15 Ways to Fix Bad Hair Days

If there is one thing women dread like the plague, it is a bad hair day! And for all the right reasons—hair is not only extremely difficult to tame or manage, it even gets either greasy, or kinky, or knotty, basically a perfect recipe to ruin an otherwise amazing day. But if you have no time on hand, how do you wash, condition and style?

Relax, don’t stress—we can’t always look fresh out of a salon with voluminous, blow-dried hair. The bigger question is how we fix it when we’re really pressed for time. No worries, we have the answers for you, so keep your chin up and read along as we help you banish those pesky limply strands, so you will never have a bad hair day again!

#1: Sultry Disheveled Waves

Take a dime size of styling cream and run it through mid shaft to ends of your hair. Then curl smaller sections around your fingers to shape them. Rest hair to air dry, that way it will hold the waves better. You could even use a blow dryer with a diffuser and help with your fingers to hold the waves in place. If you’re using a curling iron, make sure to take medium-size sections, and curl your strands away from the face to give that big, sultry wavy look.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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#2: Neat High Ponytail

If your hair is on the frizzy side, a neat pony tail will hardly take any time. Run a bit of styling mousse through the top, sides, and underneath your ponytail and gather your hair to a high spot. Secure it with a silk band for that sleek, sharp style. If you feel the swing of your ponytail looks rather dull, then style it with a curling iron—1.5” barrel for a polished look.

Curly Ponytail For Long Hair

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#3: Side Swept Bangs

If your hair is short and crumpled all around, then a messy side sweep is for you! Spray a few wisps of root booster on the roots of your hair and tease them with your fingers. Now, create a side part that is right above the highest point on your eyebrow and lift to shape it with the help of your fingers until it sits right. Then rub a drop of hair serum between your fingers and run through the ends, gently turning them in.

Red And Blonde Choppy Bob

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#4: Sassy Center Parting

This hair-do is quite chic for someone with long hair. Create a center part, rub a bit of styling cream between your hands and roughly brush your hair with your fingers taming the frizz and simultaneously styling your hair by twisting and crunching it.

Long Messy Beach Waves

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#5: Messy Top Knot

Perfect for frizzy hair! All you have to do is gather your hair all the way up into a very high ponytail by tying it with a skinny hair band. Take sections of the ponytail and tease it out. Swirl the teased out hair around the band, creating a bun. Secure it with U-shaped pins.

Messy Bun Updo

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#6: Dainty Low Bun

For this cute casual updo you don’t even need to brush your hair. Gather it all into a low, loose bun and secure with U-shaped pins. Pull out a few pieces around the face and from behind the ears to look ultra sultry.

Low Messy Bun

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#7: Retro Side Chignon

To create this graceful look, gather your hair toward one side. You can either tie it into a ponytail or loosely twist strands bringing them together and pinning in place. Tease the ponytail sections to create enough volume. Pin random pieces up to the base of the pony creating some sort of fluffy bun.

Side Updo For Fine Hair

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#8: Sexy Beachy Hair

Damp your hair using a spray bottle. Spritz hair-mist while crunching and bunching your hair until the waves set in. Let air-dry and set with a hair spray to avoid frizzy fly-aways. The center part is most flattering with beach waves but you could side part your hair too or even go off centre.

Long Ash Brown Balayage Hair

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#9: Sleek Wet Mane

Rub enough water-based gel in your hands to run through your entire hair or to mid-way of the length. Style with a comb—you could either slick back, or choose any parting. Once you achieve the desired texture, set it with a hair spray. If you’re aiming for a softer look, rub an equal amount of wax with the gel and avoid a hair spray. Rock wet styles with ponytails, buns, updos, on both shorter and longer hair.

Wet Slicked Back Hairstyle

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#10: Big Teased Tresses

One of the best ways to deal with flat, lifeless hair is to back comb it. Brush your hair to remove any frizz. For this big bouffant you need no parting. Start teasing your roots shaping the height you desire. This will create a fuller, voluptuous look.

Bouffant Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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#11: Textured French Twist

Create this gorgeous twist by first teasing your roots and then gently brushing all the hair back, holding it together as if you’re going to wear a ponytail. Follow through to the ends and start rolling it in either direction you want the twist. Keep rolling until you reach the head, here you can loosen the crown a bit. Now that you have achieved the shape you wanted, secure the roll with pins. Just make sure to not flatten the twist and the bouffant. Set it with light spray.

Low French Roll With A Bouffant

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#12: Pin and Accessorize

Barrettes, head bands, jeweled clips all add a hint of charming elegance and the best part, they work with any length. For African American women head wraps work fantastic. They protect natural hair and look absolutely chic.

African American Head Wrap

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#13: Boho Chic Braids

We all know that braids are in. They have been making appearances on and off the carpet! Braids are not only overtly cute but also work perfectly for any occasion and sit so well on second and third day hair! For a bedhead braid style, plait a wide section of hair along the hairline or slightly loosening it onto your forehead until you reach the mid of your ear. Lastly, secure the braid with pins, tucking its end behind the rest of the hair.

Messy Front Braid

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#14: Voluminous Fuzz

Nobody is a fan of limp, dull hair. To create volume, spritz a bit of booster on to the roots of your hair and brush it with your fingers, spreading the product through the length. Now flip your hair upside down and fluff it around the perimeter—this will give some reasonable shape and body to the hair.

Medium Curly Hairstyle

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#15: Half-up Ponytail

This new bae-look is extremely easy to achieve. Just divide your hair in two sections—top and bottom. Make sure the top is 1/3 smaller than the bottom half. Simply hold the first half and tie it into a pony tail by securing with a rubber band. This style is neat and cute as is but if you wish to add a little volume, tease the top half of the hair for a bouffant. Set with a light spray.

Half Up Ponytail Ombre Hair

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See… you don’t need a professional when you have the right tools, products and techniques—you’re now empowered to transform your bad hair days into runway-ready looks! Dress up your hair and turn heads at school, work, or when you’re just chilling at home. You can achieve volume, height and lift with these simple tips and create high fashion hair styles every day!

Video: Running Late Hair Fixes | No Heat, 8 Styles!

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