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:::::::::::::::::::NOW AND SOON:::::::::::::::::::   Street vendors - trailer of the video installation The trailer of the video installation is on air!   Installation Street vendors at BIG ART, Amsterdam After its world premiere in Utrecht is part of , October 11 till 14, Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam. Opening times: 11 AM until 7 PM.   Solo Double juicers, Polar Room W139, Amsterdam

'Double juicers' is my solo exhibition with short videos in the Polar Room, on the 1st floor of W139. The show is curated by Anami Schrijvers. Opening Friday September 21 from 8 PM on. Until October 28. Open every day from 12 till 6 PM. Warmoesstraat 139 in Amsterdam.

  Indonesian premiere Street vendors, MES 56 Yogya is having its Indonesian premiere at Ruang MES 56 in Yogyakarta mid December 2018. The show will last a month. More information closer to the date.   My work is supported by Mondriaan Fund

Since April 2017 my work is structurally supported for four years by Mondriaan Fund, thanks to their . Furthermore this fund generously supports the realisation of the video installation (2018).

  Micro Enterprise and Street vendors kindly supports the PR and production of various 2018 summer exhibitions in Amsterdam - under the umbrella Micro Enterprise - leading to, and including, the premiere of the four channel video installation in September 2018. In addition and support the presentation and exhibition costs of the installation in the Netherlands. After the premiere the project will travel internationally.   ::::::::::::::::::::::::ONGOING::::::::::::::::::::::::   Neon mijn-dijn in collection Museum IJsselstein Since January 2018 the neon installation (2015, edition of 3) is part of the collection of .   Works in art collection Erasmus Huis Jakarta Photographs from the exhibition 'Jejak, kreativitas tersembunyi di tempat umum' ('Traces, hidden creativity in public space') (2016) are part of the art collection of Erasmus Huis Jakarta, and part of a private collection.   Plastic Indonesia, editions at mo-artgallery In collaboration with contemporary art collector Frans Oomen of  I have realized, and still realize, signed and numbered limited editions of plastic items titled .   Works in art collection Provinciehuis Limburg Photographs and screen prints from the exhibition and project (2012-2014) are part of the art collection of Provinciehuis Limburg, Maastricht.   ::::::::::PAST EXHIBITIONS & SCREENINGS:::::::::   World premiere Street vendors at NFF, Utrecht My brand new four channel video installation (2018) is having its world premiere! At the 38th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival 2018 in Utrecht! The work is exhibited at the venue JK24 at Janskerkhof 24, Friday September 28 until Thursday October 4, from 12 PM until 10 PM.   Outcome of residency Torenkamer, Amsterdam A group exhibition at Vondel CS curated by Ellie Uyttenbroek with outcomes of the residencies at De Torenkamer 2017-2018 in Amsterdam. I was a resident in September 2017. Opening Friday July 6 at 6 PM. Until Sunday July 15.   Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2018: Winkel

June 25 is my day in the Big Dutch Art Calendar, de . My work is presented with 'Winkel' (2016-2018), the Syrian shop I realised at the 2016 edition of ITGWO.

  Installation Winkel in CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam

The installation is on show again during the group show 'Works of Mercy' in in Amsterdam. Opening Thursday April 12 from 5 till 7 PM. The sho lasts until Saturday June 30, 2018. During the finissage that day, from 2 till 4 PM, the Syrian shopkeepers sell products from the work.

  Photo exhibition in Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam In the small solo exhibition in Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam I show 21 photographs from various cities in the world focusing on resourcefullness and ingenuity in public space. Opening May 3 from 5 till 6.30 PM. Until May 31.   Screening Jalan at Framer Framed, Amsterdam is screened on April 24 at in Amsterdam. Doors open at 7.45 PM, the screening and artist talk start at 8 PM.   Filming new episode Calle in Medellín

I'm working on a series of four videos about micro economy and resourcefulness in public space, and I'll film the episode in Medellín from March 12 till 28, 2018. and generously support the realisation of the film.

  Neon installation mijn-dijn in IJsselstein, Utrecht The neon is part of the group exhibition 'Verlicht MIJ in 2017. Eigentijds licht in de kunst' at in IJsselstein. Opening December 2, until February 25, 2018.   Installation Escalera at riverbank Medellín

In 2013 I realized at the Medellín river. The installation is taken down in December 2107. 'Escalera' is an architectural installation of a 9 meter tall bamboo tower with illuminated words in the top, combined with a platform overlooking the river. The work was part of my at El Puente_Lab in 2012-2013 and has been made possible by generous support of . More info on my .

  New installation at Parklicht, Oosterpark Amsterdam I'm invited to realize a new installation at Parklicht, in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. The installation SUPER SALE is located in an annex of the Tropenmuseum. Parklicht is curated by Loes Diephuis and John Prop of and takes place from December 28 till 30, 2017.   Remake of Haïtian "mobile pharmacy" in Amsterdam At Staring Apotheek at the Overtoom in Amsterdam I exhibit . Until half of December.   Film new episode Street in Johannesburg

November 14 till December 2 I'm filming the episode in Johannesburg, for the series of four videos about micro economy and resourcefulness in public space. I stay at the The realisation of the film is supported by and . More information about

