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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting at Wildman Lodge

Posted on: May 30, 2018

CLICK THE IMAGE TO READ STORY - Alaska Brown Bear Hunting at Wildman can be a beautiful experience as 2018 hunting guest Richard Barch of St. Clair, MI shows with this incredible photo of he and his 9'-3" trophy brown bear on the 6th day of his hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide and Mike Peterson.  This bear is well into the SCI Record book with an official score of 25-12/16 SCI.  Beautiful Trophy Richard!

Ten Foot Bear for 10 year old Boy

Posted on: May 27, 2018

The Ten Foot Two Inch Brown Bear taken by Wildman Lake Lodge's YOUNGEST HUNTER scored 28-3/16 SCI placing it well up in the Safari Club International Book of World Records. Tommy is pictured here with L to R, Butch King, Tim Niles and Assitant Guide Rob Bostater, who all helped to make Tommy's hunt a great success.  For Master Guide, Gary "Butch" King, it was an honor to outfitter a young hunter of Tommy Niles' caliber.  "The kid can really shoot and was a perfect guest during his entire stay with us at Wildman."  Adding, "I am sure we will hear more great things from Tommy Niles, as he and his father Tim, continue to hunt trophy game around the world."  Wildman

10 foot Golden Brown Bear

Posted on: May 26, 2018

The Golden Brown Bear taken by Randy Justice squared 10'-1" with a Safari Club Record Book Score of 26-12/16 SCI.  This beautiful bear was taken on the 8th day of Randy's hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge, with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King and Assistant Guide Mark Anderson.

Alaska - 10 yr. old Tommy Niles takes 10 foot plus Brown Bear

Posted on: May 25, 2018

Ten year old hunter, Tommy Niles, took this huge 10 foot plus Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lodge with Master Guide/Outfitter Gary "Butch" King, on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  Tommy was accompanied by his Father Tim and veteran Wildman Lodge guide Rob Bostater when they spotted the bear across the river and high up the mountain above the jungle of tangled alders.  After a four hour successful stalk on this very old trophy bruin, Rob had the young hunter within 80 yards of the huge Brownie.  Tommy made a great first shot and followed it up with two more 300 grain SWIFT A-Fame bullets in less than 10 seconds.  The bear tumbled down the steep slope and hung up in the alders below.  The huge paw tells the story, as big as the boys chest.  Stay Tuned, the bear is in the fleshing tent and final measurement and Safari Club International Score will be published soon.  Wildman

Alaska Brown Bear - Successful Boat Hunt

Posted on: May 23, 2018

Texas hunter, Bruce Evans requested the Cabin hunt from Wildman Lake Lodge after a fellow Texan harvest the season's largest bear, 10'-8'', last fall on the same hunt.  This hunt is conducted by boat, from Wildman Lodge.  The cabin is actually one of the better glassing points on the lower river and with the boats you access to two more connected drainages, giving the Guide, boat driver and hunter a lot of country they can hunt.  

The call came in at 9:30 PM on the 3rd day of the hunt... Brown & Down

While stalking a large boar with big sow, Bruce was right behind Wildman Assistant Guide Rich, on a late evening stalk to get closer to the two bears.  All of a sudden from a hole in the tall amber grass erupted a big amber colored Brown Bear, less than 10 yards in front of the duo.  Rich yelled, Good Bear!  Bruce cut loose with his .375 and after a number of shots were fired he had the beautiful yellow boar on the ground.  They returned the next morning to finish skinning and packing the golden hide and returned to the lodge by boat late yesterday afternoon.

The fleshing is over and Bruce's bear squared 9'-6" with a SCI Book Skull 25-08/15.  Congratulations!

Sometimes you pick the bear, and sometimes the bear picks you!  That's bear hunting, expect the unexpected.


Ten Foot Eight Brown Bear - Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: May 24, 2018

The Ten foot Eight inch Brown Bear taken by David D'Onofrio is out of the skinning shed and up for all to see.  The bear was shot on a steep, snowy mountain side at 40 years, and preceeded to tumble toward the hunter and guide, as Dave unloaded his .375 H&H Magnum.  After getting two shots off, Assistant Guide, Phil Perry pulled Dave out of the way as the tuimbling/sliding bear took out his pack and Dave's shooting sticks, coming to rest in a prefect picture pose in the heavy alders below.  Good thing, becauses Phil could barely move the bear to remove the skin and head, having to remove the quarters of the enormous bear before even rolling it over.  Great Trophy and Great Story.

Pyro Phil and David killed Goliath - Click Title to View Story

Posted on: May 21, 2018

Last night, Florida hunter,  David D'Onefrio, and longtime Wildman Guide, Pyro Phil spotted two big bear chasing the same Hot Blonde Bear on the snow covered mountain across the river from their camp.  Naturally a big bear fight insued.  What appeared to be the largest bear lost the fight and was cooling his wounds in the snow as the younger tougher boar left with the girl.

Phil and David climbed the alder covered mountain, into the snow line.  That is where David killed Golliath.  The Brown and Down call came in around 10:30 PM as the guide and hunter discovered that they could not get the bear hide in the largest pack the Barney's makes, even with the head and paws taken out of the huge hide.  They returned to camp with the trophy sized skull and called for reinforements.  Currently the weather is down and the hide is cooling in the snowfield.   to be continued. . . 

May 22 - The Wildman Pilots were able to return to the Gulch today to drop in Brandon the Beast, to help Pyro Phil with the enormous bear hide.  Six and a half hours later, Brandon staggered down the tundra airstrip with 190 pound bear hide on his back.  Everyone is back to the lodge and the fleshing begins on Goliath, one hell of a big bear.

Standby for the rest of the story. . . 

Ten foot Plus for Joe Frake at Wildman Lodge

Posted on: May 20, 2018

Ten Foot Brown Bear continue to hit the tundra at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Joe Frake, took this incredible Ten Foot Plus Trophy Bear on the evening of

his the second day of his Alaska hunt with our Guide Mike, just

as the half of the Spring 2018 season begins with Gary "Butch" King

Alaska Master guide, who is enjoying a very successful 47th season here

on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

Ten Foot Bears from Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: May 20, 2018

At Wildman Lake Lodge, the first hunt was very successful, with five bears in the salt,  including these three large 10 foot bears, All new members of Gary "Butch" King's Ten Foot Club.  Taken by Dr. Ron Lanford,  Orthon Ruis and Pedro Lambreton.  We are equally as proud of our hunters: Oscar Rodriguez who videoed GODZILLA walking by at 160 yards from spike camp, after he had already filled his bear tag with a very nice 8'-7" trophy on day four and Florida hunter Peter Adrian who chose beautiful bear on his fourth day as well. 

Ten Foot Club for Pedro Lambreton

Posted on: May 20, 2018

Ten foot - Five inch Brown Bear for Monterry Hunter Pedro Lambreton

with successful hunters (LtoR) Orthon Ruiz, Ron Lanford, Pedro, Oscar Rodriqez.

Another World Record Book Brown Bear from Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King,

Master Guide, assisted by our newest guide Mike.  Bear scored 28-15/16 SCI.

Ten Foot Club for Orthon Ruiz

Posted on: May 14, 2018

Excellent Ten Foot Two Inch Trophy Bronw Bear taken by

Monterrey hunter, Orthon Ruiz on a Spring Hunt at Wildman

Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide, Assistant Guide

on this hunt was Jason Selmer of Wasilla, Alaska.

Ten Foot Club for Ron Lanford

Posted on: May 14, 2018

Safari Club member, Ron Lanford makes the 10 ft Club

with this 10'-1" Trophy Brown Bear taken this week at

Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide

Ten Foot Brown Bear for Dr. Ron Lanford

Posted on: May 14, 2018

Ron Lanford opens the 2018 spring season at Wildman Lake Lodge

with this beautiful 10'-1" trophy brown bear.  Excellent hair, Excellent Bear

taken with Assistant Guide Rob at Wildman Lake Lodge,

Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide

Wildman Bear Hunter Bill Bradford

Posted on: January 2, 2018

It’s day eight of Bill’s ten day hunt.  After two days of sustained winds of 55 mph with higher gusts, Bill and his guide Big John woke up to subtle winds and no rain.  Planning the day's strategy over breakfast, John told Bill  “I can feel it.  Today’s going to be the day you’ll kill". "Those bear are ready to feed and roam again and I’ve got a great feeling about today”.   As they reached their glassing hill a large boar was leaving the salmon stream, but heading away at a pace they could not follow, so they just continued to glass. Before long John noticed a bear feeding about a mile away further down the river and told Bill, “let’s go for a walk down to the river”.  Bill knew this meant he had seen a bear and wanted to investigate it closer.   After a fast paced 20 minute walk they reached a grassy knoll high above the river, only to see a sow getting ready to bed down.  “This surely wasn’t the bear I had seen”, John said.  As Bill and John continued to glass Bill noticed a large boar coming towards them along the river and John immediately said, “that’s the bear I saw”. 

Dropping their packs at the knoll they moved closer to the river, but soon lost sight of the bear when it passed below a high cut bank.  After about 10 minutes of trying to relocate the big boar, it suddenly reappeared a quarter mile ahead of them.  It was just sundering on up the river in search of an easy salmon dinner.  First go back for their packs, then double time the pace in order to gain ground on this bear.  The adrenaline kicked in and Bill's heart was pounding like never before, as they hustled along an ancient bear trail above the riverbed.  Bill knew this could be the opportunity to take his trophy brown bear and he and the guide just needed to get closer to the bear to judge him as a mature trophy or another bear that they would pass on.  It was a grueling pace but the wind in their favor and they were able to stay well hidden behind the ten foot tundra covered moguls along the river bank.  Suddenly the bear popped out from behind one of the moguls that had so far shielded them from its sight. Big John whispered, “It might not make the Ten Foot Club, but it definitely nine plus and a damn nice bear.  It’s up to you if you want to take him or not, but he’s definitely a shooter”.  Without any hesitation Bill said "Let’s take him." 

There was no time to range the shot. They dropped their packs and Bill got set up on his shooting stix.  They guessed 175 to 200 yards and slowly angling away, munching berries as it ambled along.  John asked, “Do you want me to stop him?” Bill responded “No, I’m on him" as he took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.  As if hit with bolt of lightning, the bear went down like a ton of bricks and never so much as flinched or even kicked.  Bill immediately chambered another round and ready to fire again, just as Butch had instructed in the pre-hunt briefing, but Big John said "Don’t shoot."  Although both Bill and John were prepared to do what was necessary to ensure that bear was down, and down for good, it never moved.  After another 10 seconds or so Big John said “That bear is Dead!”.   It was a perfectly placed shot which afterwards ranged at exactly 182 yards.  Bill had finally taken his Alaska Brown Bear which squared 9.4 and qualified for the Safari Club International Record Book with a score of 25-02/16.

Hunter Bill Bradford took this nice boar on day eight of the fall season.  This was Bill's second bear hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide at Wildman Lake Lodge and he has already rebooked to do it again in 2021.  All Butch could say was, "Wow, do the math.  That will be my 50th season outfitting Alaska Brown Bear hunts on the Alaska Peninsula"  (1971 to 2021)  "Seems like we are just getting started around here!"

Coastal Alaska Brown Bear

Posted on: November 10, 2017

This trophy coastal Alaska Brown Bear was taken by Todd Essenmacher of Wyoming during the last week of the 2017 fall season on the Pacific side of that Alaska Peninsula within Gary Butch King's USF&W Refuge concession.  Todd was guided by friend and veteran Wildman Lake Lodge hunting guide, Tim Haberberger.  This hard earned trophy boar squared 9 foot and 4 inches.  Congratulation Todd!

