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From the Desk of
Peter Thiselton-Dyer
Photographer, Parent

Dear Parents/Teachers/Grandparents,

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a child taking your first picture? Or getting your first camera? If you're like me, your earliest memory of photography instruction from Mum and Dad amounted to something like:
"Don't waste the film!"

Film is expensive and developing it isn't any less so. But while saving a lot of money, this advice doesn't do much in the way of helping a child learn the joy and skill of photography. Thanks to digital cameras, photography is much more inviting and easier to learn.

What does Photography offer kids?

New Perspectives

Encourages closer looks and whole new ways of looking at things.

Decision Making Skills

Before taking a picture, we ask questions like...What's the main subject here? What part should I focus on? What angle do I want? What do I want this photo to tell others about how I see this subject?

Art & Science Appreciation

Photography is both art and science. As an art, photography is a marvelous tool of creative, self-expression.

And as photojournalists know, a photograph can open a person's mind or even change it. Photography communicates.

But it also is a wonderful technical tool, teaching lessons in science (light, math, etc.) and computer skills.


Besides the confidence gained from mastering a new skill and creative expression, learning to take good pictures can also do wonders for children who are shy because photography is one of those skills that makes it easier to take part in activities that otherwise might leave a shy child hiding in the background.

For example... A teacher might appoint the young photographer to take pictures at a classroom party. An older child may find taking pictures for the school paper is fun and that "hiding behind the camera" makes it so much easier to get to know others.

This focus on others can do a lot for removing self-consciousness and improving confidence.

As skills increase, others will want your child to take their pictures, or pictures of their pets, their hobbies, sports events, etc. This is an excellent way to make friends - and get lots of interesting and fun pictures!

Pride & Satisfaction

Imagine a child's satisfaction and pride in seeing how his or her pictures affect others!

For example, landscape and vacation photos can transport the viewer to another time and place, a beautiful or silly picture can uplift a mood, and a nice portrait can boost confidence.

Consumer Education/A Critical Eye

Becoming a photographer rather than just the passive viewer helps kids better understand the advertising images they're bombarded with every day.

It helps them to see how photographs can evoke emotion and persuade, meaning they can develop a more critical eye, seeing the actual photography rather than being bowled over by the underlying sales message.


But most of all, photography, especially digital photography, is just plain fun.

Whether your child hasn't yet taken his first picture or she's a young enthusiast always on the lookout for new equipment, there are skills to learn that can make this an enjoyable and captivating hobby.

A child hooked on photography is a child who rarely says "There's nothing to do." Armed with skills, a digital camera and charged batteries, there's always something to do – rain or shine (and believe me, my boys and I get plenty of rain in Worcestershire, England.)

How to Teach Kids Photography

The best way to teach photography to children is with hands on lessons. Sitting down to read a complicated manual or long winded book can be boring and confusing.

On the other hand, some sort of visual (text and picture) instruction is usually needed. Even where the parent is a photo geek like me and can teach the skills, kids like to be able to refer to something quickly when they have a question or want to learn something the parent doesn't know how to explain in a way that's easily understood.

This instruction shouldn't talk down to them or oversimplify (as many how-to books for kids are prone to do).

And a good photography course shouldn't be filled with a disproportionate amount of photo craft activities that lack in basic photography instruction (as many do). Unlike us grownups, kids can grasp new subjects like photography fairly easy, given the right kind of instruction.


Digital Photography for Kids!

A Step-by-Step Illustrated eBook Course

We created this downloadable, interactive guide with children ages 8 through 12 in mind; however, it is fitting instruction for anyone at the beginner level. Younger children, depending on reading skills, may need assistance. The eBook includes:

  • Over 75 pages of instruction, each one illustrated with kid-friendly photos that provide encouraging and fun examples.
  • Easy to understand lessons, interjected with humor and created by a photographer with the of a former school teacher.
  • Organized with easily distractible children in mind.
  • Links within the lessons to educational and family-friendly, photography Websites that provide additional information and resources (not affiliate products, but just plain useful and interesting information) for children who want to learn more.