  Photo exhibition in Concertgebouw Amsterdam I curated the photo exhibtion part of the in Concertgebouw Amsterdam, taking place November 20 till 26. 'Sharie' (Street) is a group show with works from the artists and photographers Shareef Sarhan, Mohammad AlQaq, Elias Halabi, Haidar El Saffar, Sarah Rifaat, and works of myself.   Neon installation mijn-dijn in IJsselstein, Utrecht The installation is part of the group exhibition 'Zie MIJ. Manifestatie over binnen en buiten je bubbel denken', at in IJsselstein, September 30 till November 19.   Pabrik Gula at Museumnight 2017 Amsterdam My photo installation is part of curated by Dimitri Madimin. The event takes place during Museumnight 2017 at the Amsterdam City Archives.   Neon at 30x30 at CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam The neon (an edition of 7) is part of the group show 30x30, the 30 years anniversary sales exhibition of in Amsterdam. From September 9 till October 21.   Film Rruga via Dutch Embassy in Tirana is screened at a fair where various women entrepreneurs will promote their products, building bridges with other bigger female entrepreneurs. The event is organized by the Dutch Embassy and takes place at the embassy October 2 from 5 till 6.30 PM. I have been invited to attend the screening of my film and discuss it afterwards.   Intervention Toko at Onomatopee Eindhoven My intervention in public space is part of the project 'We are the market!' from in Eindhoven. I did my "achievement" on September 25.   Short residency at De Torenkamer, Amsterdam I’m invited to take part in of radio program Opium on Radio 4. During a short residency of five days at the tower room of VondelCS in Amsterdam, I will realise towers of plastic household goods from all over the world and photograph them. September 18 till 22. Interview Mon-Wed-Fri at 11 PM at Radio 4.   Film Jalan at Kenniscafé in De Balie, Amsterdam Parts of are screened at the start of in De Balie in Amsterdam. Monday September 22 from 8 till 10 PM.   Film Jalan at IndoFilmCafé in LUX-Nijmegen My film is screened at in . September 10 at 7.30 PM. After the screening there is a Q&A.   Film Rruga is part of Plateaukunst in Margraten Contemporary art collector Wanda Reiff invited me to exhibit my film during the annual Plateaukunst art route. August 26 and 27 in Margraten, in the south of the Netherlands.   Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender: Plastic Indonesia A photograph of my installation 'Plastic Indonesia', a.k.a. , at Frans Oomen's show 'Radical Collecting' in last summer is published in . August 18 is my day.   Jalan and Toko at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam My film and the intervention are exhibited as installations at the at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, June 6 till 11. On Thursday June 8 the works are part of the Thursday Night Live!   Jalan and Rruga at Sesama Art Space in Yogyakarta are screened at Sesama Art Space, located in the kampung Jeblog in Yogyakarta. The screening is combined with an artist talk. Friday February 24 at 7 till 10 PM.   Film Jalan at Duta Wacana University in Yogyakarta is screened at Duta Wacana University in Yogyakarta thanks to Eko Prawoto, architect and professor at the . Students of 'kampung-kota' and product design are warmly invited. Friday February 10 at 8 AM. The screening is open to public as well,   Film Rruga from Tirana at IHS Rotterdam The film is screened at Urban Cinematics of the , the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam on January 21, 2017. The screening is organized and moderated by the Albanian urban manager Entela Shkreli.   Solo exhibition at Albanian Embassy, Den Haag The film is exhibited at the in Den Haag. I also show the video 'At the corner' and some photographs connected to my recent residence in Tirana, supported by . November 10 till 18, office hours. Opening November 9 at 6 PM.   Film Rruga at AIRLAB in Miza Gallery, Tirana My film is part of the AIRLAB residence exhibition of the Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art. Opening November 10 at in Tirana. Until November 15.   Toko part of Ontroerwoud in CBK Amsterdam My intervention is part of , an exhibition by multimedia artist Wim Vonk in CBK Amsterdam i.c.w. Polderlicht. On Saturday October 15 I am present at CBK from 12 till 4 PM, selling items from the series 'Plastic Indonesia'. Until October 22.   Premiere Rruga in Tirana and screening in Shkoder My new film project has its premiere in Tirana inside the installation 'Reja', a work by the Japanses architect Sou Fujimoto, on September 19. The day after Rruga is screened in Shkoder, during the European Mobility Week, and again in Tirana at Polis University on Sept. 22. The film is the outcome of my artist-in-residence in Tirana supported by .   New work for Into The Great Wide Open 2016 I developed the installation for 2016. 'Winkel' is a middle eastern shop run by two Syrians from Aleppo. The installation is based on a photo I made in Damascus in 2008. The festival takes place at Vlieland, a small island in the north of the Netherlands, on September 1 until 4.   Film Jalan in Provinciehuis Limburg, Maastricht is part of the group show 'Naar mate de mens' in Provinciehuis Limburg in Maastricht. Opening June 9 at 6 PM. Open on weekdays till September 2.   Plastic Indonesia at group show in C&H Amsterdam Frans Oomen of presents works from his collection in the group show 'Radical Collecting' at Amsterdam. I exhibit limited editions of the readymades (2014 and 2016). Opening June 4 from 5 till 7 PM. Until July 30, Thursday till Saturday, 11 AM till 6 PM.   Film Jalan at Cityscapes Gallery Amsterdam is exhibited as installation at the group show 'Circular City' in Amsterdam. Opening June 25 from 5 till 7 PM. Until July 16. Open Thursday till Saturday, 1 till 5 PM.   New video installation in ZETA Gallery in Tirana On June 20 at 7 PM is the opening of the exhibition with outcomes of the in Tirana. I present a new video installation, titled 'At the corner', in ZETA Gallery. Until June 26. of the show.   Residence at Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art

In April-June 2016 I work as artist-in-residence at , Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art in Albania. I'm realizing the 2nd part of a series of four films about resourcefulness in urban public space. After realizing in Jogjakarta, the cities Tirana, Medellín and Johannesburg are following. The residence in Tirana is supported by . Read my .

  Film Jalan at Polis University in Tirana The film is screened after my artist talk at the faculty Arts & Design at the in Tirana on May 24 at 11 AM.   Solo exhibition Jejak in Erasmus Huis Jakarta

('Traces, hidden creativity in public space') uncovers traces of interventions within informal economies in public space. The exhibition consists of 87 photographs from around the world, the videos and Barbershop, the installation from Belgrade and ready mades from Jakarta. During the opening on March 17 I'll be interviewed by Reza Afisina, member of . Until April 26, 2016.

  Screening of the film Jalan in Jogjakarta itself - filmed in Jogjakarta between 2012 and 2015 - is shown at the on Friday February 5, 2016 at 7 PM. Before this Indonesian premiere there is a preview in the pendopo of our house in kampung Rogocolo on Sunday January 31 at 7 PM. More information soon.   Photos Campert for Letterkundig Museum Two photographs of Dutch writer Remco Campert are purchased by Letterkundig Museum Den Haag and   Film Jalan on show in CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam The film premieres as a video installation in in Amsterdam during the exhibition 'Meanwhile in Jogjakarta'. The opening takes place on November 5 at 5 PM. Until December 5, 2015.
  Exhibition 'Resources' in Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam

October 1 till 31 my exhibition 'Resources', curated by artist Jacqueline Verhaagen, takes place in in Amsterdam. All works in 'Resources' are about the use of cheap and re-used materials. It features the installation , photographs from my exhibition concluding the in Medellín, and a fragment from the new film .