Brown Bear in Overtime

Posted on: October 15, 2017

The Brown Bear Hunt went into overtime for Heath Curtis, who's first several days was plagued by hurricane force winds here on the Alaska Peninsula, making hunting, glassing and camping out in general, all but impossible.  Heath was able to extend his stay at Wildman Lake Lodge, where Master Guide Gary "Butch" King promisess to keep hunting until the Govenor says the season is over.  Just two days into overtime, Heath and his guide Rob, litterly walik down this 9'-4" trophy boar, catching up to it just before night fall.  They skinned the bear by headlamp, slept out in the rain under the bear hide, then hiked two miles back to their spike camp in the morning. 

A hard earned trophy, tough guide and young tough  hunter, to be 20 years old again!

Alaska Brown Bear high success on big boars

Posted on: January 2, 2018

Alaska Brown Bear, high success on big boars this fall at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Our largest bear award goes to,  James Davis, from northeast Texas who took this huge 10'-4" bruin which scored 28-08/16 SCI, which should put it on page one of the Safari Club International Book of Records.  James was on our special Cabin Hunt where he and his guide had both jet boat and ATM to access some of Alaska's finest Brown Bear country near Wildman Lake Lodge, with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King.

Wolf Hunting in Alaska with Wildman

Posted on: May 28, 2017

Trophy Wolf taken by Steve Johnston at Wildman Lake Lodge this October

Golden Brown Bear

Posted on: October 20, 2017

Davis Clayton of Mississippi takes a beautiful blonde bear with Wildman Guide, Mark Anderson.  This is a fine trophy with incredible prime hair was taken during the late fall hunt on a Pacifc river drainage on the Alaska Peninsula with Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary Butch King, Master Guide.

Trophy Alaska Brown Bear for Frosty Miller

Posted on: October 15, 2017

This Alaska Brown Bear hunt was booked in 2015 at the Dallas Safari Club Show.  Frosty and Vicki Miller arrived at Wildman on October 11th.  Butch's hunt plan was for Frosty from the main lodge by boat with veteran Wildman Guide Rob Bostater, while Vicki would enjoy her stay as a non-hunter at the lodge.  Frosty and Rob departed at daylight the following morning with river guide Robert, who has guided fishermen on these same water for several years. They located this 9'-4" trophy late in the afternoon and put a successfuly stalk on it, taking the shot just before dark.   A great trophy for Frosty!

Trophy Alaska Brown Bear "Ten Foot Club" Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 15, 2017

A ten foot Alaska Brown Bear falls in the same catagory at a 100 pound elephant, 40" North American Sheep, 400 point Rocky Mountain Elk and a 70 inch Alaska-Yukon Moose,  Everyone wants one, not many have seen one and fewer have every taken one.  Meet Andy Curtis, who one his third sucessful Alaska Brown Bear hunt with Master Guide, Gary "Butch" King has become the 138th member of the prestegoius TEN FOOT CLUB.

Andy's first bear was in the 8 foot class, his second a very respectible 9 foot class bear and this huge bruin taken on October 2017 squared 10 foot and 2 inches.  Congratulations to Andy, who has taken three brown bear and three wolves at Wildman Lake Lodge on his past three hunts.

Andy takes another wolf at Wildman

Posted on: October 15, 2017

You may remember Andy Curtis from about 4 years ago, when while on a brown bear hunt at Wildman Lodge he took two wolves in one shot and the following day took a 9 foot class brown bear. 


Well here he goes again,  Andy says he had two lined up again, but we could only come up with one after the smoke cleared.

Brown Bear Down Day Three

Posted on: October 15, 2017

Opening Day brought southeast wind and rain to this Pacific side camp, although between squalls, guide Jason Semler showed hunter David Ackerman several nice bear fishing the nearby river.  Day two was not much better, but they did make an unsuccessful stalk just before dark.  Weather imporved that nights as a glowing full moon replaced the rain clouds.  During the third day several sows, cubs and two groups of wolves were spotted fishing within striking distance of the hunter and guide, who remained on their glassing knoll where they would not could observe without spreading human scent along the salmon stream. 

As evening approached, several big boars were seen leaving the safety of the brushy hillside across the river, taking their place along the salmon stream.  With only an hour of daylight remaining, it was time to make their move across the valley floor to the edge of the river where they would surely be out numbered and surrounded!!  It was going to be up close & personal as the guide set up the shooting stix at the edge of the brush with a partial view of the river bend, just as the big boar stepped into the clear at 40 yards.  Boom, Brown and Down as a second boar suddenly appears, sniffs his downed buddy and charges the hunter and guide.  other bear busts the hunters shooting stix.  Shooting two bears together can create a difficult situation.


That bear finally went away...another came and would not let the hunter and guide approach the carcass, which is about 400 yards from the tent.  The 2nd bear pressed the duo back to their camp and actually up the hill behind their tent.  Guide called again on sat phone asking for advice... Butch says "follow you instincts"  dont waste a bear if you can help it... "but do what you're u have to do".   The big bear followed there path all the way to camp,  guide fired a shot in the tundra before the bears nose, to no effect.  The bear burned his nose three times on the electric fence, then backed off.

Guide called again, describing the above... 7:24pm  and said it is getting dark, they are sitting on the hill above their tent, the bear seems to be retreating, tell his fiancé and child he loves them, " Butch's advice...follow you instincts, do what you need to do to be save...good luck!"  The rouge bear did not return and the hunter and guide returned to skin and flesh David's trophy brown bear the following morning.  


JUST IN - Splash #3 - Brown & Down

Posted on: September 15, 2017

George Bierman, World Karate Champion, takes a nice 63 inch Bull Moose during the peak of an Aleutain Storm at Wildman Lake Lodge in September 2017 season.  With wind gusting over 70 mph, George and guide Rob Bostater were able to stalk withing 30 yards of this nice bull.  The moose was bedded in heavy brush, with its guard down, as the storm raged.  Pop, one shot in the neck and it was Brown and Down.. George is no first timer at Wildman, his trophy Brown Bear, taken with us in May 2016, went #42 SCI.   

Bull down during Calm Before the Storm

Posted on: September 16, 2017

After a few days of stomping around moose country with vetern Wildman Guide, John Niland,  Texas hunter John Ulmer and good friend Kip were getting a bit discouraged.  When the forecast came over the satphone, "one more day, then hurricane force winds and 38 foot seas"  Niland knew it had to happen during the calm before the storm.   He had the hunter and Kip on the trail to the moose lookout right on daylight.  Before getting to their destination, they jumped this nice bull and two cows out of the thick willows.  Seconds later, John took the shot and the bull went down during the calm before the storm.  After they got the trophy skinned and quarters broke down, John made the call:  Brown & Down!   Butch flew in two packers and flew the tired clients out.  Before nightfall, the meat was in the meat house and everyone was back to the safety of the lodge.  During the night, we were hit by "Hurricane NoName", as predicted and still riding out the storm in the comfort of Wildman Lake Lodge.  See the local report, wind in knots.  Peak wind at cold bay, 71 kts, or 81.7 mph

PKZ165-161300- Port Heiden to Cape Sarichef- 332 PM AKDT Fri Sep 15 2017 ...HURRICANE FORCE WIND WARNING THROUGH SATURDAY... . TONIGHT...SW wind 50 kt increasing to 70 kt after midnight, Seas 23 ft building to 38 ft after midnight. From Port Moller E, SW wind 30 kt increasing to 45 kt after midnight, Seas 11 ft building to 23 ft after midnight. Widespread rain showers. . SAT...W wind 65 kt decreasing to 55 kt in the morning...except SW wind 45 kt from Port Moller E. Seas 37 ft subsiding to 27 ft in the morning...except 25 ft from Port Moller E. Widespread rain showers. . First Bull of the Season

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Amy Bechtold connected with this trophy bull on her first day hunting out of Wildman Lake Lodge.  She spotted the bull about mid day as it got out of it's morning bed and was moving from their position.  Accompanied by her husband Chris and Wildman Guide Jason, the trio bailed off the glassing hill and made hot pursuit.  One stream, two marshy meadows and one hill climb later, they again spotted the bull, who found a new bed in a willow thicket, yet another half mile ahead.  Working their way through the brush, Jason got Amy into shooting position about 100 yards from the bull, where they waited for it to finish its nap.  When the bull finally stood up, Amy put it back down with here 30.06.  Fine shot, and a fine trophy for Amy, on here first Alaska hunt.  

Success Moose Season

Posted on: December 14, 2016

Wildman Lake Lodge has a long reputation for high success on quality trophy bulls.  Hunting is not easy as the big bulls live in very brushy country and are just as keen as an old trophy whitetail.  Each season we take a select number of big bulls from our area.  Our goal is not a grand harvest, but quality hunts for trophy quality bulls.

Aleutian Storm in Moose Season

Posted on: September 16, 2016

Several nice bulls in the 60 to 70 inch class have been seen during our preseason scouting.  As always, thick brush and foul weather seem to control the fall moose hunts in Alaska.  As we deploy our second hunt, an Aleutian Storm of biblical proportions visits us here on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  National Weather Service predicts 65 to 80 knot winds and as much as 8 inches of rain in our area.  Then the strorm makes its way toward Southcenteral Alaska, where forecasters predict winds to100 mph, possible destruction and catastropic rains.

If we were anywhere but Alaska, they would give this storm a name.  Question is, should we pull the camps back to the lodge, or let them ride out the storm.  Anticipating the arrival of the storm, Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide at Wildman avoided putting the two camps in the lower country "Swamp Moose" and elected to hunt higher ground where forecast flooding would not put the hunters and guides in jepardy.  "We have the best tents and gear money will buy and the camps are located well."  Pulling the camps back to the lodge would cause lost hunting days in the short season, so Butch contacted both camps by SatPhone and told them to "Batten Down the Hatches and keep hunting." A storm like this one, arriving in the early days of the second hunt, could definately have an effect on this year's success on trophy bulls.

Opening Day Alaska Bull Moose

Posted on: September 10, 2016

Alaska Bull Moose are fun to hunt and a lot of work after pulling the trigger.  Dustin Delaney from upstate New York and his guide, Jason Semler, were flown in to a remote camp on the afternoon of September 9th.  This is an area where we see a lot of nice moose each year but very thick and brushy along a small glacial stream. Like Butch says, "Moose like glacial rivers, because salmon don't.  No salmon, no bears and the moose sleep better."  

Such was not the case, because a little after midnight, the guide was awakened by a moose grunting, not far from the tent.  Next, there were a few crunches of hooves on the gravel bar, then only the sound of the breeze rustling the tent fly.  But the young hunter never missed a breath, as he slept through the midnight event.  It was a bit hard to go back to sleep, but as excited as he was, Jason managed to get a few winks before starting the coffee pot at 6 a.m.  This time of year, it is not daylight until after 7:30, so they left camp around 7:45, just enough light to walk to the large meadow just behind camp.  After a quick scan in the wee hours of the morning, Jason spots an antler about 1200 yards down stream.  Just a couple grunts from his homemade moose call, and here comes the bull.  Holy cow...get ready!  Dustin eased a round into the tube.  

Just two grunts on the call and this bull never slowed down.  At 45 yards, it was take the bull or get run over. Dustin's .300 Mag bellowed and down went his opening day bull.  At 9:20 a.m., it was all over but the skinning and packing of this 60 inch bull, back to the sandbar for pick up and hauling back to the lodge meathouse.

Congratulations on a good job, well done, Dustin and Jason!


One Happy Hunter McGrath!

Posted on: May 28, 2016

Hunter McGrath of Dallas, Texas is no stranger at Wildman Lake Lodge. In 2008, he and his brother, Brian, enjoyed a 7 day Cast & Blast Package that Butch & Kathy donated to Dallas Safari Convention. Returning this spring to hunt for a trophy Alaska Brown Bear, during what Butch described as an unusual spring season. "It has been a warm spring, but not terribly hot, but it is quite evident by the abundant snow pack up high, there was a lot of parcipitation last winter, snow up high and rain in the lower elevations" Then when spring came and it warmed up, the bears stayed higher, longer and the valleys greened up right away. Mid-season when most of the bears were finally out of their snowy dens, they stayed up where it was cool. Only this last week did they start bailing off the tops and into the already green brush below. It's like hunting bears in the summer, but very few have started rubbing and most still have beautiful coats." Butch said, describing his 45th Brown Bear season on the Alaska Peninsula.

