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Digital photo card readers

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Launch Image Gallery    Software House RM Series Card Readers
The wide-ranging suite of RM card readers offers the features and flexibility you need to handle the most demanding access control applications. Choose from four different supported card technologies: magnetic stripe, proximity, HID® iCLASS®, and multi-technology. The RM Multi-Technology reader reads both proximity and smart cards providing an ideal solution for customers looking to transition from proximity to a more secure smart card solution.

  • Full suite of RM readers supports 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz technologies with keypad and LCD
  • HID multiCLASS reader reads iCLASS SE and Seos smart cards
  • Seamlessly integrates with the entire range of Software House solutions
  • Each RM reader provides two supervised inputs and two control point outputs
  • Operates in star or multi-drop configuration to support diverse security needs
  • Built-in tamper switch and security screws protect reader electronics
  • Rugged design suitable for interior or exterior environment

  Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.


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