  Indonesian videos at Read My World, Amsterdam Two excerpts from the film (2015) and the video documentation of my intervention (2014) are shown at the international literature festival , this edition focussing on South East Asia. Amsterdam, 1 until 3 October 2015.   Preview of film Jalan in Amsterdam Southeast

and present the preview of during Metro Movies 2015 at September 11. The film was made possible by ,  and Designer Teguh Hartanto and I created the website j.

  Video workshops Metro Movies Amsterdam In August 2015 I give video workshops at CBK in Heesterveld, assigned by in Amsterdam Southeast. The outcome, the community video 'Travel the city, travel Southeast', is screened at Metro Movies, September 11 under metro station Bullewijk.   Seminar 'Indonesia now' in Amsterdam I'm invited to be part of the panel 'Working in/with Indonesia' at the seminar 'Indonesia Now' in the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam on June 25. The day is organised by .   Group show Oét d'r Sjtub in Schunck Heerlen

March 7 till June 7, 2015 new work is part of the group show 'Oét d'r Sjtub' (Out of the dust) in in Heerlen. I present the neon light sculpture and the photo project . The show opens March 6 at 5 PM.

  Neon at Salon 2015 in Arti, Amsterdam My neon is part of Salon 2015 at , Amsterdam. Opening May 8 at 7 PM. Until May 31.   Video workshop for ARTMedia in Skopje March 10 till 16 I give a in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, assigned by ARTMedia and made possible by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Macedonia.   Filming Jalan in the streets of Jogjakarta Late 2014, early 2015 I film about ingenuity, recycling and resourcefulness in public space in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Thanks to and   Photograph AHORA-AQUI on block calender (Medellín, 2013) is my contribution to a full color block calender with works that reflect on the sentence 'I'm not doing anything until I feel the need'. A project by , exhibited in from on October 23 till November 28, 2014. Another show is in the in Amsterdam from November 7 till January 6, 2015.
  Photo series Movements in Het Domein, Sittard My series 'Movements' is selected for the  in Museum Het Domein in Sittard, Netherlands, curated by Erik de Jong. December 13, 2014 till January 4, 2015. The photo series is part of the project  (2012-2014) and in the collection of Provinciehuis Limburg.   Toko in De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015 A photograph of the intervention (Amsterdam, 2014) is published in . The calender is launched November 5, 2014 at Francis Boeske Projects in Amsterdam-Noord between 6 and 7.30 PM.
  Fragmented Narration in São Paulo and Medellín My photo work is part of the exhibition 'Fragmented Narration', curated by Sarojini Lewis, in Estúdio Lâmina in São Paulo and in Medellín. I show photographs from my residency at in Medellín. Opening in São Paulo: July 30, opening in Medellín: October 28, 2014.
  Videos at group show CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam

Videos from the research of are shown at 'Wanderlust', an exhibition curated by . Other artists are Yasser Ballemans, Wouter Klein Velderman, Charlotte Schleiffert, Lydia Schouten, Berend Strik, Jolijn de Wolf. , opening August 21, until October 18, 2014.

  Research trip to Napels September 10 till 18, 2014 I'm in Napels, Italy to do research for a future work period at , an artist-in-residence organized by curator Patricia Pulles.   Installation Rumah at metro station Amsterdam July 7 until August 29 I show ('House' in Bahasa Indonesia), an Indonesian interior in the underground gallery at metro station Weesperplein, Amsterdam. Inkijk is supported by GVB. The installation Rumah is part 2 of the series 'Plastic Indonesia'.
  Video at Power Station of Art in Shanghai The one minute version of the video  (Cuba, 2005) is selected for the exhibition of One Minute videos at the  in Shanghai. June 11 till July 13. The show celebrates The One Minutes 15th anniversary.
  Video IJstijd at Salon 2014 in Arti, Amsterdam My video 'IJstijd' (Albania, 2008) is part of Salon 2014 at the artist society , Amsterdam. The theme of this Salon is 'summer job' ('vakantiewerk'). June 27 until July 13.   ExchangeChangeWisselWechsel in Maastricht

In 2012-2013 I photographed people and places across the borders of the Meuse-Rhine Euro region, focusing on economic activities. Fellow artist created screen prints and I had another selection c-printed.
The exhibition takes place in Provinciehuis Maastricht from May 23 till July 4, 2014. Here is the of the opening. With the exhibition comes a catalogue and the website . Commissioned by Ad Himmelreich of .

  Intervention Toko at Rhizomatic Amsterdam

in Amsterdam-Noord, invited me for their residency .
Every Saturday in June 2014 I cycle through Noord with , my mobile shop with plastic products from Indonesia. A review in . At Rhizomatic I exhibit plastic items I bought in Cuba, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Serbia, to name a few countries.
Opening June 7 at 4 PM at Rhizomatic, Bussumstraat 58. June 14: Buikslotermeerplein. June 21: Waterlandplein. June 28: Mosplein. Toko is part 1 of the series 'Plastic Indonesia'.

  Moderator of an evening in Oude Kerk Amsterdam June 5 I'm the moderator of connected to the exhibition 'Superposition' at Momart in Amsterdam. Visual artists Austin Houldsworth, Paulien Oltheten, Ruth Legg, Naro Snackey present their work. Oude Kerk

, 8 till 10 PM.   Artist talk at the IVAA in Jogjakarta March 13 from 5 till 7 PM I give a talk about my life and work in Indonesia, the Netherlands and abroad at the in Jogjakarta.   Video Barbershop at Rotterdam VHS festival

is screened at Rotterdam VHS festival #18. I realized the video during my residency in Johannesburg in 2010 i.c.w. artist . November 22 at .

  Photos at Salon 2013 in Arti, Amsterdam I exhibit my photo series 'Custom' at Salon 2013 in , Amsterdam. Earlier this year I showed the series in Medellín during my . October 11 until 27.   Column in BK-info about residency in Medellín Dutch magazine for visual artists 2013-6 published a column about my artist-in-residence in Medellín, Colombia, in which I focus on the installation .   Balls and Girls at EVA Ontbloot in Vlissingen

A one minute version of the video is part of the exhibition EVA Ontbloot in Vlissingen. June 16 till August 11. All videos in the show are part of 'the one minutes series', a monthly DVD released by .