After spending the first five days in a camp near the Pacific coast, it became evident that the bears were definitely favoring the higher elevations and the northern side of the Peninsula. This was not working in Hunter's favor. Butch decided to relocate Hunter and his guide to a camp on the other side of the mountains where the bears seemed to be more active. The pace picked right up for Hunter and his gudie Jason, who spotted three breeding pair of Brown Bear on their first hunting day at the new location. The following day, Hunter had his first stock on a trophy bear, which was foiled when the bear dissappeared into the already green willows. Not to be discouraged, Hunter and Jason were up early and at the glassing hill, when they spotted a big boar playing tag with a sow on the other side of the valley. They decided to circle downwind and close the distance. About half way through the stock, the boar must have decided he had enough of this old girl and went on walk-about, which was directly toward the ridge they had been glassing from. If they were going to head off the bear, they needed to double time it back to the glassing hill, then down the ridge to intercept the bear before he got around the point of the hill. It proved to be too much to accomplish in the time allowed. The boar got around to point, crossed the creek and into the green brush, just two minutes ahead of the hunter and guide.

Oh well, back to the glassing hill. After a bad case of binocular eye and a short nap with the spotting scope for a chin rest, Jason spots a big bear, maybe the same guy, with a sow coming up out of the brush along the creek. Hunter and guide closed the distance and were in the intercept position, as the sow, followed by the boar, walked right to them, Jason grinned "We got him."

Hunter, not quite as confident, was worrying about snaking a bullet around the sow to get to the big boar before they got too close. At 40 yards, the sow cleared, Hunter got two 300 grain A-Frames into the big bruin when the guide yelled, "Stop Shooting! Don't hit the sow" , as she came back in the line of fire. The boar turned to escape, but only made it 30 yards to die in the creek. Another Big Bear, in the skinning shed and one happy HUNTER McGRATH. 

Sometimes the Bear Picks You!

Posted on: May 22, 2016

Mike Santos said he wasn't even looking for a bear hunt when he met the Wildman Lake Lodge Crew at the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas, last February.  After talking to retired Wildman Pilot, "Wild Bill" Lomax and meeting Master Guide, Gary "Butch" King, Santos decided to book for the upcoming spring hunt.  While discussing the hunt at SCI, Mike remembers Butch King saying, "Sometimes you pick the bear and sometimes the bear picks you!"  This is exactly how it happen.  Mike and his guide, Travis, had made a long stalk on a distant big boar which was chasing a receptive sow back and forth just above snow line of the steep mountain across the valley from their camp.  After spending the better part of his first day, exhausting themselves climbing through the alders, hoping to close the distance for a shot, they arrived just in time to watch the big bear follow the sow over the snow covered ridge, into the next drainage.  It was a long, disappointing hike back to camp for the exhausted hunter and guide.  The following day, the decided to stay on the glassing hill, close to their camp.  Toward mid afternoon, they spotted a single bear across a marshy area, where beavers had backed up a stream, flooding part of the valley floor.  The bear was eating the fresh green growth and appeared to have just come out of hibernation.  Incredibly, the bear began feeding his way across the valley toward the hunter and guide.  During the next few hours, what they determined to be a medium sized boar, just continued a meandering path toward their selected lookout, until he unknowingly walked right to the waiting hunter.  "Sometimes the bear picks you"  said Mike who decided this 8'-2" boar was just the bear he was looking for.

Javier takes a Huge Bear

Posted on: May 16, 2016

Javier Garza of Mexico and Wildman Guide / personal trainer, Pyro Phil, spotted the trophy brown bear high on the snow covered mountain, across the river from their camp the first evening of the hunt.  The following day the big boar was still high up in the snow and rocks, nearly 2,300 feet above the river, enjoying what appeared to be an insatiable love affair with a beautiful 8 foot blonde and might just stay there long enough for the hunter and guide to make the climb.  Hopefully this big bear was not the love her and leave her kind of guy.  Ten hours and ten thousand alders later, guide and hunter were within 130 yards of the happy couple. Allowing the boar one more pleasure, just to insure the perpetuation of the species, Javier cut loose with his .416 Blazer and down came the bear, sliding off the mountain, finally coming to a stop where pictured here.  After a few photos, skinning the bear, falling in the river with the 200 pound hide, the successful hunter and guide made back to their camp at 6 AM this morning with th beautiful 9-1/2 foot brownie.

Wildman Havesting World Record Class Brown Bears

Posted on: May 15, 2016

In the first days of the 2016 Spring Season, our clients, who are only seeking World Class Trophies, have taken, so far, two 10 foot plus bears.  It is easy to take immatute bears, but our goal is taking only mature adult trophy size bears like this 10'-2 taken by Tony McCorvey and 10'-8" trophy taken by George Bierman.

In our first few days of the 2016 season, our experienced guides have located, stalked and taken two World Class Trophies.   Yet, today our guide, Pyro Phil,  (personal trainer and super guide)  called in by Sat-Phone, from the 3,200 foot level of a snow capped peak, and reported  "Brown and Down"  making number three big boar in the first six days of the 21 day season.  Phil added..."we are so high up this mountain, I am not sure how we will get down"...  That is spring bear hunting, not for the weak of heart and sole........ tune in tomorrow for Pyro Phil's client's trophy bear... Film at 11...

Bierman the BEAR MAN

Posted on: May 14, 2016

Hunting with Wildman Lake Lodge this spring season is George Bierman of Montoursville, PA, one of the most decorated karate masters in the world who has been inducted to 10 martial arts halls of fame and won over 2000 karate awards including eight world championships and more recently three gold medals in international events using martial arts weapons. Yesterday, here on the remote Alaska Peninsula George "Big Bear" Bierman has added one more notch to his 8th black belt, downing this enormous World Record Class Alaska Brown Bear. 

Master Guide, Gary "Butch" King assigned the hunt to with energetic Wildman guide, Aaron Lawson, an experienced taxidermist and hunting guide.  In the prehunt briefing, Butch cautioned the guide, to go at the hunter's pace.  To quote George, after winning his latest world championship Karate title:  "They're younger and maybe a little faster, but I probably know a little more, so I think they underestimated the old guy,"  

"Congratulations George on yet another World Record Class Victory,

10 foot 8 inch hide and a 28 inch skull, One Hell of a Trophy Brown Bear!"

Gary "Butch" King - Master Guide #97

Tony Takes a Trophy

Posted on: May 13, 2016

Tony McCorvey of Houston, Texas is no stranger to Wildman Lake Lodge.  On his first Brown Bear hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge with Master Guide Butch King, Tony took an medium size 8-1/2 foot bear.  He was hooked and after seeing some of the Ten Foot monsters that some of the other clients took that year, he raised his sights for the Ten Foot Club.  Hunting for ONLY a monster size bear that he know lived in the Wildman hunting concession on the Alaska Peninsula, Tony hunted again in 2008 and 2010, passing on anything that did not make Wildman's SIZE LARGE catagory.  Well, 2016 was Tony's lucky year, when on the 3rd day of the hunt, he and his guide Rob spotted a big bear about 5 miles down the valley.  They decided to take a closer look.  Several hours later, they were closing the distance on what they had determined to be a LARGE bear, when another LARGER bear appeared at the edge of a snow field another 200 yards further up the steep mountain side.  Nothing like switching targets at the last minute.  Finally at 7 pm, Tony was in position to make a 230 yard shot with his .416 Magnum.  Tony followed up with two more rounds as the big bear slid down the snow field toward them, before coming to rest just above the hunter and guide.  To Quote my favorate Robert Service Poem... "Pitched on he's head and pumped full of lead, laid Dangerous Dan McGrew....... And thus was he, the dead quarry, 10'-2" brown bear for McCorvey. 

More Trophy Bears From Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: November 24, 2015

Plagued by short days, full moon nights and high winds and a flooded Alaska Peninsula during the first hunt, the Wildman Guides had their work cut out for them.  Many of our favorite areas were consumed by water and it was time to pull out all the tricks and find high ground to hunt. Alaska Salmon runs were rich this year on the peninsula with many of bear starting their annual pre-hibernation feeding habits earlier than usual. This threw a curve ball into the mix as a number of bear were now "Fat and Happy" and feeding inland on berry crop. Nocturnal animals left plenty of sign outside the front door of many camps and a number of large bears were seen at first light making their way to higher ground to brush up. Bear hunting includes hours and even days of glassing with minutes of excitement which sometimes panned out, othertimes not. Bears make mistakes and when they do, it's our job to make sure you're on the receiving end of it.   Top bear this fall went to Allen Butler of Eagle, Idaho who bagged this excellent Ten Footer on our second hunt.

Gary "Butch" and Kathy King would like to thank everyone who hunted with us this season as well as the guides, pilots and lodge staff for making this another Safe and Successful season at Wildman Lake Lodge.  For Butch, this is his 45th safe season on the Alaska Peninsula. Navigating through weather and mountainous terrain on the Alaska Peninsula is no easy feat but with decades of experience Mr. King is a true Alaskan Bush Pilot and Master Guide. When choosing your next Alaskan Hunting Adventure, experienced guides and pilots operating in proven locations are a must.


Humber Hammers A Beautiful Trophy

Posted on: November 24, 2015

Jim Humber of Clarksdale Mississippi arrived at Wildman Lake Lodge with good friend "Skip" Graeber in pursuit of the Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear. Jim was placed in our Ilnik Camp by boat and lucky enough to come across this Gorgeous blonde highlighted 9 Foot Class Boar and complete his trip here at Wildman Lake Lodge. Both Jim and "Skip" are taking trophy bears home to Mississippi. Well Done Gentleman! 

Allen Butler Joins Gary "Butch" Kings 10 Foot Club

Posted on: November 24, 2015

Congratulations to Allen Butler as he earns a spot in Master Guide Gary "Butch" Kings 10 Foot Club. On the 3rd day of the hunt, Guide Travis Maxwell spots the big boar coming out of the creek bottom below. After making an end run around the bottom of their lookout hill, Allen and Guide had the wind right and Large bear in front of them. Butler delivered a shot from his .338 Lapua and found the boiler room on the magnifacent boar. This wasn't Allen's first hunt with Gary "Butch" King as he had previously taken a Large 63'' Trophy Alaskan Bull Moose in 2013.


Posted on: November 24, 2015

On the morning of his 9th day of the hunt, "Skip" Graeber and Guide "Pyro" Phil awoke from their Cabelas Outfitter Series Tent and began glassing the immediate area around camp. 8 bears were located within 200 yards before two Big Boars came piling out of the brush across the river from camp. After watching and discussing these two animals, "Skip" decided to go with the smaller of the two because of the shear beauty of his hide. At 65 yards, the hunter committed and set the cross hairs on his Trophy. Another Brown Bear down for Wildman Lake Lodge and Master Guide Gary "Butch" King, Home of "Alaska's finest bush pilots and brown bear guides"  

Alaska Fall Brown Bear Hunting - Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: November 24, 2015

On his 8th day of the hunt, Phil Ackerman finally pulled the trigger on his first Alaska Brown Bear. Earlier in the morning, Wildman Guide Jason Semler caught glimpse of a monster bear leaving the beach headed inland to brush up for the remainder of the day. After giving chase, Guide and Hunter unfortanately lost sight of the animal in the early morning fog rolling off the Bering Sea. Not to accept defeat, Phil and Guide remained in high spirits and decided to travel further inland by boat to escape the morning fog and set up on a well known area full of spawning Coho Salmon. Before arriving in the area, they spotted another Brown Bear traveling a well used trail system headed toward the Guides selected location. Jason beached the vessel as Phil jumped out and set up on his shooting sticks, "SHOOT!" - "SHOOT!" instructed the Guide as Phil cracked one off from his trusty .375. It was all over before they both knew it and it was "Brown & Down" before lunch here at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Texan Randy Fowler Experiences Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: November 23, 2015

"Your management area is Amazing! I just thought Texas Ranches were huge"

"With the quick turnaround between the flight from camp to the Lodge and catching the bush plane back to Anchorage, I was not able to tell you how much I enjoyed the hunt. Volcano Creek was a great location; Lots of Bears!"

