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Australian passport photo size template

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An article has already been published listing fake ID downloads that could be used for novelty purposes to create a fake ID, but there is a lot of confusion as to how this is supposed to be done.

First of all a warning about US government surveillance; Color printers are so sophisticated these days that you can use them to print nearly flawless photo quality documents. A lot of high quality inks are on the market such as Epson's DuraBrite ink cartridges and DuraBrite photo quality paper which make it very easy to print your photo quality ID on special paper. One of the highest quality printers for great quality are color laser printers. The bad news is that the US government in co-operation with major printer manufacturers such as Xerox and Canon have been active in their surveillance of such great quality printers for the last 20 years. Anything you print, especially on color laser printers, is encoded with very tiny yellow/white print with the serial number and manufacturer of your printer, this information could lead directly to the details of your purchase of such a printer. If you are concerned about your printer shine a blue LED light (like the keychain devices) behind your printout and use a magnifying glass to spot any tiny yellow dots.

What You Need
How do we start making a fake ID ? First you will need a few things before you could begin creating your ID. You will need a color printer to print your document which could be an inkjet or color laser printer hooked up to your computer, the newer the printer the better, photo quality paper is also a basic necessity as without it you are forced to print at very low definitions on normal paper, it's best to buy photo quality paper that is compatible with your specific type of printer and ink. Only use original ink for this, the cheap clone inks on the market have poor color properties, that is, they are a lot less perfect than the original inks. You'll also need a scanned image of your passport photograph which you can have done at your local printing shop, you can take the photo with a digital camera or scan it using a flatbed scanner. Use a photo with a monochomatic background, that is the background behind you will have to be only one color such as all white. Finally good photo graphics software is essential, you could use Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop, you can download these at or www.adobe.com, they offer a fully functional 30 day trial download.

Use one of the listed on this site. After downloading the files and choosing your favorite open that graphics file using Photoshop or Fireworks. When you see the template you'll have an idea of what it is you have to do. You have to fill in the blanks; You should add your photo to the template and then fill in the text details of your new identity. One very important thing to understand is that you should manipulate the photo and template at high resolutions. Your photo should have initially been scanned or taken with a digital camera at a very high resolution, this is very important so that when you finally print your creation it will look authentic. A good resolution to work with is 1,200 DPI (Dots Per Inch), the typical resolution for a computer screen is 72 DPI. You can set the DPI of your template and photo from the Image properties of your photo graphics software. Similarly everything you do with the photo will apply to that high definition which includes the text.

So then, open the template file and the photo file, copy the photo and paste it on the template file. Then transform the photo object by using the rescaling option for it to fit comfortably in the blank photo space of your template. Then use the text tool of the software commonly denoted as a button with the letter 'A' on it to enter the text for the template. USe the 'Arial' font for this. When filling in the data use common sense to figure out what you should write. Use a real address which you can look up using one of the internets phone directories and check your issued date to be sure you are not choosing a weekend or public holiday date which you can do using a calendar.

When the editing is complete, print out a draft version on normal paper to inspect it for faults and if everything is ok load your printer with photo quality paper, set the printer settings to print at very high photo quality and print the front and back side of the template. Then use long scissors to cut the printouts to size and glue them back to back, cut the ID again to be sure there are no rough edges. You can put this in your wallet as it is but it will be easier to spot, so be sure cover it with a transparent adhesive sheet and trim it to size. Use a tough transparent sheet to give the ID posture. And that's it your ID is complete !!


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