  40.000 Feet at Videowall Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

The one minute version of is part of a special selection of five 'moving photography one minutes' the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht made for the Videowall outside of their building. The videos are screened in June 2013, in the evening.

  City One Minutes Medellín in Colombo Americano

The exhibition of stills from the 'City One Minutes Medellín' in Centro Colombo Americano, Medellín is extended till June 28.
The screening of 'City One Minutes Medellín' took place on April 17. are video portraits of cities in 24 minutes. The project was part of my at El Puente_Lab and has been made possible by .

  Balls and Girls at Museum Moderne Kunst Arnhem

The video (2008) is exhibited at in MMKA, Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem. The exhibition is curated by Mirjam Westen. Participating artists: Melanie Bonajo, Louise Bourgeois, Ana Mendieta, Tracey Rose, Nancy Spero, Niki de Saint Phalle a.o. Opening March 2, 2013 at 3 PM. Till May 20.

  Artist-in-residence in Medellín, Colombia

November 2012 and February-April 2013 I work as artist-in-residence at , platform for artistic and cultural production in Medellín, Colombia. The residency is made possible by generous support of . Read about my time in Medellín: regularly I post photos and short stories on my .

  Exhibition in Casa Tres Patios Medellín

Part of my at El Puente_Lab in Medellín is the solo show in Casa Tres Patios, an art space in Prado. I exhibit old and new photos and short videos which have a relation with the installation I'm realizing at the riverbank: . Opening: April 5 at 7 pm. I give an artist talk on April 11 at 6 pm. The show lasts till April 19. More info on my .

  NEW!: photographs in OBA Amsterdam

In February-March 2013 I show 'NEW!', three panels with 36 photographs, in a group show in the public library OBA in Amsterdam. The show is curated by Jan van Goor of W1F Gallery. Opening February 7. Open daily from 10 am-10 pm, till April 1.

  Video Helm in &Foam Amsterdam

The video (2011) is selected for the 'fashion one minutes' exhibition in &Foam, the concept store of Foam at Vijzelstraat 78 in Amsterdam. Opening January 10, 2013 at 5.30 PM. Till March 17.

  Videos at urban screen CASZuidas Amsterdam

From 2010 till 2012 seven of my videos were part of the urban screen CASZuidas, Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas in Amsterdam. , , , , , and were selected by curator Jan Schuijren. CASZuidas ceased to exist.

  Video Aerobic in Kiosko Galeria Santa Cruz

My one minute video 'Aerobic' is selected for the videoooooh screening in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on December 5, 2012. The videoooooh exhibition took earlier place in London during the Olympics 2012.

  Video Dwelling during Impakt Utrecht

is screened at in Utrecht, one of the venues of the , October 24 till 28, 2012.

  Video Helm at BORN ELECTRIC exhibition

is selected for the show 'The One Minutes. BORN ELECTRIC' by curators Lucette ter Borg and Sacha Bronwasser of . October 11 till 24 at BMW Netherlands in Amsterdam.

  Oscarland and Bumbung in &Foam Amsterdam

(Brazil, 2006) and 'Bumbung' (Indonesia, 2012) are selected for the 'design one minutes' exhibition in &Foam in Amsterdam. July 19 till October 21.

  Helm screened in EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam

My video is selected for the series 'Modern Times–episode 1: Knots and Networks' by curators Sacha Bronwasser and Lucette ter Borg of . EYE Film Institute, October 18, 9.15 PM. 

  Balkans in the Polder at Tirana Architecture Week

The study group and are invited to come to Tirana, Albania to give a workshop at the . October 6 till 9, 2012.

  Helm at Car Art and Toronto Urban Film Festival

My video (Indonesia, 2011) is selected for two festivals that take place in September 2012: in Delft, the Netherlands, September 8 till 9, and (TUFF) in Canada, September 7 till 17.

  Documentation of Re-set installation in Venice August 25 till 30 I'm in Venice to film the moving installation Re-set for the Netherlands Architecture Institute. , a work by Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse, is the Dutch contribution to the .   Video Aerobic at videooooo in London My video Aerobic (Indonesia, 2012) is selected for the exhibition in London, adorning the start of the Olympic Games. Slade Research Centre, July 24 till August 3, 2012.   Visual essay in book Balkans in the Polder

June 2012 the study group 'Balkans in the Polder' presents a book about bottom-up urban planning. I present a 31-page with photos of situations in public space in the Balkans and The Hague. The publication is a result of the 2010 research trip of the former Fonds BKVB, now Mondriaan Fund.

  Research experimental documentary in Jogjakarta

May-June 2012 I'm based in Jogjakarta for the research of the experimental documentary about resourcefulness and ingenuity on the streets of the city. The research is supported by . Back in Amsterdam I will write the script assisted by fellow artists and .

  Video Helm nominated for One Minute Award (Indonesia, 2011) is nominated for a One Minute Award in the category Observation. The awards show takes place in De Balie in Amsterdam. April 27, 8 PM.   Installation Palm Tree at square in Amsterdam

Commissioned by I realized the installation on the square in front of the CBK building in Amsterdam Southeast. Art critic Sacha Bronwasser introduced the work during the inauguration on September 10. The work is exhibited until mid April 2012.

  Show with Teguh Hartanto in Erasmus Huis Jakarta In the exhibition 'I & I' and I present 25 screenprints of mixed couples living in Indonesia. 'I & I' takes place in at the Dutch embassy in Jakarta and is curated by Ton van Zeeland. Opening February 15, 2012. Till March 9.   Video My President at Ciné Privé in Ghent

, (South Africa, 2010) is exhibited at in Ghent, Belgium on February 16 till 18, 2012. The video is part of the City One Minutes Johannesburg.

  Neon Li(e)ve back in De Brakke Grond Amsterdam

After five years the neon work is back in in Amsterdam. From August till December 2011 the installation functions as a meeting point in the hall of the cultural centre.

  Exhibition about art & money at CBK Utrecht

In the exhibition , curated by Elias Tieleman, artists express their opinion on the topic art & money and reveal inside information. CBK Utrecht, October 20 till November 20.