Randy smiles on as Wildman Guide Jake Jefferson  captures the moment, Well done Guys!

Delfino Outlasts Alaskan Brown Bear

Posted on: November 23, 2015

On the last night of the hunt, Delfino and Guide finally connected on this Gorgeous Brown Bear. With the clock winding down and light running low, Hunter and Guide trekked across the berry rich tundra to intercept the trophy before the sun dissapeared behind Mt. Veniaminof. Delfino's Alaskan Hunting Adventure had finally came to an end but not before bagging his Trophy Bear and Wolf with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King. Congratulations Delfino!


Posted on: November 23, 2015

Delfino of Monterrey drops the hammer on yet another Wolf here on the Alaska Peninsula. After spotting the pack of 12, Delfino and long time Wildman Guide John Niland decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take this Wolf adding to the excitement of Delfino's Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt.

Toklat Bear For Randy Warnke

Posted on: November 23, 2015

Randy Warnke of Wyoming took this Toklat Colored Brown Bear on his 5th day of his hunt here at Wildman Lake Lodge. Randy and his Guide had the opportunity to view many bears foraging on the late season berry crop and silver salmon run before putting this bear to rest in its bed. Experiencing Alaska is all part of the hunt here at Wildman Lake Lodge and this hunt covered every aspect of it. Hunter and Guide viewed Bears, Wolves and several Trophy Moose before capatalizing on yet another Alaskan Brown Bear with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King.  

Fall Brown Bear On The Alaskan Peninsula

Posted on: November 23, 2015

A Successful Fall Brown Bear Hunt for Wildman Lake Lodge and Hunter! Marcello and Guide Rob spotted a true Bruiser right out of the shoot but weren't able to close the distance on the first day of the hunt. After watching many of bear feasting on salmon in preperation of the cold Alaskan winter and hibernation, Marcello finally put his sights on this dandy 9' - 6'' bear and made it count on the 8th day of his hunt. Congratulations on a Beautiful hard earned and well deserved Trophy Marcello!

Alaska Wolf Hunting At Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: November 23, 2015

Javier adds a bonus to his Alaska Brown Bear hunt with this gorgeous black wolf taken at 50 yards.  Javier and Guide Pyro Phil put the stock on this female wolf as she bedded down for an afternoon nap after spotting her from camp.


Posted on: November 23, 2015

Wildman Lake Lodge starts the 2015 Fall Season off with a beautiful 9'2'' Alaska Brown Bear taken by Juan Carlos of Monteray Mexico. With full moons and big Bering Sea tides nocturnal bears had plenty reason to cruise the beach in search of an easy meal. Many mornings showed new sign of traveling bears and wolves passing through the area leaving fresh tracks in the black volcanic sand. Patience paid off for Juan and his Guide as this boar was caught enjoying the surf just below camp one fine fall morning.

Trophy Moose 100% Season

Posted on: September 28, 2015

It was another 100% season on trophy moose at Wildman Lake Lodge.  We took excellent trophy bulls on both thr first and second hunts inspite of a windy rainy season this year.  Thanks to having some tough, determined hunters and a great crew hard working guides, packers and pilots we enjoyed another safe and successful moose season here at Wildman Lake Lodge.  It was our pleasure to delivered more than 2,200 lbs. of fresh moose meat to our neighboring villages this year.

Last Day Moose

Posted on: September 28, 2015

On the Last Day of the moose season, after taking a few days off mid-season to go fishing, Alexander Kassian from New York took this nice 63 inch bull which his guide John called right to the camp.  Alex booked this hunt a few years ago after taking a huge brown bear with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide in 2001.  

Scott Toeppich takes Trophy Moose

Posted on: September 23, 2015

Trophy Moose was taken today by Scott Teoppich of Wilmberley, TX, our fourth for the season here at Wildman Lake Lodge.  This is a tremendous bull and was hard earned by Scott and Wildman Guide Jason Semler.  Jason called in four smaller bulls during the past 6 days, but none made Wildman's standards.  They had spotted this bull three times, but too far or too late in the day.  "The big bull would not quit roaming around looking for cows" said the guide.  "There were several cows in the area, but all had calves and were not entertaining bulls.  Finally he found a girl friend, and that was his demise."  

Big Bull Moose at Wildman

Posted on: September 16, 2015

The big bull moose don't always come easy.  On the evening of day four, Wildman guide Ed called this bull in close and personal.  When it say hunter Kiko Milmo and Ed, it made a quick charge.  Kiko stopped the 66 inch bull at 10 yards with a trusty Wildman .375 H&H he borrowed from Master Guide Butch King for this hunt.

Alaska Moose Hunt Day 4

Posted on: September 16, 2015

An incredibly wet fall season, wind and rain and more rain is slowing production, but today is good one with this nice bull being taken by Juan and his guide John on the morning of day four.

Opening Day Moose

Posted on: September 16, 2015

Nacho takes a nice bull on the evening of the opening day 2015 Moose Season at Wildman Lake Lodge. 

Last Bull Moose of the Season

Posted on: September 27, 2014

Our last trophy Moose of the season went to Tito Eichelmann who took this fine 66 inch bull on the first day of his hunt. After taking his moose, Tito enjoyed a several days of silver salmon and trout fishing as well as some upland bird hunting for Alaska's Willow Ptarmigan near the lodge.  So ends another 100% Moose season at Wildman Lake Lodge on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

Alaska Moose Season 100% Again!

Posted on: September 27, 2014

Alaska Moose Season opens on September 10th each season at Wildman Lake Lodge. Only taking four select moose hunters in to our million acre concession, we were 100% again on trophy bulls averaging just a fraction under 64 inches this year.  Inspite of having a 1,000 mile diameter Aleutain Storm centered over us during the 16 day season, we got the job done in record time with:  Two (2) - One Day Hunts,  One (1) Two Day Hunt, and One (1) - Four Day Hunt.  Congratulations to all the hunters, guides, pilots and packers at Wildman Lake Lodge during the 2014 Moose Season.

Bull in the Bush

Posted on: September 27, 2014

The clouds opened up the same day as the 2014 Moose season.  Rain was the flavor of the day on the Alaska Peninsula.  Following three days of wind and weather, Carlos and his guide John were finally able to get out a scout for moose.  Carlos' bull found him on the fourth day of the season not too far from the scouting hill near the camp site selected by Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide at Wildman Lake Lodge. 

Alaska Moose for two at Wildman

Posted on: September 18, 2014

After a successful spring bear hunt this past May, Sergio Deschamps returned to Wildman Lake Lodge to hunt Alaska Moose with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King at Wildman Lake Lodge. This trip he was accompanied by his lovely wife Norma. They arrived on September 14, five days into the 21 day season.

After a nice lunch, the couple checked into their heated cabin, appointed in knotty pine and furnished with a cozy king size bed included full bathroom with shower. Wow, Moose hunting thought Norma.

After enjoying a bit of Char fishing, it was time to test fire the .338 Win. Magum provided by Wildman head guide Jesse and get licensed up for the hunt. The following morning, Butch flew Jesse out to set up a comfortable camp for himself and the couple from Monterrey, Mexico. When the two Wildman Super Cubs returned with the couple, Jesse had finished erecting two spacious 10X10 four season tents, complete with cots, chairs, lantern and sleeping bags. The guide's tent would douple as the kitchen and dining area for the hunt.

The following morning would take the trio to a nearby glassing hill from which they would make their first attempt at spotting a trophy bull moose. About mid afternoon, they spotted a likely trophy room candidate, but the bull was going the wrong way, obvious in search of a fall time playmate. That evening Jesse spent some quality time on his moose call before turning in for the night.

Up early, it was back to the glassing hill. But before they got 100 yards from their camp, Jesse spotted a big set of antlers looking right at them from about 800 yards. SOB! He thought, as the bull reeled and started hauling horns for greener pastures. Rather than just watching the big fella disappear, he said "Lets Go!" Selecting an interception angle to the bull's flight, he hoped to get close enough for a clear shot. Close to the point that everyone was out of steam, they came over the ridge of last hope and there was the bull, 200 yards, ears up and head down beating the heck out of a willow bush.

Three shots later from the borrowed .338 Win. Mag. The bull was down and excitement as high. 

Moose Season in Alaska

Posted on: September 12, 2014

Wildman Guide Pool Winner 2014

Posted on: June 7, 2014

The Wildman Lake Lodge Guide Pool Winner for the highest scoring Alaska Brown Bear of the season. Entry Fee for the "Guide Pool" is 0.00 from each participating guide, before opening day of the bear season. 

This season our staff consisted of all veteran Wildman guides, all returning to Wildman Lake Lodge, some for as many as 19 years like Big Dave who pulled a "Hat Trick" this year with three brown bears for his hunters, two in the "Ten Foot Class"

This year's Guide Pool Winner is Wildman's Head Guide Jesse Gallagher, who also guided three successful bear hunts this spring, and the 2014 Guide Pool Winner taken by Louie Polish of Las Vegas, NV.  Louie's hard earned 10 footer scored 28-04/16 SCI and will be displayed at the 2015 SCI Convention.   

Congratulations to all of our hunters and guides this season.

Gary "Butch" King

   Master Guide

Guide Photo Contest Winner 2014 Season

Posted on: June 5, 2014

Each season awards are given to our hard working guides for exceptional trophies "The Guide Pool" and the "Best Photo" taken by a guide of a client with his trophy.  The Best Photo award for the 2014 Spring Brown Bear Season goes to Wildman Lake Lodge Guide Ed Shanley for this stunning photograph of hunter Dustin Delaney posing with his trophy spring bear with a brilliant back drop of glacier shouded Mt. Veniaminof, the 8,000 foot center piece of the Wildman guide area.

Runners up for Top Guide Photos:  Mark Anderson, Jesse Gallagher, Bary Bowser, Jim Tuttle

Charging Alaska Brown Bear stopped at 10 yards

Posted on: May 26, 2014

The charging Alaska Brown Bear was stopped at 10 yards with a single shot from the hunter's .338-378 Wetherby Magnum.  The 275 grain Swift A Frame entered above the nose and took out the back of the bear’skull, dropping it in its tracks.  After passing up bear in the nine foot class earlier in the week, hunter Texas Jackson of Alberta  and veteran Wildman Lake Lodge guide Dave Daniels, spent the better part of their 8th morning trying to get within shooting range of a very large boar, but all their efforts didn’t pan out.  After returning to camp for a mid-day meal, they spotted this bear stolling up the far side of the river about a mile below their cabin and decided to take a closer look..  Their stock ended in an unexpected charge, which resulted in the taking of a very nice bear.  While skinning the trophy¸ the guide and hunter noted that this bear had evidently been injured recently in a serious scrap with another bear.  She had several bites and deep wounds possiblly inflicted by the large boar they had seen earlier that day.  This may very well have been the reason for the unexpected aggression experience by Texas and Dave when they approached the bear. 

“Some times you choose the bear and sometimes the bear chooses you” said Gary “Butch” King, Alaska Master Guide.  “That is why we carry large caliber rifles and shoot Swift A Frame bullets on our hunts.”

Successful Spring Bear hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: May 26, 2014

A Successful Spring Bear Hunt was announced this morning as the Satellite phone at Wildman Lake Lodge was ringing before Chef Willy got breakfast on the table.  Butch answered in simply one work" WILDMAN".

 "Hey Boss, we need a raft or something!" crackled the voice of the guide as he was being buffetted by the southeast wind that came up last night.

