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Party or Group Activity?

Decide whether you want to organize a conventional 50th birthday party or arrange a group activity.


Do you need a theme?

Think about whether you want to add a theme to these 50th birthday party ideas.


Countdown to 50

Countdown to the big 50 with these 50th birthday party ideas.


50th Birthday Party Invitations

IWhere the find creative and unusual 50th birthday party invitations.


50th Birthday Party Ideas: making it personal

How to tailor your party to the birthday boy / girl to make it as personal as possible on the day.


50th Birthday Party Decorations

Tips and suggestions for decorating a 50th birthday party—whether at home or at a venue.


Food & drink Styling

A few simple touches to improve the styling and presentation of your party food and drinks..


Games, Activities, and Fun stuff

Ideas for 50th birthday party games, activities, and other fun stuff.


Gifts and Wrapping

Fun, unusual and quirky gifts to match these 50th birthday party ideas.

  • 50th Birthday Party Ideas

    by an award-winning professional party planner

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