  Expert meeting Balkans in the Polder in The Hague

October 23 till 26, 2011 the study group 'Balkans in the Polder' organizes in The Hague the about bottom-up urban planning, one of the outcomes of the research trip organized by Fonds BKVB in 2010. .

  Videos at photofestival Noorderlicht Groningen 'City One Minutes the Movie' is screened at in Groningen from September 11 till October 9, 2011. The videos I made and curated for in Amman, Buenos Aires, Port-au-Prince and Rio de Janeiro are part of the movie.
  Dwelling awarded at Toronto Urban Film Festival

My video has been awarded an Honourable Mention by guest judge Atom Egoyan at TUFF, the Toronto Urban Film Festival, from September 9 till 18. TUFF is seen by an audience of over 1.3 million daily commuters on the subway platforms of Toronto's transit system.

  New work in De Aanschouw in Rotterdam Friday September 2 the Indonesian artist and I present a new work in in Rotterdam. Opening 8.30 PM. Lasts one week only, till September 9.
  Balls and Girls in StudioArte, Bucharest The video is screened in artist run space StudioArte in Bucharest, Romania. June 10.   Video Joburg Art Fair at ONE SHOT in Yerevan My video 'Joburg Art Fair' is part of ONE SHOT, International Short Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. May 17 till 24.
  Video at Langgeng Art Foundation Jogjakarta

The video is part of Selametan Digital at in Jogjakarta, an all night long show with video and media arts. May 12, 4 PM till 4 AM. Other artists include Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys, OK Video Militia and Sara Nuytemans.

  City One Minutes in new museum STAM in Ghent Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro are three of the twenty cities in the installation in museum STAM. The videos are made by local artists and filmmakers and myself. It is part of the opening show of the museum in Ghent, Belgium. October 9, 2010 till May 1, 2011.   Videos from South Africa nominated in Ghent

and Steel Wool (South Africa, 2010) are nominated for the . April 30 at Cinema Sphinx in Ghent, Belgium. The videos are part of the .

  Works at The First Sandberg Alumni Exhibition At 'Double Work - The First Sandberg Alumni Exhibition' I show I realized during the residency in Amman in 2008, and the video (Cuba, 2005). March 20 till April 10. KunstKapel, Amsterdam. Opening March 20 at 4PM.   Video Joburg Art Fair nominated for Award

My one minute video Joburg Art Fair, part of , is nominated for a One Minute Award in the category Fairground Attraction by jury member Arjanne Laan of Willem de Kooning Academy. The One Minutes Awards takes place in EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. March 17, 7 PM.

  Workshop Breaking into the Museum in Paris March 8 and 9 I'm advising about running the video workshop 'Breaking into the Museum' for .   Exhibition at Papa Adama Gallery in Amsterdam

December 23 opens my exhibition in in Amsterdam. All works are made in Africa or have a relation with the African diaspora. Until January 31, 2011.

  Video in Salon in Museum Het Domein, Sittard

is part of the in Museum Het Domein in Sittard, the Netherlands. The Salon is curated by Ad Himmelreich and takes place from December 18, 2010 until January 9, 2011.

  Video workshops for Unicef in Skopje

November 8 till 18 I give two in Skopje, Macedonia. Assigned by The One Minutes and Unicef.

  City One Minutes Port-au-Prince in Brussels

Port-au-Prince is one of the selected cities at an exhibition in Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Belgium. I.c.w. . Opening October 6 at 7 PM. Till November 6, 2010.

  City One Minutes at World Expo Shanghai videos made by me and my colleagues in Amman, Amsterdam, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Havana, Lisbon, Port-au-Prince and Rio de Janeiro are part of the in Shanghai. May 1 till October 31, 2010.   Gold digger in Joburg, exhibition South Africa House

'Gold digger in Joburg', my exhibition in South Africa House in Amsterdam, shows works I realized during my residence at in Johannesburg. Finissage on the last day of the show: Friday October 22, from 4 till 6 PM. The article 'Shebeen Queen and Gold Digger' is published in .

  Europe in 17 days, a research trip of Fonds BKVB

October 1 till 17 I participate in the research trip A group of twenty artists, architects, designers and writers investigates transformations of "secondary cities" in North-England (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds), the Balkan (Tirana, Skopje, Prishtina), Spanish Basque Country (Bilbao, Vitoria) and Marseille. The trip is organized and funded by Fonds BKVB.

  Installation Hounek & Houne in Beek, Limburg

Sunday July 4 the light sculptures of the Arabic words & 'Houne' are exhibited in the garden of the R.C. church St. Martinus in my birth place Beek, Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands.

  Talk about Joburg in De Verdieping, Amsterdam June 16 I talk about my experiences in Joburg at 'Shadow Cities' in , after the screening of the documentary 'Stayin' Alive in Jo'burg'. The evening starts at 8.30 PM.   Exhibition of The Colony in Kunsthuis SYB Former students of the establish a fictitious colony of artists in in Beetsterzwaag. I am part of from May 30 till June 6. I present a collaboration with . The exhibition is open on June 6, 12 and 13.   Video Zumzuma screened in Heerlen The video 'Zumzuma' (South Africa, 2010) with a soundtrack of is screened in public space in Heerlen on May 27 thanks to .   One Minute-One Shot videos in Yerevan The videos (Albania, 2008) and (South Africa, 2010) are screened at One Minute-One Shot at , the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, May 17 till 24 in Yerevan.   Installation at Kunstvlaai / Art Pie 2010 Amsterdam With my colleagues of I curated video works for the installation '16 Quadratmeter Europa Neurotisch' at in Amsterdam. Opening May 15 at 4 PM. Open daily until May 23 from 12-6 PM.   Works at Erotomania in Philadelphia

The video and the photo are exhibited at Erotomania, an International Display of Erotica, at the Candycoated Center in Philadelphia. March 26 till May 22.

  Workshop Breaking into the Museum in London May 5 till 7 I'm advising the U.K. facilitators of the video workshop 'Breaking into the Museum'. The project takes place in the Museum of the City of London.   Artist-in-residence and exhibition in Johannesburg

in Johannesburg, South Africa, invited me for an artist-in-residence from January till April, 2010. On a regular basis I publish about my experiences on . The outcomes of the residence are exhibited in the show 'Losing Virginity'. Opening March 24, 5.30 PM. Till March 31. The residence is made possible by the National Arts Council South Africa and The One Minutes.