"John?, Where are you John" asked Master Guide Gary "Butch" King, based at Wildman Lake Lodge on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

"About a mile upstream from our camp, we just shot a bear on the other side of the river"  

"Is he anchored, not going anywhere?"  OH YA, said the guide, he is Brown and Down"

Long-time Wildman Guide John Niland had spent the past 8 days in the bush with Florida hunter Tommy Permenter and today was the day he had been waiting for.  The 10 foot class bear was down but not reachable because of the deep water that separated he and his guide from the monster bear.  Butch and Jesse made Air Drop a short time later, Raft, rope and pump.  Splash another trophy Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Light rain is beginning, some of the first this season, as John and Tommy pump up the raft and cross the river to begin the long process of skinning the trophy bear and floating him down to camp.  When we returned hunter and trophy to the lodge, Fish & Game was on hand to measure and seal the skull, which went 27-06/16" in their quick calculation for the sealing from. Butch estimates that will go a could 16th more when measured for SCI and the hide when fleshed, just over 10 foot.  The hair is incredible, one of the best hides of the season!

Nine foot Alaska Brown Bear

Posted on: May 25, 2014

This beautiful nine foot Alaska Brown Bear was taken by Shy Anderson of Dallas, Texas on his fourth day hunting with Wildman Lake Lodge head guide Jesse Gallagher.  The spring season has been remarkably warm and sunny as you can see from this photo taken on May 23rd of Shy and his trophy boar which squared 9'-2" after fleshing.

Another One Day 10 ft. Alaska Brown Bear - Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: May 21, 2014

Another One Day 10 ft. Alaska Brown Bear taken by Carlos Sada of Monterrey who arrived at Wildman Lake Lodge just yesterday.  After a hearty lunch, pre-hunt briefing from Master Guide Gary "Butch" King, one cigar and one test shot from a borrowed "Lodge" .375 H&H Model 70, Carlos was flown out to hunt with veteran Wildman Guide Mark Anderson.    It was a beautiful flying day as Wildman Bush Pilots, Butch King and Logan Canton, deployed the last hunters for the 2014 season.

After unloading Carlos and his gear and a fresh resupply of groceries, fuel and water for Mark Anderson's camp, Butch jokingly told Carlos "See you tomorrow, Amigo."  Little did he know that the guide would spot another big bear from the "Eagle Nest" at first light the following morning.  As the sun cleared the easterly snowcapped peaks, Mark and Carlos made their way across the big valley to close the mile between them and the brown bear on the hillside.  

We received the call "Brown and Down" at about 1:00pm this afternoon.  This is the third "One Day Brown Bear Hunt" this season and the second for Wildman guide Mark Anderson.  Congratulations to Carlos and Mark, who are probably packing the big hide the mile back to camp this evening.  Tomorrow Butch will fly out to pick up the hide and bring it to Aaron in the skinning tent, who just finished up with Louie Polish's ten footer less than an hour ago.  

UPDATE:  After fleshing, Carlos is our 5th new member of Butch' 10 Foot Club, with a bear hide squaring 10 ft - 3 inches and the skull scored 25-08/16, qualifying for the SCI Record Book. This big bear was a fighter, many scares and believed to be the big bear that fought a sow to get to her two cubs.  The sow definately put the hurt on this big fella.  Last we saw him, before Carlos did, the sow was chasing him across the river.  Butch named her "Dirty Alice", a good mother bear and one to watch out for!

Record Book Brown Bear - Wildman Lake Lodge Alaska

Posted on: May 18, 2014

Another Record Book Alaska Brown Bear was taken today at Wildman Lake Lodge by hunter Louie Polish of Las Vegas.  Louie, who has hunted with us before, is a 10 foot or nothing kind of guy. He has always dreamed of taking a monster Alaska Brown Bear.  He as passed up several ordinary bears on past hunts, holding out for something EXTRAORDINARY!  In otherwords, EXTRALARGE.  Today, Louie's dream became a reality when he and Wildman Guide Jesse Gallagher climbed high into the snow fields where the bear they nick named "Spyder Man" had been taunting them for the past three days. 

Louie's Extraordinarily, ExtraLarge Alaska Brown Bear will surely make it close to the top of Gary "Butch" King's TEN FOOT CLUB and well into the Safari Club International Book of World Records with a skull that should score 28-04/16.  

Our 9th bear, taken on the 9th day of the 2014 season at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Look for this trophy bear at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas in February!  

Trophy Alaska Brown Bear

Posted on: May 18, 2014

Wildman Lake Lodge hunter John McCarthy gets added to Gary "Butch" King's TEN FOOT CLUB, on a one day hunt.

We flew John into hunt with veteran guide Dave Daniels.  The spotted a BIG BEAR at daylight and both the hunters and the Alaska Brown Bear made all the right moves and by 9:00 the first day of his 10 day hunt, the bear was "Brown and Down".

"This is a real trophy with excellent hair, we are excited to have our first hunter from the UK as a member of the Ten Foot Club says Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Wildman Lodge Spring Bear Hunting

Posted on: May 16, 2014

Dustin Delaney "dusts" a bruser of a Brown Bear on Day 7, at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Hunting high on the slopes of Veniaminof Volcano, a sun burnt Dustin and Wildman Assistant Guide Ed Shandly put the stalk on this nice 9 foot class Brown Bear.  With a single shot, delivered from 110 yards, Dustin's bear bit the dust.  If you have been counting, thats 7 bear in as many days this spring for Master Guide Gary "Butch" King's crew and clients at Wildman Lake Lodge, as the spring sunshine continues on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

Wildman Bear Hunting - Rick Dubin Scores on 6th day of the season.

Posted on: May 15, 2014

Bear hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge is going well this spring.  Rick Dubin takes a trophy 9'- 6" Alaska Brown Bear on the 6th day of the season, while hunting from our Ilnik camp with Wildman's senior guide Dave Daniels.  Dave has trapped, guided and hunted the Wildman area for three decades.  There isn't a river in this part of Alaska that Dave has not crossed, a mountain he has not climbed or a valley he has not slept in since he began guiding here in 1982.  If there is a Wildman at Wildman it is Dave Daniels as Rick Durbin found out this week.  Rather than coming back to the lodge, Rick and Dave stayed a few more days at our Ilnik Cabin to hunt for wolves.
John Miller takes his bear on Day 5 at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Posted on: May 14, 2014

Wildman Lake Lodge continues a bear a day plan, as John Miller from San Antonio takes great 9'-1" bear on the fifth day of the season.  John and veteran Wildman guide Rob Bostater spotted the big bear before it disappeared into a mountain side stream gorge, obviously seeking shade and some cool creek bottom in which to spend the heat of the day which promised to be another scorcher in the low 80's... Record terrritory for both bears and temperatures this spring.

Spring Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge Alaska

Posted on: May 14, 2014

Four Alaska Brown Bear in the first four days of the season.  Records being set at Wildman Lake Lodge, the warmest bears season in our 43 history.  Inspite of exraordinarily warm temperatures, we are maintaining a bear a day average.  Sergio Deschamps from Monterrey, Mexcio, hunting with our Head Guide Jesse Gallagher, scored a beautiful mature bear at the 1,200 foot level of the Aleutian mountains, 12 hours after waking up at sea level yesterday morning.  The all day ordeal ended up at snow line, where Sergio made three good shots and is going home with a fine trophy Alaska Brown Bear after only four days of hunting.   

Record Class Alaska Brown Bear taken at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: May 14, 2014

Record Class Brown Bear taken yesterday at Wildman Lake Lodge by Gilberto Montemajor of Loredo.  On his fourth day of hunting, Gilberto and Wildman Assistant Guide, Bary spotted this huge 10'-2" Brownie skirting the base of the mountain across the river from their camp.  Hustling off their look out hill the found a place to cross the swift water.  Using Butch's personal .375 H&H Model 700, Gilberto place two excellent shots in the giant bruin.  The big fella found the only MUD HOLE in the valley to die in, making skinning and packing the soggy hide a mile back to camp a real chore.  This bear scored 27-04/16 SCI placing well into the SCI Record Book.

Wildman Lake Lodge Three Bears Today!

Posted on: May 13, 2014

Wildman Lake Lodge hunters: Sergio Deschamps, Carlos Ayala and Gilberto Montemajor all took fine trophy brown bear today.

Pictured here is Carlos with a beautiful medium bear with long blonde hair and chocolate legs.  An Awsome trophy!

 During sweltering hot weather, very unusual to have 78 degree weather any time of the year, much less during the May Bear Season.  More bears are being spotted each day as the season continues and the snow melts off the upper elevation of the Aleutain mountains.  Our hunters are getting sun burnt and the bears are doing a lot of moving at night, with the moon in the full phase right now.

Record Book Alaska Brown Bear - Opening Day 2014

Posted on: May 11, 2014

Wildman Lake Lodge starts the 2014 Spring Season with another Giant Alaska Brown Bear taken on May 10th.  This opening day bear, taken by hunter Mark Robare, will easily make Gary 'Butch' King's TEN FOOT CLUB.  We rough scored the skull at 29-12/16, which will place very high in the Safari Club International Record Book. Its a great start to the 2014 Spring Season.


Assistant Guide Mark Anderson and hunter Mark Robare decided to stay in the field in hopes of taking a wolf in the next few days.  The season is off to a good start with warm and sunny weather, unlike the deep snow that greeted us during the past several spring seasons.  This kind of weather should bring the bears out of hibernation at the normal time this year.  Below is a quick recap of the events of this hunt.

Yesterday, Just as the morning fog lifted off the valley floor, Assistant Guide Mark Anderson reached is glassing knoll.  As he brought up his 8X30 Swarovski Binoculars, he caught distant dark animal moving across a meadow in the distance. Once he focused his optics, it took less than 10 seconds for his skilled eyes to pick out the obvious characteristics of a huge trophy size bear.  This big brownie was headed their general direction, still more than a mile up stream.

Leading hunter Mark Robare a a brisk pace, the guide chose an intercept angle that he hoped would intercect the bears path a full mile down stream from the spike camp.  An hour of huffing and puffing later, the bear appeared nearly Mark had anticipated.  As it crossed an opening in the willows, the hunter took his first shot.  As the monster brownie spun, bit and roared from the impact of the first 300 grain Swift A Frame, he had time to hit the bear several more times before finally sucuming to the power of the .375 H&H Magnum.     

Five other camps reported spotting bears, and nearly all spotted moose and some caribou.   A couple very large bears were pursued, only to disappear before getting close enough for a shot.

Alaska Brown Bear makes Wildman

Posted on: October 16, 2013

Alaska Brown Bear hunter Dale Kaiser puts another Wildman Lake Lodge bear in the Ten Foot Club this week.  Hunting with Wildman Guide Rob Bostater, who is no stranger to big bears, Dale put a late evening stalk on this monster bear.  The first shot from his .300 Magnum stopped the bear, but only put the rear half on the ground.  Three more shots only seemed to make the bear angry.  Before delivering the final round, the huge monarch let out a blood curdling roar, that set both hunter and guide back on their heals.  It was the bear's final death song which rang up and down the valley.  The magnificient bruin did not take in another breath.  Dale's bear is an old one, with well worn teeth and large skull, yet to be scored. The tremendous hide, picture here at Wildman Lake Lodge, squared 10 foot - 4 inches.  Other bear that came in today were: Jared Higman and Danny Taft.  Stay tuned for more pictures and hunt reports from Wildman Lake Lodge.

Alaska Brown Bear - Three Bear Day

Posted on: October 12, 2013

Hunting Alaska Brown Bear is not an exact science, as Butch has said on more than one of his hunting videos.  But sometimes the stars lined up and things go our way, inspite of wind and weather here on the Alaska Peninsula..  All the bears are not yet in the salt, but we are happy to report for those following our season that:  Richard Lane, Terry Hurlburt and Carl Monroe all took nice brown bear on October 10th. Enjoy this photo from one of our previous 3 bear days... New Photos to come...