Meet the Author...

Peter Thiselton-Dyer is a professional photographer who lives near the scenic Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, England where he is inch-by-inch losing living space to an increasing collection of SLRs, compacts, tripods, lenses, studio umbrellas, backdrops and the like.

Photography has been part of Peter's life for over three decades; but it was homeschooling his sons, 10-year-old Edward and 9-year-old Thomas, that inspired him to create this eBook course for kids.

Peter has been commissioned for all sorts of photography jobs, ranging from equestrian to weddings. He is well traveled and graduated with honors from Southampton University.

And the Editor

Cindy Blankenship is an award-winning journalist (Oregon Publisher's Association) and former public school teacher with a degree in education from Southern Oregon University.

She lives in Ashland, Oregon and Kea`au, Hawaii where she homeschools her youngest child, works full-time as a freelance writer and enjoys photographing pets, nature and people.
Cindy's photos have appeared with her feature articles in regional travel magazines and newspapers and are downloaded from stock photo sites.

What Exactly You Get in this Course

Below is an outline of what young readers of Photography for Kids can learn. And it doesn't matter if your child is 8 or 12, tech oriented or artsy, just wants to take pictures of friends or has a keen interest in photography. Parents interested in photography but scared off by overly technical books can learn how to take great pictures here too!

Part 1: The Basics

  • Painting with Light (the role of light in photography, a little history and an intro to a really cool form photography.
  • The Exposure Triangle: depth of field, aperture, shutter speed
  • Composing the Shot
  • Meet Your Camera (what parts do what and how to take care of them)
  • Types of digital cameras and accessories

Part 2 : Applications

People Pictures

  • Portraits (silly and formal)
  • Lighting (no off-camera flash required)
  • Shooting in No-Flash Zones
  • Family Portraits
  • Photojournalism (street photography)

Things that Glow in the Night

  • On-camera Flash
  • Candles (includes how to take those challenging pictures of candlelit birthday cake ceremonies)
  • Night Portrait
  • Fireworks
  • Holidays

Sports Photography

  • Where to focus in a game for the most exciting pictures
  • How to pan just like a pro
  • Freeze!
  • Blurring on purpose - a cool way to show movement
  • Tips from professional sport photographers

Photographing Pets

  • Professional pet photographers' secrets
  • Why most pet photos often blur and how to prevent this
  • Putting your pet in the best light (special tips for dark and very light fur)
  • Focusing
  • Angle
  • Capturing your Pet's Personality
  • Background Counts

Wild & Wooly

  • How the Pros Photograph Wildlife
  • In your Backyard
  • Safety First
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Sanctuaries & Zoos


  • How to use light and shadows
  • Composition Tips
  • Secrets of Great Sunset Shots
  • Shooting Urban Landscapes
  • Winter Wonderlands
  • Beaches without glare

Flower Power

  • Picture Perfect Flowers
  • Angle & Light
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Going Macro (how to get fantastic close-ups of anything)

Vacation Photos

  • Adding Drama
  • Clutter Clean-up
  • Photographing the Locals (etiquette and more)
  • Candid or Posed?
  • Telling your vacation story through photos
  • Logistics (what to bring)

The Digital Darkroom

  • Upload to your Computer and Getting Organized
  • Edit & Manipulate your Photos (includes intros to these techniques - from cropping to special effects - and links to the most popular photo editing software from basic to advanced, including free downloads.)
  • Share your Photos: (printing, photo sharing sites, preparing photos for email, and photo crafts & gift ideas.
  • Explore
  • Photography Careers

Here's what our first readers are saying about this brand new book...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book with all the practical and useful information for assisting not only kids, but any enthusiastic budding photographer. It is jam packed full of great ideas to help make photography more interesting with neat tricks to capture those memorable shots from family occasions, night scenes or sporting activities, all the way to landscapes and portraits.