  City One Minutes Johannesburg Together with local artists and filmmakers I realized . March 31 at 7.30 PM in The Bag Factory.   Silkscreen part of show at Joburg Art Fair In Johannesburg a small edition of has been realized. The work is exhibited at 'Losing Virginity' in The Bag Factory. March 24 till 31. It's also part of Artist Proof Studios' booth at the in Sandton Convention Centre. March 26 till 28.   Video Oscarland nominated for award in Shanghai The one minute version of (Brazil, 2006) is nominated for a One Minute award in the category America at in Shanghai. Dutch Culture Center, March 19.   Video workshop for Unicef in Kampala February 15 till 19 I give a in Kampala, Uganda. Assigned by The One Minutes Foundation and Unicef. Presentation of the videos made by 18 Ugandan teenagers will be Friday 19th at 6 PM in the Ugandan National Theatre. The videos are .
  Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires on Holland Doc Two interviews about video projects I did in South America are published on Holland Doc. I spoke with Annegriet Wijchers about City One Minutes and . Also in .
  Videos at 10 years of One Minutes, Amersfoort and are part of the exhibition in KAdE, Amersfoort. Opening November 27, runs till February 14, 2010.
  Video Balls and Girls screened at CBKU Utrecht The video is screened during 'Scotty, What About The Beamer?' on January 28, one of the opening nights of the renovated CBKU in Utrecht.   Video Scraping at Going DUTCH, New York City

is selected for the Dutch One Minutes exhibition in New York. This exhibition is part of and shows the best One Minutes of the past 10 years. Aperture Building, 547 W 27th st. Lasts until December 12. I'm in NYC November 13-16.

  Grand Finale Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam On December 12, 2009 the Grand Finale of in Amsterdam takes place. We need to close our space in 2010. Grand Finale line-up: Performance Bas van Koolwijk, DJ Miss Beatz loves music, DJ Hakki Takki a.o.
The invitations of the shows in our artspace will be showcased in the 2010.   Installation 40,000 Feet in the Icebox, Philadelphia

Contemporary art space in Philadelphia, invited me to represent the first international exhibitor to incorporate their new video system in the Icebox with the video-installation .
Next to this the video is playing in the lobby of Crane.
November 11 till 29. Reception on November 18, 6-9 PM.
I'm in Philadelphia November 8-13 and 17-19.

  Videos at VIBA festival in Buenos Aires and are screened at - Video arte Internacional Buenos Aires - at , an alternative art space that focuses on presenting video art, 24 hours a day, in Palermo Hollywood. November 27 till 29.   Interventions at Nieuwe Grond Utrecht November 20 till 22 I'm part of , a symposium where Dutch artists intervene public space in the city of Utrecht.   I should not complain-tiles in Tokyo The tiles with the text are translated into English and Japanese for the show of the in Treasure Hunting – Humanitas versus Vanitas, in gallery Le Bain, Tokyo, October 26 till November 6.
  There and Here at Polderlicht, Amsterdam The installations There and Here, made during the in Amman, are part of , an exhibition of sound and light art in public space. October 23 till 25 in Amsterdam, from 7 PM till midnight.
  Videos at FICIFF in La Plata The videos of City One Minutes Buenos Aires and two videos I shot in Beijing are shown at , el Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata, Argentina. October 17 till 25.   Videoworkshops Stranger en Stedelijk In October I give videoworkshops at and in Amsterdam.   A case about The One Minutes at expert meeting I present a case about The One Minutes in a workshop by art critic Tineke Reijnders at the expert meeting about "non-western art". October 22 in Afrika Museum, Berg&Dal.   City One Minutes in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires August 20 till September 28 I'm in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires for , made possible by foundation. In City One Minutes artists portray cities in 24 minutes. Each minute represents an hour of the day. Portraits of 120 cities from all over the world are exhibited at the World Expo in Shanghai 2010.
I'm back in the Netherlands on October 2, after a quick visit to São Paulo on the way back. Follow my trip on .   Lieve exhibited at PYMK / People You May Know Joke Ballintijn from NIMk invited me to show the neon at PYMK, a group show with Cyrus Frisch, Nicolas Provost, Kurt D'Haeseleer, Aryan Kaganof, Hester Scheurwater, Niels Post a.o. in in Groede. August 29 till October 17.
  Final design fountain Public Library Amsterdam Before I left to South-America I was working on the final design of a for the square in front of the Public Library () in Amsterdam. More info and pictures soon.
  Hounek (There) on roof Servicegarage The installation , There in Arabic, is on the roof of in Amsterdam until early October. It was part of the show Quantumvis 5.
  Interviews on Holland Doc Recently two interviews have been published on Holland Doc. Corinne van Egeraat interviewed me for about traveling and living abroad a lot. With Hansje van Etten I spoke about my work in Port-au-Prince: in / in .
  Videozomer in Petersburg Project Space From July 4 until September 11, 2008 shows video works from several artists. My video is part of the line-up and is screened from August 15 till 21.
  Two videos at Rotterdam VHS festival

My short videos and are part of the upcoming . August 15, 9 PM at Kunst & Complex, Keileweg 26, Rotterdam.

  Workshop in Belgrade

I'm invited to run a from July 31 till August 4 in Belgrade for young people to raise awareness about environmental issues through art and media, assisted by . The outcome will be presented at the , led by Miomir Rajcevic.