Alaska Wolf Hunting for Lobo Negro

Posted on: October 12, 2013

Alaska wolves come in many color phases.  This Lobo Negro (Black Wolf) was leading a pack of four, three black and a grey, when they encountered the Lane brothers, Richard and Patrick with our guide Pyro Phil.  This Alpha Male Black Wolf measured 7'-3" nose to tail and is estimated to have weighed 120 lbs.  Congratulations on a fine trophy wolf guys.

Alaska Brown Bear - Whackin and Stackin

Posted on: October 6, 2013

Andy Curtis left a pile of destruction in his wake this week at Wildman Lake Lodge.  After he and guide Bary Bowser witnessed two wolves take down a cow moose after a 36 hour battle, Andy successfully lined up both wolves for a lethal single shot.  After skining the two wolves, Andy and Bary left them lay next to the body of the fallen cow moose.  The next day, this 10 foot class bear shows up at the buffet and Andy was there to ruin its day.  There is quite a pile of carnage on the ground at the site now.  Andy's bear squared 9 foot 8 inches with a skull scoring 26-12/16, easily making the SCI Book of World Records. Now, Let the second hunt begin!

Alaska Brown Bear TEN FOOT CLUB

Posted on: October 5, 2013

Ten Foot Alaska Brown Bear are not easy to come by, but Wildman Lake Lodge got two on opening day.  Hunter Dave Patee of Iowa took this bruiser not far from the lodge, where it had been feeding on a huge Pacific walrus that had washed up during the relentless west winds that plagued us for the week before the season.  Dave and guide Rob Bostater spotted the bear just after daylight.  Dave took the bear with a single shot, using a .375 H&H magnum with SWIFT A-Frame bullets.  The bear hide measured 11'-4" claw to claw and 9'-5" nose to tail for a squared hide measurement of 10 foot 4 1/2 inches square... call it 10'-5"   The official Skulll Measurement for Safari Club is 28-03/16 SCI which will go very high in the Safari Club Book of World Records for Alaska Brown Bear.

Golden Boar taken at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 6, 2013

A fine golden colored brown bear, highlighted with dark legs.  "It is a beautiful bear" said hunter Duie Latta, who took the gorgeous male bear on his second day of hunting with the guides at Wildman Lake Lodge this October.

Two Wolves Take Down Moose - Hunter Takes Two Wolves

Posted on: October 5, 2013

Having taken in nice bear four years ago, Andy Curtis returned to Wildman Lake Lodge for another hunt this fall.  On his second day glassing the river near their fly out spike camp, he and assistant guide Bary wittnessed two adult wolves take down a three year old cow moose.  The moose first appeared running for the river, where it too refuge on a brushy sandbar.  The two Chignik Wolves cornered the moose and harrassed it for the next 36 hours.  First trying to keep the wolves in deep water the moose fended off the attack until night fall.  The next morning, they wolves still had the moose at bay.  One wolf would sleep while the other kept the moose fending for its life.  Then the other would sleep while its partner nipped at the moose.  This went on for most of the second day, until the large male awoke and lead the final attack.  Both wolves jumped up on the moose's back and attached themselves to the cow's neck.  Hanging by their teeth, the exhausted moose finally succumbed to the weight of the two wolves, who successfully drown the moose, as Andy and Bary made their final stalk within 60 yards.  Andy successfully lined up both wolves and took them with a single shot from his .375 H&H Magnum.  More to come, as Andy takes a monster bear the next day.

Ten Foot Alaska Brown Bear on Opening Day

Posted on: October 2, 2013

Ten Foot Alaska Brown Bear are every hunter's dream.  On opening day, while hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge, Terry Rathert of Houston, TX got his huge trophy brown bear in his sights.  The bear was laying on a moose kill, which he was very proud of.  As the hunter and Wildman guide Jesse Gallagher approached the sleeping bear, they heard the "Awa Awa Awa" of a rutting bull moose, also approaching the sleeping bear.  Setting up his shooting sticks at a mere 150 yards, Terry waited for the over aggressive moose to awake the monster brown bear.  When the bear stood up, Terry opened the ball with his .375 H&H Magnum.  The first shot took off the top of the bear's coffee can size heart as the bear spun in whirl of furry.  His second shot was absorbed by the hulk of the bear which was still standing on the moose kill.  Looking for good shot placement, Terry squeezed off the third factory round, which only made a loud click in the chamber of is Dakota.  Ejecting the bad cartridge, the fourth Swift A Frame took the bear through the near shoulder and lodged under the neck skin on the far side, to be later recovered as a perfect mushroom.  Terry's the latest member of Gary "Butch" King's TEN FOOT CLUB with this 10'-2" Trophy Alaska Brown Bear.

Alaska Moose - Largest Trophy of the Season

Posted on: September 26, 2013

Our Largest Alaska Moose was taken by Alan Butler of Idaho this season.  Alan had hunted Alaska moose twice before with other outfitters and has gone home with only his tag.  On the third day of his 10 day trip, sitting on a hilltop, Alan and his guide spotted two big bulls more than a mile awa.  The long stalk began.  As they closed the distance, their approach was blocked by a line of tall willows.  Putting the sneak on the bulls, they knew they were getting close as Jesse followed Alan though the brush filming with a HD Sony video cam.  The bull stood up 15 yards in front of them, showing only its head and chest.  Alan shot the bull RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES and it when down like a ton of bricks.  The second bull, the estimated to be well over sixty inches, came closer to investigate why his buddy was laying down, and had to be chased off by the hunter and guide.  Great Bull Alan, Excellent fronts on this 63 inch trophy moose.

Moose Season 2013

Posted on: September 26, 2013

First Bull of the Year, taken by David Locke, guided by Jesse Gallagher.  Dave and Jesse spotted an number of good bulls before selecting this mature trophy.

Wolves, Smoke a Pack a Day

Posted on: September 5, 2013

This large male wolf was waiting outside our cabin for Kathy to let her dogs out at daylight.  Lucky, Guide Aaron Lawson was up before daylight too.  Spotting the wolf, Aaron grabbed Butch's .416 Remington Magnum off the wall and ruined this Big Dog's Day.

Last Bull, 100 Percent Season

Posted on: September 23, 2012

The last moose didn't come as easy as the first three, but Jim Humber was not about to give up.  Jim, who fished with us last season, returned from Mississippi as a moose hunter in 2012.  On his 5th day in the field, this heavey 61 inch bull made the fatal error of crossing the river about a quarter mile upstream from the spike camp, while responding to the cow calls made by Wildman Guide, Mike Chamberlain.  Jim make an excellent shot with his .300 Win.Mag. bringing down the fourth bull, making it another 100% season for Master Guide Gary "Butch" King and the crew at Wildman Lake Lodge. 

We the last bull packed out and hanging in the meat house just before dark.  Now it's time to pack up the lodge, move the airplanes to town and begin preparing for the sport show season.  It was another 100% hunting season, and Butch's 42nd year guiding on the Alaska Peninsula.  Please visit Butch, Kathy, Jesse and Logan in the Wildman Lake Lodge booth at the Safai Club Conventions this year in January: Dallas, Reno and Houston.  See you there!

Trophy Moose measures 63 inches

Posted on: September 23, 2012

The Trophy Moose taken by Will Oates at Wildman Lake Lodge measured 63 inches and change, an excellent trophy by anyone's standards.  However, on the first hunting day, Will and his guide Michael located a much larger moose which was extimated to be very close to 70 inches.  The bull land his cow were laying down in the willows about 1/2 mile from the spike camp.  Michael managed to get his hunter a mere 60 yards from the trophy bull and told him to get ready to shoot as soon as the moose got to its feet.  As the bull began to rise, Will was entirely taken with the shier size of the animal, now towering over 7 foot at the shoulders, just yards in front of him, looking head on. "Shoot" whispered the guide, "Shoot!"  The overwhelming sight was just more than Will, who had only taken Texas Whitetail in the past, could stand.  Rifle in hand, he stood in total awe, as the huge bull turned and followed his cow into the tall alders.   

Trophy Alaska Moose at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: September 20, 2012

Trophy Alaska Moose in the sixty to seventy inch range are the rule, not the exception as Steve Johnston of Houston, TX found out.  The first bull of our second hunt this season at Wildman Lake Lodge was Steve's inpressive 67 inch "Bull of the Woods!"  Steve took his bull on his first hunting day, and spent the next few days fishing silver salmon and Arctic Char near the lodge.  Steve awoke this morning to Gun Fire, as Butch's dogs were barking at a big BLACK WOLF, which was circling the meat house, eyeballing Steve's backstraps.  Guides, can the the dog's rescue with a hail of gun fires, as the wolf escaped, tail tucked, down the runway.  Stay tuned for tomorrow morning's wolf patrol at the Wildman Lake Lodge, meat house!

Alaska Moose Hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: September 13, 2012

On his first Alaska Moose Hunt, Knox Nunnley took this excellent 62 inch bull hunting with Wildman Lake Lodge's Head Guide Jesse Gallagher.  Knox may have been a bit under gunned, using some sort of lever action 35 caliber in a .308 case.  But numerous shots later, the huge trophy moose finally died of lead poisoning.  Knox is planning to return with a .375 H&H for his Alaska Brown Bear hunt.

Successful Alaska Moose Hunt

Posted on: September 15, 2012

It was a very successful Alaska Moose hunt for Knox Nunnley and Will Oates of Houston, Texas who took these 62 and 63 inch bulls during the first few days of the 2012 moose season at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Weather was in the 40s to mid 50s, with very little wind or rain so far during the September hunt.  No frost yet, but the bulls are beginning to rut, according to Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide, who reports seeing two to four cows with nearly every bull during his preseason scouting.  Knox and Will spent the last two days fishing silver salmon and hunting ptarmigan near to the lodge, then departed this morning, just a head of an Aleutian Storm, which is expected to bring 50 knot winds and rain on Sunday.

Mike Zucker shot a big sucker!

Posted on: May 28, 2012

San Antonio Mike, was just about out of steam.  Was this the third or forth stalk he and Rob had made this week on big Alaska Brown Bears, only to be eluded by thick brush or have the sun fade to darkness.  It was the last day of the spring season, as he and they had reached the mid point of the knive edge mountain ridge, just below snowline.  The guide whispered, "he should be just ahead, we are getting close."  Mike had to stop to catch his wind.  Averting his eyes from the familuar view of the guide's back, he sees bear 150 yards to his leftmat the toe of the steep slope.  Different color his is thinking, when the original quarry busts out of its hiding place a mere 35 yards ahead of Rob and heads up the ridge, into the thick alders before Mike could even prepare for a shot. 

Turning their attention to the other bear, they crossed the ridge and could see that it was not the mate to the first bear, but a large boar, making its way around the bowl created by their ridge and the hillside below.  Winded from the climb and the excitement of being in such close proximity of two big bears, Mike steadied his .375 H&H for the double lung shot that Butch described in the pre-hunt briefing.  The bear, now at a steep downhill angle, swung its big hear for one last look back, as Mike touched off the round.  The .300 grain Swift A Frame hit the bear square between the eyes which quickly ended the hunt in a hurry. A lucky shot?, maybe, but it was finally Mike Zucker's lucky day.  San Antonio Mike's last bear was indeed a big sucker, squaring 9'-2" .

Rafael Jr. got a Bruiser!

Posted on: May 22, 2012

Rafael's father had taken a big bear earlier in the hunt and now it was Rafael turn. Father and son had endured several days of extreme Alaska weather, but they started early and stayed out late each day, glassing for bear with their Wildman guide Mark Anderson.  It was the end of another long day, Mark had cleaned up the dinner dishes and the hunters were already in their sleeping bags.  Taking one more look around before turning in himself, the guide spotted a boar and sow on a spring time path of passion that would lead them accoss the valley, and right toward the remote spike camp. 

