sequential slideshow.

jQuery UI Tabs »
Iintegrates the jQuery UI Tabs into Dreamweaver.

jQuery UI Slider »
Integrates the jQuery UI Slider into Dreamweaver.

jQuery UI Dialog »
Integrates the jQuery UI Dialog into Dreamweaver.

jQuery UI Calendar »
Integrates the jQuery UI Calendar into Dreamweaver.

jQuery UI Accordion »
Integrates the jQuery UI Accordion into Dreamweaver.

jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver »
Extension that helps you code jQuery from within Dreamweaver. Helpful code snippets and syntax highlighting make jQuery coding much easier.

ProtoType API extension for Dreamweaver »
Similar to the jQuery API extension, this one is for the ProtoType JavaScript library.

Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver »
Similar to the jQuery API extension, this one is for creating Drupal files in Dreamweaver. Code hints make Drupal programming easier.

MooTools Phatfusion Slideshow »
This extension adds a simple slideshow of images to your document using the MooTools JavaScript platform.

MooTools Phatfusion Sortable Table »
Using the MooTools framework, this free Dreamweaver extension adds a sortable table to your document.

MooTools Phatfusion Slider »
This free extension for Dreamweaver uses the MooTools framework to display a slider for dynamic data input.

MooTools Phatfusion Rounded Corners »
Easily add rounded corners to divs and images. Uses the MooTools framework.

MooTools Phatfusion Image Menu »
Adds a sliding image menu using the MooTools framework.

YouTubizer »
Embed your YouTube videos directly from within Dreamweaver.

Insert Google Analytics Code »
Easily insert, update and remove Google Analytics code from your site in Dreamweaver.

HTML Sitemap Generator »
Create an HTML sitemap from the anchor links in your local Dreamweaver site.

PVII Multi-Class Changer 2 »
Allows you to set up a series of style changes with one event. Easily change CSS class or ID names for page elements with any event trigger.

PVII Layer AniMagic »
Create complex DHTML layer animations with JavaScript. Use it for sliding menus, scrolling content and more.

PVII Auto ShowHide »
Use Auto ShowHide to make page elements in a list-based or div-based DHTML menu system visible or invisible.

Lorem Ipsum »
This free Dreamweaver extension automatically insert Lorem Ipsum, corporate text, excerpts of a speech or a Shakespeare sonnet into your website prototypes to visualize final text placement.


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