  Column in BK-informatie For the 2009-5 issue , a Dutch magazine for visual artists, invited me to write a column about my residence in Amman, Jordan. You can read it (in Dutch).   Videos at La Biennale di Venezia Some videos I made are part of two projects of The One Minutes Foundation at . I contributed to the Amman, Amsterdam and Beijing and to the One Minutes Syria. The show is from June 4 till July 19.   My work is part of Quantum Vîs 5 and Here, installations made during the in Amman, are part of the groupshow Quantum Vîs 5 in , Amsterdam. The show opens on June 27 and lasts till July 19.
  Embedded, a video shot in Haïti at OOG June 23 till 29 the new video 'Embedded' is launched at the online platform for artists of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. In the video I go on the road with in Port-au-Prince.   City One Minutes in Port-au-Prince May 20 till June 6 I run Port-au-Prince, Haïti, made possible by foundation . I publish photos at when working there.
We wrap up the project with a screening on Friday June 5 at 8PM at my suite in the Oloffson hotel. Bienvenue!
  The design of a fountain in Amsterdam I am assigned to design a fountain for the square in front of the Public Library () in Amsterdam by the director of the OBA, mr. Hans van Velzen. The outlines were finished in May 2009. To be continued!
  Video Crossing in Yerevan, Armenia (Egypt, 2005) is part of the festival One Minute-One Shot, organized by , the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, May 17 till 24, 2009 in Yerevan.   Exhibition THERE, part 2 in Amsterdam deals with (im)mobility in the Middle East and contains works from artists from the Middle East -whom I got to know during my in Amman- and myself. Opening April 25, 2009 in Petersburg Project Space from 8 PM on. Until May 16.   Video The city sounds in Chicago (Netherlands, 2005) is selected for Rotterdam VHS Festival at in Chicago. April 29, 2009, 8:15 PM.   Entrance gate for playground De Waag Amsterdam I designed an entrance gate based on kids' drawings for playground De Waag in Amsterdam, commissioned by IJsterk. The by alderman Codrington takes place on March 21, 2009 at 3.30 PM. Made possible by   Video Scraping in the final ten of Belgian Open (China, 2008) is in the final ten of the category Documentary of the festival Belgian Open. Cinema Sphinx in Ghent, Belgium, March 12, 2009.   The One Minutes workshop in Cairo March 4 till 8, 2009 I give a in Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt. Assigned by the European Cultural Foundation and The One Minutes.   Artist-in-residence at Makan House in Amman December 3, 2008 until March 2, 2009 I'm artist-in-residence at art space in Amman, Jordan, made possible by the Dutch foundation . The outcome of my residence is the solo exhibition . The opening takes place on February 22 at 6.30 PM. Till March 5, 2009.   On the road with Su, a travelogue On a daily basis I post photos and short stories on during my residency in Amman, and my travels in Middle East. The project 'On the road with Su, a travelogue' is initiated and assigned by .   Video portrait City One Minutes in Amman Together with 19 local participants I realized a video portrait of the city, , during my artist-in-residence at Makan House.   Video message from Amman part of Grenzeloos On Sunday January 25, 2009 I participate in the program 'Grenzeloos' at i.c.w. with a video message about 'The traveling artist' from Amman, Jordan.    Work at Salon in Museum Het Domein, Sittard and are selected for the biennal in Museum Het Domein in Sittard, Netherlands. The show takes place from December 14, 2008 until January 4, 2009.   Video Balls and Girls exhibited in Bucharest For the international feminist art exhibition in Bucharest, Romania, I produced a video about courage: . Opening November 13, 2008. Until December 13.   Nominated videos at The One Minutes 2008 (China, 2008) and (China, 2008) are both nominated for a award by jury members Mieke Bernink and Hansje van Etten. The Award Show 2008 takes place at Paradiso, Amsterdam on November 30.   BOOM, a contribution to the platform OOG In the week of November 18 until 24, 2008 I contribute with my new video BOOM (Netherlands, 2008) to , the online platform for artists of the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.   Short residency at Noordgevoel in Amsterdam I was invited to do a residency of one week in Amsterdam-Noord within the project , October 31 till November 7.   Duoshow ''2'' by Ronald Nijhof and Su Tomesen In "2" and I show new work in , Amsterdam. I present the site-specific installation . "2" opens October 4 at 8 PM till midnight. Until October 18.   Video workshops assigned by Manifesta Before and after my holiday in Albania I give Lisbon, London and Paris for .   Video IJstijd at group show Gegarandeerdt is a group show in the Westerunie in Amsterdam. I'm showing my new video IJstijd (Albania, 2008). August 30 and September 1, from 3 till 7 PM.   Photos in De Volkskrant China special in Beijing accompanying an article of art critic Sacha Bronwasser are in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant of August 2, 2008.   Video Police in Petersburg Project Space (China, 2008) is exhibited in in Amsterdam. July 12 till 25, from sunset till 1 AM.   Videos in Today Art Museum in Beijing

(Albania, 2007) and (Egypt, 2005) are part of the World One Minutes show in in Beijing, China. June 6 till 28, 2008. After Beijing the exhibition travels in 2008 and 2009 to Prato, Brussels, Lisbon, Paramaribo, São Paulo, Cape Town and Cairo.

  New work in Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag Artist invited me to come to in the Frisian village Beetsterzwaag from June 9 till 15, 2008. The instruction was to arrive without a plan. The outcome of my residency is .   The One Minutes workshop in Sarajevo May 11 till 17, 2008 I give a in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Assigned by The One Minutes foundation and Unicef.   Chinese wall: intervention at Kunstvlaai 7 is an intervention and happening during the opening of . My work is part of the program of . May 10, 2008, 5 till 6 PM.   LIFT, a proposal for Zuidas Amsterdam is my proposal for an installation in the Zuidas area, assigned by (VMZ). April 18, 2008 I take the Board of VMZ in a boom lift, to make them experience my proposal.   Video-installation Oscarland in NAi Rotterdam (Brazil, 2006) is exhibited at in the (NAi) in Rotterdam. March 11 until April 27, 2008.   New work 40,000 Feet in Club 11 Amsterdam , a video-installation for 12 video screens in in Amsterdam is shown daily from 8 till 9 PM. March 7 until April 25, 2008.   Documentary public library Amsterdam Excerpts of my documentary (Netherlands 2005-2007) are part of the exhibition about Dutch architect Jo Coenen. February 16 until April 20, 2008 in exhibition space.   Video at Rotterdam VHS Festival #14 The video (Netherlands, 2005) is selected for the Rotterdam on March 14, 2008. Screening starts 9 PM. Damage € 2.   Godot in Cuba on dvd Capricious and in NYC

(Cuba, 2005) is part of 'Screen Capricious', a collection of short films published on dvd by magazine. On February 24, 2008 a screening of the dvd takes place in the gallery, 103 Broadway, Brooklyn, NYC.