"Hey, you guys, you ready to go hunting?" the guide called to the client's tent.  Thinking it was a call in jest, the Mexicans opted to stay in the warm sleeping bags, until Mark shouted something more convincing.  He and Rafael Jr. were on their way to meet the oncoming bear, with Dad following a bit behind.  There wasn't much time, as the midnight sun was fading fast as hunter and guide ran most of the way to good spot to ambush the bears. Head low the big bear was coming right up the trail chosen by the veteran Wildman bear guide.  Laying prone in the fading light, Rafael could barely see the dark boar through his rifle scope when he finally pulled the trigger with the bruin at a mere 45 yards .  The 300 grain Swift hit big bear square between the shoulder blades about the same time the rifle scope hit Rafael square between the eyes.  Both hunter and hunted were hit hard, when Mark yelled "You got a Bruiser"  After seeing the picture, we all had to agree, it is definately going to be a bruiser.


Posted on: May 24, 2012

“I want to hunt in the mountains”, was Mike Onak’s request. “Be careful what you wish for” said Gary “Butch” King, as Mike and his gear were loaded in the ski equipped Piper Super Cub.  This was no doubt the most snow we have seen in decades, setting all kinds of records throughout Alaska.  Mike and his guide Jake would spend the next several days high in an Aleutain Mountain pass, waiting for the right bear to be going the right direction.  For the next five days, the planned their snowshoe attack, but no bears were cooperating.  Mike was reconsidering his mountainous request, but Butch was confident in the camp location and persuaded the hunter and guide to stick with the program, it was an excellent location and would happen.  That night, they spotted the big brown bear, which was investigating the snowshoe trail they had made earlier in the week.  The huge bruin was nearly a mile away when he turned his back Mike and just walked away into the twilight.

Deciding to just “track the bugger down”, hunter and guide were on the 9 inch wide track at first light.  After two miles on snowshoes Jake spotted this trophy brown bear sleeping in the alders and was able to get Mike within 150 yards.  Jake said they had time for a sandwich, but Mike prefered to wake the sleeping giant, which they did.  With two well-placed shots from his .375 H&H and Mike had earned his Mountain Brown Bear from Wildman Lake Lodge.

Del Does Swell in Alaska

Posted on: May 24, 2012

Michigan hunter Del Ruth takes a beautiful "Toklat Phase" Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge.  After being eluded more than once by a few larger bear, Del and his guide Bary make a late evening stock on this georgeous blonde boar on the fifth day at Krager Camp on the Bering Sea coast.  It was a cold hunt this year, with miles of ocean ice jamed against the shoreline.  Normally, we have open ocean by May, but not this year.  DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING, we again had one coldest spring seasons on record.  Nothing washed up this year to encourage the bear to wander the beach, due the the blockade of Arctic ice, so we turned our binoculars inland.  Del's bear squared right at 9 foot and definately the prettiest hide of the year.

Hurrah for Hartman, another Happy Hunter!

Posted on: May 22, 2012

On the fifth hunting day of his ten day spring bear hunt, Greg Hartman connected with this fine trophy spring brown bear near Wildman Lake Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula.  The Alberta hunter and Wildman guide Billy Billy Bullet were high in an all snow mountain valley where Alaska Master Guide, Gary “Butch” King has enjoyed great success on spring bear over the years.  Access was by ski plane only and walking was strictly on snowshoes.  Days of glassing had revealed several brown bear, some small, some medium and a couple very large bear which, after several hours of hot pursuit on cold feet strapped to cumbersome snowshoes, eventually eluded the determined hunter and guide.

Late yesterday evening, things worked out for Greg.  The bear was spotted high up in a draw which joined their long valley.  Making their way up the steep slope on snow shoes, the guide and Greg were finally within good shooting range.  The 10 ft. class bear took five rounds, before  finally succumbing  to hard hitting 200 grain Swift A Frame bullets  from the Greg’s .338 Winchester Magnum.

Rafael Rodriguez Returns

Posted on: May 18, 2012

At the 2010 SCI Convention in Reno, Rafael noticed a familuar name on the marque above the outfitter's booth, which read; Wildman Lake Lodge - Gary "Butch" King - Master Guide. 

Curious recognition flickered as their eyes made contact through the mass of past hunters and potential clients who crowded the outfitters convention display.  As Rafael made his way to the counter, Butch searched the alphabet for the Mexican client’s first name and as their hands met over the counter it came to his tongue, “Rafael, how long has it been?”  In a strong Spanish accent, Rafael said “1974, I hunted with you for my Dall Sheep, Grizzly, Moose and Caribou.”  Wow, we were both kids in our early 20’s and here we meet again.  At the reunion, Rafael booked the 2012 spring bear season for himself and Rafael Jr at Wildman Lake Lodge. 

This evening, Rafael took his Alaska Brown Bear; almost thiry-eight years after the two had first hunted together in the Wrangell Mountains and on the Alaska Peninsula as very young men.  Rafael’s brown bear will go well into the SCI Record Book.  Interestingly the lower jaw had evidently been broken many years ago, as the lower teeth are severely misaligned and deformed by either a fight with another bear or a swift kick from a fleeing moose.  This damage did not increase the length of the skull and may have even retarded to growth.  A great trophy.  Now, Rafael will accompany his son Rafael Jr. for the duration of the season

Dan Dinges Downs a Dandy

Posted on: May 14, 2012

We just got word late last night from our guide Billy Bullet, that Dan Dinges too a nice bear about 7 pm this evening.  We had one beautiful day, yesterday.  Butch called the clear blue, 50 degree day "A Bear Killing Day".  Hunter and guide are still skinning and packing.  With a Southeaster moving in, our weather will no doubt be wind and rain by tonight.  Some camps are already report 30 to 40 knot SE Winds.  UPDATE:  Using our ski equipped Piper Super Cub, we were able to get Dan out of Bear Skin Gulch after the storm subsided.  He took a great bear, which is now in the skining tent.  We will flesh and measure the hide, which is a LARGE bear, as you can see by the photo above.  This great bear was spotted looking out of its hibernation den early in Dan's hunt, but just like "Ground Hog Day" the big bear took one look around, seeing no shadow, went back in the den for several more days.  Finally, the bear emerged from the den, way up in the snow field above their valley.  Dan and our guide Billy Bullet, snowshoed there way up the mountain to within shooting range and Dan made the shot, earning himself an excellent trophy Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge.


Great Day for Gresham

Posted on: May 14, 2012

The weather has been cold and snowy but some bears are out and about.  After four days of glassing to find the right bear going the right way, Jim Gresham of Houston and our veteran guide Rob, spotted this big Alaska Brown Bear hiding in an alder patch, some 3 miles away.  It was late in the afternoon, but spring time in Alaska provides nearly 20 hours of daylight.  Several hours later, Jim took the shot in the heavy alders and was rewarded with this huge trophy brown bear on his hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King Master Guide.  Jim's bear hide squared 9' - 8", a fine trophy Alaska Brown Bear.

Butch and Kathy:
Thanks for a great Alaskan adventure. Everything was "First Class" including your staff, accomodations, food, and the hunting environment. I experienced everything the Alaska peninsula could throw at us including snow, rain, wind, river crossings, wild plane rides, 20 hour days, 3.5 mile one way bear stalks, that  ended in a great trophy bear. Rob was an exceptional guide and I would hunt with him again. Chef Willy did an outstanding job in the kitchen with "World Class" food in the Alaska wilderness. I hope to make another trip to Wildman's Lodge in the future with family on the cast and blast trip. Hope the weather improves for the hunters you have in camp. I will check your web-site for updates when I get back to Houston. Look forward to seeing you at the shows next year.

Jim Gresham - May 2012

Un Dia Padilla - Mario

Posted on: May 12, 2012

Mario Padilla of Monterrey, Mexico, spent opening day of the 2012 bear season in the comforts of Wildman Lake Lodge.  This was his second hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  Mario's first hunt lasted exactly 45 minutes on opening morning, when he took a nice 9'-2" Brown Bear.  This spring, snow storms and fog, which are still plaguing the Alaska Peninsula, prevented us from reaching a couple of our remote camps before the season opener on May 10th.  But, late opening day, the passes opened up and Gary "Butch" King was able to fly Mario and the last of the early season hunters into their spike camps.  For them, the first day of hunting would be May 11th, a day into the season.

Mario and guide Logan Canton were up glassing early on the morning of May 11th.  They spotted, stalked and passed on a medium sized bear before lunch time. Seeing nothing else in the valley hunter and guide returned to the tent, figuring that tomorrow was another day, Mario was brushing his teeth when his guide Logan says "Mario, a big bear coming off the mountain across the valley, let's go!"

Hurrying out of camp, Mario grabbed his .375 H&H, which had exactly three shells in the magazine and an barrel empty. The hunter and guide crossed the wide valley, glassed the bear one more time to confirm it was indeed a big trophy class brownie and made the final stalk within 60 yards.  Mario made three good shots, but the bear was still on its feet.  Mario yelled to the guide "Shoot, I am out of bullets!"  Logan, confident that the bear was anchored well, handed Mario his own rifle and the hunter took the bear down with one shot from the guide's rifle, ending his SECOND one day bear hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide.  Mario's bear is very old and is a contender for the Ten Foot Club.  We will see after fleshing!

Archery Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman

Posted on: November 23, 2011

Although we rarely take archery hunters for brown bear, Craig Lewis gained our confidence after spending a week fishing with us a few years ago.  Archery bear hunting rarely ends well, as Alaska guide regulations require a guide to use every legal means at his disposal to keep a wounded animal from escaping.  We selected a perfect camp and the right guide for Craig.  The creek banks were steep and there was very little heavy brush along the stream.  The bear presented the perfect broadside shot and Craig hit the spot.  The bear didn't go far at all.

Shoot out in the brush!

Posted on: November 6, 2011

"It looked like a good shot" said veteran Wildman bear guide Mark Anderson, as the 9'-2" bruin disappeared into the brush.  It was Tom Zulim's first hunting day after arriving last evening iat the comfortable spike camp that Wildman Lake Lodge had set up especially for this fall bear hunt on the Alaska Peninsula.  It was in an exclusive guiding area of Master Guide Gary "Butch" King where , glassing from his vantage point near the camp, Mark had been seeing between ten and twenty brown bear each day, as well as several of moose and an even a few wolves during the week he had been there.

After giving the bear a good 30 minutes to hopefully lay down and bleed out, Mark and Tom carefully made their way along the ample blood trail.  The brush was thick alder, which towered high over their heads and limited forward or side visibility to mere yards.  Eyes and Ears is all you have going for you in this situation, and ears it was, as they heard the wounded brownie leave its bed and crash even deeper into the brush ahead of them.  "Damn" Mark uttered under his breath, look back to see that Tom was still close to him.

As the sound faded, the hunter and guide pressed on, only to hear the bear circling in the brush in attempt to stay within the confines of the alder patch.  After thirty minutes of playing cat and mouse in the alders, Mark knew this wasn't working, the bear just kept manuvering to avoid them in the brush.  He needed to post the hunter in one spot and move around the bear alone in hopes it would expose itself to Tom, while trying to avoid Mark as he moved through the brush.  Well the risky ploy worked and Tom got the killing shot from about 10 yards in heavy brush.  An exciting end to a one day hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt not so easy for Tim Buffington

Posted on: October 20, 2011

Tim Buffington of Adedo,Texas found out that some Alaska Brown Bear come easy, some come hard and some might not come at all. On his 12th day of hunting, Tim was just about ready to through in the towel.  "We were actually about to head back to our camp when I asked my guide Jesse, what's that dark thing over there?"  Twelve days and two Aleutian storms before Tim finally got his sights on this incredible 10'- 6" Alaska Brown Bear while out of Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King - Master Guide. 