Ross Linfoot , North Carolina
Photographer, father of three

As a photographer I found this ebook to be very accurate in it's information. The images used to display the meaning behind each segment were very helpful to give a better idea of the information being spoken of. Also being a mother to a 13-year-old who wishes to also follow her mother's footsteps, I am thrilled to be able to have this ebook as a learning tool for her.

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this ebook.

SJ Gowdy
Jackson, Michigan

This book is great for any beginning photographer. I read it over and will be working through it with my 9 yr old. He loves to take pictures. But there is a lot he needs to learn. I think this will help him compose a picture much better. Then he can learn how to use all the different settings on the camera to take better quality photos. Who knows, maybe he'll get better than me. I have learned something from it as well. I like how it uses easy to understand language.

Thanks for the book,
Melissa Buckler, Corpus Christi, Texas

This eBook is available in PDF, the most popular of formats. Adobe Reader is required to read the PDF, and most computers have this. You can download it for free at .

Why is Photography for Kids in eBook format?

An eBook, unlike a printed book, offers certain advantages (besides being available immediately and saving you money).

Interactivity.This is just not possible in print. Photography for Kids includes clickable links that connect your child instantly to valuable information. In the case of this book, none of our links lead to affiliate products or for that matter any type of sales page. If your child wants to go deeper into a topic or check out free software, it's just a click away.

Also, your child may choose to use the Comments tool in the Adobe PDF to highlight and add notes to the book that he or she can later edit or delete.

Portability.Pages can be printed and placed in a pocket for quick reference.

Additionally many PDAs or hand held computers allow you to upload a PDF (such as this eBook). In this case, bringing the book on photo shoots or just to read away from the computer is as easy as packing a cell phone or iPod. Many people now use these to even download eBooks from libraries – very convenient and eco-friendly.

Searchability.Not many children will take the time to use indexes and glossaries in printed books, but looking up definitions and words in an eBook is as easy as hitting Ctrl F (just like on a Website) or using Adobe Reader's search tool and typing in the search term.

Give Your Child the Gift of Photography
Open a New Door to

Creative Expression, New Perspectives,
Artistic Achievement, & FUN!

Special Introductory Offer

Digital Photography for Kids!

A Step-by-Step Illustrated eBook Course

During our Introductory Offer and for a Limited Time Only
You can Purchase and Download Digital Photography for Kids for only

If you order today, you will also receive...


Six Months of Free Cyber Tutoring

When you purchase the Digital Photography for Kids eBook course you receive an email address for you or your child to send photography questions. It's like having a teacher on call because we will personally respond with an answer within 24 hours, often within just an hour or so. Photos can be sent with the email for teacher comments.

The next phase of our Cyber School isn't confirmed yet, but we are exploring the idea of creating a kids photography club forum as a safe, moderated place to share, critique and applaud photos, as well as share photography tips and tricks. Should there be sufficient interest and we get this going, our eBook students will be the first to hear about it and will receive free membership, pending parental consent.


"Making Movie Magic" Course

Let the camera roll!

This eBook puts the student in the director's chair by teaching how to record, edit and share movies. Most digital cameras have a movie mode, and even very young children can record movies.

However, there's more to recording a smooth, focus and entertaining movie than what the camera manuals teach. Armed with the tips and tricks in this book, kids can amaze their family and friends with their movies. It also includes tips for creating soundtrack, captions, credits, and more!


The Photographer's Cheatsheet

When your child is out and about with a camera, bringing along a book for reference can be cumbersome, not to mention embarrassing. Our cheat sheet is discreet and packed with reference notes for basic techniques and camera settings. Print it out, slip it into the camera bag or a pocket, and pull it out for quick reference as needed.

Receive all 3 bonuses today, free of charge, when you download a copy of Digital Photography for Kids

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