  Shabera night in Mediamatic Amsterdam February 15, 2008 I present of inventions from around the world and show the video 'Convenience' during the at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. From 7 PM till late.   Video Godot in Cuba at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (Cuba, 2005) is exhibited at the Videowall of . A re-edit of the video-installation is projected on four large windows at the ground floor. from January 3 till  29, 2008, after sunset till 1 AM.   Lieve and Parade in Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam The neon sculpture and the video are exhibited at the 'New Members Exhibition' of artists' society in Amsterdam. Opening: January 11, 2008.  Till January 27.   M a s t e r ! After finishing my thesis 'The Traveling Artist' I graduated from the Sandberg Institute. I'm a Master of Fine Arts now. Read the (in Dutch) of my advisor, the art critic Tineke Reijnders.   Video Mercedes Benz nominated for award (Albania, 2007) is nominated for a One Minute award. The awards ceremony takes place in Miry theatre in Ghent, Belgium on November 10, 2007.   Video Crossing in Brakke Grond Amsterdam (Egypt, 2005) is part of The One Minutes at Club Voyeur in in Amsterdam, November 29, 2007 at 8.30 PM.   Installation Color Bar in Amsterdam and Utrecht

(Serbia, 2007) is exhibited at the Salon 2007 in , Amsterdam, from October 19 till November 4. After the show it is installed in the window of in Utrecht. Opening November 9, until half of December 2007.

  Video Parade in Andy's 15 Minutes of Fame Gallery In the Museumnacht on November 3, 2007 (Netherlands, 2007) is part of in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.   Video Parallel in De Balie, Amsterdam (Netherlands, 2003) is screened in the program in De Balie, Amsterdam, on October 19, 2007.   The One Minutes in Amman and Barcelona

September 2007 I'm in Amman, Jordan and Barcelona, Spain to give One Minute video . The videos are .

  Tile 'Ik mag niet klagen' in Burenwinkel A tile with the text (I shouldn't complain) is for sale in the mobile store , a work by Martijn Engelbregt. The tile comes in three languages: Dutch, Turkish and Arabic.   Video at Nachtkracht party and Supperclub I show the video (Cuba, 2005) at a Nachtkracht party, June 16 at BG in Post CS building, Amsterdam. It is also screened at the Andy Warhol Factory Nights in in July and August 2007.   Works at Architecture Biennale Rotterdam I show a sculpture and One Minute videos about Amsterdam at the . The works are part of the Gesamtkunstwerk 'Destination AMS', assigned by the City of Amsterdam and designed by KossmannDeJong. Kunsthal Rotterdam. Opening May 24, 2007. Until September 2.   Video Underground in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Japan, 2003) is screened at the experimental art festival in Israel. May 9, 2007 in Tel Aviv, June 18 in Jerusalem.   Research trip to Azerbaijan, Iran and Armenia

Late April and early May 2007 I join the annual research trip of the in Amsterdam. 44 participants explore Azerbaijan, North-Iran and Armenia in only 12 days. Check the

  Group show in W139/Basement Amsterdam

The light sculpture and the installation are exhibited at the group exhibition 'One; & the other painting' in in Amsterdam. Opening April 7, 2007. The show closes with an auction from 3 till 5 PM on April 29.

  Exhibitions of the video-installation Oscarland

Early 2007 the video-installation (Brazil, 2006) is exhibited at various places in the Netherlands:
January 11 till February 21 the complete work has its premiere in , Utrecht /// February 23 I talk about it in , Amsterdam during the program 'On The Road' /// March 9 the helicopter-video is projected at in BG, Amsterdam /// April 20 till 22 the polaroid-video is part of the group show 'S5' in Scheltema i.c.w. Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. Other artists in 'S5' are Joost Conijn, Chris Keulemans, Remy Jungerman and Philippe Pareno/Douglas Gordon.

  Su at Radio Rietveld in Stedelijk Museum

March 8 from 5 till 6 PM via 105.6 FM or . Host Jakob Proyer and I talk about the audiotracks of some of my videos in the Radio Rietveld studio at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam during the exhibition . Tune in.

  The One Minutes workshop in Beirut

In November 2006 I'm in Lebanon to give a video workshop in Beirut. Earlier 2006 I was teaching in Bulgaria and Ireland. The videos made during these workshops are .

  Tourist-terrorist in Amsterdam and Istanbul The video (Egypt, 2005) is part of the film program of the exhibition 'The Summer Collection' in in Amsterdam. Till August 27. The video is also screened at the Akbank festival from December 9 till 19, 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey.   Video Godot in Cuba in Groningen A single screen version of (Cuba, 2005) is screened in public space in Groningen during 'Wildbeaming' of , exhibition space for young artists. The interventions last from September 25 till October 7, 2006.   Business and pleasure in Brazil In October 2006 I'm in Brazil. I visit the Bienal de São Paulo, give a presentation about The One Minutes, make for De Volkskrant and shoot a video in a.o. Brasilia for the new video-installation .   Residency Het Mobiele Atelier in Apeldoorn Summer 2006 I join the artist-in-residence program at the main taxoffice in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I will present the outcome, my new video on September 27th at 3.30 PM in the grand café of the taxoffice.   Video-installation Godot in Cuba at Lowlands The video-installation (Cuba, 2005) is projected at eight screens of the . Every night at Lowlands festival, August 18 till 20, 2006 9.30 PM till 3 AM.   Neon Lieve in Brakke Grond Amsterdam June 7 till 10, 2006, 12 AM till 11 PM: groupshow in Flemish Culture Centre , Amsterdam, with Flemish and Dutch artists, curated by Fleurie Kloostra. I have a new piece: the neon sculpture .   Performance and installation WAS at De Witte Lijn

The performance and installation is part of the exhibition in De Baarsjes, Amsterdam. The performance, which lasts six hours, takes place in the Marco Polostraat. June 3, 2006, in the afternoon.

  Kunstvlaai 6 in Amsterdam Come and eat, but make sure you take off your shoes before stepping on the flag! I'll throw a at Saturday May 6, 2006, during the opening of the Kunstvlaai in Westerpark, Amsterdam.   Intervention in Havana, Cuba I'm in Cuba from March 21 till 29, 2006. I visit and will do an intervention there, similar to .  


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