 "We had found (actually smelled it first) some sort of kill, evidently made a bear.  It was all buried in tundra and dirt and had obviously been there for a while." said Jesse.  "May of been a moose calf or cow.  Hell , I wasn't going to probe around in the pile to find out when I didn't know where the owner was." said the veteran Wildman guide.  The pair watched the kill for several hours, changed position to watch from a different angle a couple times in hope that something would claim the carionage.  "We had finally given up and were about to head back to camp, when Tim saw something on the edge of the brush that wasn't there a few minutes ago.  Jesse confirmed it as a LARGE BEAR and they were back in the game.  Closing the distance to 183 yards, Tim took the bear through the shoulders with his .375 H&H Magnum.  The bear soaked up four more rounds and made it about 50 yards before going down finally going down.  This adds one more distinguished member to Butch King's   The bear scored 27-08/16", putting it well up in the Safari Club International Book of World Records, and our third largest of the 2011 fall bear season at Wildman Lake Lodge.

Jim Lochner takes trophy brown bear on his 2nd day.

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Jim Lochner of Arkansas took this trophy Alaska Brown Bear at first light, on his second day of hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge.  "My guide Rob spotted the big dark bear coming up the valley just moments after we reached our glassing spot above camp." Jim related the story of the stalk to Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide.  " We bailed off the hill and angling down wind, we ran to where Rob figured the bear would cross.  As we hunkered down on a little knoll in the brush, a darn wolf passed not 100 yards to our right, an instant later we saw the bear, still coming our direction.  I waited until he was just 55 yards and my first of three shots took him right through the left shoulder and at least one lung I am sure.  Then, I followed up with two more shots and it was over as Butch instructed in the pre-hunt briefing."  Jim booked his fall bear hunt last July while he and his wife and another couple were on a King Salmon fishing trip at Wildman Lake Lodge.  The trophy brown bear squared 9 foot 10 inches.  Jim plans on having his bear mounted life size by Animal Artistry in Reno, Nevada.

New 10 Foot Club Members from our First Hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 9, 2011

Alaska Master Guide Gary "Butch" King has guided and outfitted hunts for more than 125 TEN FOOT and larger Alaska Brown Bear in his 40 year career on the Alaska Peninsula, more than any other outfitter in the history of our State.  This week, in the first six days of the 2011 fall Brown Bear season at Wildman Lake Lodge we have added four new members to THE TEN FOOT CLUB:  Greg Walla of Houston, TX - 10'-9" Brown Bear taken on his second hunting day, Kurt Mia of Dallas, TX - 10'-5" on the 4th day of the hunt which scored 28-06/16",  Nacho Martinez of Monterrey, Mexcio - 10'-0" on the 4th day of the season and Juan Garza also of Monterrey with the grand daddy squaring 10'-10" and scoring 28 inches even.  Congratulations gentlemen on four of the largest Brown Bear to be taken in Alaska this year.

Record Book Ten Foot Class Brown Bear - Wildman Lake Lodge Alaska

Posted on: October 9, 2011

Officially ending our FIRST HUNT on Day 6, Juan Garza took this terrific 10 foot - 10 inch boar with top hand George Wescott, who has been guiding moose and bear hunts for Gary "Butch" King on the Alaska Peninsula for nearly two decades now.  Experience counts when you are sorting through several bears a day, as Juan and George were, trying to get close enough for a shot at this incredible trophy.  Juan also took a big male wolf during his 6 day Alaska Brown Bear hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge.  Stay tuned, because the second hunt begins with the arrival of a few more hunters tomorrow...

Find day to take a great Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Hunting with Mark, a veteran guide here at Wildman Lake Lodge, Hector Martinez was able to make a quick clean kill on this mature Alaska Brown Bear which ended up squaring 9'-2" taken on the fifth day of his hunt.  The weather is cooperating and we are seeing lots of bears, both on the berries and fishing the clear water streams here on the remote Alaska Peninsula.

Kurt Mai from Dallas Safari Club takes a Grande Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 7, 2011

Kurt Mai returns to Wildman Lake Lodge after taking a great trophy bull moose in 2009, to hunt again with our guide Jesse G. for trophy Alaska Brown Bear.  Glassing from his favorite perch near our famous   Jesse spots “Ol Foggy,  the infamous Fog Creek Bruin who has eluded him for several fall seasons in a row.  We often see “Ol’ Foggy” snacking on harbor seals along the Bering Sea coast in what we call the Seal Islands.  This time Ol’ Foggy was about to make a big mistake, crossing the mud flats in broad daylight on an outgoing tide.  Closing the mile and a quarter distance, Jesse anticipated where Ol’ Foggy would cross.  Beaching the boat and waiting in the tall Bering Sea beach grass, they waited for the bear.  Crossing just a little further than anticipated, Kurt opened the ball at 235 yards with two well placed rounds from his .416 Sako, using the recommended 400 grain Swift A-Frame bullets.  This took the wind out of “Ol’ Foggy’s “ sails and hunter and guide had just enough time to take this great photo, before getting the boat back in deep water and heading back to the Ilnik Camp before the tide left then stranded high and dry for the night.  They returned the next morning to skin the 10’-5” bruin which will definately put Kurt Mai in the Gary "Butch" King's  .   This bear will be displayed at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in January 2011.

More trophy Brown Bear from Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Alejandro Martinez of Monterrey, Mexico hunted hard for five and a half days, passing several smaller bear, finally got his sights on this great trophy which squared nine foot two inches.  Alejandro brought to count to nine bear so far in the first week of the Alaska Brown Bear season on the Alaska Peninsula. Hunting with Mark Anderson and  at Wildman Lake Lodge, Home of "Alaska's finest bush pilots and brown bear guides"

David Faust takes trophy brown bear at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 7, 2011

David Faust of Austin, TX didn't pass up this beauty.  It was day one of his Alaska Brown Bear hunt at Wildman Lake Lodge when he and his guide Billy "Bullet" spotted this big dark brown bear which squared 9 foot and 4 inches.  Too good to pass, even on the first day out.  Dave spent the balance of the week catching Silver Salmon, Arctic Char and hunting Willow Ptarmigan over our Brittanys, Heidi and Veni.  "What a great hunt,  I had a great time!"  David Faust, Austin, Texas

Alaskan Brown Bear taken by "Wolf Man" at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 5, 2011

Nacho "Wolf Man" Martinez, after holding out for four days, gets his sights on "Monarch of the Valley".  This huge trophy brown bear has been sighted several times over the years and hold fishes early morning and late in the afternoon.  Catching him just before dark was a matter of good planning and good luck.  "It is hard to pass up several very nice bears, waiting for the Monarch to show, but it was definately worth it" Says Nacho Martinez, who took three wolves from the famed Chignik Pack, earlier this week.  See report below...

Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting - Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 4, 2011

Tico Hauser from Monterrey poses with another huge trophy brown bear taken on the fourth day of hunting with our guide Tim, at Wildman Lake Lodge on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  We are having a great season! This one is just in, but a definate contender for the Ten Foot Club as well.  We will update this report with official measurements and SCI scores once the fleshing and trophy field prep is done.

Greg Walla takes "Ten Foot - Nine" Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge

Posted on: October 3, 2011

Greg Walla, Houston Safari Club member makes taken on the second day of the season at Wildman Lake Lodge.  "We had this big bear, and several others nearly the same size, spotted on opening day.  But the wind was wrong and my guide Tim decided not to make the stalk until the wind direction was in our favor" said Greg Walla of Houston, Texas. "It was a great call, because the next morning everything was in our favor and I was able to put to good shots into this trophy bear.  Thanks, Tim, Butch and everyone at Wildman Lake Lodge for a great hunt and for making this longtime dream a reality." 

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear - Opening Day 2011

Posted on: October 3, 2011

Opening Day Brown Bear on the found us with two trophy bear down.  Pictured here is Kiko Milmo of Monterrey Mexico with a very, very old boar, who was in very poor physical condition. According to Gary Butch King - Master Guide, its teeth were nearly gone and he had accumulated no fat for the hibernation and would not have made the long winter.  A real Trophy Bear.  The second bear was taken by Bill Ramsdell of Austin Texas, who took an excellent and healthy trophy bear on opening day as well.  Bill's camera was acting up, so we have to wait until his guide Mark finishes the season before we will be able to post any pictures.  The guys will be around the lodge, waiting for their friends to finish hunting.

Three Wolves Taken from Man Eating Pack

Posted on: October 1, 2011

 Alaska Master Guide and Bush Pilot, Butch King with two of the three big Alaska wolves that his hunting client shot yesterday.  The large wolf pack stalked the hunter and his guide near Chignik Lake Alaska,  

With the pack of man killers circling to get down wind from the hunter and guide, who were in a remote tent camp on the Chignik River, the hunter took this 187 pound Alpha Male at 27 yards with his first shot, then continued shooting until the wolf pack finally dispersed.  "I feel sure that this is the same bunch of wolves that has been terrorizing the villagers at Chignik Lake, not only because of the close proximity, but led by this huge Alpha Male, they were obviously not afraid of man and would not break their stalk on the hunter and guide until the client had shot the third wolf with the last round in his rifle" said Butch King who has guided on the Alaska Peninsula for more than forty years.

Lack of predator control on the Alaska Peninsula has allowed several large wolf packs to flourish, leaving nothing but death in their wake. Namely, the once great Alaska Peninsula Caribou Herd, which King has seen go from 30,000 animals to less than 3,000 head in the past ten years, where hunting had to be closed for both sport hunters and rural village residents who have subsisted on these caribou for centuries. "Everything that is born, is eaten by the wolves in this country anymore." says Butch. "It is a sad state of affairs for the villagers and sportsmen alike. I am glad we were able to save a few caribou today." 

Dianda takes Alaska

Posted on: August 8, 2011

Michael Dianda of Reno took 1st place award for Alaska's #1 Brown Bear, Guide Outfitter - Gary "Butch" King.  This bear squared 11'-0" and scored: 28-11/16 SCI.  Mike and his brother Chris have hunted twice at Wildman Lake Lodge for Alaska Brown Bear. Chris's biggest bear, also squared 11'-0", taken opening day, 2006 scored 27-11/16.  Both bears will be displayed in the Wildman Lake Lodge exhibit at Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas, February 2012.  On the 2006 hunt, Mike Dianda took a 9-1/2 foot bear and two wolves and on the more recent 2009 hunt, brother Chris took a 10'-2" Brownie.  Together, the Dianda brothers have more than forty square feet of brown bear and two wolves and have hunted a total of five days in the field.

Opening Day - Wing Shooting Alaska Ptarmigan

Posted on: August 10, 2011

At long last, opening day of the ptarmigan season at Wildman Lake Lodge.  August 10 marks the beginning of bird season.  Our Brittanys, Veni and Heidi are 1/2 ready.  That is to say, Veni is 2-1/2 years old and 100% ready had 15 different birds in his mouth before lunch time.  While little Heidi is only five months, and still in intensive training and just today graduated from .22 caliber to 20 guage being fired behind and away as she held point, with the help of 50 ft of nylon cord and a "whoa" from Butch.   Our hunters this morning, all from Victoria, Texas: Ken Vickers, Russell and Mason Marshall and Don Duncan.  All had plenty of pointing dog action as Veni worked methodically from covey to covey, as we put up more than two hundred birds, in groups of 8 to 10 in a bunch. 

Having a Cold Winter in Alaska!

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Somebody please send my friend Arno Krumm at Stoney River a little of that Global Warming. His Jack is frozen solid!� Not much snow this winter at Wildman Lake Lodge, in fact our caretaker Randy Piper has been running his trapline without skis or snowshoes. This is a big deal, in that without deep snow, the moose and caribou have a much better chance of not being killed by wolves. Randy is reporting that there are four less wolves in the neighborhood, and the ptarmigan numbers are way up. There are hundreds of those pure white tundra chickens running around, way more than normal. With good nesting conditions this spring, it should be a banner wing shooting season this fall. If you ever wanted to shoot ptarmigan over our Brittanys, NOW'S THE TIME... GIve us a call! All for now, from Wildman!


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